Trey Gowdy dropped the hammer on Democrats with this devastating reality check

Trey Gowdy gave Democrats nightmares by holding them accountable in Congress.

Gowdy may be out of office, but he’s still not pulling any punches against the Left’s misdeeds.

And Trey Gowdy dropped the hammer on Democrats with this devastating reality check.

Democrats are in the midst of their biggest meltdown since Donald Trump won in 2016.

All hell has broken loose after a leaked opinion from the Supreme Court indicated that Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

The Left has thrown a temper tantrum over having the fight over abortion put back in the hands of state legislators.

Leftist mobs have been protesting at the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices, hoping to intimidate them into backing off from overturning Roe.

Trey Gowdy unloaded on these thuggish tactics on his show on Fox News.

“It’s right there in the First Amendment…you are welcome to protest, and you don’t have to be polite or fair, or even accurate,” Gowdy said.

“But you do have to be peaceful. Now, there are people showing up at the homes of Supreme Court Justices,” he continued.

“To what end? For what purpose? How does showing up at someone’s home advance your argument? How is it persuasive to intimidate family members and neighbors?” he wondered.

“Do you really think you will change minds or the way that Judges look at cases and issues, by posing a threat?” he questioned.

“It is against the law to show up at a Judge’s house trying to intimidate or influence a decision,” he explained.

“You are welcome to disagree with Judges. You can take issues with their rulings, if you think a Judge is wrong, you can appeal, you can defeat that Judge at the ballot box or through impeachment,” he stated.

“But you are not welcome to show up at a Judge’s house to intimidate or influence that Judge,” he warned.

Gowdy turned his attention to the rise in intimidation tactics against conservatives by the radical Left.

“Something is going on in this country, and it is not good,” Gowdy remarked.

“Heckling people at restaurants, accosting them as they leave a rally or political event, storming the Capitol, trespassing on other people’s property, to what end?” he pondered.

“Your protest does not have to be fair or accurate, although it would be much more persuasive if it was,” he added.

“Your protest does not have to be polite…but protests do have to be peaceful. And when they are not, you give license to those on both sides of the spectrum to do the same,” he declared.

“Protesters should be peaceful and law-abiding. Whether it is in pursuit of criminal justice reform, the counting of the electoral college, or decisions about what rights lie in the penumbra of other rights,” Gowdy concluded.

The radical Left’s public intimidation tactics have become increasingly more shameless.

With the possibility of a major Supreme Court defeat, this could be just the beginning.

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