Trey Gowdy made an announcement about Trump’s impeachment that left everyone stunned

The impeachment fight in Congress is quickly ratcheting up.

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are pushing to impeach the President by the end of the year.

And Trey Gowdy made an announcement about Trump’s impeachment that left everyone stunned.

When Trey Gowdy retired from Congress last year, the former South Carolina Congressman claimed he was done with politics.

That proved not to be the case.

Gowdy agreed to join Donald Trump’s outside legal team to help the President fend off this latest impeachment coup.

Fox News reports:

Former U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., is joining President Trump’s legal team as outside counsel for the House’s expanding impeachment inquiry, according to a report.

An administration official who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity confirmed Gowdy’s hiring Tuesday.

Gowdy, who formerly chaired the House Oversight and Reform Committee, decided not seek to reelection last year and joined the law firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP after leaving office.

He has also been a Fox News contributor but the network would not immediately comment on Gowdy’s status after the Associated Press report.

Gowdy is well-respected among House Republicans for his skills in running an investigation.

As chair of the Benghazi Select Committee, Gowdy uncovered Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

When Gowdy served as a high-profile member of the House Intelligence and Oversight Committees, he dug up the FBI and Deep State’s abuses of power in spying on the Trump campaign.

Trump supporters can expect Gowdy to take on the role of the public face of the Trump legal team, going on TV making the President’s case to the American people.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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    • You are a true rude idiot. Trump has not committed any impeachable offense. No matter how hard you try. Liars are not winners. Pelosi can not stop legal citizens from voting. She is crazy old bitty

  2. Reply to Tom ___

    OCTOBER 13, 2019 AT 2:56 PM
    And not only did he betray the Kurds because he wants our soldiers home, but he turns around and sends them to Saudi Arabia. Maybe he doesn’t know where home is???

    Jack Handy
    OCTOBER 13, 2019 AT 6:00 PM
    Look at a MAP of ‘area’ Involved.
    I did. ___ Then view remaining Syria.
    I did.___ Did You ???

  3. The impeachment fight in Congress is quickly ratcheting up.

    Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are pushing to impeach the President by the end of the year.

    Democrats doing a kangaroo **more like dumb donkey court behind closed doors, no evidence of any crime. all that they collected so far is based on: all sorts of stories, allegations, destortions, lies, misinformation & Schitt’s Parody… yup Parody!

    and Dumb Democrats believe those lies etc. UNFATHOMABLE!



    Thank You.

    • YES – TREY GOWDY IS ONE SMART COOKIE AND I’M GLAD TO SEE HIM ON PRESIDENT TRUMP’S LEGAL TEAM – he’s a very impressive speaker and as an attorney’ I’ve heard he’s never lost a case!
      Also Please note; Any Referrences or comparisons to Democrats being dumb like Donkeys does a great disservice to the Donkeys!

    • Joz Lee They have already stated the end of year is not happening and the only reason they are doing this is to try and get people not to vote for President Trump again but they are sadly mistaken. President Trump will win the re-election and what they should be forces on is the budget not a pay raise for them but other items. The Democrats need to stop wasting monies and do their job which is to support the constitution and the oath of office they took. If they can not do this then they need to be removed from office. They have been there so long many of them they have forgotten it is the American people that they should be protecting not illegals and the likes. There should limited terms of office.

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  6. I am a bit dismayed at your headers. your “Trey Gowdy drops big surprise” then your article says nothing about his BIG SURPRISE. this happens over and over again. I am going to stop opening your articles if they continue to be deceiving.

    • Magri you are correct It has me angered for some time. Where the headline does not match the article. Right correctly or not at all.

    • P magri That is the big surprise Trey gowdy being a part of the trump team do you know who this man is and what he has done in Congress what he is done for this country hes the most stand up onest well respected person that ever served our country in recent years. Hes super intelligent he knows how to read between the lines and like me a person that was in the military for 17 years I can look you in the eyes is tell exactly when you’re lying to me I’ve had to do this on several Occasion’s with the enemy force in order to get to the bottom of what just happened to our troops hes no pushover so believe me when I tell you that is the bombshell Trey gowdy being part of the trump team. Believe me when I tell you the democrats are shaking in their shoes they won’t show it but by the time Trey gowdy gets done with them you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to suffer and suffer dearly

    • Completely agree P Magri. The fact that Trey Gowdy jointed the Trump team is old news at this point, so I too was expecting something more earth-shattering than a restatement of what I already new.

    • Yes, I agree your headlines attract attention and fail to deliver. It’s a journalistic scam and as blatant as the come. Make a promise and deliver. Whey you don’t you leave the reader with no choice but to ignore your piece. Get it!

    • Really, you obvious can not send more of a well written comment then degrade yourself with filthy language, we can all agree Obama was a very bad President but regardless we still should all have respect for our President if we agree or disagree all we are showing to other nations is that we have no class and respect for Whom ever runs our country. Trump is the greatest among very few that served this country.

    • David Toler
      Yes we all want our POTUS to be re-elected in 2020 but you need to drop the language make a civil positive comment aboutTRUMP and forget about Obumma thank god he is gone

  7. The last thing a Fellatiocrat who is involved in this whole “Russia/Ukraine thing” wants is Trey Gowdy finding facts (aka crimes) about that involvement. Trey puts crooks in jail. The Tyranny-crats are worried…

  8. The legal team of Giuliani and Gowdy, or dumb and dumber. So glad Trump does not know how to pick good people, or maybe top people won’t work for Trump. Giuliani is sinking the ship Trump, and Gowdy went up against Hillary Clinton and she cut him up into shreds! He could not, no matter how much he tried, lay a finger on her. 12-hours in front of that committee, and a panel of people helping you, and Hillary wiped the floor with him. Not one charge, not one bit of evidence that Hillary did anything wrong.

    • Hilary did not wipe the floor with anyone she lied cheated stole and broke the law. If it where not for the embedded spys in our FBI and CIA she would have been jailed She exposed the full extent of corruption of the democrats and to what extent they will go to to keep power. Hilary is just the tip of the ice burg there is a whole army of these scum bags still embedded look at this Ukraine impeachment debacle if any of them are voted back into power again we as Americans will deserve every bit of evil they will reign down on us. Trey Gowdy is one of the more honest

      • Hillary not only kicked Trey Gowdy’s weak ass, but also the whole committee. Ann, you CLAIM Hillary broke the law, but the repulsicans did not come up with ONE CHARGE against her . . . even after trying every thing they could, Hillary beat them all. But Hillary was top of her law school, one of the best in her class, whereas Trey is a weak sister.

        • It is not true that there was no evidence against Clinton. James Comey admitted that she was guilty as hell but refused to refer an indictment. Corrupt FBI agents covered for her, and kept her out of prison, but there is no denying that she broke many laws.

        • LOL
          Tray Goudy made KILLERY look like the crime boss that she truly is and I don’t believe that she’s ever gonna live it down she will go down in history as a criminal and there may be more coming for that witch

      • The Clinton think they are above the law !I’m a proud American and proud American Veteran ! I’m so tired of the corrupt swamp wasting our tax money ! They haven’t done thereading job since January 2017 ! I guess they forgot they work forgot us!

      • so true and she has the stones to think anyone would ever believe her line
        of crap.
        What woman would stay with their husband who cheated on her numerous times.
        She was only int it for the power and the money.
        I lived hear Chappaqua- in Millwood- that is the next town over and she does
        not belong there. She belongs in the dog pound or in Russia where she gave
        Putin a lot of USA uranium. She has done far worse than our president and got
        off the hook. Maybe Joe biden will shove a Rod and a Ham up her butt. Remember
        her full name is Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton.

      • That is because Trump always cuts and runs and betrays people like he did the Kurds. Expect Trump to resign . . . . or he could get “bone spurs” again!

        • Trump hasnt ran away yet, even in situations that most people would have bailed from. When attacked, he always stands his ground. The Commies have told about every lie about him that they can event, and it has barely phased him. No President in US history has ever withstood such an attack and yet he still is holding his ground. You are ignorant if you mistake him for a coward.

          • POTUS DJT Has MORE ‘testosterone’
            Than ____ (in world?) You bet.
            USA blessed/lucky? Doesn’t Matter___
            ‘He’ IS 0ur ‘MAN’.
            > 4 MORE ___

        • And not only did he betray the Kurds because he wants our soldiers home, but he turns around and sends them to Saudi Arabia. Maybe he doesn’t know where home is???

    • Well..60,000 emails – gee id say there was something going on.. I guess they were just saying hello- silly me- ugh what a crook

    • Bullschumer! Himmlery is guilty as all hellsinki. The bravo-itch will be discovered to be at/near the top of all of this. The tippy-top of all of this is Fellatiobama. The “Trump thing” is a counter-intelligence operation. The ONLY way something like that gets the green light is from the Oval Orifice. That means BoogaFool gave it the OK. Kenyabama is dirty, dirty, dirty in this. Eric Trump asked it last night: Where is Smegmabama? Why has he said nothing in all of this? The Kenyan Kokksukker is just slightly more guilty than was Barabbas. It will be a great day when that illegitimately-born batsard gets what’s coming to him…

    • I see you really admire Hillary. So this encyclopedia of wrongs and crimes that surround her…all lies, right?If she IS your saint, WHY are evil, jealous people persecuting her?Just wondering.

    • Yea Elijah Cummings was a big help. ran interferance for Hillary the whole hearing. Hillary didn;t kick anyones a$$ as a matter of fact she lied her a$$ off and has never stopped, She is the Putin of our political system Yea she will lead us, RIGHT TO HELL

    • I beg to differ — Hillary had lots of help, e.g., the liberal media, which is a branch of the so-called “Democratic Party, the deep state, the corrupt FBI hierarchy, etc. But little by little, like the an onion, the layers of skin are being removed and we’re learning so much more than we knew back to the time you’re referring to. I am so happy to have trey goody back, as no one can deliver opposition or defense like he can — he is a true “wordsmith”, if you even know what that means. Can’t wait until October 18, 2019, the predicted date of the release of the Bart/Durham report!

    • Killary was allowed to have her three attorneys with her. the investigation was a sham since most of the committee members were in her pocket.

      • Lew or Lewd, I have to get off your momma first, or is it your wife? She says you’re a real KHunt and could never satisfy her anyways! What a pathetic POS you and the rest of your demonicrats are! I’ll say what most won’t. The world would be much better if Nazi democrat cox$uckers like yourself weren’t in it. Looking forward to that day

    • even Carlson is criticizing Trump. Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

    • There should have been an investigation from both countries into Joe Biden as soon as he gloated on television about how he used military aid as a weapon against Ukraine with his demand to fire their top prosecuter for doing his job. Why is no one on the left is demanding that their leaders are held accountable for interference with another sovereign nation’s politics? Criminals, left or right side need to be prosecuted for abuse of power! Biden & Hillary are a good place to start.

    • I just hope that all goes well for President Trump, there hasn’t or maybe never will be one like him ever again, so we better get on the right page and help out to keep him in 2020.

      • Probably true, TinyTim, but he is an awful lot like another of German decent, Adolf Hitler. Adolf was a white supremacist also, a fascist, an autocrat (Trump LUVS those) and a racist like Trump.

    • I just hope that all goes well for President Trump, there hasn’t or maybe never will be one like him ever again, so we better get on the right page and help out to keep him in 2020.

  9. I have watched Trey since I seen him in As a Prosecutor in South Carolina. His method of determining next step is as good as anyone will ever see. He got to the bottom of a lot of things in Congress but basically had no backing from His Speaker Ryan. I don’t know the plans for him in Trump White House but, whatever it is he will give the President everything he has. Sometimes people either expect to much or too little.

  10. Always good to have a great legal team but they will not be needed because this is going no where like the Mueller investigation. Stop wasting the taxes payers monies.

  11. What case? The transcripts should be idiot proof but i guess they were not dumb downed enough for Nancy or Chuck to understand. Your mad that old moron Joe got caught cheating while VP while working under hero of the last century Obama. Maybe Gowdy can explain it so the Baby Killers can understand it, i don’t know.

    • Rickey Caldwell – Nothing is idiot-proof with the left anymore. If they ever even had an ounce of thought process, it has vanished. Their hatred is the only emotion that they have now.

    • Ricky, “Should Be”, is the key phrase. The definition of democrat is, 1.“hammer and sickle loving cross between a commie and a nazi,” and 2. “worse than idiot.” 3. “Utopian believing numb nuts”

  12. Being a SC resident, I have watched Trey Gowdy as he served this state in DC. There have been times when I have scratched my head about his actions but he is a talented and methodical lawyer that seems to always be two steps ahead of his adversaries. I was hoping that he would have gotten the nod for the AG when Sessions left office but I was upset when he left the Senate. Glad that his talents will be used to help Trump in yet another attempt to remove the president. In time, I am hoping that all of those involved in the Russian collusion hoax and this hit job will be put into prison. Only then will this stop.

    • Gary – I think Trey Gowdy has a better chance not being a part of Congress anymore. He is free to investigate whatever he wants and present it however he wants. I was so happy when I heard that he was joining Pres. Trump legal team.

      • he will be needed, since Giuliani will be convicted like Micheal Cohen, Trump’s last shyster lawyer, got convicted. Bye Bye Rudy!

        • LOL!! Everytime the DEEP STATE tries to discredit Rudy, he releases more info on them!! He’s now revealing that Biden had financial ties to Romania. ROMANIA!! Rudy keeps baiting them and rats get trapped! And no where in that indictment against the two American citizens, does it even mention Guilianni, nor the Ukraine phone call…..nor POTUS! SOROS-bought D.A. in N.Y. has been trying to get the tax returns of POTUS….forevah. Nothing will come of this charge either!! ???? ROTFLOL!! MAGA GO RUDY!!!

    • Will give DRUMPF another lying acolyte. He spent 4 yrs and, about $40 million dollars, give or take a few, trying to deep six Sec. Of State, Hillary Clinton. Such a “great” legal mind and “effective” committee chairman that he finally had to admit he couldn’t find a single thing he could hang on and convict Sec. Clinton with. Too Bad. So “Sad.” Good Luck, HUMPDY DRUMPFY!!

      • Damn if you aren’t a barrel of laughs. You, James A. Langham sure are disconnected from reality. I bet that Blue Spiked Kool-Aid that Obama Pee’d in had fried your brain. When y’all lose, please refill your meds so you don’t roll in the streets or try anything stupid, including writing some dumbass BS and can’t explain why Obama isn’t in prison for being a Traitor who committed Treason.

        • Are you dumb as a stump, Larry, or just dumb as a Trump? You cannot commit
          “treason” outside of a declared war, and there have never been A N Y charges filed against President Obama. How many charges will Trump have filed against him or his people. How many Kurds will die because of Trump?

          • Tom barrack the mulatto was always given a pass. Nobody would try to discipline the first darky to become president. People were afraid that the hood rats would burn the country down. I have a remedy for that. It’s called lock and load.

          • Tom – Sorry, but you are wrong. Treason IS a peacetime crime as well. It is defined thusly in the Constitution:

            “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

            This is possible during peacetime as well as during war. Barrack Obama was guilty of this numerous times, as was Hillary Clinton – both via the various monetary deals they made, enriching themselves AND our enemies. Hillary by selling our Uranium to Russia (at the least); and Obama by (secretly) sending literal PLANELOADS of money to Iran; BOTH of them by betraying our men and Ambassador in Libya. If it were up to me, they would BOTH be standing in front of a firing squad.

            As for Trump, removing our troops form Syria to effectively allow Turkey to invade is not treason, though I DO believe it is a mistake – the same “mistake” Obama made, but for very different reasons.

          • Wrong! Look it up and you will find a number of people convicted and executed for treason in the United States. It is not used frequently nor recently but it’s still on the books. The first “Non-American” President” should have been hanged but nobody wanted to step up and say it. The Left has turned into a bunch of weaklings who can’t risk being labeled as the racists they are, weak-kneed pussies!!

      • James, I spent about the same amount of time screwing your mother and your wife, at the same time. Both said they couldn’t stand your gay liberal tendencies, and that you were a true scumbag stealing money from them all the time. I sai sounds like a filthy democrat! They agreed

  13. Goudy can more than match California kook Pelosi,trample her into the dust any time he elects to do so . Must be something weird in the air & water in “Kookiefonia” what with “Schiff happens Schiff”,Gov.Newsome,(worse than Gov.Moonbeam )and Pelosi.

    • Danny, I agree. Go get’em Trey. It’s time to shut down these dim President Trump haters and support our President Trump; one of the greatest Presidents of all time! Karma has a way of biting these ugly people in the behind with 5 times the misery they have tried to heap on President Trump and all we Conservatives

  14. Go get them Mr. Gowdy we know if anyone can get to the truth you can. God will be at your side just like he is with TRUMP we all know who put Trump in office it was God’s will.

  15. So what is this announcement that’s left everyone ‘stunned’? Is it just the fact that Gowdy’s joined Trump’s team? Well, that doesn’t ‘stun’ me. I’ve never seen Gowdy’s seeming effective work amount to much in the end. I ain’t stunned!

    • “Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., is joining President Trump’s legal team as outside counsel for the House’s expanding impeachment inquiry, according to a report.”

      “Gowdy to take on the role of the public face of the Trump legal team, going on TV making the President’s case to the American people.”

    • It’s the media’s method of insinuating Trump has no support. Well, they’re DEAD WRONG!
      They’re about to find out soon enough.

    • Maybe you’re just missing the point that Gowdy doesn’t get to pass sentences to the scumbags. That’s up to a judge.

  16. let’s get to the bottom of this drama here we have Trey step in to help President Trump with the Impeachment inquiry where is that going to lead? furthermore, the Democrat wants to Impeach, but yet there not following the constitution themselves what’s wrong with this picture? The saga continues, the federal government of the United State of America is in big trouble and no one has the guts to fight the battle the right way.

      • You made a typo, Diane. It should read that Trump has a spine of STEAL! This is because he has already funneled over $110 million from taxpayer money into his own pockets. Next year, the plump Trump wants to hold the G-7 meeting, not at Camp David, but at his failing Doral Golf Course so he can funnel both American tax dollars but foreign tax dollars into his pockets too.

  17. Trey Gowdy should of been on the Trump Staff from the beginning. If the man says he well get to the bottom of any subject, you can bet your dollar Trey will find the Answer and take it to the limit to resolve the problem. Go Trey and Go President Trump You have made AMERICA great once more. You have our vote always.

    • I am not a lawyer but I believe I could clear Mr Trump of any wrong doing. I would advise the President to go before Congress and testify truthfully to the House committee. I would release all documents and all tapes of phone calls with foreign leaders. He should also take a lie detector test without fear. Then all of America will see once and for all that he is an an honest man without a trace of criminal activity. Never understand why innocent people feel the need to surround themselves with an entourage of lawyers.Oh yeah, Mr Trump should release his tax returns to show that there is no tax fraud whatsoever. I will represent him for free, then we can put all this behind us.

      • Great idea, Jonathan. Trump should have all the transcripts of all his “PERFECT calls” reviewed, like the ones he has had with Putin. Ohhh! I forgot . . . many have been reviewed and that is why two whistle blowers have come forward. Trump is HUGE (YUGE?) on lie detectors for his staff at the White House . . . seems he is paranoid his perfect decisions are getting out . . . but Trump does not seem to know the benefits if HE would to submit to a lie detector too.

      • Jonathan Conover for everything that has been cleared for President Trump they the Democrats keep coming up with more lies and paid people to try and bring him down. The Democrats are wasting taxpayers monies by this and they are the ones that should be impeached. It is nice of you to offer I think.

    • Pete N. Garcia – Not only will Trey get to the bottom of things, he’s probably already done so on many or most things before he even starts!

  18. God and his Son Jesus are going to work miracles through these men and keep our country a Republic. Trump has taken onslaughts that no other human could stand and is still pushing forward. He is unstoppable with God’s holy spirit. The people that Trump is encountering are the most evil in history and he needs all the trust worthy help he can get to save our country and the True American Citizens!

  19. Gowdy is the public face and Giuliani is the public mouthpiece of the Trump legal team. Could be terrifying for Democrats.

    • This addition probably scares Democrats more than any other, because they know what Gowdy can do as they have seen him at work.

    • Why do the innocent feel that they have to hire a team of lawyers? Seems like a waste of time and money when all Mr Trump has to do is go before Congress and testify truthfully.

      • Jonathan Conover – Seriously? Testify truthfully? Since when did the truth matter to the Dems? Not to mention that he hasn’t been called to testify. This dog and pony show is closed hearings with only a Republican who’s taking notes. There is no “other side”, such as the Republicans – only Dems and their phony witnesses. This is exactly why the Dems don’t want to take it to a vote. It will give the Republicans an almost even playing field. If this farce doesn’t pan out, they’ve got plenty more tax-payer wasted money schemes. The Dems really don’t mind spending our money on these witch hunts.

        • Mr Trump should demand that he have the opportunity to testify. The American people will see that he is truly a man of his word even if the Democrats don’t. Mr. Trump should step up and get this never ending circus over with!!

          • Yes! Then Trump can get back to the affairs of state, or extramarital affairs in his case. He could play more golf and would be able to betray more allies, like the Kurds. After all, Hillary testified in front of Gowdy’s committee, and they could not touch her. Since Trump is the one with “unmatched wisdom,” he should not have a problem.

  20. so is stunned nancy and Adam Schiff are going git in trouble by impeaching trump and next time nancy thank what you are going to do trump nancy lost trump won


    • Nancy is going to regret these last few years greatly. More so than ever before. The shoe is going to drop. And I think this president that they think is lacking in so many ways really has a lot more under the hood than they realize.

    • Hey reality check. Your mulatto played more golf and took more vacations than Trump. You should come up with something better than that. But you libturds are retarded.

  21. “Trey Gowdy made an announcement about Trump’s impeachment that left everyone stunned” ! Really, totally misleading title with respect to the content of this article. The author should revise title taken from a another sentence he penned. “Gowdy agreed to join Donald Trump’s outside legal team to help the President fend off this latest impeachment coup.” – Not as salacious as the authors current title intimates. Yeesch.

    • I am tired of these articles in the news I want to read on here from good conservative sources not following the first rule of journalism that even fourth grade children are taught. Go ahead and say what you are telling in the first few paragraphs and the title. Then the busy reader can either choose to read the whole article or go ahead to what else he needs to read. Don’t try creative writing to state basic facts.

  22. I used to think that Trey Gowdy was going to do a lot of good. But the reality is – Trey Gowdy makes a lot of noise and exposes corruption – BUT – NOTHING ever happens to those criminals. I really think Americans have grown sick of all the damned talk and want to see some action.

      • I KNOW it – Why else would Ryan have “retired”??? Oh yeah, there’s that pesky matter of him betraying President Trump, and the people of Wisconsin actually paying attention to that fact…He might have been ‘primaried’ out of office…

      • Unfortunately Gowdy is only one in the sea of 435 Representatives and was in the minority party for the previous 2 years, BUT was in the majority party before that, BUT the Republican Speakers were non-functional idiots.

        About the only “legal” charge the House could bring is “contempt of congress” which is another way to say, “2 lashes with a wet noodle”.

        Congress has oversight on “most all government ops”, but it really is toothless oversight.

        Gowdy is a functioning-and-to-be-feared-attorney now that he’s no long is held back by the anchor called Congress. Demented-Dems that confront him with their wild-goose-stories will learn to fear him. I can’t wait to see him in action, now that he no longer works in Washington, deceit and has returned to the Real World.

      • Just a thought…but I think a lot of things had to fall into place including “key” players. Aces in their places. Something is coming down the pike. Everything has to be right with no wiggle room. I guess we will see.

    • Trey Gowdy is 1 man. I certainly don’t know the convoluted processes used in DC to do “things”, but my guess all Mr. Gowdy, or anyone else in Congress, for that matter, can do is uncover the issues and send them up the line for prosecution / whatever. If the DOJ doesn’t act on it, seems to me he can’t really do anything. The thing about Trey Gowdy is you can depend on him to find out who is behind the curtain and be sure the info is put out the public.

    • Mike how true that statement is nothing is ever done every n ight Sean Hannity says the shoe will fall first it was in the spring, then summer, now fall and winter will soon be her and still it goes on and on nothing is ever done with any of them you hear Barr, Durham where are they Barr already let Comey off the hook me thinks they are all in this mess together!!!! Gowdy will do nothing but talk, talk,talk!!!!

  23. Third Rate Trey Gowdy thought 7 Benghazi investigations weren’t enough but one investigtion of the Russians invading our election system was too much. He should go back to Forensic Files

    • You are FUBAR delusional….READ the ARTICLE first .. don’t be a FUBAR PELOSI like she does make an ASS of herself without READINg Obama acre nor the WHIFFLE BLOW HARD false hoods ………..Trey divulged the DEEP STATE….uncovered the Benghazi falsehood…READ THE ARTICLE nad try to recall what went on during HOLDER /Comey/LYNCH farse hoods of LAW DEVIATIONS

      • I read the article… didn’t change my opinion one iota; Trey Gowdy is one of the slimiest, most ineffective lapdog cultists in this nation.

        • And Trey divulged the Great Pumpkin along with the “Deep State.” There is no, I repeat NO evidence of a “Deep State” – – just another pathetic conspiracy ignorant people sell for when decisions do not go their way! I read Corse’s book on Deep State and it is an empty bag of NOTHING.

    • Why don’t you change your handle here to “injustice for Trump” which is a more fitting name for you and the other buffoon Trump bashers for Hillary bitch and join her in hell where the both of you and the others belong. Huck Fillary.

      • They just can’t help themselves , with the fake news media and the school systems pre-school thru college , the liberals are trying to rewrite history to suit there agenda . That’s to Keep the new generation of Americans coming up uneducated , of the real truth about there elected officials , being crooks , cheats , preaching anti American hate crap and Liars . On well

  24. If this Article is CORRECT and TREY GOWDY goes FULL TIME PUBLIC to TELL the FULL STORY that MSM and Talking DONKEYS on TV are NOT doing….he’ll be doing what Trump should do with FEWER TWITTERS…..SPEAK TO AMERICANS like Reagan Did from the OVAL office…TREY will DRIVE the FUBARS of PELOSY D eranged party to high levels of DERANGEMENT !!

    • Well said, James. Gowdy will handle these leftist liberal jackasses and have them outting themselves out!!

      Go get ’em Trey. There is NO ONE better for this task of dealing with the ongoing coup attempt of the President of the United States and this effort by the leftist liberals is, wothout a doubt, nothing short of an attempted coup. They ALL need to be prosecuted for this heineous act upon our nation.

    • They don’t have good medical care. They have great medical care at the expense to taxpayers. And this bunch wants “medicare for all,” which they themselves will never be covered by?

    • Trey will hopefully expose the ridiculous attempt at a coup by the disabled and miscreant House of Rep. members (mostly the democrat ones) now that he is no longer tethered by government idiocy! Go for it Trey and reveal all the corruptness that our Congress seems to relentlessly get away with. They are supposed to be working for the American people and not against our American President who really does love this country! Thank you for taking on this arduous conquest on behalf of the President and the American people! You are the MAN!

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