Trey Gowdy revealed the one scary place cancel culture will lead America

Americans are increasingly worried about cancel culture.

But the public has no idea how bad things will get.

And Trey Gowdy revealed the one scary place cancel culture will lead America.

On Tuesday night, former Congressman Trey Gowdy invited former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard onto his Fox News Primetime show to discuss the Left’s out of control cancel culture.

Cartoon figures such as Speedy Gonzalez and Pepe Le Pew were the latest victim of the “woke” political mobs claiming everything they don’t like is racist.

Gabbard is one of the few Democrats to speak out against the speech police.

In the interview, Gabbard expressed support for the classical liberal idea that the answer to speech you don’t like is not censorship and cancelation, but more speech.

“Freedom for every single one of us to be able to share our ideas and debate them, to argue them, to agree or to disagree, to pick and choose in this marketplace of ideas, those that we deem to be right or wrong, to be superior or inferior, and even for those ideas that may be misleading or dangerous, that in this free marketplace, we have a right to then defeat those ideas with superior ones,” Gabbard added.

“And others have the freedom to choose what they want to believe or not believe or what they want to adhere to.”

But Gabbard warned that the end result of cancel culture was radical Islam, where Al Qaeda and ISIS beheaded or killed heretics through medieval methods just because Islamic terrorists found their ideas dangerous.

“Let’s look down the path and say where does this cancel culture lead us?” she asked. “You see the final expression of cancel culture in Islamist terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaida, who basically go and behead those that who are — they deem to be infidels or heretics in order to silence them, in order to protect others from being misled by those heretical ideas,” Gabbard concluded.

Cancel culture is dangerous.

It’s a mob mentality where those on the Left believe since they hold all the cultural power in America they can excommunicate anyone who holds differing opinions from public life.

But Tulsi Gabbard is raising alarms that intolerance of free speech and other opinions can lead to a violent place.

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