Trey Gowdy destroyed Nancy Pelosi with one question

Nancy Pelosi just executed a massive power play.

But Pelosi’s move blew up in her face.

And Trey Gowdy destroyed Nancy Pelosi with one question.

Nancy Pelosi rejected Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from serving on her January 6 Select Committee.

Pelosi claimed Banks and Jordan’s support for Trump questioning the election results disqualified them.

Now, Trey Gowdy just ripped Pelosi for her hypocrisy after she rejected Jordan and Banks and yet she put her own partisan warrior Adam Schiff on the select committee that Trey Gowdy chaired which investigated the Benghazi terror attack, doing so with full knowledge that Schiff’s job on the committee was to run interference to protect Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

“She put Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., on the Benghazi committee, even though his mind was fully made up, and he did everything he could to protect the Democrat nominee for president,” Gowdy stated. “That was his job. Not to interview survivors, not to access information, not to ascertain why the military did not respond in a timely manner, but protect Hillary Clinton. Pelosi picked him despite his bias.”

Gowdy added that Schiff was the lead impeachment manager in the Ukraine impeachment hoax even though Schiff lied about his office contacting a whistleblower and fabricated a conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian President.

“She picked Schiff to lead the prosecution in a failed impeachment trial, even though Schiff misstated facts, misrepresented a meeting with the whistleblower, and manufactured evidence during a committee hearing…Pelosi picked him anyway,” Gowdy continued.

Gowdy said if the corporate media had any integrity they would ask Nancy Pelosi to explain this contradiction.

“That is the question,” Gowdy explained. “Why Schiff and not Jordan? Why Swalwell and not Jordan? Why is it your members can have their minds already made up, but somehow that is disqualifying for the other side? It’s the sort of question a serious objective media would ask.… but the modern media in this country is just as partisan as politicians themselves. ‘Truth to Power,’ they claim. ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness,’ they claim. Well,” he said, “it doesn’t do well in the slew of hypocrisy either, that is where we are right now, and in no small part because the referee is just as partisan as the players.”

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