Trey Gowdy just hit Donald Trump with some really bad news on impeachment

It’s all but certain now that Democrats will impeach Donald Trump in the House of Representatives.

The action now moves to a Senate trial.

And Trey Gowdy just hit Donald Trump with some really bad news on impeachment.

During the fall, Trump’s legal team tried to bring former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy onboard to help defend the President.

Congressional ethics rules prevent Gowdy from doing so until January.

In an interview with Martha MacCallum, the Fox News anchor asked Gowdy if he still intended to join the President’s legal team in January — right in time for the expected Senate trial.

Gowdy said it would be impossible.

Newsmax reports:

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy Monday said it’s too late for him to replace Rudy Giuliani as President Donald Trump’s attorney, particularly when it comes to representing him during impeachment proceedings. 

“I will have needed to start a long time ago,” Gowdy, now a contributor for Fox News, commented to network anchor Martha McCallum. “There are depositions to read and evidence to consider, witnesses to examine.”

He added that Trump’s attorneys, “two really good lawyers” Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow” have not been allowed to participate in the impeachment inquiry proceedings.

“I was an average lawyer, but I did it for a long time, and I need to participate to be able to effectively represent someone,” said Gowdy. “You can’t do it starting on January 1 going into a trial on January 4. You just can’t do it.”

That news will disappoint many Trump supporters.

Impeachment is a political process where public sentiment will determine the outcome.

And in that case, the President could use as many talented advocates as possible.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. This is from Sondland’s ACTUAL testimony:

    Fourth, as I testified previously, Mr. Giuliani’s requests were a quid pro quo for
    arranging a White House visit for President Zelensky. Mr. Giuliani demanded that Ukraine
    make a public statement announcing investigations of the 2016 election/DNC server and
    Burisma. Mr. Giuliani was expressing the desires of the President of the United States, and we
    knew that these investigations were important to the President.

  2. This is from Sondland’s ACTUAL testimony:
    Fourth, as I testified previously, Mr. Giuliani’s requests were a quid pro quo for
    arranging a White House visit for President Zelensky. Mr. Giuliani demanded that Ukraine
    make a public statement announcing investigations of the 2016 election/DNC server and
    Burisma. Mr. Giuliani was expressing the desires of the President of the United States, and we
    knew that these investigations were important to the President.

    How stupid do you think people are, you might as well say that the “Pres” is honorable!

  4. All Trump’s minions are Swamp Creatures! He himself is so disgusting I wouldn’t even shake his hand!

    And assuming you voted for the Reptile-in-Chief, we’re all still waiting for an apology!

  5. Linda, baby, you’re not LISTENING! How did you ever graduate high school? Or did you?
    You just PROVED that you didn’t read the Mueller Report, or watch any testimony….
    How can you vote when you know nothing?

  6. Everybody on this site is always putting women down, like MEN look so lovely! Trump, with the silly-ass wig and orange “tan”. And you make fun of women!

    Anyway, since half of you seem to not have any real sense of what’s happening- YES, Trump will be impeached, for sure, since the house is controlled by the Democrats, who actually read the Mueller Report, and followed the testimony of all the witnesses in the recent investigation, and know DAMN WELL that Trump has been defying the Constitution since he took office, and is completely guilty of caring about nothing but himself, and doing anything he wants without regard to law. BUT, Trump will almost assuredly not be REMOVED, which is a separate thing from IMPEACHMENT, because that happens in the Senate, which is full of Repugs who are a bunch of weaklings blindly following their leader (just like you), and who refuse to actually listen to evidence that disagrees with their mindset.
    I notice, also, that you guys are Big Babies like your leader, and spend most of your time WHINING! Call everybody names, but can’t DEAL with it when you get it back!

  7. You’re so ignorant it’s ridiculous. Sorry but he will luckily be the PIYUS FOR THE NEXT 5 years. I know you have a bad case of sour grapes.. they must taste awful. Well, get used to it for 5MORE YEARS!!! ???????

  8. No we are not dumb morons and I read very well. Since way back, he was going to subpoena this one.. that one.. etc. the list is endless. Enough with the name calling.. you don’t like it? Move on to something else! Trey Gowdy is all talk and no action. I don’t believe he’s a RINO, but I do see he does nothing but talk!

  9. Why is everyone so worried? This will die at the senate doorstep. There’s a higher power watching everything we do. The dems. are evil and everyone knows it. They don’t have a leg to stand on. Yes, they got away with murder in THEIR house; but when they have be in the Senates’ house. They will have to shut up and take what they get. I’m not worried at all.

  10. trump will be wrongfully impeached then N korea will bomb thw usa that is why the scum impeaching him must be jailed for the duration until after the next election and why I will not run because of the swamp in DC.

  11. ‘Congressional Rules were ‘out the window ‘ as soon as Schifty Adam and NastyPedolousy were given the freedom to turn congress into a burlesque show by chimps and the mentally compromised. REPUBLICANS MUST stay in D.C. over the holidays to be sure tht thedemocrat majority does not do what was done to get The Federal Reserve and IRS passed into law with only small minorities present. Christ was born in the spring, Saint Nick comes around with the ‘shrooms for the December 21 solstice, and the 25th of December was a Satanic day observance long ago. STAY IN D.C. and make sure the impeachment trial FAILS.

  12. Ken Thurmer: You obviously did not listen to Sondland’s testimony. He said HE PRESUMED that there was a Quid Pro Quo. He had NO EVIDENCE that President Trump was holding funds unless Ukraine investigated Biden. Trump actually SAID “NO QUID PRO QUO!” Go back and LISTEN to his testimony!

  13. Apparently you only hear what you want to hear. At the end of sandlands testimony he said we assumed that that’s what he wanted assumption is a very bad thing. Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups just like you have just done by repeating lies of the liberal left you are a liberal liar.

  14. julie. It is Now known, Graham w/Mccain re Ukraine biz.
    &&& perhaps WHY Graham sucked up to Pres FOR
    Republican Senate Judiciary Chair appointment.
    YOU connect the ‘Rest of the Dots’.

  15. Investigation finds no evidence of political bias in Russiaprobe
    Dec. 9, 2019
    A watchdog report on the Russia probe finds no evidence of political bias, despite performance failures, according to a summary obtained by The Associated Press. The FBI was justified in opening its investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and did not act with political bias, despite “serious performance failures” up the bureau’s chain of command, the Justice Department’s internal watchdog said. The findings undercut President Donald Trump’s claim that he was the target of a “witch hunt.”

  16. As Q says disinformation is necessary. Patriots put on your Q hats! Think logically. There are many white hats working overtime! Just because they are not in the drivers seat doesn’t mean they are not on the bus.

  17. It’s all an act for the IGNORANCE SHOWS NO BOUNDARIES campaign. Auditioning for a place in the Lobotomy Party for inbred idiots

  18. No problem: They will futz around for two or three months trying to get out of the toilet they have built and Gowdy will be free and ready to go.

  19. Vasu M., you should take a reading comprehension course and also have your hearing checked.
    Or perhaps, you just love to lie!

  20. Surely a few of the Dims have at least one brain cell crashing against the walls of their skulls and they will stop before final impeachment.

  21. It all comes down to lazy ass, dumb cowards, who want to live off freebie’s the hardworking people pay through their taxes. like how many times has your car registration gone up. does anyone do anything about it ???????????? more important, does anyone fight the infiltration of America and there comes a time when it’s too late !!!

  22. Maybe free speech but too bad it’s come to the point where the enemy has more rights ! AND WHO’S TO BLAME??

  23. Gowdy is out as he has not been involved he will not have enough time to go over important material, very unfortunate and is that the real reason as these days whom can we trust anymore and what happens when so called good people do nothing !

  24. Why is The RedMan still allowed to posted nothing but trash comes out of this trolls mouth and nothing to do with the issues.

  25. The only way that Trey Gowdy would not be there is if done before end of year other wise he will be there. As for impeachment there still remains no grounds and will not get passed the Senate even if it does pass the house which is questionable.

  26. This site blocks a lot of comments.!!!!!!!!
    The anti- Trumpers on this site have nowhere else to go
    they are being refused even by their own.
    The impeachment is a total abuse of our government,
    This will cost the democratic party elections, and hopefully
    all of them.

  27. A box of kleenex,they crap in the streets and use their hands after, THEN WASH THEIR FACE and they want us to have a brain ike them !!!!!

  28. >>> ALL EVIDENCE ‘Points’ To An
    ILLEGAL << DOJ Not to be ‘trusted’. CIA/’previous Adminstration
    @ 0bama, Knows/Controls Too Much___
    > President Lawyers ‘weighed down’
    In ‘time frame’ Scramble… Senate as well.
    > Graham NOT ‘helping’. ___
    > AG Barr NEED MAJOR ‘Back’.. From a SomeWhere.
    >IG Horrowitz = Deep State. ‘0’ Appointed___
    /SC ‘somewhat tainted’, – Can ‘pull Thru’ Quagmire___

  29. You can say or think what ever you want but it does not change any facts…yours are woefully incorrectly stated. Congratulations you are a democrat.

  30. Wait a minute. Trey Gowdy has been in on the house investigation as a member of the republican minority representation for the investigation. He knows more than Trump’s two lawyers who were never there. He has an ideal or knowledge of what is in the transcripts and has used them during interrogations. So why can’t he start with what he already knows which includes how the democrats are thinking and what democrats are planning. That’s more than Trump’s lawyers know.


  32. This is a totally bogus impeachment effort but it is the Democrats’ Hail Mary. Pelosi is smart enough to know that there isn’t a Democratic Presidential candidate that can beat Donald Trump. Except for Biden (who is disintegrating daily, seems to be in early dementia, and crooked dealings being noticed AND Obama won’t endorse him), the candidates are all too far liberal to win a general election. Biden can’t make it through the election and the others can’t win. Unless they impeach him, Trump will win. BUT – – the impeachment effort is so bogus, he will not be removed from office by the Senate. And then the Democrats in many areas who dared to support this losing impeachment will lose their elections. And then Trump will win. The Democrats have self destructed.


  34. I always thought that Gowdy was rino sellout he talks big Schiff but don’t back it up just like any of the other sellout rino muts

  35. RedMan is an imposter I think it is really little adam schiffface or peeholelousey or maybe even needle dink nipplehead naddler or is it really ole schmuckie schumer either way it’s a dumb assed dumpacrap go stand in the soup and government hand out line and wait for your daily ration you anus wipe

  36. I don’t know what you heard or read or made up but your statements are blatantly false or your are a bald faced liar. Everything that idiot Sondland stated was presumption on his behalf according to his own statements. You cannot convict anybody of wrongdoing based on someones presumption. The facts are in the good old USA you are innocent until proven guilty not until someone presumes you are guilty.

  37. Bunch of idiots Trump is the best what do you have in your head jello no brain you should buy a truck of Kleenex if the demorats win the impeachment because you going to cry and be miserable

  38. America needs to return to the concept of liberty and justice for all. The blindfolded lady justice idea. Let’s get over two tier justice and guilty until, proven innocent that law professors are now teaching at universities such as Harvard and Stanford and all, public schools.

  39. Morons, all want president Trump removed because they know he is unbeatable in 2020.
    Trump landslide victory 2020. No this is not a duplicate comment.

  40. Two things should be taken away from idiots like you. First your guns. You know you only have them to make up for your inadequacy. Nobody should be allowed to have guns but the police.
    Second, your voting right. Until you grow a brain and show you’re capable of making the right choice you should have it revoked. We need a new government.

  41. Bubba Gumpa shrimpa cream on da menu tonight. Start takin’ orders now. Clean up cums later ahahahahahaha

  42. NO, it’s like “So says a f*cking moron named The Redman” that’s completely brain dead – LMFAO @ U!!!!!

  43. When you take a known lairs word for anything you as bad or worse than they are. and that is the case with this swamp critter Sondland.

  44. Vasu you must have had your head up your ass during that “testimony “. He clarified what he meant. And it wasn’t what you want it to mean.

  45. Trump must be impeached and removed from office immediately and then Hillary should be sworn in. If she doesn’t want to get in that way then Biden should be sworn in. Screw the election next year. These idiots voted for Trump so why let them make that stupid mistake again? Even if there was no quid pro quo and no Russian collusion Trump should be impeached anyway because he is a very BAD man.

  46. Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony on November 20 was explosive. He testified: (1) there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine, (2) everyone was in on it, and (3) Sondland worked with Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani at the President’s behest.

    There is no other way to spin this. Donald Trump committed impeachable crimes, and must be removed from office. It is time for Republican senators to acknowledge this reality.

    In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned after a group of Republican senators (including Barry Goldwater) visited the White House and told him his support was crumbling. It is time for today’s Republican senators to do the same: they can no longer defend the indefensible.

    Our message to Senate Republicans:

    Gordon Sondland’s testimony has revealed there was a quid pro quo, everyone was in on it, and he worked with Rudy Giuliani at Trump’s behest. The President of the United States needs to be removed from office. For the good of the country, it is time for you to inform Donald Trump he can no longer count on support in the U.S. Senate.

  47. This impeachment is so stupid these braindead Democrats won’t win this because our great President hasn’t did anything wrong their pissed because there sick n’t win I’m glad she didn’t thank God for President trump

  48. Trey Gowdy is a true patriot and is on POTUS’s side but he is also EXTREMELY intelligent and honorable and would want to give POTUS the best defense possible which isn’t as he said possible in 3 days. If with no sleep he couldn’t read all the transcripts and re-examine things and interview witnesses. He wouldn’t go unprepared

  49. The Senate knows there’s no replacing Trump , the Republicans need to stick together for once and Don’t cave in to demoncratic nonsense.

  50. Trey would knock those fools out of the park. He is great at what he does, and America loves him. Maybe he could study through all the transcripts and stuff now, so when January 1 comes up, he’d be ready to go?

  51. At least finally Trump will be able to have a say in it. And the democrats won’t be in control. If they try to defy sopoenas then the courts can step in and keep this going till election time.

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