Trey Gowdy unearthed secret documents that Eric Holder tried to bury

Eric Holder got the news he was dreading.

Trey Gowdy finally got his hands on secret documents Obama’s Attorney General hoped would never see the light of day.

And they could finally reveal the truth about one of the worst scandals of the Obama administration.

Barack Obama recently made news when he claimed his administration was scandal free.

Critics quickly pointed out the Fast and Furious scandal from early in Obama’s first term.

The administration ran guns to Mexican drug cartels so the viscous killers and dope dealers could create chaos that they could later exploit to rationalize new gun control.

Disaster stuck when two border patrol agents were killed with weapons from this debacle.

When Congressional Republicans investigated the matter, former Attorney General Eric Holder stonewalled them.

He expended so much energy concealing the truth that he was eventually cited for contempt of Congress.

But now House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy has finally won a victory.

The Department of Justice has turned over the long-ago requested documents.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The Justice Department announced Wednesday it would hand over documents related to the Obama-era Fast and Furious gun scandal to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. ..

…The Department of Justice under my watch is committed to transparency and the rule of law,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in Wednesday a statement accompanying the announcement. “This settlement agreement is an important step to make sure that the public finally receives all the facts related to Operation Fast and Furious.”

Amanda Gonzalez, Gowdy’s communications director, told The Daily Caller the Oversight Committee “seeks all relevant facts so we can learn from the mistakes made by the Justice Department.”
“We have a responsibility to uncover why they worked so hard to hide this information from the Committee, the family of Brian Terry, and the American people,” she added.”

Republicans had deemed these documents “critical” to the investigation and now there is a strong possibility that Congress will finally get to the bottom of this Obama administration disaster.

This dangerous program put 2,000 firearms in the hands of some of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world.

And the American people deserve a full accounting of the savagery that the rampage of death and destruction the Obama administration unleashed.


  1. Obozo the EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN had a scandalous Admin. He had one Scandal after another. If his people were not violating laws and the CONSTITUTION he was. Hitlery was the worst offender which is why Obozo wanted her to replace him. Joe was a perv but not bad enough for replacing Obozo. Hitlery was and is a criminal and like Obozo thinks the law and Constitution do not apply to her.

  2. OBUMMER AND OLDER are GUILTY OF MURDER AND TREASON and should be EXECUTED like we used to do to TREASONIST TRAITORS. EXECUTE them in PUBLIC for the whole world to see that AMERICA, “WE THE PEOPLE” want traitors EXEUTED….

  3. Barry Sotero and Eric Holder should be incarcerated at GITMO for the crimes they have perpetrated and the malicious agenda to insult, embarrass and undermine this Republic, the USA is seeking the facts and the citizens want representation and justice for this Fast & Furious scheme that backfired on these to clever crooks…..The scam was supposed to involve many retail gun dealers from the US and make it look as if it were they who sold guns to the cartels but the guns went astray, a BP gent was killed by one of the weapons and 300 Mx. Citizens lost their lives to the US armed cartels…Sotro and Holder immediately swept the records, the names and the records under the rug and refused to let any of this see the light of day…The RINO/Lib crime Contingent was in for the duration, they did little of nothing for good reason, they too were indirectly responsible….The family of the deceased BP agent has never received a apology from anyone in thar illegal administration run by Barry Sotero the Fraud in the WH…..Both Sotero and Holder should be serving their days in GITMO for smuggling and subversion….MAGA is a goal….America for Americans is a fact….

  4. Not only Holder, but also the other such as Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice and their associates (DOJ, FBI, and CIA)

  5. This dose no good unless someone is held accountable. Other wise all it proves that Holder and Obama are corrupt and what were told about “Fast and Furious was right.

  6. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons.
    In 2004, Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.
    FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”.

  7. FBI has had its ups and downs, certainly, but usually it found those low times due to some mishap or bad policy decisions based on matters of process by its upper management. But despite some of the worst 1970s conspiracy theories, rarely has the FBI been considered a bald-faced political actor until Director James Comey tarnished the shield by becoming a member of the Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. The FBI is no longer a legitimate or competent law enforcement agency. The FBI has become nothing more than a bunch of goons for the DNC and the Democrat Party. The FBI should now be considered a domestic corrupt terrorist organization. Due to the FBI’s corruption and political affiliation with the Democrat Party, they should no longer have jurisdiction over a single American citizen. Comey is now guilty of treason by default and association. He has violated his sworn oath and must be removed. “Yes – Hillary Clinton is guilty but we will not recommend prosecution” – he declared to the congressional inquiry with a straight face. In other words, and for all practical purposes our FBI has become the American KGB.

  8. I would like to know why we keep hearing from sites like this things are discovered regarding lies and cover ups and Russian collusion by democrats (corruption)and nothing ever gets done. Or maybe it is just me expecting these things are not supposed to be going on in government in a Constitutional Republic where central government is restricted and the power is supposed to belong to the people and not the central government.

  9. That Rat Holder should be charged with Illegal Gun Running and many counts of 2nd Degree Murder or at least Manslaughter…!!!! Never was Attorney General as he was appointed by a Complete Fraud Marxist Muslim Gay president…!!! With a Man (Michael)for a First Lady….

  10. It was Sarcasm. what Butchy was writing as if it was Ohomo was trying to blame someone else by deflecting

  11. Good work on the part of Dept. of Justice! Holder was hardly a supporter of law & order, corruption was rife between him and Obama. There had to be a covert payoff to the Mexican drug cartels and it was more than 2000 new U.S. weapons. A.G. Holder figured in it, being Obama’s “go to man” and handled the difficult cover-up of secretly transported weapons into Mexico. Why the payoff to cartels needs to be uncovered, because that could reveal Obama’s and Holder’s parts in supplying military-type weapons to the drug smugglers.

  12. “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a CROOK”. Harry S. Truman
    “Politicians & diapers need to be changed often and for the same reason” Author unknown.
    Corruption in several FED/GOV Agencies have reach such a high level they cannot be fixed. i.e., IRS, BLM, EPA, VA to list but a few.
    Defunding, short term limits & drug testing is a good start.

  13. Remember they just found evidence that Zero let Hezbolah run drugs from Mexico into the US, took the proceeds and laundered the money thru a used car dealership in SA.

  14. You know perhaps that is what is going to happen. First he will not run again so that would not leave an open spot in the Senate and then Sessions will quit and Pres. Trump will nominate Trey for the position. Could be a possibility to consider.

  15. He cannot do anything the DOJ is the one with the authority to place the findings with a grand jury. Only during this new administration was this possible and he hasn’t gotten all the documents yet so when he does, we have a new world now and maybe finally justice will prevail.

  16. I have always wondered the same. I don’t see how anyone could ever support the Democrat platform unless that is if you were or want to be a communist.

  17. Are you some kind of nut???? I don’t mean a peanut…… Stupid is as stupid does you are by far the stupidities!!!!! Give it a rest go take a damn nap!!!!

  18. Does any one have a rope? These 2 BLACK SOB’s need to be EXECUTED for TREASON against the AMERICAN PEOPLE…

  19. It appears that the Trump administration is taking steps to “Drain the swamp!” But that will take years and a Republican congress.

  20. I’ll tell you why the media is as guilty as the rest they hide the truth from the people. They don’t know any about anything because the media is as crooked as they are.

  21. Are you one of the dumb or dumber????? They have found nothing after a year and almost a half of investigating him. They have wasted millions of tax payer money for nothing. because collusion isn’t a crime. Obama’s whole tribe is guilty of all kinds of illegal things. Do think for one second that Obama isn’t at the head of it all. I wouldn’t even put It past the whole group for being guilty of murder.

  22. I’m really not hold’n my breath waiting for the ‘justice’ that should come from this info release. As a private citizen Holder is up for grabs for the crimes he committed on behalf of the Magic Negro, but it won’t happen. Just like nothing has happened to Hillary or Bill, or Beverly Jarrett or any of the leaks of classified info or the criminally incompetent from the VA, IRS, FDA, CIA, FBI or any of the rest of the alphabet soup of criminals that have quietly slunk away from DC to their cushy new jobs as lobbyists after they left office.

  23. I “second” that, Joe! These are the thoughts and questions I have been pondering for months! Justice needs to win for a change!

  24. Why does it take so long to investigate and jail a bunch of crooked SOBs! If this was any one else they would have been in prison or shot a long time ago. These POS deserve everything coming to them!

  25. Everyone here is of the same mind: Death or prison for the traitors, but nothing is ever done, and crime marches on. If anyone was ever prosecuted for a crime in America, the Earth would stop spinning. As long as no-one has the dingers to charge anyone , it will always continue.

  26. I have always wondered – what kind of a**hole egomaniac writes not just one(bad enough) but two autobiographies before anyone ever even heard of him? Luckily he did though – a lot of what he wrote in them books has come back to bite him on the ass. Cost him his license to practice law. If I was President Trump I would order all of those sealed records opened as a matter of national security.

  27. If Holder is charged for a official Criminal Act, He could not run for Dog Catcher, the Same For, Clinton’s, Biden, Kaine,

  28. Well, it shouldn’t be too long now before this black bastard & the HalfBreed bees shootin’ some hoops with “Their People” in leavenworth, Kansas….

  29. Bath House Barry HusseinOHOMO, aka, The Brown Clown, was in this up to his pencil neck. He, Holder, Lynch, and the Clintons are as crooked as a dogs hind leg. They sold the USA down the river for their own immediate gratification….. $.

  30. Another Democrat with some docs in their socks has most probably switched the original, with one that makes a Republican look guilty. I would ask why anyone would think Obama’s justice department would not have deleted any incriminating evidence years ago just like Hillary did with her e-mails.


  32. The Obama administration was full of scandals. They just got pushed under the rug by the media and mostly forgotten. But the two that are still remembered are Benghazi and Fast & Furious. Holder should have been arrested over that one long ago.

  33. If “they” don’t do prison time with all this “evidence”, strip the pensions that the taxpayers are paying them. I’d rather see them in jail, but when was the last time you ever saw anyone in the top government positions put in jail for their crimes? Never! I’d be OK with them having to actually live by the same rules they bestow on us.

  34. Eric Holder and Barrack Obama BOTH need to be held accountable for this corruption! Why was this information hidden from the American citizens!? Why is it ok for these corrupt individuals to be walking around with no consequences!? Enough of this lawlessness! Drag them both into court and PROSECUTE THEM!! We have had enough of these scandals from the Obama scandal ridden administration!!!!

  35. We need a good long length of rope to show the world how to deal with this level of corruption. The democrat party is dirtier than a septic tank out behind a gay communities party house where they molest children on a regular basis.

  36. Eric Holder the racist, deserves nothing less than a 25 year jail term with no parole…He and Barry Sotero are responsible for many deaths and Fast and Furious is just one of many disgraceful incidents…….murder is not a crime to be forgiven…….

  37. Obama and holder are still very EVIL people, and they both need to be prosecuted. Obama and Hillary sold the guns to the terrorists that killed the Americans in Benghazi. The guy’s name who delivered the gun to UAE was mark Turi, and the reason they went there first was that the guns would be harder to trace by doing that.

  38. This is one of the worst crimes perpetrated on the American people by Obama’s administration and there were many.

  39. They buy into it because they are low information liberals and they’re being manipulated and brainwashed by the MSM which is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the DNC. They don’t want to handle the truth and the facts.

  40. So another time O may as well have pulled the trigger on Americans. He and Hillary sold guns to the terrorists in Benghazi too. The man’s name that delivered them was Mark Turi, and I have said all along that the 2 of them may as well have pulled the trigger on the 4 Americans there. EVIL people.

  41. How can so many Americans support the Liberal Democrats as crooked as they have proved to be. Hillary Clinton lied, extorted money using her position as secretary of state to enrich the Clinton Foundation by 100’s of millions of dollars. She gave the Russians control of 20% of America’s uranium. Loretta Lynch, Obama’s AG, suppressed information on Hillary’s 33,000 missing emails, etc, etc, etc…

  42. Nope, M1903A3s. That way you have one person with a blank and all will think that they were the one who killed them. All would feel recoil and as they aren’t semi autos, they would not have an op rod that did not operate as a tattletale.

  43. The sailor has received a full pardon from President Trump. Now it is time to lock up the real criminals, the 0bama administration.

  44. My question, IS HOW MUCH INFORMATION will be REDACTED out so noone will ever be able to read the entire truth???

  45. Why should we tax payers continue to to pay to keep these TRAITORS alive, they should be EXECUTED FOR TREASON.

  46. You have to remember that the DOJ was under the complete control of Obama, Holder and others. Hopefully, the AG’s office will pick up the ball and run with it to get convictions for all that are involved.

  47. They would have been in GITMO only IF the DOJ wasn’t under complete control of Obama, Holder and Soros! Now that the documents have surfaced, I hope that there is enough to convict Holder, Obama and Soros for gun-smuggling into Mexico, which made them complicit in the many homicides of civilians in Mexico!

  48. Trey Gowdy would be great as attorney general. Two birds with one stone: get rid of useless and gutless Sessions and take on remarkable Trey Gowdy, and then he would be in a position to exercise his authority and accomplish what needs to be done.

  49. Trey Gowdy got his hands on secret documents that Eric Holder tried to bury


  50. Nothing will ever happen to those that are involved in these cover ups. Clinton et all will never be prosecuted for their envolvement.

  51. Could be that Trey is as frustrated as the rest of America is! The Demoncraps of Obama have committed a huge number of illegal acts against the people of the United States BY DESIGN for their perverted ideology of gun control with the New World Order as their GOAL! Since the DEMS control so much of our totally corrupted Congress, they can stonewall everything that might incriminate the REAL Criminals of Obama and his entire corrupt administration, many of whom still remain in their positions today as they have not allowed the President’s nominees for so many positions that are still open that MIGHT bring these CRIMINALS to justice! Our capital is such a swamp I am not certain it will be totally drained for a long time! Meanwhile, the swampers try to ride roughshod over our entire corrupted DOJ and FBI and CIA and NSA and IRS!

  52. Trey Gowdy seems to find a lot of incriminating information and has done his share of accusing – YET I see nothing done about it. No arrests, no trial, nothing. What gives??? If there is evidence – SO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, just don’t sit on it. Typical government – nothing done. There are several criminal arrests that should have been done by now with Obama, Hillary, Holder and many, many more on the Obama/Clinton team. Yet I see nothing happening. I guess Democrats are above the law, not as we regular people are having to obey the law.

  53. I sincerely hope that Mr. Gowdy changes his mind and remains in government. We as a country need him.

  54. The treasonous Fraud Barry Sotero and his thugs my come to light with all the evidence to back their incarceration…Holder among the worst, his and Barry’s plan to subvert the US Constitution by undermining the 2nd amend by malicious intent and smuggling arms into Mx by trying to claim the arms came from legal gun dealers in the US…It failed in a disastrous way resulting in many mexican citzens dying and a American BP Brian Terry’s death…This Fake admin did nt have the decency or the balls to apologize to the Terry Family because it was a admission to their own guilt…..I am glad to see this scheme come back in the open, it deserves resolving and those guilty of the murders deserve just punishment under the rule of law…..MAGA……America for Americans………….

  55. I hate to say it, but, it’s time for that special council… there are a myriad of crimes that need investigating NOW

  56. Was this act of gun running performed with the Mexican government’s approval or with disrespect to a sovereign government?

  57. I guess again I was right, when I said he was running guns, and this is why Benghazi happened because they found the real truth and Osama and Holder had to shut them up for good.

  58. FINALLY the piranha will be exposed for his corruption!! I hope he goes to prison for the rest of his life!! One more down, plenty to go.

  59. Absolutely Paul, & ‘then’ she died. & ‘then’ that prik went to Hawaii for her funeral. Talk about GAUL. 0u. & ‘they’ WALK AMONG US __

  60. A True ‘FRAUD’. >BS(barry soto)
    >E’thing IS All Recorded. Never going to see it.
    Would be like a Sandy Berger.

  61. Those lowlife scumbags Obama and Holder should be tossed in jail immediately and the key thrown away so they can’t escape for the rest of their lives.

  62. No Prison…!!! High Treason A Brick Wall a Cigarette and a Squad of Six Volunteers with M1A’s……!!!!!!

  63. The Last Democrat was John Fitzgerald Kennedy..!! The Bilderberg Group CIA & Secret Service Took him Out…!!! FBI had to know who was responsible…!!

  64. 0NE ISSUE at a Time. Cut AG Sessions some ‘slack’.
    &&& AGAIN, NEEDS Plenty ‘Back-up’.
    0nly 24 hrs per day where i live.

  65. Gary,re “America still knows very little about “Barry”
    Please – M0ST of the ‘TRUTH IS’ 0UT !__ & Have ALREADY
    Answered Your questions!!!

  66. post altered: I SAID: > Time for >Prosecution< IN High 0rder. A
    Can D0. (some other words deleted, but i'll let it go. The 'Gist' is there.
    Thank you RR – v good at deleting certain words. you, RR – remain as
    "un perro"__

  67. Personally speaking, ‘transparent facts ‘to public’ re “Fast & Furious” = Already Transparent!some Yrs Ago.
    > N0W IS the TIME for >Prosecution So, Mr.Gowdy, Your Meeting w/AG Sessions IS in Due 0rder Immediately. &&& Former AG Lynch >perhaps Not Involved ‘then’?, But
    CERTAINLY CARRIES BAGGAGE N0W. Another ‘side’ 0n your Plate.

  68. The whole end result from the gun running was that Americans wouldn’t have any guns, but all the Mexican drug cartels would, so it would have been an international war between Mexico and the USA, with the USA losing, like what Hitler did in Germany…… But fortunately it got foiled…. but who’s to say that any other Liberal minority who gets elected or illegally elected to be the president one day, won’t do it again but will cover all their bases this time, maybe even use the idiot in NK too, to get rid of the USA as we know it… I would NEVER want another Liberal, Progressive president ever again in America…. Hopefully it won’t happen until after the good people are all passed away and we won’t have to worry about it….. So this whole scandal rocked Obozo NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED AND PRISON, ACTUALLY DEATH PENALTY so nothing will ever happen again like it almost did with the fast and furious and Benghazi, and all the other MANY scandals Obozo had and Clinton before that started it all….

  69. Good read. Unless crimes are severely punished there is little to make the crimes subside.

  70. America still knows very little about “Barry” , a good test of His D.N.A. is in order. Who really is His father? Are the Children His? Who is Michelle/Mike? Where does His alliance lie?

  71. This is true;but, the swamp in government needs to be drained to insure that They will not “get off” on some sort of technicality.

  72. Before turning this over to Jeff sessions He should be vetted to insure He is not being “blackmailed”.

  73. What! No “House Arrest”? No chauffeurs to drive them everywhere?
    This is a “Military” matter! They should go to the “Grey Bar Hotel”, and be guarded by Marines. Do what they are told immediately, or get a nightstick over their head. Bread and water until they learn to “Jump when talked to”. Just like any other prisoner.
    In Navy boot camp Marines marched prisoners to the mess hall for meals. We recruits got to see “Up front and personal” just what happens when you Fup Duck! Great lesson in what “Not to do”!
    Hillary my first pick for the “Grey Bar Hotel”!

  74. I politely disagree, this is treason and they must face a firing squad. Otherwise we know what happens. First POTUS with a “D” by his name will “PARDON” them!
    Since Dems, Unions, and liberals are all “Owned” by Mr. George Soros, who as a Jew helped Hitler haul Jews to the death camps, this is “TREASON”. You can turn it over to us “Veterans”, we have the courage and “Guts” to do the job. Even if we hate to.

  75. I see we had a rocket scientist figure out they should give weapons to criminals and criminals to hide the facts from the Americans !!!!

  76. Barack Obama and his administration were the most deceitful,lawless and corrupt in American history and should be thoroughly investigated, tried and jailed for the graft and corruption. Never forget the Obama pledged that he was going to “fundamentally change America” and he attempted to do that by any means necessary. He managed to politicize and weaponize the NSA, DNI, CIA, FBI, DOJ, two US AG’s, the IRS, EPA, NLRB and others by appointing corruption surrogates in opposing his political opponents and fulfill his agenda. The whole group should be thrown in prison.

  77. Obviously not all democrats think the way these pieces of CRAP think but I think all of these lowlifes should be rounded up and interrogated the old fashion way and they would spill the beans on all the scandals and lies they have put on the American public. LOCK THEM UP and not in a hotel ca but real prison where the other prisoners could get at them, I bet they would have diarrhea of the mouth then.

  78. Remembered that piece of crap Obama re. OBL of his preaching no scandals during his Admin. his whole Admin was a total scandal. Corruption what more of a scandal can it get.

  79. Unfortunately we keep saying it and they just aren’t listening! But if we are saying, don’t forget Lynch, Rice, Huma Abedine, and the Podesta brothers. And while we are at it, why should Kaine get off just because he is a complete idiot and no one would trust him with anything important?

  80. How many times do I need to say that Holder, comey ,obama , clinton, Mueller, need prison time all criminals

  81. I have often wondered about this, too. I am 100% sure I heard a radio interview (I believe it was from Minnesota) that had his Kenyan grandmother say the same thing. She WAS quickly ‘whisked’ out of this country ( I think she was here for his inauguration), and as mentioned, died not too long after that. I also believe Kenya has a home that it purports is Barack Obama’s birthplace. But, this is pretty much all memory on my part, and I have NOT “googled” it.

  82. I dunno, Mikey. Jeffy is comin’ down pretty hard on Suckuary CA. Could be the start of real ‘Bama grit that we’ve all been waiting for.

  83. Obama was…IS…nothing but an arrogant f*ck…Holder and everybody else, too. There WILL be payback. KARMA!

  84. Let me get this straight…

    All reasons take a back seat to the prior OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that used direct orders from a sitting president (OBAMA) to the ATTORNEY GENERAL giving orders to a FBI DIRECTOR to affect an investigation into a candidate for PRESIDENT by not allowng a full, direct, and non-political investigation into actual CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. That is the problem…when politics is used in a NATIONAL FEDERAL ELECTION FOR PRESIDENT SO ONE CANDIDATE IS TREATED MORE UNFAIRLY THAN ANOTHER. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, MAINSTREAM MEDIA, AND THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA…UNDER BARACK OBAMA…INTERFERED TO TRY AND CREATE A RIGGED ELECTION.


  85. I’m sure this document has already been edited since it’s been sooo long in hiding. Why all of a sudden they are releasing this document!!! Do you really think anyone is going to get the real jist of what was once in this document??? I don’t think so!!!

  86. Not one word in this article about indicting Holder and Obama. If anything deserves a Grand Jury it’s this law breaking and murderous plot by two of the worst politicians in the history of our nation.

  87. Biggest Scandal??? what about Creating the Arab Spring Benghazi Weapons running to qatar & Turkey forwarded to Al Qaeda in Syria who changed their name to ISIS when received prompting obama to declare them defeated and pull our Troops out of Iraq laying down the Welcome Mat for isis $250 Billion to Iran? 1.5 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Morsi, Deposing Gaddafi Antonin Scalia Joan Rivers Seth Rich I’ve run out time Dr Appointment you can fill in the other 26 Pages…!!!

  88. Obama’s grandmother told the whole world on national tv that her grandson Hussein was born in Kenya that makes him a fraud. I watched that interview, it was pulled immediately. She died soon after, I guess that’s one way to shut up a loved one.

  89. Damn right Mike!
    I’ve stated this many times w/in this forum albeit different discussions!
    Right on, Right on my man!!!

  90. Trey Gowdy got his hands on secret documents that Eric Holder tried to bury


  91. Barry whoever the hell he really is claimed his administration was scandal free – he also claimed when campaigning that his would be the most “transparent” administration ever. I guess that’s why he was so desperate to make sure all of his personal records and his administrations records were sealed.

    Barack Obama: “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

    It does not matter what his birth certificate says or how many can be produced – When his other moved them to Indonesia and became an Indonesian citizen – her minor dependent children – by default – also became legal Indonesian citizens. When Barry was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro – he became LEGALLY – in the eyes of the world Barack Soetoro and again an Indonesian citizen. Can or has anyone ever produced any legal evidence of that having ever been changed again? I doubt it’s in the records he had sealed.

  92. Eric Holder was named as a presidential potential for 2020. Please retract this notion.

    Holder is not a good man. He is known for not being a great advocate for the US law enforcement. He and Obama caused the tragic execution- style murders of two NYPD police officers. Also there were other dead officers too. Sadly, they remained silent with the on-going protests that created violent opportunities for radical leftist mobs.

    Should the evidence found that Holder broke several federal laws, he can fade away from the national spotlight.

  93. Who’s Atty General now?
    Oh, right, Loretta Sessions.
    Ain’t nuthin gonna happen to obama, Holder, illiar, or any member of the obama Clinton cabal. Nuthin. Loretta Sessions is a coward.

  94. These f’n LIARS and CROOKS Barack HusseinOHOMO and Eric Holdup should be fully investigated and prosecuted for their numerous crimes. These Anti Americans should pay for their crimes with prison time.

  95. Anyone connected to “Fast & Furious” gum running should be criminally charged. Obama and Holder intentionally gave the drug cartels semiauto, full auto and sniper rifles to them to cause chaotic disaster to then run gun control legislation. They tried to blame legal dealers in the US for selling to foreign criminals.
    This also helped the Mexican cartels to run more drugs into the US. That is how Obama funded many of his projects since illicit drug trade is 1/6 of the US economy.

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