Trey Gowdy just obliterated the Democrats’ assault against Donald Trump

Democrats have harped from Day One about Trump “colluding” with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

But despite millions spent by Mueller, and investigations in the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, no evidence was ever discovered.

And now Trey Gowdy just destroyed the Democrats’ case against Trump.

Brett Baier interviewed House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy about the FBI’s bias against Trump and the ongoing attacks from Congressional Democrats.

Baier played two clips of Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) accusing Trump of “obstruction of justice.”

That’s when Gowdy pointed out the obvious and delivered a devastating blow to the Democrats attacks on Trump:

BRET BAIER: Obstruction of justice, that’s the going case up on Capitol Hill being talked about.

REP. TREY GOWDY (R-SC): Only because the collusion case hasn’t been made. I mean keep in mind, two of these folks you just showed, they were talking about collusion this time six months ago but there’s no evidence of that so now they pivoted to obstruction of justice. It’s an interesting legal argument.
If Comey felt obstructed, he did a masterful job of keeping it out of any of his memos.

The Democrats’ fake Russia narrative has unraveled completely.

But the Democrats are desperate to undermine Trump’s credibility any way possible.

Gowdy goes on to say they plan to keep up their attacks (spread further by their allies in the fake news media) until the next presidential election.

They believe they can lie their way back into the White House and in control of both branches of Congress by seamlessly moving from one attack to the next.

But will the American voters see right through it?

More and more fake news reports about Mueller’s investigation and Trump’s ties to Russia may undermine the Democrats if they keep it up.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments.



  1. So the Witch Hunt against the Very Best Real President the USA has had in Decades is finally done and they really accomplished Nothing an Trump stood strong and held his own quite well. We the people wanted him in office and the Dems only provided perverts thieves and people not fit to walk my dog. Enough of this crap, let the Man MAGA like he promised. Bravo for the best
    Resident in 3/4 of a century, Donald Trump!!!💕

    • Hillary Clinton and her allies in the fake news media just cant get over losing the 2016 election, she is still coming up with silly reasons why she lost, here is the answer, the american people like bill clinton, cant stand the woman, she is a creep. I didnt vote for President Trump I voted against hillary, as a former philadelphia detective, who was born and raised in philly, i have seen what democrats do to a city, 66 years of democrat mayors in philly and its a shit hole, as is chicago, detroit, baltimore, etc etc, common thread, democrat liberals/progressives have been in power, vote them akll out

    • Thank you for your comments. I couldn’t be in more agreement with you. The Dems are so out to lunch they all need to be voted out of office. Come on 2020 election and let’s get it on.

  2. I’m tired of those committing sedition & even treason not being arrested, tried & given jail time. The same laws that apply to us should be applying to them. If that were the case, there would be a lot of arrests. I’ve been very disappointed with the GOP. They have had the opportunity of a lifetime to get important legislation through that would help the American people. For them to show they work for us instead of themselves. So far I’ve not been impressed by very many.
    President Trump has shown his desire to make America great again. The GOP had better start showing they support what the people want, not just against everything Trump wants to do. If they come off so wishy washy, hopefully they will not continue to be so negative or they may not be reelected I hope.
    The wasted time and money the Schuller has used to try to prove collusion with Russia should be used to drain the swamp of so much corruption. Get them out of our government and into jail.
    I think the most wanted criminals are Obama & Hillary for crimes against the USA & our elected President!

  3. The democrats were cocky, they just ended a love affair with a glorified hood-rat, Islamic sympathizer, habitual-liar, foreign born, homosexual, negro and felt invincible! Hillary was just eaten up with certainty! Obama was going to get his third term, with window dressing, as Hillary Clinton!
    What an incredible change of events! Now, the left-wing, radicals have got some splaining to do! They accepted ridiculous amounts of money from the NWO aspiring, self described, global-elitists, making promises which never will be done! That’s why the left is so paranoid about ousting President Trump! If “We The People” are armed, the NWO, will be unable to take place, because our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, will be too much for them to include the U.S. The truth of the matter is depopulation, and armed citizens would take too long to round up! If we give up our guns, we will be left -100% vulnerable! Things are about to get scary in America! I can only hope that the navy-seals, who love their country can be given a special-assignment, and that is to rid our country of anti-American, anarchists! Soros, Obama, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dorn, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Van Jones, James Kilgore, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Deblasio, Rahm Emmanuel, and on, and on! We are under attack, and the President knows it! Seal-Team-Six! Do us all a needed breath of fresh air, please!

  4. Congress needs short Term Limits.
    And mandatory drug testing.
    Stop paying huge bonuses to FED/GOV criminals and issue ONLY to whistle blowers.
    Defund EPA, IRS, BLM, and all other TOO CORRUPT TO FIX FED/GOV Agencies.

  5. Trey is a smart man. When he talks, I listen. Love it! Go Trump, just continue to get things done. Actions speak louder than words.

  6. Why hasn’t Clinton and the democrats been charged for using a FAKE Dossier yet?! Trump is finally turning this country around! this investigation to NO COLLUSION has been going on for more that a year and not one shred of evidence! Mueller is spending way too much tax payer money on what? Trying to make someone lie?! Enough of this! Get rid of Mueller and the whole FBI department and start with a new team that is reliable and not corrupt if you think the American people don’t see right thru this Cherade you are wrong! We smell rats in this investigation! All of them check out the backgrounds on all his lawyers bet you find all kinds of corruption!

  7. Trump is being supported by evangelicals. Prayers and God’s protection 24/7/365. The real truth is being revealed. Dems are being rightly exposed for doing exactly what they wrongly accuse others of doing. Projection at its best.

  8. I think it will be a sight to behold when the voters of California finally wake up and put the liberals to rest. They have allowed the liberals to make fools of them all from lard butt Feinstein, ugly Pelosi, big mouth Maxine, and the witch Harris to ruin their state. Time to flush that toilet and send them on the way…and don’t frget the biggest phony…Gov Brown!

  9. It’s time AG Sessions unrecuse himself and fire Muller, Rosenstein, Strzok, McCabe and then charge them along with Holder,and anyone else who are trying to unseat ILLEGALLY a duly elected President with the Alien and Sedition Act along with the RICO ACT. You can also throw in all the Anti Trump news media and charge them with Sedition

    • Sessions is a good man but I think too timid to do what has to be done.If he can`t do the job he should move on and let someone who has the backbone to get it done.Talk is cheap.

  10. “More and more fake news reports about Mueller’s investigation and Trump’s ties to Russia may undermine the Democrats if they keep it up”….ESPECIALLY when more and more people realize how much MONEY Mueller is making off the American taxpayer for every day that he can keep spinning out this travesty.

    • Trump need to get rid of all the Obama kronies and put in some people that will do what’s right for the country. The Dems will eventually bury themselves, hopefully.

    • Well hell yes i think the Democrats are undermining their selves every day. The more the do to hurt Trump the more they hurt their selves.

      • The more the democrats talk the deeper the hole and guess who is at the bottom of it??? Pelosi,Hillary , Schumer,etc etc and the rats are starting to panic no more free lunches.

  11. Oh to those of such short memory. The GOP leadership along with Congress stopped Democratic agenda for 8 full years. Now the GOP just proves daily their inability to govern.

    Has anyone noticed pence is now present behind tump most of the time? Maybe pence is becoming confident he will replace tump soon. I wonder what pence knows.

  12. The Democrats are willing to shut down the government for 800,000 illegal criminals and not keep it running for 330,000,000 million legal Americans. Proof positive that are out of thier minds.

    • Go back and check history. Since the Democrats got rid of Lincoln and have finally reached epidemic misdeeds. My first realization of all this was what they did to the first time I voted in 1960 and they killed the president I voted for and they have kept most of the truth covered up and non-accessable since they got rid of him. Note the party of the President of the Confederate States; Democrat Jefferson Davis. And all the things they did under the gize of helping the black people when it was Lincoln who did all he could and got killed for it.

    • The GOP is responsible for the schedule. The leadership decided not to come to work, but to vacation while you worked. THERE IS NO BUDGET READY FOR VOTING!! GOP is responsible for schedule. The GOP did not do their job. Besides the GOP has the majority. I guess the GOP does not know how to do their job. Since the BUDGET controls when government shuts down, I guess the GOP alone is responsible for the shutdown. Remember, GOP has the majority

      • Remember that the Democrats are the chief proponents of the “kick the can down the road” option! There hasn’t been an actual budget for YEARS!

    • That is just their excuse. They don’t give a pig’s pitooty about illegals (other than their potential votes) nor anyone or anything else, except power: they want it back and are willing to commit treason to get it. They are shameless, obvious and anti-American. Just plain frauds.

  13. Rep. Gowdy has been a thorn in the butt of congressional democrats. If only the mealy mouth Republicans would stand up and stop the lies by charging Libel, Slander, Character Assassination and OVERT Corruption in the congress and media. The law says that there are the SAME penalties for these people who lie and twist the truth for their own benefit. God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President Trump and Rep. Gowdy

  14. Tray Gowdy is a man of honor and yes He deserves a seat on the Supreme Court.
    And as for as spending American taxpayer monies, how about taking the pension away from the worst administration leader in the history of America Obumo and his wife, who are still spending our money on their vacations post presidency to the tune of $1 million plus dollars for January until now. Let’s turn that ludicracy spending off. God Bless President Trump and America!!

  15. Congressman Gowdy is correct. And I do believe the People DO see right through the nastiness and “games” the liberals are playing. We love the things President Trump is doing and we agree with his statements. The FBI is definitely in shambles and is NOT respected by The People. There are those who have been able to stay honorable, but I must say, those at the top, in management, are NOT honorable, or respected. It appears Director Wray has joined ranks with those who are dishonorable and corrupt!


  17. I’ve been a registered Democrat for 45 years, I changed parties last year, voted for president Trump’s, an will never vote for another scumbag Democrat if I live to be a thousandespically an incumbent.

  18. Too bad there aren’t enough Trey Gowdy’s to go around. We could use him to head up every Congressional Committee, be the Speaker of House, sit on the Supreme Court, you name it!!

    • I agree! U know it’s so old about the Demos not accepting Trump as President! It’s just wicked they don’t stop. I thank the good Lord Trump is a strong and very smart man. If was. Demo that person would have resign already because their weak! They got to do something about Obama who think his still president and making decisions! It’s not right at all.His the biggest instigator but than so much in theDemos.

      • It has become a mass hysteria: a disease they share and feel obligated to continue to defend. Like a spoiled child holding his breath until he passes out. It is a national disgrace they are not capable of realizing. Just disgusting mass behavior. And to think citizens of this country actually voted for those scumbags.

    • As a prior member of the Democratic Party it is becoming clearly apparent that by using fake, false news support in the media and corrumpton that regardless of the needs of the country they support only the destruction of the GOP positive goals and aspirations. The “new” Democrate Party cares more for their party than for their country. Truly, shameful.

  19. Trey needs to be on more news programs addressing the issue

    And this is what is wrong with politicians, tried one thing, nothing there, switch to another thing nothing there. and because they are in power and the media supports this. let’s try another tactic

    This is all the result of spoiled little babies who lost an election and need to grow up

  20. Isn’t it time the Democrats grew up and acknowledged the fact that they’ve lost the Presidency , House and Senate. Enough is enough and I’m sure I’m not the only American that feels that way.

  21. We need another AG, The one we have should have jailed Obama and the Clintons. Hopefully our President will do some changing.


    • That is exactly what all this smoke screening is all about. That is why Hilldabeast was so hysterical when she lost and stated that “we are all going to hang”. She knew what was going to come out and has been trying to prevent it or turn attention away from her crimes ever since; she had & has the aid and abetting of the entire party. They know they are all guilty and if they do not get rid of the current duly elected government, they will ALL swing together.

  23. “ … If Comey felt obstructed, he did a masterful job of keeping it out of any of his memos. … “

    Comey is really a disgusting man. Glad that Trump fired this corrupted official, out of the highest level of FBI. Hillary is really something. She holds enormous power & influence in our government. It’s shockingly frightening.

    She really thought she had it all when she ran for the last presidential election. She had all major media networks backing her. Had she won the presidency, she would have had spread the tentacles of her foundation around the world before the end of her presidency, pushing our national government deeper into the world of criminal activity.

    Hillary is truly evil. I shudder at the thought of her ability to elude the law when she had those who planned to testify against her and her husband killed. It’s time for concerned citizens to shine the light brightly into her darkness.

  24. To me the Demorats lie about everything. I’m so tired of hearing Russia, Russia garbage. After our last garbage Presidents that didn’t do nothing to make our Country great again. Obama was Muslim, so he couldn’t down grade his Muslim friends. His plan to take America Down. It didn’t work. I Believe Obama, Hillery and the rest need to go to jail. The Demorats, are stealing money from the American people and they don’t want President Trump to find out. But he will. Mr. President keep up the great work.

  25. It has been said many times and yet it will continue, the Democrats are the whole problem with Our Government….. Why it is that we even have Democrats is a absolute wonder as all they know how to do is cause disruption and harm to us ALL….
    People really should read the Documents in which were released about JFK, maybe they might not be so inclined to being a Democrat as these Documents plainly show how corrupt they are and have been for far too long…..Please Read !

    • They hate Trump because he’s not a member of their party. Owes no one anything nor is he corrupt like them. An outsider who for 30 years could see how they operate and plans to change/dismantle all of it.

  26. Was there ever a time in the FBI history that it was not tainted? J. Edgar Hoover ran the FBI for nearly 50 years and he was freaking a pervert with a grudge against everyone. Comey – Mueller and Freeh should all be heading to prison for corrupting the agency by selling out to the Clintons – I think the FBI should be disposed of and try again with another honorable law enforcement agency. There is nothing worse than crooked cops.

  27. The attack on freedom will continue until the law breakers go to jail. Remember Obama using the IRS against his political opponents? Nobody went to jail. Obama spied on his political opponents and nobody has gone to jail. Empowered, the assault continues, Obama and Hillary and gang, criminals all.

    • And now he is blatantly committing sedition and treason overseas by talking against our government which is against the Logan Act.His passport should be cancelled while he is in Indonesia, his Secret Service should be recalled from him and he deserves to be abandoned in place for the way he has been attempting to undermine our President.

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