Trey Gowdy made one confession on Fox News that no one could believe

Trey Gowdy’s career just took a strange turn.

The former South Carolina Congressman has settled into a career as a television pundit.

But now Trey Gowdy has made one confession on Fox News that will change his life forever.

Gowdy was elected to Congress in 2010 as part of the Tea Party wave.

The South Carolina Republican made a name for himself chairing the Benghazi Select Committee that uncovered Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Gowdy then helped expose the Obama Deep State’s plan to frame President Trump for collusion with Russia.

Since retiring from Congress, Gowdy has signed on with Fox News as a pundit.

But in the wake of the murders in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Gowdy has evidently bought into the Left’s false notion that gun control will stop such tragedies.

And Gowdy recently declared he’d willing to give up all his other rights to pass gun control.

Mediaite reports:

Fox News contributor and former Rep. Trey Gowdy said he was willing to “subrogate any of [his] other rights to avoid another Sandy Hook.”

“The right-to-life is the most fundamental, basic, primary right that we have. It is the right from which all other rights emanate,” said Gowdy. “Doesn’t matter if you are a right to a lawyer if you are dead. It doesn’t matter if you are the right to free speech if you are dead. Doesn’t matter if you have the right to keep and bear arms if you are dead.”

“On a personal level, I’m willing to subrogate any of my other rights to avoid another Sandy Hook, another pulse nightclub, another day like we had yesterday. But I’m out of politics and I’m not going back,” said Gowdy.

Gun owners and gun rights are under attack.

The gun-grabbers smell blood in the water.

And even Fox News is adopting the talking points of the anti-gun Left.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I am glad gowdy will give up his rights, that is his choice. I will not! When will these people understand that people kill. Hell i have over 30 guns, and not one of them have killed anyone. They all sit in the safe, and they never try to get out. Ive never seen them on the street raising hell or being unruly. These magic guns, that the left know about, i would like one. Banning guns wont stop this stuff, chicago case in point. Did not help them.

  2. First of all, don’t brag about Bengazi,as you did a mediocre job!!! You caved then just as you are now. Frankly, I’m not surprised you now work for FOX they are now more left than right a far cry from how they operated before Murdocs spawn took over.

    • I never saw any such segment where Gowdy said anything like this. This is not the first time Renewed Right has claimed someone that was wrong. Anyone know the date this supposedly occurred? I am about to flush this sight down the toilet.

  3. > Wanted to like/trusted You, gowdy for some yrs.
    Now, You are a ‘total ‘Sell 0ut’.
    Please ‘Shut Up’ & Go Away.

  4. I agree, but want to say…If gun laws are enacted that take the guns away from law
    abiding citizens then the only people who will have guns are those who do not respect any law. They will find a way to get guns in one way or another. So new gun laws will not prevent another shooting in a school, mall, place of worship or any where else. We need to enforce the laws we already have in place and think of another way to stop the perpetrators of these deeds.

    • I wonder if any other prohibitive laws are being suggested that would enact a law that would forbid gun free zones for those are the areas that these mental whacko’s know are easy target zones. I for one carry my concealed weapon wherever I shop. If a gun free store or other facility I do not bother going there for they purposely or inadvertently put a bullseye on my back.

  5. Sounds like to me some Demonrats are at it again trying to tear down real patriotic americans and their values with a bunch of fake news and lies.

  6. Look up the new movie called “the hunt “ the plot is for rich liberals to pay to hunt “deplorables “ Ideas are being planted. If they aren’t careful, they might become the hunted. Radical Muslims in America are stockpiling weapons as are the antifa assholes Lock and load people. They are about to start some shit. People might call so called assault weapons war weapons. But when the shit hits the fan,we will need them.

    • RIGHT Dan, “ideas PLANTED” ___
      Mk-Ultra & MORE Project Monarch !
      YOU KNOW Right? if Not, do your Homework
      &( freak on Truth? ) YOU, Mon, CAN Handls ‘it’. oK? 0K !!
      > I Called Gowdy OUT, some Time Ago. Now You ‘we’ Know
      THE TRUTH re ‘Gowdy’. & i’m sorry. ( Gowdy ‘FELL’).
      ♥ U Mon.

      • ps Dan. ‘gowdy’ JUST GOT ‘MORE Scared’.
        & Cannot Defend ‘us’ 0r (USA).
        > Sad___ && Not too good. i guess ‘gowdy’
        Has to do What he Has To Do, For & IN
        ‘his personal life’).

  7. So another crazed psycho just killed 4 people with a machete. Guess that will be next….machete control. You’ll have to register at Home Depot if you want to hack down all the bamboo in your yard!

  8. Very disappointing comment and viewpoint Mr. Gowdy, and more in step with the Democratic opposition than the principles of the Republic for which our founders tried to leave us with. The “right to life” is why we have the 2nd Amendment, simply because it gives each American the ability to defend one’s self from the depravation of their neighbors and the government. It guarantees it. This is why the SCOTUS decisions in the USA v. Cruikshanks and Presser v. Illinois were fundamentally flawed in their defense of the State’s Right to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment.
    I think you’d agree that the Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees the Right of Due Process, Trial by Jury, Protections against Cruel and Unusual Punishments, Excessive Bail, Double Jeopardy, Property Seizure, Equal Protection, Self Incrimination, Searches and Seizures without Warrant or Probable Cause, and other unenumerated rights are protected from incursion by Local, State and Federal Governments? That those principles cannot be denied to a citizen of the US regardless of their residence in whichever State that agreed to follow and uphold those principles by ratification of both of those august documents as part of the Union of States? If your answer is yes to either of those two questions then can you not recognize that no State can pick and choose which Rights they must assure to their populace and which rights they can infringe upon? Following and being guided by the Constitution demands and requires that every level of government, from local up to Federal is shackled by the Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to prevent abuses by the three levels of government. Allowing States or Municipalities to cast aside that principle is anathema to and a direct challenge and contradiction to the Constitution and Bill of Rights in and of those documents.
    We accept, uphold and follow all of the Constitution, not just those parts we agree with, and many of us have sworn oaths stating we will do such, and that we will defend it from all enemies, be they foreign or domestic. Congressmen, Senators, the Executive, the Judiciary and all agencies associated with the government (Federal, State and Local), no matter what level of GS, take that same oath. If you agree to that, then you must accept that the majority decision by SCOTUS of the two landmark cases mentioned previously was fundamentaly and Constitutionally flawed as badly as the infamous Dred Scott decision, and as such they should be cast aside or reversed. The reality is that a Local and State government is just as capable as the Federal government (more so and more directly), of trampling upon the God given rights the Bill of Rights enshrines as sacrosanct. Since they’re God given or Natural (for the godless among us), No One May Deny Those Rights At Any Level, and an erroneous decision by SCOTUS allowing such was and remains Unconstitutional.
    As one of our more prominent Founders stated, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety.” You go right ahead and give up your Right To Keep and Bear Arms Mr. Gowdy, but as for me, Patrick Henry and I say “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death,” because I don’t want to live in the dreamy fallacy of a phoney target rich utopia that disarming the law abiding will create. Looking at the current crop of amadáns occupying seats in both the upper and lower houses of Congress, only a fool would trust any of them.

    • I get the feeling that this site is “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Look at all the negative comments about Gowdy and they all stem from the notion that this site planted about how Gowdy sold out his stance on gun rights that he has held forever, on a segnent that I have not seen. Furthermore, I have never seen a single broadcast where Fox has adopted the talking points of the Left on any issue. Sure they have guests from the Left in order to allow representation of the opposing points of view like Swalwell and others but they do that just to show that if you are THAT stupid, it is possible to put your head up your butt for a self administered proctology examine. I have never seen a Fox host on any show do that. This is why I ask what episode so I can fact-check Renewed Right. Something does not pass the sme test.

  9. Maybe they should incarcerate the gun and not the idiot who pulls the trigger or have they thought of it yet?

  10. Trey I always wondered about you, being a lawyer for one, being a politician for another one, now I know you are one sick, cowardly POS from day 1! Piss off!

    • I guess the website is starting to lean a little to the left…. I’ve tried 3 times to leave a comment and nothing goes thru. Ohhhhwelll!😥😪😞

      • Happens to all the time whenever I attempt to say something from the Right Side seems they are only allowing post that Praise the LEFT…

  11. One can ask a question, why does the USA have 4% of the worlds population BUT own 46% of the worlds guns?????? Why in “gods” name does an average citizen need weapons of WAR!!!!!! As Trump would say SO SAD…..

    • The question is why does Hollywood have to produce a movie showing people hunting down deplorables? As for weapons. Why does free Americans have to explain why they need anything?

        • Sounds good to me. As long as you ignite it in the right place. You figure out where. Like antifa headquarters. Just saying.

        • Yup. As long as we know you are a law abiding citizen. They like to side-step the idea that there are law-abiding citizen who, although have many guns, they will not use them to kill unless they are threatened with harm to life or limb and know the difference because they are sane. The 2nd Amendment. For the only Amendment that sats “….will not be infringed…” there sure as been a hell of a lot of infringing going on over the years.

    • Because the United States was founded by and for the people and therefore are free citizens and not subjects whose life is dependent on government, – or at least it should be.

    • One can ask another question; does it say anywhere in the second ammendment anything about “need”? Other than protection from out of control governments, of course!

        • An individual can be ‘well regulated’ without aid of another. And an individual can form a militia unto himself for there is no specific number attached to militia in the constitution for it is a vague term to begin with.
          The emphasis in the constitution is upon the individual, not the authority of government. In fact all rights are retained by the people and it is they who grant SOME particular rights to the government. Not the other way.

  12. Has anyone read the book Trance Formation of America this is a must-read!! It’s about the CIA and mind control with all the stuff that’s been going on about the CIA and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies and what’s been done to the President I think this book will help give us a clue about why all of this is happening. Read it and reply.

    • At first I thought Trey Gowdy was a righteous man. Now I suspect that he is Deep State
      Can’t trust anyone in our Government. Corruption is King and the pedophiles, rapists and murderers running on the Demoncrat ticket for President will do anything to wrestle the seat away from President Trump including mass murder.

  13. Dissapointed to read how easily, Gowdy prefers to give up his Constitutional Rights, instead of “diving into finding a solution” to all these mass murders!

    People never stops amazing me with the coward solutions to daily problems…



  14. I had his empty suit number when I watched him allow the hildabeast to slide when changing her story about Sid Blumenthal not being then being as consultant on Libia. Perjury right on the TV and record. He didn’t even blink. But I certainly caught it. It was a lock her up moment.

  15. What if homemade bombs had been used? Would the gun-control advocates want to ban the ingredients in the bomb? If one wants to kill and is determined to do so, there is nothing short of a gun pointed back at him to stop him. Stop blaming an inanimate object and put the blame where it belongs: squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrator.

      • Real M: I also agree that what Trey Gowdy was really saying is that he would be willing to give up his rights if it would have prevented a mass killing. To the other critical responders, please do not throw Trey under the bus so to speak so easily. He has been a staunch supporter of our POTUS and American values. Keep in mind the Demonrats love to see us challenge our own and create more chaos so they can gain political points.

        In my view Trey was expressing his own personal opinion and view about mass shootings. I do not believe that he is trying to say we should all give up our rights. There are some patriots such as veterans (like myself) that would lay down your life for america, family and friends as you have seen in previous and present wars and acts of heroism. I may be wrong but maybe he has seen so much crime and corruption both in the legal system, govt. and civilian world but still cares and has a soul. You know the old saying innocent until proven guilty still applies no matter what anyone says. A day will come that you may want someone to help you and everyone will answer for their sins and criticism.

  16. 90 % of all these shootings are created by democraps just so they can push the gun control non sence! It will never work and everyone with a half of a brain knows it! Gun control will only help criminals and thugs! They only fear a thug has is the guy behind that door or store owner might shoot his dumb ass! Guns will always be easy to buy on the street and if a nut wants one they find one! If it’s not one type it will be another, its everyones right to own and carry for what ever reason and these shootings dont have a dam things to do with guns! It’s the morons punks who do this stupid stuff to get on tv! Blame the media for publishing all the coverage of it or the idiots who protest it!! Everyone knows these punks and all the signs are there and they always wait until something happens! Seems funny the closer to elections the more nuts do shootings! Democraps like to push control bullcrap, it wouldnt surprize me any if they dont create it for something to run the mouths about!! Guns dont kill people,, idiots do!! And it dont matter what they use, if it wasnt a gun they would find something else! Your lucky its guns and not a bomb! Gun control only will benifit a thug or nut! To much underground availability with easy access! Gun control will be a pain in the ass for good people who do things the right way! Democraps are to stupid to do anything right, they never think of the whole picture! We all its George soros creating caos for election crap so idiots like know nothing Binden, Harris, Booker,and OAC can run there mouths about something they couldnt fathem!!

    • I believe that all these shootings are staged by George Soros, he is the most evil person on earth, other than the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Biden, the new women in the House of representatives, and the rest of the new communist party of the USA!


    • But Thomas, who is to decide what firearm training qualifies you to own a gun? If a government bureaucrat is to make that decision then I have lost my 2nd amendment rights.

      • Diane, The gun is blamed, when it cannot fire itself, a person does. I heard today that the common denominator in these mass shooting are the drugs that were used by the shooters, drugs used to treat people with mental issues. However, the politicians and media refuses to report this key factor. Why? The biggest lobby in Washington D.C. is Big Pharma, reason politicians will not discuss this; and the media because big pharma provides a substantial source of revenue for media outlets. But the gun gets blamed.

        • I can understand the pharmaceutical companies making claim in protection of their business so I would not be so eager to blame them for the carnage done by the whacko’s who create these tragedies.
          Yes, drugs are the background cause of much of the actions of those who kill and maim but most often it is illegal drugs, not much different than mental deviants with guns, that are the cause for this mayhem.
          Heck, if drug companies are to be held accountable then how about holding auto companies to the same standard since more people are killed by cars each year then by guns? Hold the perp accountable, and the drugs he voluntarily ingests, for he would use any method to kill innocents if guns were not available to him. To hold others, including legal businesses, at fault for his mentally deranged actions is rather ludicrous.

        • I have been saying for years mental illness and putting little kids on these damn drugs is why we have the problems today with mass shootings. Kids killing parents and all they see is hate and war. It’s sad this is not the America I grew up in. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  18. The program is that people get elected to government and make it their business to alter the rights guaranteed by the constitution. I’m not saying Trey Gowdy is like that. Their job is to protect and uphold the constitution. Suppose I take a job but want to change the settled work rules to suit my needs and show up when I want and do as I please. Same difference with people that want to shape our constitution to what they think it should be. On the hypothetical job, I would get shit canned quickly. Easy to do in our right to work state. We need to fire the members of Congress for failing to do their duties upholding the entire constitution. It was written for what the government can’t do to us They want it to read opposite and be able to screw us

    • So now Gowdy is out of politics and onto becoming a TV pundit?
      That just means instead of upholding the constitution he will be worried more about ratings and satisfying a voracious public like those on the left who love the story, but not the truth.
      Pitiful that he has lost his moral compass and his oath to uphold and defend the constitution whether a politician or citizen of this country.

  19. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

  20. The problem is not guns. It is people. I am a veteran, held a T/S clearance, have been fingerprinted dozen of time and have aa concealed carry permit. As a ship merchant mariner (retired ship captain) I was again investigated and fingerprinted. I am trained, qualified and deserving of gun ownership.I am also a life member of the NRA. However, a HUGE number of gun owners do not have 10% of my qualifications and it scares me. It is not only a matter of having a serious background check, it is also an issue of having training including safety training. When I go to a gun show I cringe when I see at some of the idiots there.

    We obviously have rights given under the constitution but those rights have to be tempered with a dose of reality. You have to be investigated, trained and tested to fly an airplane, perform surgery, or even sell real estate. So, why not something of real substance to own a firearm. Also, if you ever go to a professional range or serious training facility you will immediately notice that the instructors bring things clearly into focus through the use of basic terminology. It is not a GUN it is a WEAPON!!!.

    • Semantics. A weapon can be anything from a rock in your hand to a nuclear missle. A gun or firearm, specifically auto loader or revolver, rifle and or shotgun is a specific type of weapon. The most dangerous weapon in our arsenal is between our ears. Improper use of that weapon can maim or kill yourself or others. Training is the key to safe and proper handling of firearms, but the founders placed the burden of training squarely on our shoulders alone. If one doesn’t have the training, seek it out.

  21. Since the Red Flag confiscation bill become inevitable, I want to make sure that on this bill, it must include a few details to assure that our right to bear arms is 100% protected. Anyone that provide false information against an innocent gun owner must be prosecuted and sent to prison for five years AND all the weapons must be returned to the rightful owner. A lawsuit can be legally filed against the person(s) for lying, either may be it a private citizen and any government agency.

    Federal death penalty to any mass murderer within a year after the sentencing.

  22. I don’t understand how people can say that guns are the problem. Especially when recently, a number of times it has been a “good” guy with a gun, that has stopped a “bad” guy with a gun. AND, I think it is safe to say that “gun free” zones do not work, just look at Chicago. How long have they been a “gun free” city? They have some of the highest amount of gun violence in the country. All a “gun free” zone does, is let the bad guys know, that they are not going to have resistance or run into anyone who is going to be able to stop them. Let’s face it, police response time are not instantaneous. This is not a slam on Police, they do a great job. But they can’t be everywhere at once, it is impossible. So very often a “good” guy with a gun is your only defense, so taking away our 2nd Amendment rights is not the way to solve the problem! IMHO

  23. Gowdy: I would’ve cover your back to the gate of HELL, but for you to throw the Constitution and the Bill of Right all in one shot into the fire, and staying that it isn’t worth fighting for (in so many words), you have lost my trust in you as any kind of an American leader of our country. Simple because most of us Patriotic American citizens know one thing, and that is if., We the People, Lose the 2nd Amendment there will be No, 1st Amendment Rights at all (and that does include you yourself).
    After all that is lost, with No more freedom of choice, No more Bill of rights.No more Constitutional Rights. And you are willing to cash it all in just because you want what..? To save your own a$$?
    I will gladly die trying to give my family and friends, my fallow citizens, before myself any day. This is the what my father had taught me, and he was a Bronze Star Mealish of the US Air Force Veteran during the Korea War. I cherish him for all he has done both before and after I was Born and before his death in 2009.

  24. Doesn’t matter if I give up my gun rights as I’m dead from being shot by a person with a gun that has been obtained illegally, because you know criminals follow gun laws. Gowdy has crossed to the dark side.

        • John Noffz, Good for you! RR is so “hard” on me and what I write, when I word comments like what is in AP’s and yours, my comment is deleted. They cut me off at one point and then let me write pretty much what I wanted then all of a sudden I am being censored for “nothing” comment, not profane, vulgar, or threatening! Go figure!

  25. Unbelievable! I always admired Trey Gowdy–he seemed fearless when it came to standing up to the left wing crazies. Either he was all bark & no bite, or he was forced to say things he doesn’t really believe in order to protect people he loves more than the 2nd amendment. In any case, this is so very disappointing.

      • To Linda and Janie, I do believe that portion of his statement has indeed been taken out of context. He fully supports the 2nd Amendment but also wants more uniform standards across the country. Better backround checks (prior criminal records, psychological history and so on). And a previous commentator stated the reason for the 2nd AMENDMENT. To have the ability to defend ourselves against the very people who want to take away our right to own guns; THE GOVERNMENT!!!!! This newly minted “quad” are to me the most glaring example of that. Forget the rule of law and the need to ammend the Constitution, they want gun seizure for the flimsiest reasons. Under their reasoning, if a husband screams at his wife, or the wife screams at her husband, that would be reason enough to have the local police seize a weapon, no warrant needed. I just hope there are enough voters out there who by now should realize these 4 representatives need to be voted out of office!!!!

    • Nothing Disappointing about what Trey Gowdy said!

      I am a Proud Republican and Voted for Trump (in Primary and General) and will vote for him again!

      I also believe there is no need for Assault Weapons and Automatic Weapons! Our Government is Not a Tyranny Risk!

      I also believe many Republicans believe similarly!,

      • Hey doofus, the AR designation on the guns you are talking about stands for Armalight, the name of the company that originally developed the style NOT automatic.

  26. That is a terrible day.when the one man that you thought was fighting like Hell for us the true AMERICAN PATRIOTS HE FLIPS LIKE A BAD PENNY. SHAME ON YOU TREY. YOU WAS MY HERO. FREEDOM IS GONE

  27. that isn’t exactly what he said. He said he would give up that right if there was a guarantee that no more mass shootings like these would occur. He also said he’s tired of the rhetoric and it’s time to get down to Serious analysis regarding statistics surrounding mass casualty gun violence such as these. He said another law another addendum to a law is not going to make a difference until you first figure out if you’re fully enforcing the current laws that are on the books. Additionally said he prosecuted many gun crimes and knows that there are statistics behind all of the perpetrators that are committing these acts and that needs to be part of the analysis along with mental health treatment options that play into these types of events. Your selective use of his comments seems to hint at fake news. I think your audience deserves an apology and you need to print his text in full rather than take it out of context. Quite disappointed in your presentation of Congressman Gowdy

    • Thomas Wagner, Thank you very much for your comment! I missed Gowdy when he was on Fox talking about this subject! I wish everybody on this site would read your comment! This article has caused Gowdy to lose a lot of friends and a lot of respect among second amendment supporters. I could not believe my eyes and said how could this have happened. As you pointed out he didn’t say “that”, more fake lying news! So sick of it!

    • Thank God! Thank you for your post Thomas–my faith has been restored! I was struggling to make sense of Trey Gowdy switching horses mid-stream. Turns out he didn’t. And why would Renewed Right present his statement in such a way as to totally misrepresent the truth? I am in agreement with The Real M, so sick of FAKE ‘news!’

    • Thank you for clarifying. I did not see the interview and had no idea what he said. But what was in this article, didn’t sound like him. I knew something was amiss. I have faith again.

  28. The criminals will not give up their weapons but they expect law-abiding citizens to give up theirs….what a disappointment Senator….or is just the new rules to keep your job??

  29. Well, he just shot himself in the foot. I thought he had more sense than to try and take our guns but apparently the demorats have gotten to another one. Unless they take all the guns away from all criminals and mentally deranged our guns are safe and secure under the 2nd Amendment and three bad ass dogs that bite!!!

  30. How disappointing! He’s lost my respect! I don’t own a gun, but if I DID have one, I sure wouldn’t give it up! Gun control is coming, people. Better get ready to hide them in an undiscoverable location. From confiscating our guns, to confiscate our money, & so on. GET OUT AND VOTE! And, vote in ALL elections. That’s how these Moslims, & Somalis get elected. People stay home, & don’t bother to go vote. That’s how the crooks get reelected, & reelected. And don’t buy into the liberal notion that if guns are outlawed, then only the outlaws will have guns.

    • I believe on a legal adptation of the Red Flag, but I do not believe it should be one sided. Pointing a finger at anyone needs conformation, due process if you will, and punishment for false accusations. A person can be put on “Watch” or something, until it is proven they are a legal assessment.

      • Agreed. Let us not forget about the FBI agents (lawyers) who gave false testimony to a (unconstitutional) FISA court judge that started the Mueller investigation. Why aren’t they in prison along with Obama’s spies on the Trump campaign? Unless a psychiatrist or another person, trained and educated to evaluate human behavior, decides such things, nobody’s rights should be suspended! People have individual rights under law and legislators should never restrict those rights based upon “needs.” It becomes too easy to define others’ “needs” based upon officials’ (or relatives’) opinions.

  31. Gowdy just lost all my respect. He needs to study history and what happens to countries that give up their gun rights.

    • Wrong decision. The Right to Bear Arms will will be of no value for any person who is dead. We must protect this right with our lives. No one has a right to gun violence.

    • And I thought Trey had a much better grasp of the long term vs the short term balance. He is obviously more emotional that I ever guessed changing direction on a dime. If, God forbid, gun control and registration are implemented, what are these people going to then say when it does not work to fix the problem and most likely will make it worse along with the risk of losing our liberties. Well then it is too late once our protection is gone, gone forever. It is not a whoops, well lets just take it back on a do-over. What will then then take away vehicles, planes, knives and etc from everyone just to fix the relatively few crackpots. Guess he cannot see that you do not ruin the lives of many to fix the few bad apples. Too mentally lazy to find a good solution for everyone.

  32. The 2nd amendment is protected under the constitution something the Democrats seem to want to forget. The criminals will not give up their weapons but they expect law biding citizens to give up theirs.

    • Mary Johnson, you are so right. When they take our guns, it will be a “free for all” from the crooks’ point of view. I believe we should protect the 2nd Amendment and keep our guns for our own protection.

  33. Traitor. Gun rights come before all else including the right to life. I’d sacrifice a million unborn babies so I can keep my guns.

    • Sure says a lot for you!!! I’m all for the right to have a gun, but sacrificing a million unborn babies?????? They are God’s creation….and all precious…and by the way…Trey is no traitor….He is one clean and good and I might add, smart man!!

  34. I believe the Leftie Powers That Be have gotten to Mr. Gowdy. Soooo sad, as people who are awake know that these two shootings were not just a “couple of crazy guys” that went shooting with their guns. This has ALL to do with Child Trafficking and Satanic Pedophiles!!! Check it out!!! When we get rid of the Satanic Pedophile Elite and just even the Satanic Pedophiles, the shootings will stop!!! Again, CHECK THESE SHOOTINGS OUT!!! A lot of Americans are AWAKE!!! Just so you Lefties know–you Lefties need to check some things out, as most of you are not evey close to being AWAKE!!!

  35. Getting to the point. I don’t shoot people. I don’t rob people. I even obey all traffic laws. I want to live in peace without government assholes dictating to me. I hate the word “control “, and I hate the word “ban”. If these commie assholes take a certain type of gun, they wouldn’t stop there. Millions of so called assault weapons are in circulation and should remain so. And be allowed to be sold. Some have used them to fight off multiple attackers. Background checks for private purchases would be ok. If you are in good standing with the law, no problem. If I sold a gun, the buyer and myself would go to my local gun shop and get the paperwork right, which would include a background check. But NO registration.

    • PS. Millions in circulation and very very few misuses. Why not ban driving cars. My guns have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car. Remember the antigun commiecrat that killed that girl in a wreck and waited until he sobered up before reporting it? By the way she was knocked up. They didn’t have dna testing then. Lucky him. Reminds me of a poem. There was a senator from Mass whom went looking for some ass. He lucked up and found it, f—led up and drowned it and that almost ended his ass.

      • Right RJK. Sorry I left that one out. Like the song Bobby McGee by kris kristofferson said, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. Lose that and all is lost.

    • Got a question for everyone. Who is going to take the weapons from the three dozen Muslim militia groups, and from the mosques where they do their training?? Trey?

    • Background checks for private purchases. That is a great idea, and that single idea will get you called a commie here in Florida.

      • Eric I’m ok with it If it doesn’t involve registering guns with any government state,local or federal With a clean record, no worries.

  36. This gives Juan Wiliams & the other commie on Fox more echo power.

    Jihadist Psychopath: How He is Seducing, Charming & Devouring Us, JAMIE GLAZOV.

  37. the FBI,CIA and ATF have been involved in so many coverups you cannot name them all from JFK Waco Ok Fed building dowing the airline off the northeast coast line sandy hook and many more just start looking back the only one that they did not get away with was Ruby ridge. its all there just read and add it up

    • Read everything Trey Gowdy actually said. This is FAKE News. I think the Renewed and The Patriot Pulse are liberal imposters that can no longer hold back! More and more of their liberalism is coming out. They probably are just collecting conservative info by having you subscribe. Pay attention!!

  38. Try Gowdy quit Congress, just like Paul Ryan has admitted that he did, because he/they are NEVER TRUMPERS!!
    Gowdy put on quite a show while in Congress, but he accomplished NOTHING! I am not a fan.

  39. Subjugate, I guess is a fancy lawyer word that means I don’t believe in the US Constitution.
    Gowdy is just that, a pundit.
    He failed to find Hillary guilty on Benghazi, which she is.

    • Real M someone has a loose screw. I believe that government conspiracies do exist, but l met a family from sandy hook and it was real. The man lost his nephew in the shooting.

    • Dan: You need to take a breath and actually read what Trey stated and his response. He has more american values and blood in his veins then most of the other govt. officials especially the Deep State bunch of swamp people. Ask yourself how many times has he condemned people like Hillary, Obama, Comey and many other corrupt and evil Demomrats.

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