Trey Gowdy destroyed Joe Biden with these two words about Hunter Biden

Joe Biden is under siege as criminal investigations surround his family.

Biden’s trying to lie his way through the scandal.

And Trey Gowdy destroyed Joe Biden with these two words about Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden’s strategy to deal with criminal investigations into business deals linked to Hunter Biden and his brother James is to lie about them in softball interviews with sycophants where he will face no pushback.

That’s what happened when Biden answered questions for the first time about Hunter Biden from supporter Stephen Colbert on Colbert’s late night comedy show.

Biden claimed Hunter Biden was the smartest guy he knew and the criminal investigations into his son were “foul play.”

Former Federal Prosecutor and South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy slammed Biden for these reckless comments in an appearance on Fox News.

“If immediate reports are correct, you’ve got more than one investigation into Biden family members,” Gowdy explained “So, I don’t think the grand jury is foul play, the United States Attorney’s office is not foul play.”

Gowdy pointed out that the multiple criminal investigations into the Biden’s business dealings were not foul play, but looked to him like “probable cause.”

“Now, you’re welcome to pick on Republican politicians, but you’ve got two criminal investigations. That ain’t foul play, that’s called probable cause, Joe, that ain’t foul play,” Gowdy added.

The Fake News Media has decided the Hunter Biden story is a nonstory because, to these so-called “reporters,” any news that reflects badly on Joe Biden must not be covered at all.

But given the number of false statements Joe Biden has made about Hunter Biden and his business dealings – especially in communist China – Biden needs to be pressed with hard questions by real journalists on his knowledge and involvement in these arrangements, which are now the subject of multiple criminal investigations.

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