Trey Gowdy flattened James Comey with this one tweet

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey and Trey Gowdy escalated their war of words.

Comey quickly realized he bit off more than he could chew.

That’s because Trey Gowdy flattened him with just one tweet.

Gowdy recently appeared on Fox News where he ripped Comey as “an amnesiac with incredible hubris.”

Comey took exception to this remark and sniped at Gowdy on twitter.

The former FBI Director tweeted:

That did not sit well with the South Carolina congressman.

Gowdy fired back at Comey with a sharp retort about how Comey claimed to know nothing about the Steele dossier or the FBI’s attempts to use it as evidence to spy on the Trump campaign.

He ended his tweet with a little chin music about seeing Comey on Monday – a reference to the former FBI’s Director’s second round of testimony.


Comey bit off way more than he could chew in this fight.

It was clear from his evasive testimony in early December that Comey was hiding what he really knows.

Gowdy’s on to him and Monday should bring more fireworks.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. There is still so much we the people have been kept in the dark about. However, all that will end soon. If our president was to be admired for just one thing it would be that he has exposed so many in the government, media, and world leaders as the globalist fools that they are. God bless you president Donald John Trump. May God keep you and your family safe and secure.

  2. Liberals, I guess that you believe what you want to believe. Comey was telling that it ain’t so. He can’t tell a good lie. He’s a nitwit at best. He broke the laws. I know he was once the FBI Director, but look at him. He knows that he was so screwed on the day Hillary lost the election.

    Obama was pissed, too. It was really a good thing that we have been collecting mountains of evidence that prove how he brazenly misled the American people with all kinds of deceits for eight years.

    Obama is as dirty as Hillary’s infamous deceit with Bernie voters at the DNC convention in 2016. Yeah, Bernie had to hush up for the sake of the incoming election. He was really quiet for a few days that tells you that he was choked with the scandal situation. Hillary and Obama were into it.

    It’s time to clean up the corruption within the Democrat Party leadership. The election defeat must be very embarrassing for Hillary that she waltzed around, blaming many liberal organizations for not doing enough for her. It was really pathetic.

    Comey needs to go to prison.

  3. It is very depressing when we hear all the lies told by key Washington officials. Possibly the best answer to this lying would be to have a “Lie Detector” attached to everyone testifying before a congressional committee

  4. Jim Comey is worse than the “old fisherman” of legendary humor: I.e., “the truth is not in him”. His pal Robert Mueller suffers from a similar lack of credulity. It is time these two spend a lengthy period of time is very small rooms thinking about their lives.

  5. The top chain of the FBI are so corrupt. The FBI head quraters needs to investagate all of them, and put them away behind bars. They need to clean the house and clear their reputation, are the people of this country will never trust them. It’s sad what’s happening, we the people pay their pay checks and should at all cost have them step down, before the corruption goes any deeper! So many times we sit back and forget that all of them work for ” US” and we should hold them accountable. We are in charge remember that.And Comey is the biggest ” Narcissist” I have ever came across!

  6. I think that COMEY is a MUELLER crony that will testify for the SPECIAL COUNSEL…but make the answers to CONGRESS be the answers to MUELLER or prosecute both COMEY and MUELLER for federal crimes of avoiding testifying to CONGRESS.

  7. These are the apointments 0f THE GREAT Oboma.COMEy and Brennon both communist,one leading the C.I.A.and the other leading theI.R.S.departments.He also appointed these other ungodly hard liner crooks.Holder,Lynch,many others who tried to tare this nation apart. A lot of them are still in these positions,and need to be imprisoned for their ungodly actions.

    • You’re an imbicile of Comey’s caliber. The President doesn’t have the lefts penchant for lying and backwatering. But stupid is as stupid does, and you’re post places you on the stupid side.

    • Stop being a hater and admit Trump won the admiration of the American people. Just look at the college electoral votes. Hillary got decimated and America cheered. I like my tax cut don’t you? I like being safe don’t you? I like saying what’s on my mind and not worry about the pc culture don’t you? I like my children and friends being able to find a good paying job don’t you? I like our veterans being taken care of don’t you? I like my guns don’t you? I like prosperity over poverty don’t you? Now, I’ve listed what I like about what the Trump administration is doing for me, why don’t you list what he’s not doing for you. If you don’t like the government of the United States, you might consider moving to Venezuela.

      • So, RenbNcity, you’re trying to recruit SANE people into you POS libturd circle-jerk? You should actually get AWAY from the mirror, and stop chanting your licky-sucky motto. You can get re-programmed, and stop licking assholes and sucking dick if you really want to. Here’s the key, bitch: HYPNOSIS. Now, drop the candy, and back away from the playground.

        • Robert D. Dungan, Oh no and oops Robert, RebNCity is one of us (conservatives)! His comment was directed at Eric Granberg who is a liberal TROLL jerk and had written a as usual nasty comment about DJT.

    • Eric Granberg, I don’t know your ability to comprehend, but you sure missed to understand what is real and what is fake. So please don’t show your ignorance by responding.

  8. If this investigation had had a crime to investigate at the locale level it would have never been started. You are not suppose to investigate LOOKING for a crime!! I guarantee they would not take their jobs for granted. Comey LEAD the investigation in D.C. and Comey STILL KNOWS NOTHING?? That is just one more reason he NEEDED to loose HIS JOB and change his residents to LEAVENWORTH!!!!

  9. I wish it was more than just grandstanding. I would love to see these certified criminals doing hard time. From this horse’s ass Comey, all the way up to the America hating, communist, bath housing, community agitating, Trojan Horse, Kenyan, Muslim usurper himself. All these dirt bags along with the Clinton Crime cartel should be hanged or be breaking big rocks into little ones for the rest of their miserable lives.

  10. Go Get’em Gowdy! Trey Gowdys way with words and setting people up to box them in is incredible. He an honest and fair man. Once someone cross that line to deceive or is corrupt, he goes after them. James Comey must have done a lot of back biting, lying, cheating, and pay offs for Gowdy to go against him. In July of last year Comey told everyone some of the illegal and treasonous thing Hillary Clinton has done but, was not going to prosecute her, everyone was angry. Trey came to Comey’s defense. For him to be so angry at Comey, he knows something about what Comey is trying to cover up. And Gowdy is pissed. So, Trey, you keep doing what your doing.

  11. At least two members of the Obama administration should be in prison, if not at least 5 for their lies and illegal, unconstitutional attacks on American citizens. Start with Comey and Hillary Clinton. Hillary for her use of unencrypted circuits to transmit classified information and Comey for protecting h use of them with the DUMBEST statement I have ever heard in my life. She didn’t do it intentionally. Doesn’t make a damn bit of difference if it was intentional or not, it was a violation and of her obligation and oath to protect the constition of the United States and to safeguard classified infomration/documents.

  12. Someone should give Comey a dose of truth serum and he will sing like a bird. He is a filthy criminal. Treat him like Manafort is being treated he thinks he is so damn smart.

  13. As I mentioned earlier, Comey has a way of running around for any televised interview in an attempt to gain the public support. He would shout aloud for everyone to hear him out. This guy is … evil. He knows that he abused the FBI authority repeatedly. He had his group scheming a plan to entrap Trump. He claimed to be politically neutral but he is NOT. The FBI is supposed to be abided by the Constitution but it didn’t.

    Comey is dirty. Very dirty. He must be prosecuted and sent to prison.

    The FBI agency need to remove the rogue agents.

    • Man From Grey, Comey’s arrogance and air of superiority screams, how dare you question my authority! I am above the law and I should not be forced to endure being questioned by anyone and to show my contempt I will not cooperate!

      Comey is corrupt and he spread corruption through the FBI, including Andy McCabe, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Bruce Orr & wife. It is scary to think about other agents, not in leadership, whose names have not surfaced.
      We should never forget he best friends with Mueller. Jim Comey is a dangerous liability to America.

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