Trey Gowdy just shut down Nancy Pelosi by asking this question

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on the run.

Democrats overplayed their hand big time on impeachment.

And now Trey Gowdy shut down Nancy Pelosi by asking this question.

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News to discuss Nancy Pelosi’s desperate move to withhold sending articles of impeachment to the Senate to try and strong arm Senate Republicans into letting Democrats run the trial and deny President Trump due process.

Gowdy mocked Pelosi’s strategy and pointed out one crucial flaw – Democrats claimed they needed to impeach Donald Trump immediately because of the threat he posed to the nation.

If that were true, Gowdy questioned why Democrats would delay sending over articles of impeachment.

Fox News reports:

Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy told Fox News Monday that he thinks “most people are smart enough” to see through House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s move to withhold the articles of impeachment against President Trump from the Senate.

“If he [Trump] really is an existential threat to the republic, if he really has committed conduct that should result in his removal from office, then why would you not go ahead and send it on to the Senate?” Gowdy, the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, asked on “The Daily Briefing.”

“The Constitution gives the House no role in deciding how this trial takes place,” Gowdy told host Dana Perino.

“It is exclusively within the providence of the Senate. I think most of my fellow citizens will see through this ‘let’s hurry up and impeach him and then sit on the indictment for god knows how long.’ I think most people are smart enough to see through that.”

Deep down, Democrats understand the case for impeachment Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler put together is pathetically weak.

That’s why Pelosi is holding impeachment hostage in a desperate attempt to force the Republican-controlled Senate to call witnesses who Democrats were unwilling to fight legal battles to compel their testimony.

The polls turning against impeachment are proof of what Trey Gowdy said – the American people see through this partisan nonsense.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Why don’t the Damn dems go fight for our country since the love war so much leave our military out of their wars they start.

  2. Here’s my “snappy comeback”. The whole scenario you’re talking about was not my idea, it belongs to Terence Jenkinson. I was simply stating that there are continuous war zones the U.S. are involved in. You don’t need to over think it, it isn’t likely to ever happen anyway. Personally I think it’s a pretty good idea, it might give them a better idea of why they should uphold the Constitution, 100%. Bush 2 never should have been president, he was a weak rino. I’ve seen no democrat president in my life that was worth the lead to blow him to Hell. The current crop are all nothing but Marxists with some fascism thrown in. Well, we’re armed and ready to fight, the ball’s in the commie court now. Looks like they’re willing to play it. So are we.

  3. So snappy comeback Mark II. I have the utmost respect for Veterans. My late Dad was in the 4th Armored with Patton in Europe, and his division was the one that finally rescued the 101st Airborn in Bastogne! He received 2 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. And of course he meant his suggestion for the future. I was just stating examples of Presidents we would NOT have had if his requirement was in place then. And obviously many in my list were good Presidents without Military Service, and we had some bad ones who HAD served. I just don’t see his suggestion as workable, And it would require an Amendment to the Constitution as well, with EXACT language specifying what a “War Zone” really is. Take Bush II, for example. He was in the National Guard, but never served abroad during the Vietnam War. Would he qualify? Maybe a better idea would be to require a “Secretary of Defense” to have these suggested qualifications?

  4. Whoa Dude! Talk about missing all points completely. Justme, there is actually “real” news. I was talking about reports on actual happenings, not political BS. I’m well aware all “news” outlets try to put a political spin on everything, but that doesn’t change an actual non political event. I’m also sure Terence was talking about FUTURE political candidates. As for the war zones, there hasn’t been 5 years since WWII that the American military hasn’t been in a war zone. Mostly cool zones but war zones nevertheless. Eastern Europe, South Korea, the Middle East, Africa, South America, all war zones and all with American military involved. There have been numerous war zones that have come and gone and others that have remained the entire time. You need to learn to read between the lines to discern the entire meaning of any given dialogue. I’m sure you’ll give me a snappy comeback but I gave you the truth. I was directly involved with the military for several years. My father was an air force pilot and my brother a Green Beret, in some of those war zones.

  5. First there is no “real” media news. We have both the Right and Left slanted media, and if a person wants anything close to “real” news then he has to evaluate both sides and then decide for himself what is real or not. And even then one’s own bias slants the conclusion. But just looking back in my own lifetime and applying the suggested qualification of 2 years of “war zone” service then I guess Kennedy, Goldwater, Johnson, McGovern, Ford, Bush I, Dole, McCain, Tulsi Gabbard, and Pete Buttigieg would qualify; while Nixon, Humphrey, Reagan, Carter, Bush II, Obama, the Clintons, the rest of the current field of Dem candidates (?), and Trump would NOT qualify. Plus past Presidents like Jefferson (?), Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt wouldn’t cut it either. And, while you are correct that there is always a “war zone” somewhere in the world, that doesn’t mean that America is directly military involved. Would serving in one of our bases in Germany, Korea, or Japan qualify? It’s an interesting idea but I don’t think that it’s actually workable.

  6. Don’t you keep up with “real” news? We have perpetual war zones. There are always war zones and will be until there are no longer humans. Some are “cool” war zones and some are “hot”, but there are always American troops in some war zone somewhere.

  7. Does that mean we have to have an perpetual “war zone” so that future politicians can make the grade?

  8. I totally agree with you. These idiots are helping to turn this country into a third world country within the next the
    Years. I also think that any people who want to go into politics they have to do 5 years of mandatory military service of which two of them have to be in war zone women and men.

  9. Linda. Well said. I like your style. Soros is a pig. Just as well im too insignicant for him or many others who post here. I get my posts blocked most of the time on this particular site. I love it. It means what i post is factually true. Congrats for getting om
    Ne posted.

  10. Actually the House does invite the President to give the State of the Union Address. And she did not offer the invite to Trump in 2019, but after much blow-back from her stupidity, and she issued the invite.

  11. “It is exclusively within the providence of the Senate.”

    I believe the correct word is province. Easy mistake to make.

  12. It does couple. What he’s inferring is that the DemonRATS are far more dangerous to our nation than even the communist countries they have accused of interfering in our political processes. Anyway, that’s how I read it.

  13. Jesus was always railing against the scribes {media} and the Pharisees who
    were the corrupt {government} of His day. Remember when he overturned the
    tables of the money changers and drove them out of the temple? They were
    the scam artists in Jesus’ time. So, I would disagree Uncle Happy. IMHO lol

  14. Uncle Hoppy you’ve got a lot of reading to do in the Old Testament. Ever heard of Elijah, Elisha, King David?

  15. Danny your first sentence is logical. The second one does not seem to couple with the train of thought in the first one.

  16. justme you come across here like “gutter trash” but I’ll defend your right to be that if it’s what you choose. Have a prosperous 2020.

  17. Are you saying, Linda, that Soros has paid someone on this site, “RenewedRight”, to block your posts? That RenewedRight has been infiltrated by Soros? Then we can’t trust anything on this site anymore? What about other Conservative sites? Are any of them free of his infiltration?

  18. The Democratic leadership has proven that they are the single most dangerous threat to our constitution, rule of law and to civility in our society. That includes any and all foreign countries the left accused of interfering with our democracy.

  19. Please look up Margaret sanger and her work hate. Set up planned parenthood to kill black children. Demon Craps received the Margaret sanger award. No Republican. Blackface pediatrician Ralph nothing wants to kill living babies

  20. Mark Levin is definitely superior in morality and intelligence to any of you sewer rats. He doesn’t rant, he points out absolute truth and facts. Something the Marxist/fascist left would know absolutely nothing about. As I said before, your type will soon be dealt with. We’re about to teach you exactly why we have our Constitution.

  21. HaHaHa! I was actually quoting the Radio Talk Show Host Muck Latrine (oh, excuse me, I mean “Mark Levin”) because HE always says “In my humble opinion” when he through telling us how morally superior he is, and when he is finished ranting about this and that. So I claim to be just as humble as he is! LOL!

  22. Your condescending (not humble) “opinion” is bullschitt, just like everything that spews forth from the diseased, indoctrinated, lemming “brains” of the fascist left. Yo and your “ilk” will be dealt with shortly.

  23. Sounds a lot like Right-Wing Radio Talk Show hosts and their Ilk with their own version of Group-Think! In my humble opinion, of course.

  24. Somebody paid by Soros is monitoring the content of my Free Speech Constitutional Right!. Blocked 4 times. We need to stop the flow of Soros money funding dissidents in our government. He is banned in many countries and needs to be deported from USA. Freeze his assets and build the wall with the money.

  25. They won’t print my comment.
    Yes IMPEACH HER!!. SHE is the biggest threat to our country, supported by Soros, who is the other biggest threat to our country. He needs to be deported from our country. He is banned from many other countries in the world. Why isn’t he banned in the USA? He funds the dissent and division in our country.

  26. All of you communist liberals listen up . The Adam ” S ” Sham Show , is just about to hit the bottom of the old crapper . That’s exactly where it belongs , with himself and Nancy shoved in face first to Plug it up . Stop stinking up the damn house you bunch of simpletons !!

  27. Lolx D.A.N. The flakes will be in open water bobbing up n down like corks . I’m betting old Jaws will have himself a feast , like he’s never had before . It’s all you can eat flakes , get’um while they last !

  28. Back at you Zee, I’ll check it out !
    The Demonrats are out to sea on a leaky Old Ship , that’s sinking faster and faster with absolutely nowhere to Dock . Those old sharks are ready for a good feast , way down deep in Old Davey’s Locker. At the
    “Jaw’s Slash & Dash Cafe ” !!

  29. Poor Nancy. For being Speaker of the House, she can’t speak for what’s right. She’s compromised. Another casuality of groupthink: Groupthink occurs when a group of well-intentioned people make irrational or non-optimal decisions spurred by the urge to conform or the discouragement of dissent. (AKA COWARDS< WEAK PEOPLE who shouldn't be in positions of power or authority) This problematic or premature consensus may be fueled by a particular agenda or simply because group members value harmony and coherence above rational thinking.

    In a groupthink situation, group members refrain from expressing doubts and judgments or disagreeing with the consensus. In the interest of making a decision that furthers their group cause, members may ignore any ethical or moral consequences.

    Risky or disastrous military maneuvers, such as the escalation of the Vietnam War or the invasion of Iraq, are commonly cited as instances of groupthink. But while it is often invoked at the level of geopolitics, groupthink can also refer to subtle processes of social or ideological conformity.

    The term was first introduced in the November 1971 issue of Psychology Today,

  30. Actually, it is people like you he likes. Ones who won’t open their eyes to the facts. We know that Russia tried to influence the election. But we also have proof that so did the Ukraine and both were for Hillary.

  31. If you’re a DemonRAT you’re a communist with some fascism thrown in. Let me give you a rundown: DemonRAT party – the party of infanticide, the party of astronomical taxes, the party of racism against Caucasians, the party of no freedom of speech, the party of absolute “government” control over every facet of citizen’s lives, the party of pathological liars, the party that enriches themselves on taxpayer money and traitorous dealings with foreign enemies (Biden, Clintons, Obama and all their henchmen), the party that would turn the United States into a third world schitthole to gain absolute power. There’s your intelligent offering moron, and I guarantee my IQ is at least 50 points above yours.

  32. Dorothy is quoting scripture (The Bible) Gods word and she is correct. God takes sides with the correct person or persons who follow his commands. Democrats or Republicans Christ was not, however he sees and knows all things, and he sees the corrupt parties involved and I believe he is for America to continue to be the light on the hill, so I to believe he Put Trump there for a reason to correct the corruptable, he’s not perfect, but neither are you or I.

  33. Nancy Pelosi should be impeached for her role in the Trump Impeachment fiasco and for violating her oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Nancy Pelosi has no say whatsoever in the Senate trial. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have intentionally violated the Constitution, they have, with the help of the Obama administration fabricated a coup against a duly elected President, and have wasted millions of dollars of tax-payer money to carry out her illegal actions. Lets see if anyone has the balls to challenge her and shove her impeachment process up her ass.

  34. Lindsey Graham ‘deeply involved’ w/ McCain ‘past Activities’…
    McConnell has ‘skeletons in the closet’… eom

  35. Lindsey Graham ‘deeply’ Involved w/ McCain Past ‘activities’ __
    McConnell has ‘skeletons in the closet’… eom.

  36. Pelosi ‘Deliverance Delay’ of 2 ‘fraud Articles to Senate =
    Million $ ‘Deals’ In Progress…
    >Expect 0ngoing Adjustments… Do Not get ‘riled ‘___
    >McConnell Better ‘Hold Ground’…

  37. Cuz they don’t have to testify John,it’s over.or maybe they should all do what your wet dream hillary did and just say”I don’t recall “154 times.

  38. Scott27, Unless you are a mind reader guru, you absolutely do not know what DJT’s motive was in the infamous phone call! He said NO words that stated or even indicated he wanted a favor for political advantage! We all know what was said from the transcription and not one word proves your “opinion or feelings” which is what every single witness testified to in the Adam Schit hearings with the exception of Mr. Sondland who actually was listening to the call. His testimony was so convoluted and contradictory it was totally useless as a deciding factor unless, as in your case you heard what you wanted to hear. If Sondland got on a witness stand in a courtroom his testimony would be thrown out as would ALL the rest of the witnesses’ testimony because theirs was nothing more than hearsay, opinions and what they felt!
    So, stop trying to influence people as if you know the facts. I watched all the hearings and probably have more facts than you do! All you have is a Dem biased opinion against DJT and you can’t conceive of having an objective attitude about anything regarding DJT! Go pedal your liberal excrement to people interested in it! YOU KNOW NOTHING!

  39. Well she’s in San Francisco California , the land of weirdos , stupidity and Wicked OLD Witch’s as herself . Also Mad Max / Muddy Waters is right down the street. The Big One needs to Hit , any time soon would be good !!

  40. If the founders got the constitution just right then why is this country such a mess? Why do politicians on both sides, and even our courts, violate the constitution daily? What good is the constitution if everyone is violating it. The constitution has no more authority than our immigration laws. Just a piece of worthless paper to wipe your butt with.
    Ask yourself why countries like Australia have no constitution but do just fine? Think about it for a moment.


  42. Yup.bernie is old washed up communist living dictator loving miserable old bastard.thats who I figured you lived Anthony.a nice little communist.figured

  43. The real motive is to stage a coup d’etat to overthrow our duly elected President because they lost the election. Also, beware of thge tactics of the CommieCrats involving the use of “Kangaroo Court” tactics and attemps to force the Senate to bow to the Dems’ will. While we are seeing this as an attack on our President the tactics tend to show up later in lower courts where prosecutors are looking for “short cuts” to “streamline” local trials by circumventing Doe Process (“Red Flag” gun laws come to mind but they are only the beginning).A good journalist once pointed out, :If it can be done to anyone then it can be done to everyone. If the tactics can be used on Trump now then something similar can be done to you later; how many individuals can afford an effective defense?

  44. What world do you live in, with those rose colored glasses with binders on. Biden pushed the firing of the person who was investigating corruption in Ukraine which his son was involved in, so how was this not personal for Biden, saving his son??? And he used our tax payers money to weild his power.
    Allowing the corruption in this country was a threat to our national security. The very thing Trump is being accused of, and you are blinded by the ttuth.

  45. What world do you live in, with those rose colored glasses with binders on. Biden pushed the firing of the person who was investigating corruption in Ukraine which his son was involved in, so how was this not personal for Biden, saving his son??? And he used our tax payers money to weild his power.
    Allowing the corruption in this country was a threat to our national security. The very thing Trump is being accused of, and you are blinded by the truth

  46. John Tiscornia, while it would seem as though an accused person would want to present evidence of their innocence, it’s not up to them to do so. Just like in a courtroom, a good defense attorney will tell a jury that their client doesn’t have to shout their innocence from a mountaintop; the prosecution must prove guilt. In the instance of which you speak, President Trump had nothing to prove; that was the job of the HoR, the accusers. In other words, your argument holds no water. House Democrats began this entire episode with their desired outcome, then tried to build a case around it. It doesn’t work that way. The only reason the HoR moved ahead with “obstruction of Congress” (by the way, not a real thing) was because they knew if they waited for a court to decide whether or not President Trump had the authority to claim Executive Privilege over the subpoena’s, they would lose. It’s imperative we don’t go down the path of forcing someone to prove innocence as opposed to placing the onus of proving guilt at the feet of the accuser(s). I would never want you to find yourself in that position. Peace.

  47. Except for that pesky treaty that Bill Clinton signed for both countries to exchange information and work together to weed out corruption. I know this little fact was brought up to you before but like all democrats, you don’t want he acknowledge the truth. Just move onto the next article and start the trolling all over again. That’s all you do.

  48. I’m pretty sure God does not get involved in politics because Jesus never did.
    God didn’t elect Trump, we did.

  49. Let your words honor our Father God in heaven. He tells us to be still and know.he is God. Vengeance is his and he will repay..
    Beware when you set a trap for another that you don’t fall in. Democrats take heed. The God of heaven put Trump in the White House for a reason, like it or not.

  50. Lets recognize this group for who they are! That is Liberal Socalist Democrats. They are either crazy or on Drugs which this acronym addequatly portraits. That is the LSD party.

  51. …..and stop flying on his expensive private jet….which by the way was part of the backroom deal he made with Hillary in exchange for his support for her presidency…!!!??? What a phony….!!

  52. The evil, treasonous traitor DEMONCRAPS are hiding in plain sight…!! They have already said that unless they impeach President Trump they stand NO CHANCE of winning in 2020…!!

    WELL…..I’ve got BIG NEWS for them….!! Let them impeach President Trump until the cows come home, he will WIN AGAIN in 2020…!!

  53. Speak to yourself, Anthony! I think it is YOU who don’t have your head screwed on straight. People who truly love this country and have any common sense can see all the good things President Trump has been doing. I was a Democrat for many years, until I really opened my eyes and saw what was going on, with all their lies and empty promises, etc. Do you think getting countries to pay their fair share is wrong? Do you think vastly improving our economy and providing more jobs for blacks, and Latinos, and everyone is a bad thing!? Do you think strengthening our military and helping our veterans is wrong!? Is protecting our borders wrong? Is wanting to protect our tech discoveries wrong? Wake up, Anthony. Look at the Truth.

  54. Scott, unfortunately you would not recognize Truth if He walked up and shook hands with you. This is exactly what the traitors want you to believe, keep watching msm. You’ve been deceived!!

  55. Anthony your a communist liberal Puss . The DemonRat party of Liars and back stabbing RINO’S , have been exposed . The Sham Show is just about finished . So all of you swamp rats , best zip your Sneviling Pie Holes , before we have to zip them up ourselves !

  56. Cindy, the “evidence shows” only if you lie by omission. 1) Biden was pushing official national policy in agreement with the administration and our European allies; 2) he was pushing a policy because Ukraine was NOT investigating corruption, including Burisma where his son worked. Meanwhile, Trump was only looking at his self-interest, not that of the nation or our ally; and Trump has teamed up with known purveyors of corruption in Ukraine to push his sole political purposes, not that of our nation or allies (unless you consider Putin a close ally). Can we please deal with truth.

  57. Anthony, I must agree with you here. Bernie is one of the most honest Democrats running for office. And this is scary considering how communist (by the very definition of the word) his policies are. But given the NUMEROUS accomplishments of trump, and the TOTALLY incompetent admin of Obama, Trump now and in 2020.
    By the way, chances are Bernie’s heart gives out before the first term is even over if he survives till Nov 2020. So with Bernie, the election is really aboout his VP.

  58. Lukatella – I think the issue is NOT hatred, but rather that one must be an AMERICAN citizen, and be legally eligible to vote in order to cast a ballot.
    I am sure you regard the following conditions as being disqualifiers to vote:
    Not a citizen, DEAD, etc.

  59. Your a serious ass-hat. The left is not protecting anything but their bank. Are you retarded or just blind? Trump-train 2020 and your totally in the swamp you must be in the house, coo cos nest.

  60. And the Judicial Branch REPEATEDLY said NO. Hence the Obstruction of Congress Charge.
    Because Trump would not let Pelosi disregard his constitutional right as an American citizen of due process under the law.

  61. Richard, again, you are correct. Thw low life slime Democratic Party does not care how disgusting they are and have been in their continues breach of due process using illegally and fraudulent methods failed attempts to obtain credible evidence and creating purely fanciful fictitious stories against our President. And your are again
    quite correct sir, the Dem Party ignoring all the testimony exonerating Trump does prove them lowlife slime. Great point.

  62. Bernie? An honest platform? So you are saying he will give up his second house on the beach and donate his extra millions to the poor if he is elected?

  63. Because the house had no legal right to them.
    The three branches are equal. The house cannot make demands of the executive branch.
    If they really wanted them, they need to get the third branch involved, the judicial branch.

  64. Richard, please read the posts before you respond. Few in this forum want to be controlled by the dictator Nany Pelosi who not only thinks she is QUEEN of the House
    can dictate her will to the Senate, and order the judiciary to illegally intervene in the Senate trial. And, you are correct sir. This entire process has one legit goal- to save America from Democratic party tyranny. Glad you are on board.

  65. Wake up, if you support this moronic Demoncrat party. Your part of the problem. Most will be exposed soon. I already see who should be in jail but the conservatives have no control? WTF, wait until the Red Wave Ass-hats. I ran away from the left and will never vote for another Democrat Ass-hat. Sorry, don’t hate me for all those evil clown’s

  66. Why don’t you move out of the USA? It’s your party that screwed it up and we need to fix it, so please get out of the way and let us do the job right.

  67. Well let’s see oh ya they have spent 3+ years trying to get rid of Trump do you really think he should cooperate with the lying democraps?? Anything he hands over they will find a way to use it against president Trump. I wouldn’t help them one bit!!! Vote these crooked democraps out of office!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  68. Lukatella you have it all totally backwards. You should move to N. Korea or Venezuela where you’d be happy with Bernie Sanders’ the of government. Please move out of the USA as soon as possible.

  69. The Evidence shows Joe Biden did the Quid Pro Quo when He paid Ukraine to Fire the Person investigating Burisma & Hunter. I thank God for Sean Hannity, John Solomon, Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett, & many others. They should get the Pulitzer Prize for exposing the Truth.

  70. Most do not want to be losers like you. You are happy doing nothing with your life except waiting for handouts. While the rest of the world was happy taking advantage of us, now Trump is making it fair and Americans are doing better than ever before. So just shut up and keep looking out your basement window loser, the postman is bringing you your welfare check.

  71. If this is all about seeking the truth, why have Democratic Party operatives engaged in illegal operations against this president. The past three years are due to what Democrats originally accused Trump of…that he would not respect the results of the 2016 Election Results.

  72. Because are no facts, no prove ,no reason to investigate Trump.
    The same as is no reason to investigate you for the same thing. Simple

  73. Wow, what did you say, you want to suck my prick????? You surely are sucking Trump’s BS. GOBBLING it all down…….

  74. I see so many people prefer to veer off the subject at hand and attack each other. Why are we attacking each other and not staying on subject. After all, we all have a right to our own opinion. Name calling should be reserved for children, not adults.

  75. If it is NOT OBVIOUS to you “Demwitted Crackers” what the DEMWITTS in Congress are doing is for the last 2 1/2 years (based on PELOSI words) have been planning for IMPEACHMENT and they were looking for the first OPENING no matter how weak to file impeachment charges! Struck out on RUSSIAN COLLUSION, then OBSTRUCTION, and as they ran out of time they grabbed the first thing that came along! TRUMP 2020 FOR SURE!

  76. Because he has the right to executive privilege just like Barack Hussein Obama did his entire presidency against any congressional oversight.

  77. And you are proof Lukatella, that there are a lot of communist Jackasses we’re going to have to purge from OUR nation. You jump out there on the battlefield with your full auto dildos, we’ll be waiting for ya. By the way, what’s your nationality Lukatella? Sounds Ruski commie to me.

  78. No Richard you are an ignorant, low life piece of chewed gum on the bottom of my shoe. You hate as most libtards do, get the F out and stfu! Plus since you are not the brightest……Newsflash!!!! zero people give a fig what you think.

  79. For sure none of the low life want to let anything get out about how disgusting they all are and if they had nothing to hide why not give them what they want. This proves one thing they are all low life slim.

  80. Yes yes the evil one is already out of the office ! Now their demonize party has been shown to be lier’s obstructionist immoral America hating MORONS ! Maybe communism is your bag dumb ass Democrats.

  81. LadyPyro, I’m not a Hillary supporter. I know the Clintons are crooks. I just said her statement about Trump supporters is correct. Just look at all the nasty posts on here from Trump supporters. I wanted Bernie on the ticket. You may not agree with him but he’s at least honest about his platform. Not your typical lying politician that tells you what you want to hear and then turns their back on you.

  82. And I see you’re a low life troll fraud because you commented on another site under the same name bashing Trump supporters. I guess you just attack everyone equally because you’re like that Redman troll. Maybe you are the Redman troll.

  83. Let’s turn a question around on Gowdy. If the President is completely innocent and did nothing wrong, then why not have Pence, John Eisenberg, Michael Ellis, Robert Blair, Mick Mulvaney, Brian McCormack, Rudy Giuliani, John Boltin, etc. testify? And release all of the White House documents and emails and phone calls? And this goes for Roger Stone and Paul Manafort too. Instead they are all scheming for a Presidential Pardon!

  84. And you are proof that some people should not be allowed to vote because you’re filled with hatred. Hillary was 100% right about Trump voters.

  85. Hold on a second. As I see it, Hillary isn’t Lily white either. She sent out a lot of confidential information from her unsecured server. Whether or not she knew doesn’t stand after the fact. They were sent out. That is traitorous behavior with a clear documentation trail. In 2016-2018 republicans were in charge of all three branches. Guess what, the world did not colapse, America didn’t crumble.
    In fact the democrats got the Mueller investigation. Which resulted in NOTHING! Are you one of the left that believes the articles of impeachment results in President Trump leaving the White House? If you are, you need to take a time out and educate yourself in American government.

  86. Lukatella, we’re going to vote with lead on your nasty communist asses if your rotten fascist rectums ever get in complete control. You are an absolute moron and a soulless piece of Jackass fecal matter. You idiots are crying for war. Well, we’re willing to grant your wish.

  87. Pelosi is just doing her job trying to undo a bogus election by taking an evil tyrant out of the white house before he can do anymore damage to this country and the world. The constitution needs to be fixed so this never happens again. Trump voters should be ashamed of themselves and never vote in another election until they get their heads screwed on straight.

  88. The DumbocRATS are giving 2020 to the Republicans and President Tump. AMERICANS are getting tired of hearing about IMPEACHMENT WITH VERY LITTLE PROOF THAT THERE IS ANY REASONS FOR IT. 2020 WILL BE A VEY BRIGHT RED YEAR.

  89. Trey said that most people see through the false charges against Trump. But look at the idiots that post on this site that isn’t ready to admit the truth. They keep popping up like a rash on my butt. But the rash will be cured soon. People like MJ and the other fools are living in la la land.

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