Trey Gowdy put this Trump-hating FBI agent in a body bag

Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok finally testified before Congress.

Strzok tried early on to square off with Trey Gowdy.

It turned out to be a massive mistake.

An unhinged Strzok testified before a joint House Oversight and Judiciary Committees panel.

Strzok tried to fend off allegations that his anti-Trump text messages to ex-FBI agent Lisa Page did not mean he compromised either the Clinton email or Russia investigations.

Gowdy asked Strzok to explain that statement in light of the fact that he was removed from the Mueller investigation for bias against the President.

Strzok sneered at Gowdy that he didn’t appreciate Gowdy saying he was removed for bias.

That was all Gowdy needed to hear.

The South Carolina Congressman fired back and shut down Strzok’s bad attitude by declaring, “I don’t give a damn what you appreciate.”

Democrats tried to turn the hearing into a partisan side show.

Representative Elijah Cummings brought movie theater style posters to showcase all the guilty pleas Mueller has racked up – although none have been for collusion with Russia.

At one point in the hearing Democrats also burst out into applause after Strzok’s remarks.

Do you believe Strzok when he claimed his hatred of President Trump never affected his work?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. The election is over. The Democrats won the House. Income tax increases, gun control (surrender),jobs going back overseas due to taxes at 35%, attempts to impeach Trump and Kavanaugh, no Wall, and open borders. We will lose our new jobs and all go back on FS. What were our idiot countrymen thinking? They deserve what they get, but those of us who supported Congress (and Trump) will suffer along with the idiots who voted blue.

  2. How many of theses people done something that would discredit the and make them ineligible for the office there in? I do not believe a one of them have so why are there back ground not being look at.

  3. Hey Trapper, if Trump fired Rosensein and Mueller, everyone would go mad and say that he is guilty, and wants to close the investigation.Mueller will get his soon.
    There are dozens of FBI men that want testify that Mueller is crooked. Just found emails today about Mueller involved with lies and etc..

  4. I am happy that Trump didn’t use an intern in the white house for his sexual gratification like Bill Clinton did, or actually, Trump never raped anyone, but Bill Clinton did.

  5. THere is more coming. Emails show that Mueller is a liar and will frame someone if he doesn’t like them. Many FBI agents are ready and willing to testify. Tea Party or Congress has seen the emails, and the swamp will be pouring out,.

  6. Stzrok was and is to this day a traitor! And should be treated as one, and all of his allies along with him, including his traitous wife! This has gone on long enough and it’s time that Meuller should be shut down as well! This is the most disgraceful act of treason ever created in the USA! Because of his position and work, HE should be subject to a firing squad execution, and every Patriot of the USA should demand that he be tried as such. Those in cahoots with him, including crooked Hillary should also be sitting at trial. This is the greatest act of treason ever to the United States of America since it’s foundin, worse even than Aaron Burr.

  7. Only a dumb dumacrat idiot could come up with a stupid remark such as that. Tray Gowdy spoke the truth and his questions were on point. Even a 3rd grade student could see the lies Strzok was spooing out. These dumacrats just don’t want to give up and look at whats really happening in our country.


  9. You wish you were as great a man as Gowdy. I hope trump puts him a Judgeship even SC Justice. He is a brilliant legal Constitionalist mind

  10. Ttu our so right th here the face of the anti American globalist communist party wake the hell up as ll you silly liberals ws ho vote your voting for the over throw of America. Wake up and pull your dumb heads out of your ass !

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