Top Trump Challenger said something about touching a child that no one could believe

The leading Democrat challenger to President Trump is in trouble.

A scandal about inappropriate touching threatens to overwhelm their campaign.

And what they just said about touching a child was something no one could believe.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is leading the primary polls for the Democrat nomination.

But his bid was thrown in to chaos when multiple women came forward to allege that his inappropriate touching made them feel uncomfortable.

In the “Me Too” era this is a death sentence for a Democrat since their party depends on single women and feminists to make up a large part of their coalition.

Biden knew he was facing a massive crisis and tried to address the growing scandal with a written statement and a video posted to social media.

The former Vice President tried to use humor to put the scandal behind him.

In a speech before an electoral workers union, Biden invited children up on stage and joked that they gave him permission to touch them.

Biden also joked about hugging the union president with the man’s consent.

NK Networks reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden made a joke about the allegations of inappropriate touching that several women have made in the past week while addressing the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) conference on Friday.

“I just want you to know, I had permission to hug Lonnie,” Biden said, referring to IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson, to whom Biden gave a shoulder pat before taking the stage.

“I don’t know man,” Biden added, before laughing.

Biden may get through this initial phase, but he has yet to face incoming fire from fellow Democrats – especially from one of the female candidates – about this scandal.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Biden will never be president look at the people that are running for president honestly you ever see so many losers Buttigieg a homo can you imagine this guy as president that’s scary you would have to change the name of the White House to the pink house none of them have a chance in hell to be president

  2. Hey amoeba brained Diane and Betty, as I said before you and Pelosi should join in her new sport, Bunjee dumping off the Golden Gate Bridge without s cord. She will be your instructor and show you how it’s done.

  3. To Diane and Betty. Stupid people like you should stay off this site. We only want to hear from humans. Not retarded commies like you. So go away and don’t post anymore liberal garbage.

  4. To Betty/Diane.
    >>> Access ‘H’Wood Tape 0ccured
    IN djt PRIVATE Life, Capish. NOT
    like JFK/Johnson/ Clinton/obama etc.
    APRIL 7, 2019 AT 9:25 PM
    BIGGEE Diff, Diane. The ‘ladies’?
    “LET” him (djt)___ Thought IT Was
    ‘coolio’, touched by a Billionaire.
    (squeal, squeal. ) Yee haaa. ‘he touched ‘Me’)
    >>> & NOT IN 0FFICE ‘at that Time’. <<<
    0h lordy, You Are such a 'child'.
    Get it ??? GOT IT ???

  5. You must be talking about Bill Clinton.
    He was always a Rapist, while he was
    in Public Office. I understand that he
    also had some run ins while in college.
    That I don’t care about.
    If your referring to the current POTUS,
    better do some research, any interaction
    he had with women he had with consent, and
    he was not a Public Servant, he was a
    private citizen. And unless your Gay, all
    you guys are pussy chasers, no matter how
    ugly or creepy you are.

    • That would be Correct, Elaine.
      Private Life. vs. HIGH 0FFICE.
      His JOB. NOT ‘messing Around’.(just
      so the ‘dingbats here, know.) furthermore,
      media would blast ;it Ev’ry Where.
      . Some ‘goobers’ here ARE Really STEWPID.
      good bye. ps
      Know what obama DID in 0ffice as Pres ???

    • Elaine I have to agree with what you wrote. Having seen pictures of Biden with his nose in women’s hair I think he gets his jollies from that sort of thing. Clinton, as you say, was a sexual predator of the highest order and should have been charged, tried, found guilty and thrown in prison long ago. And as for President Trump, nothing has been proven. If he messed around with Stormy Daniels he probably paid her for her services because she’s a now over the hill whore. And it seems to me that if a guy cheats like that on his wife it should be between them instead of the news media.

    • It’s inappropriate behavior, you can see it on some of the childrens faces, geir parents it seems may gave spoken to them about personal space yet Biden has his own set of what’s right and wrong and puts the children ia an awkward position. You can see it in their reactions. These actions are totally wrong and are often used by molesters. The children do not know who to trust when forced into this position. The parents don’t even pick up on it yet the child does. He been in several situations where outsiders are reading his intentions negatively, one was a biker chick he was copying up to and 2 nearby bikers look like they want to throw him a beating but I guess nearby agents prevened it.

  6. We have video clips of Joe fondling kids, smelling their hair.
    We have video clips of Joe feeling little girls up, of pulling
    them into his crotch, we see them try and move away and he pulls
    them back. we have a clip of Jeff Sessions smacking Joe’s hand away
    from his Granddaughter. All of this adds up to a pervert. And remember
    little first and second graders get thrown out of school for giving each
    other hugs.

    • If you have videos of these things you should share.
      Personally, I do not believe he is a pedo. I actually don’t believe he intends anything bad.
      He is just one of those people who have never learned that some people do not want to be touched unless invited. I am one of those people, however, as for Joe Biden being what so many are making so much about…. I’m not buying into that.
      He is a Dem, but he isn’t the kind of Dem they are today, so the Dems themselves have started this process.
      I have to wonder how much money these Dem whores are being paid.
      Sure reminds me of Kavenaugh hearings.
      It’s just something to keep the ignorant masses busy while the Dems slip behind closed doors with their nefarious plots to steal elections, block POTUS TRUMP ???????????? ???????? MAGA ❤️???????? 2020
      impeach our POTUS & kill AMERICA
      As a Free & Sovereign Republic
      They don’t want Biden .

      • Emma,
        I do share all the research I have, on facebook.
        Gropin Joe is a sick Puppy,
        Do a little research of your own.

      • Emma: I would also like to agree that Joe Biden is not a Pedo but you asked about videos and there is plenty out there that supports Elaine’s comments. Not only are some of the Democrats stating these acts are not proper but there has been a collection of revealing videos shown on Fox news. Tucker Carlson
        as you may be aware has sent out an apology saying he was wrong in attacking Joe Biden as that action only re-inforces what some of the Left wing radical Democrats are doing to him. I have alot of respect for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and our POTUS who are willing to stand up and support what is right for America. I am a veteran and patriot and do not like what is happening to our country and the pure corruption that has been going on for quite a while now. However, whether people like our POTUS or not he is trying to do the right things but being stone-walled and blocked by the Democrats and even some turn-coat Republicans. I say let’s move forward, build the wall/fence and fix our immigration laws which the Democrats have tried in the past but failed and we are seeing the results.
        We also need to try to keep peace with these other countries e.g. North Korea, China, Russia, etc. to prevent unnecessary wars. Many more things to do but as a Christian, we really need to regain our religious and morality.
        If we don’t, we may not have to worry about these other issues. Just my two cents on what is happening? I heard someone state that he was not aware that America was ever great? What a shame as he really does not know he is blessed to even be and American and even alive.
        God bless Americans and our POTUS and MAGA.

        • ‘Tuff stuff’ re biden, & NOT ‘wanting’
          to Admit, WHAT IS the TRUTH.
          Buck up, Emma/John. Not your fault,
          biden IS a ‘closet pedo + more ____
          In D.C. it’s called the “0PEN SECRET”.

        • I agree with you John. The more I hear young people talk, the more they reveal their foolishness. They talk and say nothing as they do not realize the price [you as a veteran & others] have paid, so they can speak freely and not be jailed for it. President Trump isn’t perfect, but is doing the best he can & for the TRUE American Patriots. If the Democrats spent as much time taking care of the real issues facing the USA instead of their hate garbage, they would earn the pay they receive.

        • I agree whole heartedly, the democraps are the “devil’s party” & are not only disrespected by most Americans, they are no longer worthy to hold public office, except perhaps the pick up the poop that they spw whenever they speak… they have zero insight into themselves, their perty and our country’ principles!

  7. The odd thing is, the past two weeks, I’ve heard only two people mention that for YEARS Creepy Uncle Joe has been swimming and walking around both homes NUDE, with female secret service agents next to him.
    – Both times only on Fox BTW…
    The ultimate power trip. Knows he’s powerful enough for it to slide, “Look what I’M getting away with” kind of creepy stuff.
    Female agents have been taking lesser job, affecting their CARREERS, just to keep away from Creepy Uncle Joe.
    By the joking you can see there’s little or no concern of the women and children he’s “fondled” over the years.
    Just like the “other” Clinton, arrogant enough to think he’s going to be a shoe-in just because of who he is.

    • This SOB, POS, DEMONRAT, COMMIE, MARXIST, BABY KILLER, NAZI, JOE BIDEN, needs to be Locked up if not for the abuse to women, but for this DISGRACEFUL, PERVERTED, CHILD MOLESTING NAZI, he sure does need to be put in PRISON for the abuse of children…

      • Really?
        When was that?
        I’m a 67 yr old woman, wife, Mother & Grandmother.
        Also a stauch Constitutional Conservative with common sense.
        I don’t believe for a minute that he intended any harm whatsoever.
        And little children?
        I would absolutely have to see that with my own eyes to believe that. Gossip is not a good thing, & I no real proof, it’s just gossip

  8. Joe Biden has been sucking on the tit’s of the tax payer for over 30 years and has done nothing to help the American people. Finally, it comes out that Joe is a pervert and a dirty old man who can not keep his filthy hands and lips off women. You moronic Democrats jumped on Trump, Kavanuagh,and all you imbeciles on the #MeToo movement, well I have not heard one word from you assholes!

  9. BJ you have got to remember that Betty is a certified hater of our great president and most of her comments seem to indicate quite an imbalance that should require a qualified psychiatrist look at her.

  10. We were warned that it was going to be a ruff ride if Democrats won in the mid term elections. Aim your venom at Republican voters who didn’t vote. If you are a Republican in a Democratic District , or voted for a Republican in name only your vote is doubly important. Take the time to find out how your representative is representing you before you vote. We have big problems with immigration and fraudulent investigations that would all be solved had the votes been there.

    • You said the truth Ron. When people complain = did you vote? / if they say no = only one reply “Shut up-as you lost the right to say anything”
      Those Christians that didn’t vote have helped open the door for all the demonic laws passed now. We all pay the price and especially those precious babies [our future generations]being murdered daily.

  11. It is one thing to be guilty of this abuse, but to then try to joke your way out
    of it is beyond disgusting. Hire some fake kid actors with their parents’ blessing
    is just asking for more of the same. Weird ole’ unka Joe is in his glory with all of
    those kids on stage, no less. He is being rewarded for his pedophilia ways. “Look MA,
    all hands”! The left will sell out for one of their own!!! Trump 2020!

  12. The PC leftist COMMUNISTS are EATING EACH OTHER!!! The problem is so many get their INFO from the PROPAGANDA WING(S) of the DNC the msm!!! I know some WHINE about FOX and OANN but you look at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN even though the ratings are in the TANK in comparison they STILL have the overall majority of viewers!!! People want comfort not the TRUTH!!!! TRUMP 2020 MAGA!!!

  13. Biden is sick and should be locked up. If he is joking about touching children he is doing it. That is reason to lock him up.

        • Bj – Guess you’ve been under your rock too long. Have you forgotten the Access Hollywood tape or didn’t Fox run that one for you? Obviously you missed the 23 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault. You need to turn off Fox, dear. Your ignorance is showing!

          • Diane…You are obviously the ignorant one. I don’t watch FOX. And my post was for Betty, who cannot provide proof, as neither can you. Accusations mean nothing at all if not proven. That is how our justice system works.

          • BIGGEE Diff, Diane. The ‘ladies’?
            “LET” him (djt)___ Thought IT Was
            ‘coolio’, touched by a Billionaire.
            (squeal, squeal. ) Yee haaa. ‘he touched ‘Me’)
            >>> & NOT IN 0FFICE ‘at that Time’. <<<
            0h lordy, You Are such a 'child'.
            Get it ??? GOT IT ???

  14. If anyone seriously gives support to any person on the left are anti American! Their whole ideology is anti America and the people of America even those who support them, you’re only a vote to them then they throw you in the trash!

  15. Imagine that old pervert on a world tour (apologizing for America) and copping feels in other countries. Trump might have spoken about grabbing pussy, but as President I’ve heard no more about it.

  16. Nah, his crisis is going to bury him. We have occasionally addressed this concern when Obama was the president at the time. It was so unnerving to see him grabbing women to sit on him. I know for sure that his supporters are lying to cover his azz. They were saying, “it was no big deal”. I know that they cringed every time he did that.

    Come on, #MeToo women. Stop stooping yourself to this new low. It ain’t funny anymore. He’s out. Done. Over. Finished.

  17. What do you expect from a dirty Democrat? Show me one good thing a Democrat has done for America! Go back a hundred years if you want. I wish they were gone from government altogether. In order to MAGA, first we have to get rid of the democrat decay. There’s no place for Democrats in our government. And definitely no Muslims! This is a discrace!

    • Hey, jon. A “dirty”? Democrat is certainly 20 times better than a republican Retard! Starting with the main republican Retard, the INSANE IDIOT in the White House.

      • Betty. Please seek help immediately. Your TDS is showing again!
        God bless America!!
        Trump,2020. Our only hope ????????????????????????????????????????????????

          • Hey Dan’mon’,
            betty/diane = same person.
            & pitiful at that. oh well. lol
            You all good in your camp ? ok here, kinda.
            a ‘sanctuary’ type has just moved into
            a 1/2 million $ centennial home next dr.
            Blowing my mind. ( i live in studio above a garage)
            GAK. i’m sorry To SEE so much KraaP. &&& ;they
            BETTER NOT ‘bother’ ME, 0r else i make phone call.

      • Angry much? Your writing reminds me of an 8-year-old having a temper tantrum. If you have facts that supports your claims, then make them in a clear concise manner like an adult, instead of “oh yeah… you suck too”! What a childish game you are playing.

    • Are they against Biden because he’s white? They want more people of color weather they are good or bad or get paid to do their dirty work. Then blam them for the problems they cause.

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