Trey Gowdy just destroyed a Biden scheme with this epic takedown

Trey Gowdy isn’t one to back down from a fight.

Even though he’s out of office, he’s not pulling any punches.

And Trey Gowdy just destroyed a Biden scheme with this epic takedown.

A major political battle is brewing with the vacancy on the Supreme Court after the retirement of leftist Justice Stephen Breyer.

In an unprecedented act of political pandering, Joe Biden has vowed that the seat will be filled by a black woman.

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy might not be giving Democrats’ nightmares on the House Oversight Committee anymore, but he’s still taking no prisoners against the radical Left.

As a former federal prosecutor, he’s uniquely qualified to weigh in on the Supreme Court vacancy.

On his show on Fox News Channel, Gowdy exposed Biden’s lame identity politics move for the nomination.

“Now Joe Biden has promised to make the next Supreme Court Justice a black female,” Gowdy said. “Americans – including a majority of Democrats – believe Biden should consider all nominees. So why not look for the most qualified candidates, period, Mr. President.”

“There’s a difference between picking someone who is supremely qualified and happens to black, and picking someone because she is black,” Gowdy continued. “All Biden had to do was say he was going to find the most qualified person for the job, period. That list would have undoubtedly included black women, and he could have picked one of those black women. He wanted to make a political point. He wanted to help himself,” Gowdy added.

“Black women do not need to compete merely among themselves for one to prevail,” Gowdy continued, adding that “they can, and should, and do prevail no matter the competition. I’ve seen it countless times.”

“Joe Biden now claims he wants a Court that looks like America, despite the fact that he whiffed when he could have done that in the past. In the process, he has refused to do the one thing that looks the very most like America – picking the most qualified person. I have every confidence that would have been a black woman. I wish you did too, Mr. President,” Gowdy concluded.

Gowdy is correct about the move being a shameless political play.

In Gowdy’s home state of South Carolina, Joe Biden won the crucial Primary on the strength of Democrat Congressman Jim Clyburn’s endorsement.

Clyburn, an influential black South Carolina politician, handed Biden a key victory in the Palmetto State and his strength with black voters ultimately delivered Biden the nomination.

In return, Biden promised a black female Vice President and Supreme Court Justice.

As Gowdy pointed out, a recent poll showed that 76% of Americans, including a majority of Democrats, wanted Biden to consider everyone for the nomination.

But Biden has gotten sucked into the woke world of identity politics.

And with Biden flailing, Gowdy will have plenty of opportunities to drop the hammer on the Left.

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