Trey Gowdy exposed the giant scandal that just exploded in Nancy Pelosi’s hometown

Democrats really don’t want Americans to know about this story.

But that’s no longer possible.

And it is all because Trey Gowdy exposed the giant scandal that just exploded in Nancy Pelosi’s hometown.

On his Sunday night Fox News show former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy informed viewers of outrageous programs in New York and San Francisco to pay criminals not to shoot people.

San Francisco is running a pilot program paying ten high-risk criminals $300 per month not to shoot anyone.

New York is paying violent criminals $1,000 a month to refrain from gun violence.

Gowdy called these programs “extortion” and claimed he could not believe liberals now want to pay criminals while advocating for defunding the police.

“I just never thought government or any other noncriminal enterprise would actually encourage this kind of shakedown or extortion,” Gowdy stated.

“Think about where we are as a country right now. Some progressives are advocating for cutting funding for the cops but paying criminals so they will stop at least until the check clears being criminals.”

“Let that sink in for a second. Really think about that,” Gowdy added. “Some progressives want to stop paying cops but start paying criminals. And these are the same folks who tell us we need more social workers and more psychologists because we all know how great social workers are at processing crime scenes and collecting DNA samples.”

Democrats being soft on crime is one reason Joe Biden’s poll numbers began to slide this summer.

The last thing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want as the calendar turns towards 2022 is media stories focusing on crime and the left’s lack of support for police officers.

But kooky leftwing officials in New York and San Francisco are making sure that crime will be at the forefront of the discussion with crazy policies to pay violent criminals not to shoot people.

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