Top Trump critic is in hot water because of one bombshell sex scandal

For the last year, one Trump critic fought the President tooth-and-nail on a key issue.

But now their career may be over.

That’s because this Trump critic is neck-deep in one bombshell scandal.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of the darlings of the “liberal new world order.”

Trudeau has hammered Trump on issues like trade and immigration.

But now he could be forced from office.

The Canadian Attorney General testified Trudeau and his cronies pressured her to drop a corruption case involving a politically connected corporation involving bribery and prostitution.

Breitbart reports:

Former Canadian Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould gave a bombshell testimony accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other officials of “veiled threats” to force her to drop a case for political purposes.

Ms Wilson-Raybould gave testimony before the Canadian House of Commons justice committee for several hours on Wednesday, speaking out against members of staff and Prime Minister Trudeau attempting to interfere with an investigation into the SNC-Lavalin corporation, The Globe and Mail reports.

Accusations that the prime minister and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) interfered with the SNC-Lavalin investigation first emerged on February 7th.

The engineering company, which is based in Quebec, was accused of engaging in bribery in Libya in efforts to secure lucrative contracts in the country.

Trudeau is one the favorites of the left.

He once stated he would use the phrase “people kind” to be more politically correct.

Pundits and fake news reporters fawned all over him and wished the “cultured” Trudeau could assume the role of leader of the free world instead of the “boorish” Donald Trump.

But it turns out Trudeau – and not Trump – may be the ethically and morally challenged corrupt tyrant.

And it could cost him his political career.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Bring back the gillutin ,the lefties are a den of snakes that need to be terminated,they want to impose there weeknes on the rest of true Americans
    I say line up, clean the swamp for good. Amen

  2. Not a chance! Does anyone honestly think that a leftist guerilla is going to be serioisly chastised let alone removed from office? If he said Canada was for closed borders or reducing the freeloader budget then he would be run off tomorrow. People forget the requirements for liberals to ostracize you now but a little common sense and they’ll railroad you.

      • Deloris, It will be good for the country that term limits on Presidents in in force.Even a good man if he stays in office too long(like some in congress) can start to feel since he’s in church whatever WHATEVER he wants is good for the country. That is what happened in Germany after Hitler was presented with the head office for life.

    • yes, over one/half of the American electorate knows that but a loud MSM and Dimo-rate will not give President Trump credit…so unAmerican

  3. The weseal finely opened his big dumb mouth to many times and he’s the one out the door and in the clink lol scumbag

  4. are very bush league with your technology.or you just suck.why so many posts don’t post?are you censoring maybe?

    • Butchy,I had that same problem on another site. Something accidently got on the space that says web. Some of mine would go through and some would not. When I made sure that space was clear all of them went through. Check that out.

    • I wonder if former Member of Canadian Parliament Belinda Stonach, heiress to MAGNA Intl. and former lover of President William Jefferson Clinton(now on his last Library Visit!) will stand-by former AG Wilson-Raybould in her complaint against the adolescent-delinquent Trudeau or will she hire Michael Cohen’s legal four-eyes Lanny ‘Loser’ Davis?

  5. “ … Trudeau’s Father . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was Famous for trying to Stick it to the Americans. And in Senior Trudeau’s LEFTIST Philosophy . . . He Adored Castro, tried Desperately to make Trade Agreements with the Europeans, South Americans & Arabs, in Place of the United States of America.

    In Short . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau was such a Disaster for Canada, that much like the Nightmare Obama has left for America, Pierre Elliott Trudeau left an even Worse & More Sustaining Nightmare Legacy for Canada.

    Short . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau was such a Disaster for Canada, that much like the Nightmare Obama has left for America, Pierre Elliott Trudeau left an even Worse & More Sustaining Nightmare Legacy for Canada.

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau was given far more Credit by the Media, Intellectuals & Elitists, for being much Smarter than he Really was. In fact, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was far more of a Vicious, Calculating, Machiavellian Politician, than he was ever a Good Leader for Canada, for which the Trudeau Scars . . . 45-years Later, are still Evident.

    Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister Of Canada . . . Because The Younger Generation Had No Idea How Bad His Father Was For Canada, And the Liberals Saw in Justin Trudeau – Name Recognition.

    Justin Trudeau Sprung Onto The Canadian Scene . . . as a young Energetic, Photogenic Hipster, with Great Hair, a Sexy Wife, and the Name of a Former Prime Minister, who had far Better Press in Life, and even Better Press in Death . . . Than He Ever Deserved.

    And Just Like Barack Hussein Obama . . . Justin Trudeau Promised Mountains of Platitudes with ZERO Substance, but enough Airy-Fairy Promises, for Soft Minds to Grasp as Reason Enough to vote for the Snake Oil Salesman, the Son of a Failed Former Prime Minister. …”

    And Now We’re Paying The Price.

    ~ a Canadian writer

    • “ … Trudeau ONLY won the last election because of the biased Main Stream Media in Canada. They fawned all over him. Every day the media was blowing sunshine all over the place and at the same time knocking Harper. Larry Elder shared on Fox that his “Brown University” Friend told him that if the media were fair and balanced and truthful, republicans would gain 8 points Every Election. Every state would vote like Texas. The media is the enemy of the state! Their lies help produce the worse politicians. …”

      Posted On: 8/28/2018 4:02:02 PMRick Connely, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

      *** See his quote: “ the media is the enemy of the state.” Sound like CNN, FaceBook, Google, Twitter, etc.

    • Man from Grey:
      Damn! Had to laugh at the damfool when he popped off about Canada taking in all the illegals and what butt-wipes Americans were. 5hen the illegals took him up on his “offer” and Canada boxed ’em up and shipped ’em back. Americans have a long memory especially for silver spoon screw up wannbe aristocrats.

  6. A Canadian assume “leadership” in the world? Sheeeit!!! They take their lessons from Neville Chamberlain.

  7. “But it turns out Trudeau – and not Trump – may be the ethically and morally challenged corrupt tyrant.”
    This can be abridged to say that, it’s the Left/Liberals who are both ethically and morally corrupt, as well as tyrants, you can’t expect Trudeau to be any different than what he was taught to be.

    • The left so called leaders get a pass. Ha much been said about the 3 stooges in Virginia lately? P.S. bill clinton raped women.

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