Trey Gowdy dropped the dime on the one thing that should frighten every American

When he was in Congress, Trey Gowdy was every Democrat’s worst nightmare.

The South Carolina Republican dug up scandals that revealed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s worst misdeeds.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened when Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and dropped the dime on the one thing that should frighten every American.

Trey Gowdy clearly has no time for Congressman Eric Swalwell’s presidential bid.

The two served together on the House Intelligence Committee where Swalwell used his position to promote the baseless conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is an agent of the Russian government.

Swalwell went one step further by turning the foundation of the American criminal justice system – which is innocent until proven guilty – on its head by bellowing that it was up to Donald Trump to prove he wasn’t a Russian asset.

Former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy took issue with these un-American comments saying every American should be terrified of Swalwell.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy said the thought of a “President Eric Swalwell” should “scare the ever-living hell out of you” during a Friday night conversation with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

The former GOP congressman was discussing Swalwell’s contention that President Donald Trump is a “Russian asset” despite the conclusions of the Mueller report, taking particular umbrage at the 2020 presidential candidate’s insistence that Trump should have to “prove that he did not do something.”

“President Eric Swalwell, that ought to scare the ever-living Hell out of you, Martha,” Gowdy said after MacCallum played a clip of the California lawmaker’s remarks.

“His last sentence is exactly the difference between a prosecutor and a politician,” he said. “Prosecutors prove that you did something, politicians make you prove you did not. Did you hear his last sentence? ‘I challenge President Trump to prove that he did not do something.’ That’s what politicians do.”

Swalwell has the makeup of a dictator in embryo.

Besides the Russian conspiracy theory, the other centerpiece of Swalwell’s campaign is legislation that would force AR-15 owners to turn in their firearms to the government.

If they do not comply with this confiscation order, then government agents will kick in their doors and arrest them.

To make matters worse, when someone on social media pointed out that gun owners would resist this order, Swalwell threatened to bomb them with nuclear weapons.

Gowdy is correct in that an authoritarian like Swalwell – who has no concept of the Constitution or the rule of law – has any business being president.

The danger is not that Swalwell will win the election, but that his extremist ideas gain traction in the Democrat Party.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Trey Gowdy is one smart Dude!! I have heard him speak on several occasions and he has a brilliant mind!! I would vote TREY GOWDY for President!!

  2. Do Hillary, Obama, Bozo O’dork, Jussie Smollet, Michael Avenati, and many Democratic politicians get away with crimes because a mafia going on??

  3. ITS amazing how much Donald Trump was so RIGHT about so much. I only wish he could run for more
    than only two terms. God protect him,

  4. That’s Betty’s problem too many meds. She possibly gets them “free” obamanation care, or joke. So she gets free meds, ebt, phone w/ 300 min. ???? so. President Trump is a threat to her well being or lack thereof. Go figure!

  5. Amen Sharon. But it’s possible that they can’t read. Only words or letters in their vocabulary are EBT, free, obamanation, obama phone. Anybody who still vote for the demoncratic party especially after the 2 yr witch hunt & they see how crooked they are are just ignorant & fail to think for themselves. It’s called entitlement & ignorance plain & simple.

  6. Americans should have been frightened way before this. Right now America is in a civil war that is going on right now between Conservative Volunteer Government and Leftist Democratic Professional Government. Democrats pay the election and they want The United States back in their hands. Do you see what is going on in Venezuela? If Democrats don’t get their way, that will becoming here. Democrats will have no problem killing Americans on America’s soil. Just keep ignoring it people???? it’s going to make it a lot easier to over throw this nation.

  7. Swalwell should stay in California no one else in the USA wants this nit wit around I think he and the rest of the Democrats should push for cal to be its own country and then they could all take turns playing president

  8. Betty, you have described yourself very well. You are a fool. Why do you come here? It is very obvious that you have no concept of the truth.

  9. There are a lot of conservatives in California. Kick out the dems and illegals and it will be a much better place.

  10. I agree Obozo From Most Corrupt city and state in USA Obozo is A Muslim he’s not fooling any one you know he is Lying when his lips are moving. I’m From Chicago
    rumors on South side Barry has sugar in his tank and is in the closet 1/2 the time

  11. Swalwell must prove he is not a communist dictator. When he orvesit, he will be run out of the country with his ass in his hands. America doesn’t want dictators running the country. Obozo came close but term limits kept him from succeeding.

  12. Makes one wonder just how stupid , the ones who voted him into office really are , that’s the scary part , absolutely No Common Sense at all I’d say , I’m keeping my guns , just saying

  13. If Swalwell ever became President and ordered the surrender of US citizens’ guns then I say:Red rover, red rover, send Eric right over.”

    Let ES come to my door to personally collect my weapons. If he alone can take them from me then I don’t deserve to have them.

    Warning! If you come it will end badly for you.

  14. The way I hear it on the street Swalwell will hang for his treasonous tyrannical remarks against the American people and many more remarks than just what Gary had talked about. Swalwell and Hitler,Both have a lot in common one being they’re both sociopaths, and sociopaths there’s one cure far and it’s called the electric chair.

  15. I never have understood all the love for Gowdy, he’s been trained by the rest of the spineless, feckless Republican establishment. Oh sure he loves a mic and talk so tough but go back and hug up to his buddy Dems. Matter of fact I can’t tell the difference between him and a Dem. After jumping in front of every camera he could find to say how he was gonna get answers to Benghazi or fast and furious or the IRS scandal, can anyone name one thing he accomplished? He’s just another sellout and I wouldn’t put enough faith in him to be dog catcher! He has really great excuse lines to spit out at a moment’s notice,go hang out with Flake and leave the work to real conservatives. He truly makes me sick.

  16. Swalwell is a genuinely stupid man. You can see the blankness in his face. Zero IQ. Creepy looking, too. Why the hell the people in his district voted him into office is beyond me. Maybe because the guy he succeeded was Pete Stark who was a certifiable lunatic who held the office for many years and Swalwell looked good by comparison. I don’t understand why such a stupid person gets so much media exposure. This guy is DUMB! ????

  17. Libby , Go look in the Mirror on the Wall in ur crapper , before you call somebody a Idoit whatever you are , your exactly what Liberalism produces , STUPIDITY

  18. When 2024 rolls around and if Trey Gowdy would run for president, I would without a doubt vote for him! I sure as hell would not vote for a politician nor a Communist!

  19. We didn’t purchase our guns to turn them in to the government. Do they want a civil war? Let them try it.

  20. In California, the feces on the streets of San Francisco has developed self-awareness and votes. whenever it can find a STOOL to reach the machine ????

  21. The scary part that the truth of the matter majority of democrats all my adult years were proof that they are willfully ignorant. As a society that
    should be the red flags to spot a dictatorship on the roll. More so when you see them graduating from there educational destructive pursuing as a political representative. I see this in my state of N.Y.. They Gov.of this
    state just sign the bill to allow up to tri-master the women can kill their babies by abortion whether they live or not after abortion fails. Sic huh?
    We citizen of this country let us all rise from these abusive practiced of politicians. Next election is coming
    2020 !!!????

  22. Don’t worry, Swalwell Is Not
    ‘in the cards’.
    >Poor Betty,’brain ‘stuck’ IN same line
    0ver & 0ver. Wow – could you ‘imagine’
    thinking like that ? 0ver & 0ver . eee gads.

  23. So Swalwell and his gun grabbing henchman want to nuke people who won’t give up their guns. He better hope and pray that some of those people are not secret members of the NRA as he might get nuked himself.

  24. I agree with Gowdy 100% that Swalwell is extremely dangerous to our human rights. I often shuddered what Swalwell think. Certifiably insane. He would make a good Nazi Gestapo agent. Yep.

  25. Swalwell with his “agonizing, rediculous stupid comments”, obviously experienced severe brain damage when he was a child! Compassionate Americans believe he should be “baker-acted” to a mental facility ASAP! What an incredible, unamerican, JACKASS!!!

  26. Robert: You obviously know nothing about Trey Gowdy! He is ,without question, one of the most Patriotic and America loving Congressmen ever to serve in the House of Representatives!!!

  27. Hey Kahlcke, before you make such dumb comments like this one you should get really informed. Senator Gawdy has done a lot of investigation on evil Democrats including Obama and Hillary to name a few. Watch and listen; you’ll learn something.

  28. In California, the feces on the streets of San Francisco has developed self-awareness and votes. whenever it can find a STOOL to reach the machine ????

  29. In California, the feces on the streets of San Francisco has developed self-awareness and votes. whenever it can find a STOOL to reach the machine ????

  30. I believe you have Gowdy confused with some feces-snorting right-sided-brain-dead-liberal Communist-Nazi-fascist finger-puppet, like Swalwell.

    Think of.the exact OPPOSITE of the feces-for-brains Swalwell.

  31. Lmdao Such ignorance is on the left. Go Google Trumps accomishments before you run that mouth if yours, and search for truth instead of letting demonrats and media do all your thinking for you! And after reading it all,then come back and tell us what exactly you hate that he’s done! Stop being a sheep and letting the Deep State do your thinking for you! The liberal news never talks about his great accomplishments, they want him gone because he stands in thier way for thier globalist take over! You and the rest of the idiots in this country are being brainwashed with nothing but damn lies!


  33. Betty, you probably sit at the feet and worship such airheads as Chuckie Scummer, Nancy Pe-loser, Adam Schitt, & Eric I. Swallow-well. All you bed-wetting liberals are out of touch with reality. What a pitiful lot you folks are.

  34. This guy is what scripture calls “A WORM AND NO MAN.” I’d like to know how he got into Congress, but then again he’s from California?.

  35. I believe they promise free crap and what a benefit they’ll be in your corner if elected? Once elected their stupidty reins in and people are shocked at who voted this scale from the bottom of my shoe to Congress?

  36. Stilswollen, is another from California whos head has gotten BIG/HEAVY, but not heavy because of brain matter, however it is full! He has about as much of a career left as Alexandria Ocasio-Cotex and he should be taken as seriously as Maxine!

  37. d trump is American’s Worst Nightmare & what should Frighten every Intelligent, Rational Person New York State To California s a second presidential term for that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT, that Walking, Talking, Pile of BRAINLESS CRAP in Human Form!

  38. Last night the thought came to me about King Solomon of the Old Testament who was so wise! It brought to mind the story of the child that two mothers were fighting about, and King Solomon said, “Let’s just cut the child in half, and each of you can have a part.” Naturally, the true mother said, “No, let the other woman have the child.” Love won the day and saved the child. I equate that child to being America and the mothers as being the Democratic and Republican parties. It would be wonderful if the wisdom of King Solomon could bridge the divide between the parties for the benefit of the child, America. I am an American first and foremost, and wish the politicians would feel the same way. Put political agendas second, and America first.

  39. Swalwell is mentally ill, like Hitler was. He is not fit to be in any position of power. What the hell is wrong with people that vote these monsters in?

  40. The wall needs to be built around California as well as Mexico. Swallwel is a good reason to do so. What is in the water out there?

  41. It is scary to think that Swellhead Swalwell is an attorney and actually prosecuted people who committed crimes. He is a dangerous blob who will DO ANYTHING whether legal or not to advance his own and Dems’ interests. Someone should take him in the back alley and wear out a wooden frat paddle on his ignorant, bare ass, and then force him to turn in his license to practice law. As I have said many times, I regret not serving with this Numb Nuts while he was working for the U.S. Attorney cuz I would have thrown him through the 2nd floor plate glass window. Dangerous ignorant, Fudmucker…

  42. I will never vote for democrats again many ahould be arrested and tried for treason and crimes against this country i cant wait to see this happen.

  43. As an RN u should know better than 2 insult the mentally ill. Swallowswell is just your run the mill ROARING SOCOM ASS__LE!

  44. Trey Gowdy certainly is correct Swalwell is a disaster, a typical immature person with big mans disease. His attacks on the citizens of California is terrible but he’s in deep in the swamp of Washington DC. He’ll fail of course too obviously ignorant of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. His threats are personal attacks against law abiding Americans who know the Constitution and the fact the 2nd amendment shall not infringe on our right to carry will stand. Most Americans when the attacks against them are real will fight to insure their rights.

  45. Dictator? He’s already embraced his logic to nuc opposition. No Constitution. No law. No borders. No nation.
    Swalwell is fricken nuts!

  46. It will be a very long time before I vote for a Democrat. They have gone overboard with their hatred and the loss of the 2016 election. To me they are traitors to our country and our Constitution. They have no love or honor for our country or the Presidency. Their actions speak volumes, and show what criminal ends they will go to achieve their vile agenda to ruin America.

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