Trey Gowdy dropped one truth bomb at Fox News that will change the GOP

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy addressed the reality of Donald Trump conceding the election.

All Republicans are trying to find a way to move forward.

And now Trey Gowdy dropped one truth bomb at Fox News that will change the GOP.

Appearing on Fox News, former Congressman Gowdy expressed his hope that the GOP would be able to articulate a specific policy agenda to combat the Left’s socialist and anti-American policy program.

One of the problems with the GOP during the Trump years was that establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan fought against the popular policies Donald Trump ran on in 2016 and instead tried to impose the unpopular policies that Mitt Romney and Ryan ran on in their losing 2012 campaign.

As Gowdy noted, the GOP will eventually win elections and the establishment and the grassroots not being on the same page is a problem.

“Part of politics is telling voters how bad the other side is, but that’s about all I hear now. I think voters want to hear [about] what do you believe, why do we believe it, and then engage in that very difficult task of persuading people that our ideas are better . . . But at a certain point, you may win . . . You may be given the right to govern,” Gowdy began.

But Gowdy made a strange decision to cite RINOs like South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, and former Trump ally turned critics Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton as examples as to who the GOP should pivot towards in a post-Trump world.

“That’s my challenge for the party, is, if you wanted to stump me with a question, ask me what the modern Republican Party believes, with consistency, cycle after cycle, and then ask me who those defining voices are,” Gowdy continued. “You just heard one, [Sen.] Tommy Cotton, [a] really smart, young leader. So is [Sen.] Tim Scott, Nikki Haley. But most of the voices in the conservative movement have never held political office before.”

The GOP has a consistent policy blueprint to follow – Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

President Trump won 75,000,000 votes on his plan to boost wages by restricting immigration, taking on China, renegotiating globalist trade deals, and putting a stop to endless wars.

Establishment Republicans hate this agenda because they hate the working class voters it attracts.
So they keep trying to dress up the failed John McCain/Mitt Romney version of Republicans in new packaging.

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