Trey Gowdy destroyed the Deep State in one brutal take down

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before Congress this week.

After Trey Gowdy was finished with him, Rosenstein was wishing he was anywhere else.

That’s because Gowdy wrecked the Russia investigation with one brutal take down.

Gowdy took Rosenstein to task for the length of the Mueller probe.

The investigation has dragged on for a year and produced no evidence of Russian collusion or any indictments against Trump officials for conspiring with the Russians.

Mueller’s investigation has cast a cloud over the Trump administration – Trump supporters believe that is the entire purpose of the probe – without making any headway.

Gowdy confronted Rosenstein – the Justice Department official overseeing the Mueller investigation – about the glacial pace of the probe and implored him to wrap it up so the American people can get answers and move on.

Polls show more and more Americans are agreeing with Gowdy that the probe needs to wrap up.

A Politico/Morning Consult Survey found 53 percent of Americans disapproved of Mueller’s handling of the investigation.

If in one year Mueller hasn’t been able to find any evidence of Russian collusion then he needs to say so and close up shop.

The American people’s patience is wearing thin and the longer this investigation drags on, the more people are convinced it is nothing more than a witch hunt against the President.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. After 8 years of Obama,, American people
    we’re fed up with all the anti-America, anti-cop
    and division that the Democrats stood for.
    Election nite 2016 was a big surprise for all of
    them. They thought they had it in the election bank.
    Then after Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania came
    in they were left scrambling and very disappointed
    to say the least. The American people spoke
    and on election nite took back there country.
    Thank God for people/patriots like Trey
    Goudy who help to expose the plan B plan
    that the Democrats has in place.
    My questions is why are not questions being
    asked about the fake Russian Dossier?
    I personally think so!
    Thank God for Donald Trump!!

  2. Muller’s investigation into candidate Trump and his campaign staff, and now his White House staff, has always been nothing more than a stupid damn ” Witch Hunt”, because he has no evidence towards President Trump and his administration.

    Trey Gowdy is correct, Muller needs to close up shop and leave.

    Stay and stand strong Mr. Trey Gowdy, stay hard on Rosenstein and Mr. Wray.

  3. Hey,that didn’t come to mind but now that you stated it, that would be a great idea!!

  4. Despite the Lefts ability, I am more of a realistic type. Let’s face it, the chance of Hillary facing any substantial charges is slim to none. Keep in mind, I feel she did some damage to our national security and in a perfect world, she would pay for her crimes…but we don’t live in that world and lesser criminals get “off” all the time. So, I am thinking she will walk.

  5. Let’em keep it up. Because of this farce more and more American’s are seeing the injustice of the Obama administration…ie…the Democrat agenda. The FBI/injustice department’s approval rating is negative 200% and at least 53% of the country is calling for a government overhaul! So keep it up guys,you might just get rid of yourselves for us.


  7. Rosenstein inadvertently exposed his own participation in the farcical “investigation” into Russian collusion to influence the outcome of the 2016 election when he fell into Gowdy’s trap. Asked if he had “completely read and signed the application for FISA warrant to investigate the Trump campaign”, he waffled and parsed Gowdy’s question three or four times finally answering”correct, I did not”. Either inept, unwilling, or totally incapable of performing his duties and in any of the above scenarios should be looking for work elsewhere immediately. The swamp is deepAND wide.

  8. I only wish Gowdy had been able to send the Hildabeast to prison.
    He didn’t push her hard enough, fact is the Obama administration put the fix
    in for her from the get-go.

  9. You really can’t! Genetics is one hard thing to avoid! Some cause blindness and a total lack of any common sense!

  10. All the dirty left is doing is stalling this investigation until the November elections…any idiot can see that. Mueller is nothing more than a sidewinder working for Clinton and Schumer, not to mention that filthy Soros. Check out the A holes relation to Whitey Bulger. He should be in prison.


  12. Jerry, there are about 25 to 30 FBI agents that are waiting to be interviewed, but they will only act if they are called in under a subpoena, so they can be protected by law. They do not want to appear without a court order, but are ready to give and volunteer all they know of the BS that has existed in the FBI leadership.

  13. Rep. Trey Gowdy is a laser light exposing LIES & TRUTH! He is fed up with all the stonewalling, CYA’s, refusing to answer questions, breaking the law, etc. He is an honorable TRUTH TELLER who will get in your face if you push him into that! He would be an excellent Attorney General!

  14. trey gowdy is a big crook he should be in jail for what he done to Hillary! Dont believe any thing he says.

  15. Continue to pay attention, you will get your answer. I suggest you watch more news stations then CNN. I watch them all. I prefer the one station who interviews both sides of the isle while posing the same question (s) to both.

  16. Those Millions, along with the false pretenses of all this crap, is what has my panties in a wad! Whoever is responsible, including Muller, should be put on the hook for the wasting our tax payers money and be ordered to pay us back, serve jail time or BOTH!!

  17. It is self explainable from the beginning there was zero evidence to even start the investigation. It has always been a Witch Hunt that cost the Taxpayers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for nothing but to cause division in America only because Obama’s apprentice Hillary lost the Election.

  18. Shut it down!
    Bob Mueller is a glory hound!
    And he is not interested in the truth or in justice at all.
    If he were interested in real russian meddling then he would investigate THe DNC & the Hillary Clinton ,Loretta Lynch connection and probe it completely.
    He just wants to drag this investigation on until he convinces people that president Trump is guilty of some crime.

  19. i am hoping a pariot with FBI/DOJ will come forward with documents which have not been produced to congress as Rosenstein has manifested; this would prove him a liar and give cause for congress to impeach Rosenstein. Why not cite the FBI/DOJ officials as failing to comply with FOIA and prove such and impeach them. In hoping for a whistle blower to come forward, I cite the old saying; Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  20. No one, including President Donald Trump, had any idea just how deep the swamp really is….hang in there Mr.President…. the Deplorables have your back. !

  21. this hoax has cost this nation 17 million and county the democrated lies is why they want open boarders if they care so much about the illigals voting for them like Cher all of the democrated party should take them dont separate them even the ms-13 bushy you sound like you can handle NANCY lovers take them to home with your family that way you will no you will get the illigals votes you owe them that much since president OBAMA brought them here and lock the childern in cages in 2014 and sold them to human traffic plus you know where they are and their not being separated the democrated have the funds to provide for them and they should. get the LOOSER CLINTON foundation THE OBAMA FOUNDATION and GORGE SOROS to help ya but dont leave them on the freeways in cardboard boxes

  22. Bagster is the blowhard. Gowdy can only expose corruption which he has persistently done. The Dept. of Justice must bring charges directly or convene a Grand Jury. Nunes is the guy who can call or impeachment or censure of appointees. Learn your civics. we need more Gowdys but the good guys are leaving because Washington is so corrupt on both sides that no one will indict any one else, because they have dirt on each other.

  23. question , are any of these deep state traytors being put in prison , no , gowdy is a blow hard , makes big talk , but that’s all it is talk , when yous start locking up the criminals let me know

  24. They don’t have anything that is the problem and this little witch hunt has cost the tax payers over $50 million dollars. I do not know about some of you but i for one could think of a lot of things more important to do with that money.

  25. this witch hunt has been going on too long, without any proof.
    let,s start a petition to end it and save all this money for a better use.
    It is time for Mueller to go.

  26. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Gowdy, this witch-hunt has gone on long enough and Rosenstein needs to be given a deadline to end this investigation immediately!!

  27. I sort of agree with you..only thing, just think of the field day the Tabloid media ( MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, NBC News to mention a few) would have if Mueller was to be fired! Comey has already been exposed this way, along with Lisa Page, Peter Storzk and Rosenstein are on their way down in the near future, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton is in the radar! Let Trey Gowdy and our faithful Republicans do their thing and expose Mueller plus the above mentioned plus all those connected in public view…so there is no question!

  28. I agree and I’m sure you agree that the political parties and partisan bickering and grandstanding are more divisive than race , religion, or gender in our country now.

  29. It has been a WITCH HUNT from day 1 !!!!!!
    Rosenstein should be fired and since nothing
    has connected to Russia, then Sessions
    can either take charge or be fired!!!! Time to
    clean house!!!

  30. Fire Mueller, clean up the mess he has created, and begin working on uniting
    this country. I have lived nearly 8 decades and I have never seen things this
    bad including all the civil rights movement decades ago. It’s time for the citizens of this country to start agreeing on things and work for the common good.
    Thank God there are men like Rep. Trey Gowdy!!

  31. I agree! If you and I or anyone else was guity of collusion ( Eric Snowden) we would have been charged and an indigtment would have been handed down by now as such cases that involves espionage, thank presidence over all other cases!

  32. Rich you are right. Trey Gowdy would make a great Supreme Court Judge. I hope Trump considers him. It would make more than 60% of people happy because they know he is one of the few guys who we can trust.

  33. From day one, my answer was , that this is nothing but a ” STUPID DAWN WITCH HUNT.” I knew that Muller was an evil person from the beginning.

    I have never believed in this collusion investigation towards President Trump and his administration to start off with. If was not a crime for him to start meeting with foreign Presidents and their administration pertaining to foreign affairs.

    I am on Mr. Trey Gowdy’s side towards the information with any survelliance towards the President and his administration. Any evidence that the DOJ, or the FBI, or CIA has towards President Trump and his administration, it needs to be turned over to these other branches that is doing their own investigations into everything that they have learned from Michael Horowitz report.

    Produce everything, and close Muller’s investigation down, without any eveidence for any type of collusion with Russia.

  34. I noticed him smirking, just like Hillary did durring the debates! I was waiting for someone to ask Rosenstein if he thought the enquiry was a joke or funny! Birds of a feather, flock together!

  35. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you with all malice; And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.

  36. TREY GOWDY FOR SUPREME COURT!!! he is one of the FEW that will dig for the truth and has no compunction about telling it like it is!!! That is just the kind of person we need on the most important legislative board in our country. All others seem to have some degree of honesty and another degree of compromise! We don’t need compromise we need the truth backed by OUR LAWS. T R E Y G O W D Y F O R S U P R E M E C O U R T J U S T I C E ! ! !

  37. I watched the whole thing! He was and is on it! It was obvious he was expressing sincere views while the Democratic portion of the inquires where all butt kissing lines of questioning!

  38. “Con-Man” what a perfect name for you Butch ~ here’s a couple more to your filthy lies; liberal, hate-monger, Commie ~ you fit every one of these titles perfectly.

  39. Now now, Everybody is entitled to their oppinion weather it’s misguided or not. Time will tell when the TRUTH is exposed. Trey Goudy and like minded Republicans are on it and scraping the truth out of the swamp. Let Butchie come to his senses on his own time!

  40. Trey’s abilities, based on my observations, again are shown to be critical to isolating the essence of an issue or individual, when testifying in Congress.
    This Russia investigation as was clear early on, to be once again no more than a “political” firestorm, for reasons that were clear and obvious.
    Now, are Rod and Chris really willing to finally expedite a conclusion to Mueller’s farce, and do the people’s business, or not?

  41. It was all planed. Comey fired and Rosenstein tries to get Mueller hired as head of FBI.When the President said no to that then Rosenstein put him in charge of Special Counsel..he had to so they could cover up all the crap they were part of! So now we the people have Hillary super protected along with comey, Mueller and Rosenstein!

  42. Thank you Mr. Gowdy,
    Sounds like you did am amazing job of bringing it all together, and that is what we needed I believe.

  43. Thank you, Mr. Gowdy!!! This has been the most insane “witch hunt” I’ve witnessed in my 66 years on Earth! Please keep up the good work. And, while we’re at it, let shut Maxine Waters up, too!!!

  44. Butchie, guilty of what? So how many Russians do you think voted for President Trump at the polling booths. Or do you just think the Russians infiltrated the electoral college.

  45. I am totally convinced that the whole Russian Collusion was a farce from the start. I feel it was started when President Trump was cantidate Trump. I also am convinced that the Democrats where convinced that Hillary was a show in for election and this Russian BS was one way they felt would insure her victory! I also feel that the Democrats AND Obama was planning this and got their “team” together to fabricate this farce with assurance that no harm would come to the “team” after Hillary had won the presidency. Now, we are finding out who those “team” members are! Since President Trump was elected, the Democrats and their “team” had no exit strategy put in place to cover their crimes since they where POSITIVE that Hillary was going win! Take them down! Make them accountable for their crimes! If I as a citizen broke a law, I would be protected!

  46. Mr. Gowdy you are correct. This charade has gone on long enough. If there was any evidence it surely would have been found by now. So, lets send Mueller packing and let “THE DONALD” get on with his presidency. The only reason for any of this mess is the democrats are poor losers. They are afraid that TRUMP will put an end to their gray train and well it should end. There are many things waiting to be done to make America a better place to live. So, let’s get on with it!!!!!

  47. You call yourself a registered Republican but anyone can register to which ever party the choose. Perhaps you should register as an idiot.

  48. The longer this probe continues, the stronger President Trump’agenda becomes . We the people, are able to grasp this, in spite of the leftist, lamestream media propanda is hurled @ us. GOD bless Mr. Trump, and overcome this absurd investigation.

  49. why was not mueller an wray and some of the others involved , in on this meeting/questing of mr rosie ????

  50. Butchy. Take Mulehumpers donger outta your mouth so we can understand what your saying. Or is the gerbil in your anal sphincter going into his death spasms, clouding up you brain a bit.

  51. Impeach Rosenstien! He is anything but a public servant. He is why Americans do not trust the Federal Goverment. Why he is still drawing a paycheck from we the taxpayers, I cannot reconcile. If the House of Representatives is serious about fulfilling its Constitutional responsibility, it will impeach Rosenstien.

  52. What specific, proven lies has he told. Hear all the time what a lier he is but never what the lies are.

  53. I agree with you Wanda it comes down to ‘ anyone with a tongue can say anything they like’…… referring muller !!

  54. They keep it going because of the money.the tax payers are footing the bill. I think the tax payers should fire them NOW…the left keeps on pushing. With all the proof against Clinton not a word. Damn shame

  55. Past investigations in this country exceeded 2000+ days. Trump and his “cronies” want it stopped because they know the “Con Man Donald” is as guilty as sin. The man tells SOOOOOOOO many lies, he believes there truths!!!!!FYI I am a registered Republican!!!!!

  56. Definitely need a second special counsel to signal a green light to trigger a Mueller-style raid in Rosenstein and Mueller offices. Likewise with the FBI/DOJ “evidence room”.

    There is NO reason for stalling the handover of these so-called evidence.

    October. Mueller may have something up his sleeve to expose fake evidence before the election. Mueller is dirty. Very dirty. Not a honest bone in his body. He will create political turmoil in October. Best that his investigation needs to be wrapped up today.

  57. This investigation is just one more sample of the struggle of the Liberals together with the Deep State against President Trump. There is no proof of Collusion against the President, it is just one more method of undermining his position as President of the USA.

  58. There’s still a lot of house cleaning that needs to be done by Trump.
    Think of the millions of dollars wasted on paying Mueller and his cronies.
    These bozos filled their pockets with our tax dollars that could have been used somewhere else. More continued waste.
    Far too many Americans confuse glibness with ability. Slick Willey, Barry, Comey and Rosenstein are perfect examples and proof. Ergo, that’s why so many still are uncomfortable with Trump. He’s not glib or articulate…BUT HE SURELY CAN GET THE JOB DONE! So what would you prefer?

  59. It’s obvious it is a witch hunt. Has been from the beginning. Obama and Clinton need to be investigated with the same intensity but with an impartial leader. I am extremely pessimistic the treasonous acts of either will ever be punished in this life.

  60. It is all a giant farce and Wray & Rosenstein act as if they are so important that they are above the Law. Rosenstein in particular smirking the whole time was grossly offensive. They must be brought down….period!!

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