Trey Gowdy destroyed the Deep State in one brutal take down

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before Congress this week.

After Trey Gowdy was finished with him, Rosenstein was wishing he was anywhere else.

That’s because Gowdy wrecked the Russia investigation with one brutal take down.

Gowdy took Rosenstein to task for the length of the Mueller probe.

The investigation has dragged on for a year and produced no evidence of Russian collusion or any indictments against Trump officials for conspiring with the Russians.

Mueller’s investigation has cast a cloud over the Trump administration – Trump supporters believe that is the entire purpose of the probe – without making any headway.

Gowdy confronted Rosenstein – the Justice Department official overseeing the Mueller investigation – about the glacial pace of the probe and implored him to wrap it up so the American people can get answers and move on.

Polls show more and more Americans are agreeing with Gowdy that the probe needs to wrap up.

A Politico/Morning Consult Survey found 53 percent of Americans disapproved of Mueller’s handling of the investigation.

If in one year Mueller hasn’t been able to find any evidence of Russian collusion then he needs to say so and close up shop.

The American people’s patience is wearing thin and the longer this investigation drags on, the more people are convinced it is nothing more than a witch hunt against the President.

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