Trey Gowdy just destroyed this conspiracy theory about Donald Trump

The left continues to cling to the idea Trump – or members of his team – are secret Russian agents who colluded with Moscow to rig the 2016 election.

But is there any evidence to back up this claim?

Trey Gowdy gave a definitive answer to this question.



  1. One thing is for sure and that is this country changed in the Obama time frame. Had such a change occurred 20 years ago, those radicals who are reject everything and recommend nothing would have been dubbed communists. I won’t go that far; but I will call them unamericans. They claim to exercise their constitutional rights. But the truth in reality is that none of them know how to speak the truth. Truth ended among the citizens when Obama started.

  2. Unfortunately, the Democratic left are only interested in their ideologie sp?, not the health of the country.
    I hope arguments like Trey’s will stop some of this nonsense but I think it will keep up, despite the truth.

  3. Why Don’t you people who are tying to discredit President Trump and his cabinet just stop with all this bull$hit? How about putting some of this
    effort into working together and solving the problems that confront this country. Your efforts indicate your lack of concern for we the people, and illustrate just how important your own personal agenda’s are! If you people don’t straighten up and fly right we will certainly vote you out when the
    time comes. Your Choice… Your COUNTRY or your PARTY!!!

  4. This is just further information that we all already know. I’d like to see truth published about the meetings that Obama and his cabinet had regarding the Health bill that passed without review and many other decisions he made during his presidency. Also more education regarding Social Security and the history of how it was hijacked by Democrats and used for other government projects. JUST THE TRUTH is my request.

  5. Unfortunately, the MSM and the Democrats are not going to back off. It isn’t helping any with people like McCain beating his gums about this. The Republicans have a golden opportunity to finally set the country on the path to economic growth, security, and all the other things Obama destroyed in his tenure. It is time for them to come together and support President Trump.

  6. Time for the democrats to acceot the fact they lost the election. It is time for the country to unite and work together to bring this country back to greatness, It is the UNITED STATES we are working for not the democratic party. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. LET’S GET OUR HEDS out of our ASS aND start working for the tax payers who pay your salaries.


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