Trey Gowdy asked one question that could bring down the FBI

The Obamagate scandal continues to get worse by the day.

Now the FBI is in full damage control mode.

And Trey Gowdy asked one question that could bring down the FBI.

Recently, Deep State sleeper agent FBI Director Christopher Wray announced the FBI would conduct an internal of the Bureau’s investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News to discuss this latest development with anchor Martha MacCallum.

Gowdy’s response was to ask, “What the hell have they been doing?”

“It’s been four years . . .” Gowdy continued. “I mean, this this happened in 2016 and 2017. So, I mean, it’s not like he [Wray] just learned of the misconduct. We just learned of it, or some of your viewers just learned of it. He’s known about it since the day he became the FBI director.”

Many Republicans are losing patience with Wray.

Wray never made any moves to reform the FBI after Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz documented 17 different significant errors and omissions in the FBI’s application for a FISA wiretap to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Republicans are fed up with Wray’s inactions and attempts to cover up the FBI’s wrongdoing ever since he took over for disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

These frustrations reached a boiling point after the Justice Department released documents showing the FBI agents in charge of investigating Flynn set him up.

Wray’s critics questioned why the FBI sat on this information for years.

Many in Washington, D.C. speculate that after the election, President Trump will fire Director Wray.

Removing Wray before November will only create another fake media outrage that will distract from the President’s mission to rebuild the economy after the government-mandated lockdowns threw nearly 40 million Americans out of work.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. If they due a investigation internally it will just be a cover up, of their internal screw ups. Have someone else investigate them.

  2. Comrade Wray and associates Comey, Strzok, Page, Pelosi, Schiff, Newsom are just some of the collective puppets of the Communist Chinese Party. They have been corrupted by accepting untraceable benefits — Pelosi’s lame rejection of investigating the origin of the Wuhan Virus confirms her collaboration with Communist China. Patriotic Americans want to know WHY countless people have died, lives unended, and, jobs lost — not only Americans, but, the world. President Trump is the antithesis of communism and the embodiment of free trade capitalism especially with his personal business success. Thank God for his love for America and his continual championing against Communist China, especially the proletariat social media propaganda moles.

  3. I can’t believe any American citizen would vote for or allow Democrats to rule over America. They spew hate, Lie, Cheat and cannot be trusted. Is that what you want in power? Not me! A vote for any Democrat is a vote for CHINA. “We The People” must VOTE to retain our FREEDOM in America and rise up to Make America Great Again.

  4. Trumpty Dumpty you are a fool and the more you say the more everyone on the site knows just how much of a FOOL you are. Speaking of bending the rules maybe we need to send the Minn. police to arrest you also.

  5. And the day he fires Wray, I hope that he nominates General Michael Flynn to be the brand new Director of the FBI! I think he would do a fabulous job of cleaning up the corruption in the FBI. AND I think that the “enlisted” of the FBI would respect General Flynn. And it would be great poetic justice!

  6. Marty, it is very clear that either you have no clue what truth is or you are denying the truth. And you accuse Pres. Trump of lying but Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House and that is just fine with you. The dem party threw God out and satan rules the party. TRUTH!!!!! Where God is not wanted satan will gladly move in. All your party has is hate and lies. YES, God is with us. He gave us Pres. Trump instead of vile corrupt Hillary who would have finished the destruction Obama wanted. You are a fool

  7. Right again Mr. Gowdy. Wray has no honor Amon men ! An honorable man would have investigated this whole matter already , even the Clinton matter . Judicial watch has many concerns about it all and are given little by little . ” Getter done”. Or be replaced.

  8. Justass have you been paying attention? The uncovered documents have proven that the people trying to frame Trump admitted that they didn’t have evidence. And some more is coming. I know that you fools hate Trump, but the collusion and cheating was on the side of the commiecrats. So stfu fool.

  9. Trumpty Dumpty give it up you sound like Joe Biden. Be very careful threatening of a civil war we wouldn’t want you to shoot yourself, we know how you dem. hypocrites scream about assault rifles and handguns. I don’t think you’d last the 1st 5 minutes. Go back to mommy’s basement and hide

  10. Marty, if you really cared about lying then you wouldn’t be voting for Biden.
    Why don’t you just change your name to “Troll”?

  11. Marty I guess that you believe in the lies of obozo the mulatto and stink finger joe The truth on the commiecrats will come out. As for joe Scarborough him and his slut looking bimbo are a joke. And joe is covering up something.

  12. If it wasn’t so sad I would laugh, but most of the posts on this page would believe in the tooth fairy, if not for Trump. Gowdy runs investigations that made claims , but finds nothing. Trump lies to your face and makes undocumented accusations, like Joe Scarborough and you all fall in line. Look at the truth and stop telling the world that god is only on your side.

  13. FBI Director Christopher Wray is a Deep State member and he will do nothing and he lies his ass off

  14. Hey justass. You was trumpty dumpty yesterday. What will you be tomorrow? Liberal rump ranger?

  15. Hillary paid for the faux Steele dossier, and the Obama administration used it to apply for fisa warrants to spy on Americans, and set a perjury trap for Flynn, and create the faux Russian collusion story which ultimately cost taxpayers millions of dollars.
    All in an effort to change the outcome of the 2016 election.
    That’s all there is to it. Deep state corruption from the previous administration and the democrat party.

  16. Trey Gowdy is a two but SC attorney from Redneck Village. He thought 7 Benghazi investigations were not enough but one of Russia invading our election was one too many. Trump’s campaign team had 270+ contacts with the Russians, and all his cronies, Kushner, Manafort, Flynn the traitor, Sessions, Stone all lied about it in original documents. I wonder why.

  17. Glenn I can see that you’re getting desperate. There’s been a lot of increase in posting from you libturd trolls. All commiecrats should be tried for treason.

  18. Seeing as how this guy gave up his set in the Senate because he could not take it he needs to keep to himself and stay out of politics all together. I don’t know how so many people believe in what Trump has put out there because he has not proven any of is calms as to Obamagate, Biden, or anything else. These are just more smoke screens to divert problems away from Trump so that people will not think for them self. These investigation are just more static put out by Trump to miss lead the public.

  19. Trey Gowdy….isn’t he the one who altered documents to frame Hillary Clinton? Doesn’t matter what side of the isle you are on, there is always someone who can’t seen to stick to the truth.


  21. Jim you’re right. You commiecrats don’t have the balls to fight a civil war. You all are pussies. And you know that we would kick your commie asses. And most of us will refuse to be governed by your commie crowd. Remember the slogan during the Cold War? Better dead than red.

  22. The answer to Trey Gowdy’s question “what the hell have they been doing” is;

    They (democrats/media/deep state) have been doing the same things they got caught for in the Russian Collusion (Mueller) investigation, the Ukraine & China Biden corruption scandals, illegal impeachment inquiries, the coup attempts and illegal spying on citizens and government personnel, illegally leaking information, and illegally releasing classified information, for a start. They continue “full steam ahead”, convinced they are the rightful “rulers” of the USA and any activities they engage in, illegal or otherwise, is justified by their sick ideology.

  23. Where the heck has FBI Director Chris Wray been for the last 3.5 years, and what has he been doing??? He is an apologist and has been white anting any investigation into the wrong-doing by Comey,McCabe,etc.(including that of his long time friend Weissman).
    Wray must act now or resign or be fired and replaced!

  24. Jim there is no doubt that President Trump will be re-elected but let us get some facts start the Republicans are not trying to start a war but the Communist Democrats are. The Republicans will regain the House and keep the Senate. Jim if for some reason you do not like living in a free country maybe you should find another that would have you.

  25. Wray has had information that clears Michael Flynn and he has sat on it and hidden it. This is obstruction of justice and is a criminal act.

  26. We keep saying how bad this is but let us not forget that Obama was at the head of this and that the rest of the treasonous deep state followed him. They all should be tried for treason and put away.

  27. Jim, the goal of the dem party is total and complete control of every aspect of your life. So that is what you want??? Our founding fathers left us a nation based on their Christian values, one of which is your freedom. Why do you hate freedom? You have the choice to move to any communist country you want. Please do

  28. Jim, God wins, YOU lose. The dems threw God out and satan controls their party. They have nothing to offer but hate and lies and you are very brainwashed. Either you are on God’s side or satan’s. You can deny the truth, but that makes you a fool

  29. I think Wray should be replaced for the simple reason that he’s complicit because of his inaction to reform the FBI to former position of impartial enforcement of the law. Even if Wray did not participate in the nefarious actions so blatantly obvious once this Obamagate inquiry, it appears he covered for those that did. An internal investigation at this point by Wray is akin to having a fox investigate for holes in the Chicken run.

  30. Trump has been the best president this country has had in years. I hope we will have 4 more years and I wish we could have more than that.

  31. Obama needs to be incarcerated now. He hates freedom and loves government total control

  32. I see Joe Biden came out of his basement, I wonder if Joe Biden should see his shadow if that means 6 more weeks of quietening for everyone because of Coronavirus. Just wondering. Lol

  33. Trump try, Dems would never start a civil war. They aren’t nearly as psycho as this right wing group who may try to start one when their savior loses. He may not lose in November but he will be out within 5 years regardless and the GOP will never be able to regain their current power.

  34. Don’t wait Mr. PRESIDENT…. FIRE WRAY IMMEDIATELY! He has NOT done his job and that is UNACCEPTABLE! We must regain the Integrity and Trust in the FBI ASAP… Good agents all over our country deserve to be led by competent, professional, trustworthy, ethical, incredible integrity, high quality individual and Wray does not meet that criteria.❤️🇺🇸

  35. If there is a Revolution we definitely know who will win. Since Democrat people don’t believe we need guns.Thank God Trumpty is on the Left and Thinks this is Venezuela.

  36. dumpty, there are two kinds of people in this world…those who belong to God and those who belong to satan. You get to choose which side you are on. You have chosen satan, but God loves you and you are allowed to switch sides. Jesus is waiting for you if you ever want Him

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  38. BJ trumpty is posting nonsense out of desperation. He or she knows that Trump is going to win. It’s another troll trying to stir the pot.

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  41. dumpty, Name one thing Pres. Trump has done to ruin this country. Just one. You can’t. He has done only good for this country. Take your sick hate somewhere else. Get help

  42. If Trump wins in November there will be a civil war because we will not stand idly by while Trump ruins our country. Its time for a revolution, and it’s time for some people to be put in their proper place.

  43. Like all DemonRATs the FBI is above the law and can do whatever they want. All the way back to domestic surveillance abuses committed by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. The Federal Governments “check and balances” does not apply to the FBI.

  44. dumpty, this is a Christian site and God forbids your sick hate and lies. You need Jesus to forgive both

  45. dumpty, you are truly a fool, as you prove every time you comment. Name ONE THING Pres. Trump should be thrown in jail for. You can’t. You need lots of help with your insane hatred. NOT ONE VICTIM is his fault. The virus came from CHINA and CHINA is to blame for every single death. They tried to hide it and did nothing to warn anyone about it. Pres. Trump banned travel from China and dems went ballistic and called him racist and said it was not necessary. It is you who can’t vote properly. You voted for extremely corrupt vile Hillary and muslim traitor Obama who lied his way into our White House

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  47. Barbecued Coon…Perfect. Is that in the cook book at the Super Max Federal Penitentiary???

  48. Trump should be thrown in jail and every voter that voted for Trump should be forced to pay the families of all the COVID victims. I think $1000 per head would be fair.
    At least it would teach you Trumpturds to stopping voting for the wrong person.
    If you can’t vote properly then you don’t deserve to vote.

  49. Obama knew what he was doing? Yes, I believe that. And “trumpty sumptuous” has admitted that the mulatto tried to use a federal agency to suppress voting. Hopefully that coon will end up in jail with the rest of his partners in crime.

  50. Look, Obama knew what he was doing. Obama knew there is a lot of stupid voters out there that will vote from Trump, and Obama couldn’t let that happen so he tried to sabotage Trump’s presidency. But he did it for the good of the country. It’s OK to bend the rules if you have a higher goal.

  51. If it is a dem, it is corrupt and lies. That is what dems do. They have no morals, therefore do not care about right and wrong

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