Trey Gowdy put this Trump-hating FBI agent in a body bag

Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok finally testified before Congress.

Strzok tried early on to square off with Trey Gowdy.

It turned out to be a massive mistake.

An unhinged Strzok testified before a joint House Oversight and Judiciary Committees panel.

Strzok tried to fend off allegations that his anti-Trump text messages to ex-FBI agent Lisa Page did not mean he compromised either the Clinton email or Russia investigations.

Gowdy asked Strzok to explain that statement in light of the fact that he was removed from the Mueller investigation for bias against the President.

Strzok sneered at Gowdy that he didn’t appreciate Gowdy saying he was removed for bias.

That was all Gowdy needed to hear.

The South Carolina Congressman fired back and shut down Strzok’s bad attitude by declaring, “I don’t give a damn what you appreciate.”

Democrats tried to turn the hearing into a partisan side show.

Representative Elijah Cummings brought movie theater style posters to showcase all the guilty pleas Mueller has racked up – although none have been for collusion with Russia.

At one point in the hearing Democrats also burst out into applause after Strzok’s remarks.

Do you believe Strzok when he claimed his hatred of President Trump never affected his work?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. How many of theses people done something that would discredit the and make them ineligible for the office there in? I do not believe a one of them have so why are there back ground not being look at.

  2. Yes Strzok should be arrested, stripped of his pensions and go to prison and his wife who is the head of the sec should join him as she was the one who shut down the investigation of Hillary’s emails and servers.

  3. no proof of Russian tapping democrats files because they will not let them be looked at.Dem killed in DC gave info to Wikileaks.Top FBI conspired because their cushy jobs became exposed when Trump elected.All politicization of the FBI & justice dept become exposed and their hand picked candidate(Hillary)lost thus showing the population all the lies and cheating from previous administration. Lies, cover-up, refusal of info,hiding info, & deletion(against laws) of material to cheat new administration and protect Obama’s politicization of law enforcement against Trump and republican party. If dems do it it is right thing if repubs do it that is against law and should be prosecuted. That is the lefts way of looking at things. Dems always pure and right Repubs should be jailed and not let to voice anything.Bring back the Constitution

    • THere is more coming. Emails show that Mueller is a liar and will frame someone if he doesn’t like them. Many FBI agents are ready and willing to testify. Tea Party or Congress has seen the emails, and the swamp will be pouring out,.

  4. Show you the IGNORANCE in the so called die hard Democrats.
    BEFORE YOU VOTE (I’M SPEAKING TO THE HALF INTELLIGENT DEMOCRATS. Don’t you find it Frighting that all States that have DEMOCRATS As there REPRESENTATIVE ARE IN CONSTANT CAIOUS. GOING BROKE> STOP BEING PLAYED ,LOOK IT UP.If your to stupid to do that then you deserve any thing that happens in your state..Feel SORRY FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE FUTURE BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY or To LAZY to research…..
    Understand DEMOCRATS Beliefs are not like they were in Grand Parents and Parents days..

    • Ttu our so right th here the face of the anti American globalist communist party wake the hell up as ll you silly liberals ws ho vote your voting for the over throw of America. Wake up and pull your dumb heads out of your ass !

    • The election is over. The Democrats won the House. Income tax increases, gun control (surrender),jobs going back overseas due to taxes at 35%, attempts to impeach Trump and Kavanaugh, no Wall, and open borders. We will lose our new jobs and all go back on FS. What were our idiot countrymen thinking? They deserve what they get, but those of us who supported Congress (and Trump) will suffer along with the idiots who voted blue.

    • Yes and now he needs to pay for that hate by spending time in prison. Lets see what happens to him when he unleashes that hate on the other prisoners. That POS will be black and blue. What a scumbag with his smarmy, arrogant attitude. Understand he is to be called back for more testimony, shortly. I want to watch him beg for mercy and get none

    • Stzrok was and is to this day a traitor! And should be treated as one, and all of his allies along with him, including his traitous wife! This has gone on long enough and it’s time that Meuller should be shut down as well! This is the most disgraceful act of treason ever created in the USA! Because of his position and work, HE should be subject to a firing squad execution, and every Patriot of the USA should demand that he be tried as such. Those in cahoots with him, including crooked Hillary should also be sitting at trial. This is the greatest act of treason ever to the United States of America since it’s foundin, worse even than Aaron Burr.

  5. Strozk lied to his wife and he lied to the committee. He wants us to believe that though he hated and held disdain for Donald Trump, it NEVER affected his FBI work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Who cares what President Trump did before he became president. That is his business!! Look at President John F. Kennedy who was the best Democratic president to ever serve this Country and he carried on an affair with Marilyn Monroe the whole time he was is office. And have read there were more women than just Marilyn. He was married and had a son. He was one of our greatest presidents.

      • I am happy that Trump didn’t use an intern in the white house for his sexual gratification like Bill Clinton did, or actually, Trump never raped anyone, but Bill Clinton did.

  6. Strzok is nothing but a LIAR who disregarded the FBI rules. He doesn’t deserve any government job. The rest of the Democrats acted like fools and kept interrupting proceedings. Democrats showed disrespect for the court. Strzok needs to be arrested and put in jail. Democrats need to grow up and accept that Trump is our President and stop acting like jerks.

    • These Liberal treasonous traitors need to be tried by a court and really would hanging or lethal injection be out of bounds? Untill these scum are held accountable they will continue to do all the illegal and immoral things they have been doing untill they see they will be accountable for there treasonous acts, what would happen if the same thing happened in Russia or China? We all know what would happen! They would be executed and this kind of problem would no longer be a problem!!!

  7. Gowdy behaved like a horse’s ass. He might have had something going for him but it was obvious that he didn’t want Strzok to answer the questions because he was shouting over him after the first few words. This committee hearing showed to the whole country why Congress has such a low rating. He was afraid of Strzok’s answer that he would tell that he had bad things to say about Clinton and Sanders and a number of other candidates also from both parties. And he gave a great explanation of why he hated Trump.

    I also noted how so many of the Republicans deferred their time to Gowdy who tried to parse each word of the e-mails to no avail because he kept on cutting him off. I guess he just likes to hear his own voice. And he needed a shave. That’s not what he looked like in the picture attached. Glad he’s leaving.

    • I wish Tray Gowdy was a supreme court justice. ur opinion about
      Senator Gowdy is summed up with this answer. I do not give a damn
      what u think or like. u must be obummer billary a$$ kisser. u
      can not fix dipped in stupid!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Strzok made Gowdy look like the fool he is! He must be leaving because he sees the handwriting on the wall and would never get re-elected…… most of the Republican cowards leaving!

    • You wish you were as great a man as Gowdy. I hope trump puts him a Judgeship even SC Justice. He is a brilliant legal Constitionalist mind

    • Only a dumb dumacrat idiot could come up with a stupid remark such as that. Tray Gowdy spoke the truth and his questions were on point. Even a 3rd grade student could see the lies Strzok was spooing out. These dumacrats just don’t want to give up and look at whats really happening in our country.

  8. The FBI should be made up of America’s finest – Strzok, Page, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, etc. are NOT America’s finest (unless you’re talking about LIARS and ARROGANCE) !

    • What doe you expect from an administration, such as it was, that was in the whitehouse during that time??? ALL of them are clinton/obama lackeys!!!

    • CAN YOU IMAGINE that idiot S. Cohen from Tennessee telling Strzok
      that he deserves a PURPLE HEART!
      Now that is what you HAVE to call an Anal orifice!!!!!

      I guess he shed blood when he caught with these e-mails!!!!1

      • That piece of garbage Cohen from Tennessee is rotten to the core. How dare he say that the traitor Strzok deserves the Purple Heart. What makes that idiot think that this pos should be given any medal? Strzok belongs in prison and Cohen with him. I hope the people of Tennessee wake up and throw that pos out of Congress.

        • Absolutely spot on. Tennessee needs to be ashamed of electing this dirt bag to such an office. I hope he is ousted in the next election and replaced with a pro-Trump supporter!

          • It’s not just him. It is the entire Democratic party who apologized for the Republicans questioning Strozyk about his motives. Someone needs to wipe that sneer off his face I trust the FBI less after seeing him testify which couldn’t go any lower than it already was. Think they are all a bunch of buffoons.

  9. How much taxpayer money did Cummings use for those posters and talk about a lack of decorum even allowing them in the chambers. I was always told the best way to get out of a hole is to stop digging Mueller needs to speak up as to why Strzok was removed then ask him the same questions.. Time has come for a grand jury where if you get snarky they find you in contempt and jail you until you cooperate.

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        Thanks for your kind response, here is a little more for thought.

        You realize Trump may be wagging the dog and not firing Mueller and Sessions and even Rosenstein maybe part of the game plan. The investigation into the “other crimes” may not involve Trump at all.

        • Hey Trapper, if Trump fired Rosensein and Mueller, everyone would go mad and say that he is guilty, and wants to close the investigation.Mueller will get his soon.
          There are dozens of FBI men that want testify that Mueller is crooked. Just found emails today about Mueller involved with lies and etc..

  10. I was not surprised to see the burning hate in Strzok’s eyes. He looked like he would gladly “spray” every Republican on the Committee with assault rifle fire.

    The one disappointing incident occurred when he lambasted President Trump for Trump’s alleged disparaging comment about a Muslim Gold Star family.

    I believe in my heart that Trump deeply supports our military and appreciates every soldier.

    If there are people who don’t believe this, perhaps it is time for President Trump to “clarify” this important issue. Strzok scored deep points against Trump in his last, hate-filled monologue.

    Folks, we both voted for Trump and deeply support him. But we also live in a land of bitter politics. If I am wrong, help me to understand any mistake I am making.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • No Mike, you are not wrong, you are seeing things exactly as they are. Pres. Trump is not afraid to speak out, as we all know. I believe he is jut waiting, biding his time and watching the Left hang themselves. The truth is becoming more and more obvious. We have to be patient, yet alert. Things are happening and more and more people are seeing the ugly truth of the Left.

    • No mistake. You are right on target. America has been in great need of a President with backbone, courage, faith & steadfastness. God, in His mercy, has given us that in President Trump. Pray for him & his office & family. Melania needs our prayers as she works to help rebuild our land along side of him.

    • The only one in that family who was a patriot was the son who died…The father and the mother used the death of their son for political purposes not that they seemed to care one bit about their son. It was so evident when the Father Kahn, who was pushing for bringing more Muslims into this nation illegally, was speaking on television. His son was the hero, not him or his wife who was afraid to open her mouth.

  11. Abolish FBI, anyone born before WW2 knows it has been ran crooked with J E Hoover at the helm. Strzok just did more to lower the standards of the FBI than anyone would have thought possible. Abolish the FBI !!!!

  12. This FBI “agent” is a worthless piece of garbage, and he acts like the idiot I believe him to be. I have no clue how deeply the entire FBI is mired in hatred and in harming innocent people, but NOTHING would surprise me about the FBI except honesty and decency, EITHER of which would shock the socks off me. It is past time to eliminate the FBI as part of our “government” which is rolling downhill as fast as possible. I have no respect for the FBI. Actually I am ashamed of it AND ashamed of most of our federal government which does very little that is helpful in any respect.


  14. I guess the FBI doesn’t realize THEY work for Congress and are not above the law. Who to hell is Rosenstien that can give unlimited power to Mueller? I would remind them (FBI) whom they work for and then fire ALL top level personnel. This has gotten way-out-of-control.

    • Exactly Jim, we need a complete overhaul of leadership. All government officials, elected or otherwise, should be required to take at least 101 Constitution courses. Then, swear to uphold the Constitution. Any violation of the Constitution after that should be immediate dismissal. If this law was in place Obama would be in jail today. He lied under oath to protect this country, knowing full well that his intent was to bring it down. Never before have we seen such a traitorous president. Let us NEVER forget what he did to us. We have got to go forward with laws in place to replace us from the likes of him, and the current traitors we are dealing with.

      • Exactly Jim, we need a complete overhaul of leadership. All government officials, elected or otherwise, should be required to take at least 101 Constitution courses. Then, swear to uphold the Constitution. Any violation of the Constitution after that should be immediate dismissal. If this law was in place Obama would be in jail today. He lied under oath to protect this country, knowing full well that his intent was to bring it down. Never before have we seen such a traitorous president. Let us NEVER forget what he did to us. We have got to go forward with laws in place to protect us from the likes of him, and the current traitors we are dealing with.

      • Teragram….they already swore to uphold the Constitution when they took the Oath of Office. Guess the Constitution doesn’t mean anything, to them it’s just a piece of outdated paper. For that alone, they should be removed from office.

  15. AMAZING! So many comments here I can’t read them all. To think so many in DC don’t believe AMERICANS are paying attention to them? The DC ELITES think we are too stupid to pay attention. Elites, meaning both parties consisting of congressmen who have been in DC way too long. TERM LIMITS is one cure. The Dems taking part in this hearing were so off base, and disgusting, out of line.

  16. Hi seen the clip, and Gawdy what does arrogant SOB Strozk in a make-believe body bag which should’ve been a real one. These people are that brazen that they think they can get by with spewing out whatever they want and we the people are supposed to believe it yet they the left Kanatak what conservative and we’re supposed to go ahead and believe it and go along with what they decide to do with him regardless of what we think or what we believe. It’s time for this form of Marxist government to quit in this country. We are all equal under the law nobody is above the law not anybody with $1 million or a dollar or black white pink green Male or female Christian conservative or atheist we are all equal under the law no matter what. End of story

    • From the first comments Strzok gave, until the end of the hearing, he did nothing BUT lie. If he isn’t prosecuted for all the lies, why should the American people ever need to tell the truth again? If these lying frauds get away with this fiasco we will have lost the country we have loved. I kept waiting for Strzok to go spiraling away with each time his anger was getting the best of him; ANGER, ARROGANCE, LIES, HOLIER THAN THOU attitude is not the way to come out looking good during this hearing.

      • Strzok looked and acted like a mentally retarded person, and I DO BELIEVE HE IS MENTALLY UNBALANCED AND BELONGS IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL, preferably in a locked facility.

    • Strzok was so convinced hillary would win he went ahead with all the crap he did not caring if it was legal or not thinking hillary would win the election & he & comrades of his would join hillary’s cartel.

    • I totally agree, the whole lot of FBI should be fired immediately go listen to the ones who have asked to testify and be covered from the attacks of the ones who ARE the guilty ones! No pensions, no nothing, make them live like the rest of the REAL Americans! BTW, thank you for your service, it was most appreciated!

  17. Trey Gowdy got it right when he said “in light of the fact that you were removed from the Mueller investigation for bias against the President”. Peter Strzok, shot back he did not appreciate that comment. Of course he doesn’t want to be reminded that his bias brought him down.
    He along with his fellow conspirators should be arrested for attempting to take down a sitting President. I don’t care if they are a Republican or Democrat, they have committed a crime that is a danger to our democracy.

    • You Are CORRECT Sir! But, since the fox has been (and still is) guarding the hen house, WHO is going to charge, arrest & convict ANY of these traitors? Who’s gonna picket Congress? Who’s gonna bury them ALL in letters, emails, tweets, etc… Until they’re forced to do it right? This blog accomplishes NOTHING to make that happen. Congress ONLY does “right” when forced to!!!

    • You should do some research, please. The “Open Borders Society” is funded by Mr. George Soros. It then supports over 2.300 liberal groups like “BLM”, MoveOn, Planned Parenthood, etc. Soros “Owns” most liberals, definitely Hillary, Mr. Barry Soetoro, Mr. Comey, and Ohio Gov. Kasich. Soros donated one check to Hillary for $8 Million to get her elected. Comey and Kasich got over $600,000. Mr. Soros is one you should take time to read up on. His history goes back to helping the Nazis round up Jews to send to the death camps. BTW, Soros is a Jew!

      • YES, and soros also has his evil, sticky fingers involved in many groups; groups with innocent sounding names intended to dupe those who don’t bother to do their homework. He has sons who would step in when soros dies. He is old, but he is hanging on with his evil ways.

    • I see all of them (radical leftists) as TRAITORS, definition being:
      : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
      : one who commits treason

      And they are committing TREASON, definition being:
      : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family
      : the betrayal of a trust : treachery

  18. No, I do not believe him and he should be fired and stripped of his pension and banned from further work in law-enforcement.

        • PLUS, he has body language telling more than he realizes, while comey just has a ”dead” expression,which is also telling, along with his vision of grandeur. Both scary liars.

        • You are so right. Can you even imagine the stress he has gone thru with they way the liberals have acted? He just lets it roll off his shoulders, it is amazing to watch him just keep going. he is the best President we have ever had, so we can get back to what this country was founded on.

          • Diane….please we get it your brain is too tense. ….2/10ths the size of a real brain !!!!…please let us know when you complete the Trey Gowdy school of facts & reality!

          • Such a child you are dianne!! WAKE UP Dianne! It’s NOT too late. Oh, & btw, if you are not watching the weakest, fakest of them all, then who ARE you watching….it can’t be FOX News because if you were watching Fox you’d be getting the REAL version of the news!!! ACTUAL NEWS. UNBIASED REPORTING. You REALLY should watch. Their News is SO informative, you’ll NEVER go back to that garbage & swill that all of those messed up channels are putting out.

      • Diane the only ignorance showing is yours! Most people that I know don’t watch Fox that much, there are better sources for true news than fox. The people I know would never believe any stories coming out of CNN,ABC, NBC MSNBC or CBS. All of those are Globalist news stationed owned in one way or another by George Soros! They tend to make up there own news, they don’t believe in reporting the actual news.

      • The ignorance and arrogance of the Democrats are appalling. I believe that this so-called FBI idiot should be imprisoned for treason. No one has the right to use their job to lie and try to “stop” anyone. This man, Comey, Rosenstein,Mueller, and the Democrats have become criminals. They are worthless scumbag.

      • Just where do you get the information that he lies? Who tells you President Trump lies? SORRY, YOU are the one who needs to change the channel. If you believe FOX is the culprit, you have no idea there are other ways to get the truth. One way is to listen a little more to the PERSON, and less to the MSM. LEARN to read body language a little more also. IT’s amazing!!!

    • I don’t believe him either. You could tell he was lying all through the testimony. And for a Democrat to say he wished he could give him a purple heart a total disgrace to our military who give their lives for our country. I totally support Trey Gowdy.

      • You are right about the Dems, who were at their worst in that hearing. Namely; SWALLWELL, CA (amallwell), GUITIERREX IL, CICILENE(?), NADLER, CUMMINGS, JOHNSON the Georgia Rep (the ‘tip Guam over idiot), and the others whose names I don’t know. Guitierrez was wildly GLEEFUL with his sick rant. We watched the hearing on C-SPAN and think something should be done about the waste of time in these hearings. The DEMS spew nothing but trash, ask no questions unless they are ridiculous questions, or irrelevant questions, or just spout lies. A pathetic way to conduct our country’s business!!!

    • No, he, (& ALL of the other Treasonous pos’s need to either be hung until dead, or executed by firing squad. GONE.

  19. Yeah I will believe that lying idiot of a disgraced FBI agent when I look out my window and see pigs flying by.

  20. Lease liars will see justice! “Drain The Swamp” All the deep coruption in our goverment will be singing like canaries on one another. Time,prayers,and the American people who truly love our country will see justice reign! “God Bless America” and God bless our current president.

  21. FBI there was no integrity in Peter Mr Strok or his mistress Lisa, bias, abuse of government property, abuse of power, obstruction of justice. Do you think his wife trust him? NOT and neither do the American people.

  22. I watched this snarky jerk talk – What I was thinking was while he was having this love affair with a co-worker – lying to his wife – if he could do that , then what is to stop him from lying to america – I knew he was lying as he was talking. He should just be locked up for years.

    • What I saw on TV today was amazing…who the hell do these people think they are… just like Clinton Strzok is lying through his teeth…he hates Trump n don’t tell the American people that he is not bias…to hear those democratic politicians call him a hero n that he should get the Purple Heart made me sick…these democrats are out of control n they have to be voted out of office n replaced w/people who believe in the rule of law…Fellow Americans the mid-term elections are the most important in history…let’s get rid of these corrupt bias n lying democratic politicians….

      • Nonna, I agree with you 100%,Midterms are so important, hope all Republicans and Independents get out and vote. We know how crooked elections can be because democrats use every trick in the book. I pray that dems do not get control of the house and senate!

      • I agree these kind of people have to go and for the Democrats not to have a problem with these kind of texts what’s wrong with our Congress people President Trump is right drain the swamp

        • People are watching democrats have no soul the fbi person on the stand should be ashamed his family should be ashamed go Trump I’m doing better than ever before wake up people

      • He must think everyone but him is stupid. The idiot wrote those words and downright said he didn,t mean what it said.what a dope. Just haul him and page off to prison where they belong

        • The best one for me was when that lying POS Strzok started to explain the meaning a text he sent that he earlier stated he didn’t recall sending. LMAO!!!
          Unbelievable !!

      • I’ve been saying that for over a decade. They put an imposter in the White House and called him #44. He’s not even am American citizen!

    • Well, Spunky, you’ve got a problem. If cheating on your wife amounts to lying to America, how do you account for a president who’s cheated on all three of his wives? Just asking,

      • A lot of people cheat on their spouses, but that doesn’t make them a bad person, does it, I mean look at the kennedy’s, JFK, RFK, TEDDY the fool, & murderer.

  23. Just observing that Trey Gowdy is an ignorant, incompetent bully. How many years and how much money did he waste in his irrational campaign against Hillary? He is still stupid.

    • No he just wants to know the truth like all the people of this great country! It’s people like you that are the bullies! Starting riots, special council to try to get rid of the sitting president and not knowing anything but the bullshit that the main stream media tells you!

    • Trey Gowdy is a brilliant, God-fearing family man -a South Carolina gentleman indeed.
      He is a truthful constitution-supporting lawmaker. Anyone who can’t see that needs to adjust their glasses and attitude.

    • Irrational campaign?? Wtf are you talking about? Democrats lie constantly…when ask the hard questions they cry poor me, my diaper rash hurts! They lie and badger anyone on the side of the president, and all they are doing is stating facts. Sztork was obviously biased..he said what he felt…trying to show off for his homewrecker lover by showing his almighty hate!! He has been dodging questions, deflecting his terrible ethical and legal problems off on a president who is working hard to save this country from his bosses corruption…he thought for sure his idol Hillary would be able to cheat her way in and no one would be the wiser to his crimes, same thing Hillary thought…Trump is set up with this whole Russian collusion bs, being blamed for sataness Hillary’s crimes. Mueller investigation is a total farce..the poor traitor fbi agent will get it way rougher in prison, wearing his cool aide lipstick and crayon mascara. He cries because he get scolded for his blatant obstructionist bs..and hes suppose to uphold the law?? What a joke

  24. Agent Sztrok is going to jail for what he did!! The man followed the “path of his fearless leader Hillary Clinton and told one lie after another lie so that he never knew what was a lie and what was the truth anymore!!! Here is a question someone should have asked, “since you lied to your wife about your affair with Agent Paige, how can we be sure you are not lying to us in your testimony here today”??? That would have really sent him off!!!…..

    • It not only would have set him off, it set all the Dems on the two committees off two. It was fun watching when they tried to overrule the chairman’s ruling and failed by a vote of 36 to 31 with Gowdy not even voting. 🙂

    • Excellent thought! I’m sure it entered Trey’s mind but his mind is always centered with the law. An excellent and well deserved shot but not Gowdy’s style.

  25. I still don’t know why this scum is still working at the FBI. This scum should b in jail. I watched the hearing today and if I could of reached into the tv I would if smacked husbsmug look from his face. put the bastard in jail and don’t let him retire, firer him so he don’t get his pension.

  26. All these Democrats are criminals. They are the worst kind of crook. All need to be hunted down and shot like the dogs and traitors that they all are. I’ll be satisfied with prosecuting and jailing them. Kind of having my doubts about the so called legal system. I’m patient enough to let it run it’s course to see the out come. In the end, it may take “We The People” taking matters into our own hands just to see real American justice is served. Locked and loaded and ready to go!

    • All these Democrats are criminals. They are the worst kind of crook. All need to be hunted down and shot like the traitors that they all are. I’ll be satisfied with prosecuting and jailing them. Kind of having my doubts about the so called legal system. I’m patient enough to let it run it’s course to see the out come. In the end, it may take “We The People” taking matters into our own hands just to see real American justice is served. Locked and loaded and ready to go!

      Waterboard Strzok then put him in a body bag!

  27. Mr. Strzok’s hatred for President Trump did interfered with his job with the FBI Department, along with everything else that his hands touched.

    Peter Strzok thinks that he is better than anybody else in that Department. Strzok is NO more above the law than Hillary Clinton to have not been charged with using a non-government server for government business.

    Clinton, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and of course, former Obama and his whole crooked and corrupt administration and his whole government needs to held accountable for all of their crimes.

    Strzok needs to be sent to prison for all of his lies, because he has a smirk on his face every time he answers a question from Trey Gowdy or anybody else.

    I hope and pray that justice is served to punish everybody involved!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amen, to all of your comment. That said, let me say how much I love Trey Gowdy he can chew up every liar in DC and spit them out and I wish he could be turned loose on all of them.

      • I agree with everything that Strzok said and also what the older lady had to say – Trump is ruining everything about the United and is a Racist. He does not belong in office – I for one would like to see him gone!

        • Then vote him out of office in 2020, good luck with that. The economy is growing at 4% and supreme court can now actually read the constitution. Bye Bye liberalites.

          • And thank God for Sean Hannity. Everything he says has been on the money. America will prevail. No one can ever be allowed to unseat an elected President. If these people are not held accountable shit is gonna get nasty.

    • And don’t forget Lynch. They all will be. Trump going to take them all down. I can’t wait till the smirk is wiped off all their faces and they realize that they are not above the law. May the hidden things be revealed. Thank you Jesus.

  28. He should it in his emails with Mrs page and in he’s statice being bossies to Donald Trump in the way he talked about Donald Trump before he become Presedent he will only get in more trouble whenever more and more interfermation out of hem about his involment in this invesagation I hope it ends soon.

    • You mean on Trump and his administration? Yep, I agree. They are guilty and let’s see, how many have pleaded guilty and WHO is in jail? Totally guilty.

      • No Diane on Strzok read it again. Trump has done nothing wrong. This a “soft coup”. Open your eyes and ears and close your mouth. You might learn something.

        • Maybe you should turn off Faux News and actually listen to some FACTS……oh that’s right, conservatives don’t believe in facts. This isn’t the 1950 where you could tell a woman to shut up! SMH at your ignorance.

          • Maybe you should get some facts first Diane. There was collusion, in the Clinton camp. There were lies told, by the FBI Director and his top agent, Strzok. This circus is all caused not by the Congressional Republicans but by the anti-Trump folks like you. Turn off your CNN and listen to FOX once in a while and you might learn something. Strzok is a liar and that has been proven and he is so biased he should be out of a job.

  29. “Appreciate” Sen. Gowdy!!! Really hit the nail on the head when he ask FBI, that he had not interviewed any witness on Aug 08, but was able to text those comments to Page BEFORE HE EVEN INTERVIEWED THE FIRST WITNESS!!! Now if this is not BIAS what it? My Advice for Page – “DON’T MESS WITH SEN. GOWDY. I don’t care jhow long you need to prepare… he brought his Ginsu knives with him. Just tell the truth.

    • I agree. Trey Gowdy is no one to mess with.I feel that he is all for truth and justice in these absurd proceedings.Love Trey Gowdy’s no B.S. attitude.

  30. Sad state this country is in. What we have seen and continue to see, is a Democrate party ( not to be confused with the democrat party of many years ago) that tries to protect the criminal. These Dems are either completely ignorant or just wicked and immoral people. Peter Strzok should be jailed for his actions

  31. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished(Hollywood ,RINOs etc)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

    • The president is up against incredible odds. He has on top of the corrupt Democrats he has the Rinos in his own party. The MSM the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, Soros & Stilles and I imagine quite a few more. Any other man would be toast.

  32. I would love to smack that arrogant smirk off his dumb face!! I hate all those DemoRats, so stupid and ignorant and they can’t stand that despite all the resistance, TRUMP IS WINNING!!! Still not Armageddon, and just like with NATO they wilL pony up or we will stop protecting them, Germany has cut a deal for a Gas pipeline with Russia whom we are funding the NATO bill to protect from…WTF??? YOU GO DONALD!!!

  33. Mr. Gowdy
    Sir I wish with all my heart and soul you can get the people you have had in front of you who have told one lie after another put in jail where they do belong. You are a good person sir I just moved to your beautiful state of S.C. I hope and pray that all of this will come to and end soon so that you can have some peace and quiet in your own life as well as your families. God bless you sir for doing the very best that the good Lord has passed onto you to do. He is watching and he will in the end one way or another do what he feels is best to do with the people who have done so wrong. Instead of both parties gathering together and saying our country is in a mess lets do our very best to get it out of it so that the people of America do appreciate voting for us to do a job they are paying us for. Help the man who won the election he may be a little ruff around the edges at times this is true but no matter he loves this country as best as I believe he does and millions of others do. God bless you sir and our President let him do his job with good understanding help from all parties. God bless our country and for which it stands for. God bless our military people who serve it and give it all as well as their families. honor our Flag as she waves so proudly I was born on the fourth of July and that Flag makes me cry when I see it flying or standing still. It is what our men & women in many parts of the world are fighting for as well as keeping we Americans FREE!

    • You are a lovely woman Thank you for yiur comments To Trey…..He is the BEST Wish there were more of you out there…we will not give up the ship

  34. Peter Skook did nothing but lie, the oath he took when he became an FBI agent means nothing to him, in fact Pete see’s nothing wrong with his lying,, that is the reason I say our laws are a Joke today because we have no one to enforce them. all they are out for is to down our President and the Country

  35. Are all Democrats Dumb, illiterate, and ignorant, or just the ones that open their mouths? I listened to Elijah Cummings try to carry poor Strzok thru his questioning today by referring to a question that had been posed to Strzok last week. He started carrying on about not giving up informant names and Strzok agrred wholeheartedly that should never happen. Finally the congressmen that originally posed the question replied to Cummings that he had never asked for names or the type of information that would give any thing pertinent to the identity of the informants. Cummings responded that he had not asked Strzok whether he would ever give up names, and then Cummings proceeded to ask the same question again. It is real scary to think these people have had to go thru an election process to get to this point in their life. The Democrats basically turned this hearing into a circus, I can’t believe they do not realize how stupid they look. At no point in time was Strzok asked to reveal any sources, but yet he could not answer questions posed to him. File contempt charges and throw them both in jail (Strzok, Page). You or I ignore a subpoena and see where that gets you. Our government has really been exposed in the last couple years, how shameful.

    • Yes. The totally verifiable facts are that yes, you are right. They are all dumb,illiterate and ignorant and add arrogant to that. When you view all of them in that light you begin to sorta understand what you are hearing and seeing.

      Almost to a man ( or woman) the Democrats yousaw today were one or all of the above and they did not have the interest of this country anywhere in their mind. Their sole purpose was to defend the defenseless.


  37. waste of time , when do these idiots get any real punishment for their crimes , they show up in congress and walk out laughing , then you have the democrats making a joke out of it , to protect the criminals

  38. Mr. Raitt is the epitome of today’s democrat/liberal/hate-filled bigot.
    Gowdy is the best representative of the American spirit in Congress. Honest and committed to justice in the face of crushing ignorance and anti-Trumpism!
    Wipe the spittle off your chin Mr. Raitt and let some facts seep into your
    tunnel vision blinded brain.

  39. It is very simple: place the lying, despicable FBI agent, Peter Strozk, in jail, and forget about him till his memory improves.

  40. Of course, it affected Strzok’s work because it seems like Hating The President was the only thing on his mind all of the time.

  41. The Dems will try their best to save any criminal on the Left no matter who it is or what their crime. They wouldn’t care about the truth if it bit them in the ass.

  42. THANK YOU Trey Gowdy!! You, unlike others, finally have the balls to stand up to this piece of craps and call a spade a spade! The American people are sick and tired of all the bias and bs being flung at us as “truth”!! The double standard MUST STOP!!

    • Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be able to clone people like Trey Gowdy. Imagine having someone who refuses to toe-the-line when they know the line is crooked; when they refuse to spread “fake news”; when they refuse to betray their oath of office. Yeah, “cloning” would be good under those circumstances

      • I also feel President Trump falls in this category, maybe a little crude at times but he gets his point across and is seldom wrong in what he is trying to right for the American people. We have been getting shafted by other countries for years. Previous presidents have not been able to stand up for anything, or to anyone. Especially with Obamass’s apology tour. I also put the Bushes and Clintons in the same basket with Obamass.

  43. I think the Democrats on all levels of government should be investigated for obstruction! They are for anyone and anything that does not benefit America. Send them all a one way ticket out of the United States along with the Hollywood Dumbocrats.

    • Marlo, we can only wish . . .! Although I am a staunch Conservative, I think there must be “good” Democrats, too. What can detract from this view, is that even in the Republican party, we have wanna-bes, self-important grandstanders, and, of course, liars. The only way to change this, is to JUST CHANGE IT!

    • I agree with you Dan we need more people like him President Trump needs him more than ever to help him drain the swamp remember these Democrats vote them out

  44. You should see the hatred in Strzok’s eyes. Full of hate and defiance. Shame that we have agents that may carry the likes of this man in FBI and DOJ.

    The swamp must be drained. I understand that time is short for Trey Gowdy. I’ll say hurry the f up. Prosecute all the conspirators.


    • Dead right. To claim lack of bias has no merit or credibility and denies what he is on record as saying. Me thinks he doth protest too much. If it waddles like a duck… etc!

    • The trouble with Strzok is that he’s not capable of distinguishing lies from truth. A liar always a liar. Why he was hired as an FBI agent is questionable. Just look at him and one can determine he’s liar. But most Demo Craps are liars. Just listen to Shuhacker and Water”s brain Maxine. Lets not forget loony P:olsi Her dementia has got so bad that every time she open her mouth she spew crap.


  46. I as may others watched as Peter Strzok smugly sat and answered questions posed to him by Congress members. Will it make a difference? Not a bit. Why, because democrats went out of their way to paint Mr. Strzok as a saint, going so far as to offer to pin a Purple Heart on him for sitting their and lying to the American people. Now as a veteran, who like so many other veterans have a Purple Heart(s) as part of their fruit salad, I think Mr.Strzok would have to give a little more than smarmy answers to questions to earn that honor. The democrat Congressman in question, obviously has little regard for veterans, their sacrifice or his own country to be so flippant in his offer. Now should Mr. Strzok a President hating FBI agent, take a bullet for his Commander and Chief I would be the first one in line to offer to pin the medal on his chest. Well done Mr.Gowdy and all Republican Congressmen who outed this poser.

    • His president was Obama who is meeting with the Dems in Congress every week. Each and every Democrat Congressman or womzan has diverted attention from the investigation, talking about immigration, the Clinton emails, etc. and the IG report done by a lifetime Democrat who said n bias! What a laugh! Like Comey saying inton not guilty of Treason! Clinton (Bill) meeting on the airport tarmac wasn’t a giveaway was it?

      I wonder if there is a Democrat who is wise as God defines wisdom. Someone who tells the truth, understands what truth actually is, or has a conscience. One woman read everything she said. Who wrote the script!

  47. I personally believe the man is bias through and through. I really hate to see Mr. Trey Howdy leave. He’s the only one there that can’t be touched. He knows his law.

    • I still remember the first day Gowdy sailed into Congress a few years ago! I was watching online, and then Gowdy just said a few words. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it was powerful. I called my husband to come in and watch it, and Jack was just as impressed. It is not that his words were “special”, it was the way he delivered them. His years as a prosecutor have served him well! I don’t know what his I.Q. is but it must be somewhere in the stratosphere!

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