Trey Gowdy shut down the Russia scandal with one question

The House Intelligence Committee was the site of a major showdown.

Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan squared off with Trey Gowdy over the Trump campaign and allegations of collusion with Russia.


  1. Why are you continuing to use a dark blue background with black lettering? This is very hard to read at least for me? Kindly refrain from this usage in future, it’s just too hard on my old eyes!

  2. Mueller was among a contingent of officials who, along with James Comey, threatened to resign over a Bush-era domestic surveillance program of possible jihadists. In effect those two, namely Comey and Mueller, were facilitators of the jihadist mass murders in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, and San Bernardino. And now that same Mueller will investigate the role of the Russian Marxists in the election of the capitalist Trump over the Marxist Hillary. Washington policies are the product of a typical nuthouse full of low-IQ functional cretins. With that type of logic one could have accused the Churchill’s election back in 1939 as being plotted by Hitler.
    Comey in particular concluded his investigation about Hillary’s illegal use of her unprotected private server by stating that was true – she was a criminal but he decided not to recommend prosecution??? Well – he decided together with the entire MSM and the Marxist Democrat Party that Hillary’s election was the 100% sure – and what about his career then?

  3. Time to put a stop to news sites like CNN and MSNBC!! They want to shut down FOX NEWS!! Who is going to win!! Are you going to let them win?? I don’t have to spell out what you should do – give them a taste of their medicine!!

  4. All of this is so sad! President Trump has tried so hard to make this country safe to live in and all he gets is grief ! Are all the Senators and Representatives deaf and dumb ? They don’t appear to even know what is going on in our country at all — nor do they care ! We voted them in to represent us – that’s what they get paid for — and all they do is see who can make up the most unbelievable lies and damage our leaders’ credibility without losing their own jobs! We are just sick of it – and wish we could run all of them out of office – Democrats and Rhino Republicans alike – so that those who were elected to lead this country can do so without their idiotic interference. We are sick of all of them acting like spoiled brats already. They should all be put in corners with dunce caps on until they are ready to act like adults.

  5. Witch Hunt on Russia and President Trump is being confirmed with a lot of wasted time and money. There are more important issues than this. Get some reality Democrats and turn coat republicans.

  6. THey will play the Russian connection,till the cows come home .They created the story,so won’t let it fall !! How about the Clinton’s selling our Uranium to Russia?? How about that story ?? I know,Fake news !!Bull Shit !!

  7. The press is supposed to be neutral and only report the facts of storied it carries. The press of today is not neutral. It makes up stories, it slants stories. Such has been the case under every dictatorship in modern history. It has covered up every bad act by Obama and the Clintons, and attacked all who hold conservative views. They have become tools of the ACLU which is bent on destroying the USA from within.

    Nikita Khrushchev said, “I once said that we would bury you and I got in trouble for it. Of course we will not bury you. Your own workers will bury you with the shovels they have made in your factories.”

    In other words, we ourselves will bring about our destruction by allowing ourselves to stray from the original principles of the Founders and the Constitution they authored, by ceasing to be a nation of laws and becoming a nation of factions which are influenced to justify disobeying the laws.

  8. Every day another manufactured result. I have come to the conclusion that the Press has grown very lazy and making up stories and tell them long enough and in concert with other members of the press the undereducated people will believe it. Undereducated is not to put anyone down it means to me they have to work several jobs to make ends meet and can’t keep up with all that is going on. So sad

  9. This is not about this article but it is related as it shows a continuation of the on going security problems of the Obama administration. These deaths might also be a result of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified. Between 2010 and 2012 18-20 U.S. spies were killed in China. You probably never heard about it as it does not show Obama in a good light. The following is a quote from that article.

    “This is not an act of war by China. Death is the fate of captured spies in almost every country. What this report exposes is a serious fault in security that can only be blamed on the Obama Administration. This should be a much bigger story.”

  10. Typical left wing liberal attempting double talk and not answer the questions directly. Never going to change .
    Just another member of the swamp group.

  11. The talking-heads whether late night or the MSM would not know the truth let alone speak/tell it if it hit them in the proverbial gob. If anyone is guilty of collusion, it is most likely the self-righteous, seditious and deluded Democrats.

  12. time to get it out on the news that there simply IS NO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA AND TRUMP… time for the demented democrats and loony liberals STOP with the lies and their hate…

  13. Get this on the nightly news so everyone can heard this……..
    so the both “jimmy’s” can joke about it …..NOT !!!!!
    bunch of asswipes !!!!

    • Of course the fake media will never show that…all they show is music and bull shit….I have no love for the lib-turds but far less compassion for the media that tunelessly babble their perennial bull shit….

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