Trey Gowdy had one comeback that just put Dr. Fauci in his place

Many Americans are tired of Dr. Fauci’s constantly shifting pronouncements about the coronavirus and ending the lockdowns.

On Fox News, Trey Gowdy had the perfect response.

And Trey Gowdy had one comeback that just put Dr. Fauci in his place.

Appearing on Fox News Special Report, host Brett Baier asked Gowdy to respond to a clip of Dr. Fauci defending the CDC’s absurd guidelines about children needing to wear masks outside at summer camps when they play sports like soccer.

Gowdy ripped these guidelines and noted that the biggest loser in this entire ordeal was science because many Americans came to realize these guidelines from the CDC and other public health officials were politically motivated.

“I think when all is said and done, one of the greatest casualties of this pandemic will be science. We used to view it as reliable, and now it’s just another political tool. What other explanation exists for saying you can dance on this side of the street if you live in Virginia or Maryland, but if you live in the district you can’t dance, mask versus not mask, in school learning versus virtual learning. Science is the casualty. It is no longer something we can all rely on. It has become just another political tool. That will be one of the great casualties of this pandemic,” Gowdy stated.

One of the worst examples of the CDC bending to politics was when the agency allowed the teachers union to help write the guidelines for schools, which ended up being overly strict and helped the teachers union keep their members at home and schools closed.

Public health officials – led by Dr. Fauci – have completely discredited themselves during this pandemic.

They have been caught in a multitude of lies and illogical statements that lead many Americans to believe the restrictions and guidelines have no real scientific basis to them, and really just based on either a political agenda or a pop psychology experiment to trick Americans into doing what the health bureaucrats say.

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