Trey Gowdy completely shut down Nancy Pelosi’s sneak attack plan to impeach Trump

Despite what Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats say publicly, the Left badly wants to remove President Trump from office.

That’s why Pelosi and her allies tried to launch an impeachment inquiry without the American people noticing.

But that’s when Trey Gowdy completely shut down Nancy Pelosi’s sneak attack plan to impeach Trump.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is trying to have it both ways.

Nadler supports impeachment, but he doesn’t want to calls his committee’s investigation a “formal impeachment hearing.”

Gowdy called out this nonsense during an appearance on Fox News.

Independent Journal Review reports:

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) called out the indecision of House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) after he claimed he was considering an “informal impeachment…

…Gowdy advised Nadler to just make up his mind on the issue, instead of dragging out the suspense surrounding impeachment forever.

“Either file articles of impeachment and put them on the floor of the House for a vote, or shut up,” said Gowdy. “But nobody is falling for this informal versus formal impeachment. There ain’t but one kind. Go file your articles of impeachment, put them on the floor, you’ll win in the House, you’ll lose in front of the jury, but go ahead and do it. But there’s no such thing as informal impeachment.”

It remains unclear what Nadler is up to in regards to impeachment, though the vast majority of the House is opposed.

In court filings, Democrats want to force former White House counsel Don McGhan to testify that they are in an impeachment inquiry because that gives them greater access to witness testimony.

But they know publicly announcing an impeachment inquiry is terrible politics that will backfire in 2020.

So instead they settled on a middle ground strategy of trying to pretend they aren’t impeaching Trump to the broad electorate while only admitting they are in impeachment inquiry in front of a judge where their admission is out of the public spotlight.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. There’s nothing unclear about what Nadler is doing. First, he’s just adding to the diatribe against Trump. Second, he’s playing to the Trump Haters who elect Nadler every two years.

  2. Let’s cut to the chase…both Pelosi and Nadler want power….nothing more or less…and Trump is the hurdle as he will expose the deep state and the abundant failure of the Dem & Repub over the past 4 decades supporting the American people. Ya, don’t like it, so be it…but think about it. What have they really done to protect American? The immigration issue has been on the table for 10 + years with NO ACTION by either party. Who pays the freight….The American People. Time for term limits, no benefits, no retirement, and all wages subject to a popular vote by the state they represent and the funding is from the that state for all benefits or entitlements….not the Federal Gov’t to which they vote for their raises without ACCOUNTABILITY OR PERFORMANCE. We, as workers, have Accountability and Performance in our job descriptions…so should they for the people to vote on.

    • David, you are 1,000% correct. This should have been done 50 – 75 years ago, the problem now is just what we see going on in congress right now, NOTHING. The deep state is too embedded to allow change like that. For goodness sake they almost succeeded with taking out a duly elected president. I truly believe that if the party of death and the alphabet people win in 2020, the only hope we’ll have left is a civil war. Then it will really depend on which way the military goes. I pray it doesn’t come to that but it is what it is.

  3. Trey Gowdy is another right wing thug. He didn’t think 7 Benghazi investigations were enough but one investigation of the Russians invasion of our election and democracy was too many. Now he is a right wing shill on Fox.

    • Is your democratic party’s intelligence being questioned?
      They carried the hoax for years, and the only thing you got
      left is a accusation of racism, how about the biggest political lie
      in history, and racism had nothing to do with it.
      Benghazi…..I will never forget!

        • We are sick of impeachment by the crying left!
          The squad should be impeached for treason!!
          Speaking of that, when are Hillary and Billy going to be arrested
          For all their crimes??!! Plus everyone involved in their cover ups? Disgusting what the evil left gets away with!!

    • Hey dumbass “Racists for Trump”!! Americans died at Benghazi and we still never got a prosecution for the person we all know is GUILTY!! Hillary Clinton. We all also know that there was in fact collusion with the Russians to subvert our election. The collusion was between the Russians, the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee, EXHIBIT A: the Steele Dossier. There’s a whole lot of democrats that should be in prison.

      • NOTHING in the Steele Dossier has been disproven but quite a few things have been proven like Trump was doing a dealing with Putin in Moscow, and Russia invaded our election system. You are such a sick Trump cultist Sam R you don’t deserve to live in this country, traitor Sam

        • You are a traitor Untruths! How dare you say that to Sam!
          It’s dumb people like you that will bring down America. You’ll be one of the zombies running around looking food after the ellites run out of other people’s money!

      • Yes Sam, Hillary took money from Russia for selling them our uranium! The money went into her fund! Treason!!!! Who does everyone think colluded?! It’s not Trump!! Wake up! Benghazi was a coverup because Hillary and Erick Holder sold guns to the Benghazi radicals that killed our bravest men and women while Hillary watched and Obama went golfing! Treason! Then there’s Arkencide because their lies have to be covered up!
        The demons running for President want America to be just like Russia, while Donald Trump is trying to keep us free

    • Ok, look at polosi false claims, and Nadler
      keeps up the mystery of impeachment, but does nothing.
      Trey points out the facts. When you make a statement, and
      65 million people listen, they expect something to be done.
      The posts on this site doesn’t make any sense to the redman
      simply because he will be losing in the end….
      GET A JOB

  4. the demorats have proven that the people do not the house they have not done any work for the people in over three years they are dead weight and removed from office

    • They have passed 150 laws, Moscow McConnell won’t take up any of them to the Senate of a vote, so you know nothing nor care about the truth.

      • Racists for Trump: the House May have tried to pass 150 laws but they were so out of touch with what Citizens actually want and need, McConnell had the right, and rightly did so, to refuse to bring these leftist proposals to the floor for a vote. Democrats have opposed everything POTUS has done to protect and defend the USA. He won, get on with their business and quit being sore losers.

      • The TRUTh is the communists are running for president look at Bernie sanders! He loves Russia but he wants to be one of the ellites not us conservatives. Hollywood just made a movie called the “hunt” that has the ellites hunting and killing conservatives!
        They even call us deplorables in the movie!! I’m so OFFENDED and you mister false truths should be offended and not degrading the President who put a stop to it opening. And these horrible excuses for human beings want to take our guns away!! They already have no problem with killing innocent babies
        And have takenGod out of everything!

          • He must be thinking about Billy Bob Clinton those libtards are known to F things up to make themselves look better

        • Wrong again Mr.false truth! When Trump found out what he was doing he bared him from Marralago. I heard that a long time ago
          But the Clintons had to be protected!

        • David, you are 1,000% correct. This should have been done 50 – 75 years ago, the problem now is just what we see going on in congress right now, NOTHING. The deep state is too embedded to allow change like that. For goodness sake they almost succeeded with taking out a duly elected president. I truly believe that if the party of death and the alphabet people win in 2020, the only hope we’ll have left is a civil war. Then it will really depend on which way the military goes. I pray it doesn’t come to that but it is what it is.

        • You know when someone is sucking eggs when they post something like this. I don’t believe for one minute that this happened and if there is info out there it should be with the post so we could verify it. Our liberal party posts things all the time that is full of nonsense like this and leave as is. These type of posts have no credibility. I assume you will be running for office soon so you can straighten this all out.

        • At least we now know where the MMS got this bit of information when they air this little tidbit. When they say that they have “information from a reliable source”, we will know it came from racists for trump

  5. Impeach the President? For what? He has broken no laws. You can’t impeach a president just because you don’t like him. The Democrats know that. They also know there is no way they can impeach Trump. if they could, they would have already done so. They think it will make people believe President Trump has done something wrong. Won’t work. All it’s doing is confirming the stupidity of the Democrats in Congress. It’s all talk. Impeachment is not going to happen. What is going to happen is, the Democrats are going to lose big-time in the next election. Why? People are looking at the stupid things the Democrats are doing, and unless they can get enough dead and illegal people voting, haven’t got a chance in hell of winning.

    • How can you explain the democrats having such a strong showing in the 2018 election and taking over the House? I am unable to comprehend how ANYONE could vote for a democrat with their IMPEACH garbage and their failure to do ANYTHING in the last 2 and a half years.

      • Simple Mueller dragged his feet investigating nothing keeping a shroud of doubt over the President, if not for hat hoax them democrats would not have taken control of the house!

  6. Trey is so right. nadler, schiff, waters, ratshita, omar, al puke green, schumer, etc, are some of Washington’s worst rotten useless trash. Trashy people throw trash, and that is all that can be expected from democrats who are nothing more than dung flingers.

    • I totally agree with H Lee
      The Democ rats are scum.
      All of them in Congress need to be gone All of them have done nothing but obstructing
      ev erything good for the American citizens They are total loosers

  7. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am personally tired and disgusted in hearing the words “impeachment” and “racist”. It reminds me of a person of limited singing ability who knows only two songs. I’m with Trey, either put up and shut up. These words no longer have any impact and, more importantly, no relevance.

  8. Off the subject here. The mayor of Philadelphia is screaming for gun control. The guy that shot at the police had already been convicted of felonies a few times. Had done federal time over being a felon with guns State and federal laws were broken and shattered. What does that idiot want. Sometimes women have problems and occasionally die from legal abortions. Do they call to stop abortion? Not to mention the innocent babies getting murdered. They want to control more than our guns. They want to control YOU.

    • The animal should never have been on the street with his 12 page rap sheet and it doesn’t include his juvenile record! Like a rabid dog, he should be put down!

  9. For those of you who believe it will be a coast and easy win election for Trump in 2020, you need to think again. The democrats are working hard to import illegal democrat voters from all over the world and promising them perpetual welfare benefits, free healthcare and a life of ease and luxury. All their imported voters have to do is always vote for the democrats. Amazingly, the republicans are helping the democrats do this. We need to impeach recall and replace every RINO politician everywhere. We need to do everything possible to defeat every democrat for every office all across this country. Frankly, I don’t think republican politicians are all that smart. BUT, collectively they will do a better job for our country that democrats can do, and at least they are not deliberately pure evil like the democrats are. If the democrats are able to win in 2020 we will have Sharia law before the end of their 4 years, and a Jihadist holy war in our streets.

    • Sam R, I wholeheartedly agree with you. If the party of death and the alphabet people get in control there will be a civil war. I don’t necessarily think it will be over sharia law but more over social issues. The demonrats know this, I believe, and that’s why they want our guns. The idiots evidently don’t understand that this is the very reason we have them in the first place, protection from out of control government.

        • Right you are!!! “Islamophobia” is the fear of those who are sworn to kill all non-muslims. By the way, while they’re killing us they like to kill each other too. They don’t mind at all. They just like to kill……
          Wow!! The perfect religion (using that word loosely) for psychopathic maniacs is ISLAM!!!

          • Sam, to me the word islamiphobia does not mean that I fear the people but the ramifications of what an evil inspired “religion” will be!!!

      • The fascists democrats (redundancy) DO understand why the 2nd Amendment exists. That is why they are pushing even harder to take our guns. THEY are the ones we NEED to be able to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our country from. They do know and understand, indeed!!

  10. There is absolutely nothing good that can be said about Nadler. He is a traitor to his heritage and to his race. He is a traitor to The United States and to everyone that believes in truth honesty and integrity. He is lacking in all of these areas as well as completely void of humanity. I cannot understand why God allows some people to thrive, much less live. Nadler is one of these.

  11. THe House Democrats have done nothing to help the American citizen since Trump took office. When will moronic Democrat Americans wake up from their coma and stand up for their rights.

      • Sam, right you are. According to “NORMAN J. ORNSTEIN
        April 5, 2019:

        Jerry Nadler and Donald Trump have a history. As Michael Daly has recounted in The Daily Beast, Trump approached Nadler in the 1980s, when Nadler was still a state assemblyman, and asked to build a skyscraper in his district. At 150 stories, it would have been the tallest building in the world, housing NBC’s new headquarters and some 5,700 apartments. Nadler said no. He wanted the city to use the site, which was on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, for a new affordable housing complex. Trump was furious. Not long after, he gave Nadler one of his typical derisive nicknames—’Fat Jerry.'”

  12. Cheats , Liars , Crooks , Child rapist , Back Stabbing Traitors and just plane Stupid , that’s the DemonRat Liberal party for you , go ahead and try your impeachment BS , THE TRUMP TRAIN WILL STEAM ROLL TO VICTORY IN 2020

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