Trey Gowdy hit Democrats with some bad news that just ruined their day

Democrats are basking in the thought that Joe Biden stopped Bernie Sanders’ momentum and vaulted to the position of frontrunner for the nomination.

But many Democrats are overlooking one key fact.

And that became abundantly clear when Trey Gowdy hit Democrats with some bad news that just ruined their day.

Joe Biden’s win in South Carolina stopped the Bernie Sanders runaway train.

72-hours later the Democrat Party establishment coalesced around Biden’s campaign and boosted him to Super Tuesday rout that placed Biden on track to be the Democrat Party nominee.

But deep down Democrats know their plan is flawed.

And in an appearance on Fox News after the South Carolina primary, Trey Gowdy pointed out that while Biden won, no one on the Left was particularly excited about voting for him.

“Among my Democrat friends, I don’t sense a lot of passion about Biden. It was an obligation. It was like watching all the people open Christmas gifts. You got to do it,” Gowdy explained. “He had to win . . . I mean, you and I watch sports. It’s a game that you’re expected to win and you had to win.”

Elections in America are contests of base mobilization.

The candidate with the largest and most committed crowd of supporters wins the election.

When Donald Trump holds a rally tens of thousands of supporters will show up with many camping out overnight to make sure they get the best seats.

By contrast, Biden rallies are sparsely attended as attendees have no great love for Biden, but their support is purely transactional as they think Biden stands the best chance to defeat Donald Trump.

Both Republicans and Democrats repeatedly try nominating “electable” establishment candidates.

John Kerry and Mitt Romney earned the nod to take on sitting Presidents their supporters thought were beatable only to see the incumbent win re-election on the strength of a fired-up base turning out in overwhelming numbers on Election Day.

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