Trey Gowdy hammered Joe Biden about the one thing he ignored about Afghanistan

Joe Biden wants Americans to forget about his disaster in Afghanistan.

But as the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches that task is becoming impossible.

And Trey Gowdy hammered Joe Biden about the one thing he ignored about Afghanistan.

Former Congressman Gowdy interviewed former New Jersey Governor and 9/11 Commission co-chair Tom Kean.

Gowdy asked Kean about the lessons learned from the 9/11 terror attacks and America’s response.

Kean responded that Americans needed to remember that the United States went to Afghanistan to go after Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden after the Taliban refused to give up bin Laden.

“We need to remember at the moment why we went into Afghanistan to begin with. Because that’s where the terror came from, that’s where bin Laden trained the fighters, that’s where all the planning originated, and that’s where the attack came from. We were in Afghanistan because we asked the Taliban to give up Bin Laden and stop supporting him. They said no,” Kean stated.

Kean added that the worry is that Afghanistan will once again turn into a breeding ground for terrorists.

“Now we got to look at Afghanistan. Is that again going to be a breeding ground for terrorists? Because if it becomes a breeding ground for terrorists again, if Al-Qaeda or ISIS or any of those planning attacks against the homeland again, we’re going to have to send troops back in. There’s no question about it,” Kean added.

Critics contend that Joe Biden’s withdrawal was so haphazard and poorly planned that it will actually reignite the war in Afghanistan since Biden junked Donald Trump’s peace deal and withdrawal plans.

Polls show Americans want the war in Afghanistan over.

But they were not happy with Biden abandoning Americans and allowing ISIS terrorists to kill 13 American troops.

And Americans are worried that Joe Biden made such a hash out of the withdrawal that American troops are going to end up back in Afghanistan.

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