Trey Gowdy dropped some bad news that will send Democrats heading for the exits

The Democrats are seeing their political fortunes deteriorate.

Joe Biden’s self-inflicted crises – topped off by the failure to safely withdraw from Afghanistan – have Americans souring on Joe Biden’s Presidency.

And Trey Gowdy dropped some bad news that will send Democrats heading for the exits.

Joe Biden disastrously planned and executed policies exacted a political toll on Biden and the Democrats.

A new Rasmussen poll showed Biden plunging to 42 percent.

The President’s approval rating is the number one predictor of his party’s performance during midterm elections and former congressman Trey Gowdy told Fox News radio host Brain Kilmeade that the Democrats have a lot to worry about.

“I don’t know the [Democrats’] motives. I do know that it is indefensible if you’re running for reelection to say, ‘hey, after 20 years, women and girls are still at risk. Religious minorities are still targeted, journalists are being beaten up. We can’t get Americans out, and oh, by the way, in the last week, 13 coffins came back to Dover Air Force Base. But by golly, we met Joe Biden’s deadline.’ If that’s what you’re running for reelection on, that you will be a minority party,” Gowdy stated.

Gowdy explained that Biden and the Democrats’ allies in the mainstream media could read the tea leaves and would begin fashioning more favorable narratives for Democrats to trumpet next year.

But Gowdy claimed the images coming out of Afghanistan – bodies falling out of the sky, dead soldiers and stranded Americans – would overcome any gaslighting by the legacy media.

“So I think if given the choice, do we continue to write stories about the disaster that is Afghanistan and give Kevin McCarthy a chance to be the Speaker of the House? Or do we pivot and talk about something else? I think the Politicos and The New York TimesThe Washington Posts of the world are going to pivot now. Now, I do trust the real jury, the American people, and when they see images of people falling out of airplanes and they see women and girls after 20 years of our sons and daughters being killed, 20 years… women and girls are still second-class citizens, I think that jury will be much tougher than the media,” Gowdy stated.

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