Trey Gowdy dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this devastating reality check

Trey Gowdy is a conservative watchdog who terrifies the Democrats.

He just exposed one major failure of the Biden regime.

And Trey Gowdy dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this devastating reality check.

Democrats had high hopes for their much-hyped January 6 Committee show trial.

However, it completely flopped, with the public drawing anemic ratings even lower than the failed corporate-controlled programming it preempted.

The goal of this witch hunt was to bring charges against Trump to stop him from running for President in 2024.

Attorney General Merrick Garland pledged to watch the hearings as the Justice Department considers whether or not to bring charges against Trump and others.

On his Fox News show, former federal prosecutor and Congressman Trey Gowdy ripped the Justice Department for outsourcing its investigation to a Congressional show trial.

“There’s nothing wrong with watching television… but I guess the difference is, you and I don’t have much of a choice when it comes to getting information,” Gowdy said.

“We don’t get to have an army of investigators and prosecutors at our disposal, Merrick Garland does,” Gowdy continued. “He has federal law enforcement at his beck and call.”

“He has scores of prosecutors, he has access to a grand jury and search warrants… he can access financial records and phone records… he can compel witnesses to testify… so why is he watching television?” Gowdy wondered.

“Why does the chief prosecutor, the managing partner of the most powerful law firm in the world, need to watch television to gather facts? He can interview any of the witnesses he wants to interview,” Gowdy said. “He can gather whatever evidence he thinks is relevant.”

The Left is putting immense pressure on Garland to prosecute Trump for any bogus charges he can find connected to January 6.

But instead of conducting a real investigation, he’s willing to get information from Nancy Pelosi’s show trial.

“There is no comparison between the power of the Department of Justice versus the power of Congress, yet the attorney general is not only watching TV, the department is miffed that Congress will not share what it has with the department,” Gowdy said. “Why? Why is the Attorney General gathering evidence from television?”

“And how reliable would that evidence be given the absence of confrontation or cross-examination? Garland and his prosecutors can watch whatever they want on television,” Gowdy continued. “[But] I do wonder why the Attorney General is watching a hearing when he has far better investigative tools at his disposal?”

“It does make you wonder what the department has been doing for the past 18 months. If you want to know what happened, find and examine witnesses and evidence. The remote control ain’t going to help you,” Gowdy concluded.

Instead of conducting a real investigation using Justice Department resources, Garland outsourced the investigation to Pelosi’s show trial.

Using the heavily-politicized information from Pelosi’s sham committee confirms that the Biden Justice Department will use any flimsy evidence they can find to take down Trump.

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