Trey Gowdy dropped the dime on the one thing that should frighten every American

When he was in Congress, Trey Gowdy was every Democrat’s worst nightmare.

The South Carolina Republican dug up scandals that revealed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s worst misdeeds.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened when Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and dropped the dime on the one thing that should frighten every American.

Trey Gowdy clearly has no time for Congressman Eric Swalwell’s presidential bid.

The two served together on the House Intelligence Committee where Swalwell used his position to promote the baseless conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is an agent of the Russian government.

Swalwell went one step further by turning the foundation of the American criminal justice system – which is innocent until proven guilty – on its head by bellowing that it was up to Donald Trump to prove he wasn’t a Russian asset.

Former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy took issue with these un-American comments saying every American should be terrified of Swalwell.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy said the thought of a “President Eric Swalwell” should “scare the ever-living hell out of you” during a Friday night conversation with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

The former GOP congressman was discussing Swalwell’s contention that President Donald Trump is a “Russian asset” despite the conclusions of the Mueller report, taking particular umbrage at the 2020 presidential candidate’s insistence that Trump should have to “prove that he did not do something.”

“President Eric Swalwell, that ought to scare the ever-living Hell out of you, Martha,” Gowdy said after MacCallum played a clip of the California lawmaker’s remarks.

“His last sentence is exactly the difference between a prosecutor and a politician,” he said. “Prosecutors prove that you did something, politicians make you prove you did not. Did you hear his last sentence? ‘I challenge President Trump to prove that he did not do something.’ That’s what politicians do.”

Swalwell has the makeup of a dictator in embryo.

Besides the Russian conspiracy theory, the other centerpiece of Swalwell’s campaign is legislation that would force AR-15 owners to turn in their firearms to the government.

If they do not comply with this confiscation order, then government agents will kick in their doors and arrest them.

To make matters worse, when someone on social media pointed out that gun owners would resist this order, Swalwell threatened to bomb them with nuclear weapons.

Gowdy is correct in that an authoritarian like Swalwell – who has no concept of the Constitution or the rule of law – has any business being president.

The danger is not that Swalwell will win the election, but that his extremist ideas gain traction in the Democrat Party.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.