Trey Gowdy hit Democrats with some bad news that just ruined their day

Democrats are basking in the thought that Joe Biden stopped Bernie Sanders’ momentum and vaulted to the position of frontrunner for the nomination.

But many Democrats are overlooking one key fact.

And that became abundantly clear when Trey Gowdy hit Democrats with some bad news that just ruined their day.

Joe Biden’s win in South Carolina stopped the Bernie Sanders runaway train.

72-hours later the Democrat Party establishment coalesced around Biden’s campaign and boosted him to Super Tuesday rout that placed Biden on track to be the Democrat Party nominee.

But deep down Democrats know their plan is flawed.

And in an appearance on Fox News after the South Carolina primary, Trey Gowdy pointed out that while Biden won, no one on the Left was particularly excited about voting for him.

“Among my Democrat friends, I don’t sense a lot of passion about Biden. It was an obligation. It was like watching all the people open Christmas gifts. You got to do it,” Gowdy explained. “He had to win . . . I mean, you and I watch sports. It’s a game that you’re expected to win and you had to win.”

Elections in America are contests of base mobilization.

The candidate with the largest and most committed crowd of supporters wins the election.

When Donald Trump holds a rally tens of thousands of supporters will show up with many camping out overnight to make sure they get the best seats.

By contrast, Biden rallies are sparsely attended as attendees have no great love for Biden, but their support is purely transactional as they think Biden stands the best chance to defeat Donald Trump.

Both Republicans and Democrats repeatedly try nominating “electable” establishment candidates.

John Kerry and Mitt Romney earned the nod to take on sitting Presidents their supporters thought were beatable only to see the incumbent win re-election on the strength of a fired-up base turning out in overwhelming numbers on Election Day.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. If Biden should win, and he chooses an obama-ite for a VP, he will die shortly after taking office. Guess who will be running the presidency then– right Obama, the worst president ever!!

  2. Mr. Roberts and others…..please be advised that the U.S. presidential election is, and has always been, a state-by-state process. We should all be happy for the electoral system.

  3. James Roberts, It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

  4. Biden will want to take Trump out back! Ha ha he ho ho ho . He thinks he still can intimate people , some little old lady will clobber him ! He’s a mental case is Clinton his Vice President , he will back out and leave it to her. Ooo hell no ! Maybe James was right about that.

  5. President Trump’s instructions to department heads to reduce size and establish a database of confirmed US citizens and legal residents from federal and state records serves to stymie voter fraud. Since the resistance to the citizenship question on the census, president Trump went to plan B, of course the MSM does not publish that. Think of the benefits derived from an undated and accurate record of citizens, legal residents, and illegal trespassers. It cannot be stopped since it is for National Security purposes, the presidents number one obligation of office. Thank you president Trump. Election 2020 should be secure and accurate. KAG 2020




  7. As a registered Democrat I am completely in support of President Trump. The Democrats are scary and I won’t vote for any of them.

  8. Do you think Hillary will make it if she is indicted? Tom Fitton has a FOIA suit to get her deposition under oath.

  9. The impeachment of Trump was denied by the corrupt Republican Senators that disavowed their oath and refused to hear or read the evidence that proved Trump’s guilt beyond any doubt whatsoever that he was guilty!!!

  10. The impeachment of Trump was denied by the corrupt Republican Senators that disavowed their oath and refused to hear or read the evidence that proved Trump’s guilt beyond any doubt whatsoever that he was guilty!!!

  11. Where iare all of the illegal voters? The Electoral College? It’s wrong to install a President that got a 3 million less votes!!! That’s what all chatter about illegal voters is about, trying to make Trump the correct winner of the Presidency!!! Cry baby winners all!!! Only way Republicans win is by corruption and cheating??!

  12. julio, no one cares about your sick lies. You are nothing but braindead. You prove it every time you show up here

  13. Democrats have made it clear during this administration that they intend to win by any means necessary. They no longer pretend to play by the rules or even obey the laws, or uphold the constitution. They have tried everything they can to take Trump out of office only to fail. Now they will bring out the only weapon they have left and that’s massive voter fraud. That is the only way they will defeat Trump.

  14. Illegal voting is going to flip Senate & add to House majority even if it does not beat Trump which it may well do. The DNC with Obama’s minions has been filling state positions since Obama’s first term, especially State Attorneys General, the very people charged with prosecuting illegal voters.

  15. Seems Democrats cannot find a candidate not old and senile. It will still be a contested convention. Hillary is not out yet!

  16. Why do people love a narcissistic, sexual predator, that is costing the American taxpayers tens of millions for him to play golf for 96 days a year, all at his resorts and golf courses! Keeping secret the payments to them!!! He’s wanting to become a billionaire at the expense of the American taxpayers!!! All the tax returns of his and family and Trump’s companies, to know just how much of the American taxpayers money is being sent to them!!!

  17. Biteme Biden is a senile old fool who will wilt on the debate stage with Trump. Julio Richard Laredo is a robot site with only one line to spout, so just ignore the fool. Chuck Scbhumer deserves to be arrested and/or impeached for his threats against the Supreme Court. We need to see 67 senators with some balls step up to the plate and vote this skunk out of the U.S. Senate. MAGA KAG

  18. Dear idiot Julio: Looks like your Mom taught you how to copy and paste pretty well. Or were they your liberal fist grade teachers? Congrats on a first grader skill:

    “Be that as it may, but Twumpy through word and deed earned his impeachment. Be that as it may, but Twumpy through word and deed earned his impeachment.”

    Keep posting idiot – you make our day in ways you can’t even imagine.

  19. Biden will ruin his chances of being elected himself, he probably wouldn’t even show up to the right place if he was elected, for the inoguration. He thinks he’s running for senator ???

  20. Sleazy Sleepy Joe Biden would be the empty vessel completely under Demorats control to force their liberal agenda. Just think Beto in charge of Gun confiscation! And 4 more years of Pelosi! NO Way. TRUMP 2020! Turn America RED 2020!

  21. Consider this, Joe Biden is under investigation in Ukraine for crimes against their country. If he is found guilty of a crime and Ukraine askes for his extradition would Trump send him over? If it was reversed would the Democrat do it? Bet your ass. Maybe Trump should make another phone call and suggest they ramp up the investigation. After all, if Biden is a criminal we really wouldn’t want him as president, republicans that is. .

  22. If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck…if you love your country, you can keep your country.

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    and the title is…

    By screenwriter Douglas Paige.
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  23. I still don’t know how with all the dark information floating around about his involvement in Ukraine, his son Hunter’s many peccadilloes, and other unanswered accusations he can so, nonchalantly, run for President of a country like this one.
    I guess, its only in America.

  24. Clinton MAY have gotten more votes than our President BUT what percentage of her votes were legal votes from United States Citizens and what percentage were illegals, multiple votes by the same person, fake ballots, altered ballots, and ballots from deceased persons?

  25. This is B.S. Hilary didn’t have the big mob crowds either and yet somehow managed to get 3,000,000 more popular votes than Trump. It’s a different breed of voter. Not everyone needs to cheer Insults and shout “Lock um up” in a stadium to be engaged or supportive of a candidate. This election for many will be less about voting for Biden or Bernie and more about voting against Trump.

  26. Beto the fake Hispanic will be VP for Joe, he can be totally controlled just like Joe, so he’s perfect choice

  27. Just remember we should be voting for who we want as VP because Biden won’t make it through his term and we will be stuck with whoever he chooses as a running mate. I don’t know about anybody else but the thought of President Hillary turns my stomach.

  28. So the dems will push biden for POTUS ! – A criminal in at least 2 countries and a terrorist supporter ! Good job , profoundly stupid liberals ! ha ha !

  29. Julio change one words in your statement. Take out Trumpy and add Obama! Then your statement will be truth!

  30. Julio should be drafted by retard joe for running mate. Two idiots on the campaign trail would be very interesting

  31. Be that as it may, but Twumpy through word and deed earned his impeachment. Be that as it may, but Twumpy through word and deed earned his impeachment.

  32. The two democrat candidates are so old there’s a pretty good chance neither of them could finish their first term in office. It sucks being a democrat.

  33. Super DudsDay just shows what a pathetic state the democrat party is in. Look at this bunch of losers. Since Bloomberg et al are dropping like flies, the party gets to choose from a tired old communist and an even more tired old liberal (every answer to all our problems lies with the federal government) democrat. Just wait until Trump debates one of these jokes for office. I like the odds of a fish in the barrel. Trump in 2020.

  34. Not only that but Biden will get clobbered on the debate stage. The man doesn’t know where he is or what office he’s campaigning for half the time.
    I don’t see the Bernie bro base coming out to vote for Biden.

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