Trey Gowdy got in front of the camera and crushed the Democrats with this response

Democrats are in the process of losing their minds.

Republicans on the intelligence committee voted to release a memo that blows open the FBI’s anti-Trump conspiracy.

They enlisted their allies in the media to carry their water, but Trey Gowdy shut them down in one amazing interview.

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News to counter Adam Schiff – the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee – for trying to cover up the horrible truth about the mushrooming scandal.

The Daily Caller reports:

“My Democrat colleagues didn’t want us to find the information,” Gowdy said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.” “They did everything they could to keep us from finding this information.”

Gowdy specifically chastised Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for trying to go to court to cover up links between the infamous dossier and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

“Going to court to help Fusion GPS so we can’t find out that they paid for the dossier and that they were working for the DNC. That’s a pretty big step to go to court to try to keep the American people from learning something,” Gowdy said. “If it were up to Adam Schiff, you wouldn’t know about Hillary Clinton’s email, you wouldn’t know about the server. You wouldn’t know who paid for the dossier.”

Gowdy said partisanship has become more important than the truth in Washington and believes the political bickering is the reason for Congress’ low approval ratings.

“My old job, it was pursuit of the truth. This job is about winning. I think that’s what frustrates people and that’s how you get a 7% public approval rating,” Gowdy said. “I trust people to make up their own mind and draw fair conclusions, but politics has denigrated to the point that it’s about winning and it’s about embarrassing the other side and again, that’s how you get 7% public approval rating.”

The memo threatens to blow the lid off the greatest abuse of power Obama ever carried out.

Some members of Congress have labeled it a scandal worse than Watergate.

So it’s not surprising Democrats like Adam Schiff are fighting to sweep it under the rug.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.