Trey Gowdy broke the Deep State in two with this performance

Inspector General Michael Horowitz appeared before Congress once again.

This time he was questioned by Trey Gowdy.

And in one stunning performance Gowdy smashed the Deep State into smithereens.

Inspector General Horowitz testified before the House Oversight Committee and revealed more disturbing details.

Under questioning by Gowdy, Horowitz admitted that two more FBI agents and one FBI lawyer were found to have expressed anti-Trump bias and then went to work on the Mueller investigation.

Gowdy’s questioning revealed the Mueller probe was complete garbage from the start.

The Russian collusion probe was started by fanatical anti-Trump partisans within the FBI.

There is a reason no investigation has turned up any evidence of Russian collusion.

And it is not for a lack of trying.

The investigations have come up empty because they were the product of delusional left-wing fever dreams.

James Comey and his cabal of Trump-hating zealots believed the only way Trump could have won was an international espionage conspiracy.

So they launched the Russia hoax.

Gowdy’s questioning of Horowitz should be the final nail in the Deep State’s coffin.