Trey Gowdy said one thing about impeachment that no one saw coming

Trey Gowdy was expected to be one of Donald Trump’s most high-profile defenders.

But now no one knows what to think.

And Trey Gowdy said one thing about impeachment that no one saw coming.

Appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Gowdy made a statement that stunned President Trump and his supporters.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Gowdy about the secret and Soviet-style hearings House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is running.

Gowdy broke with the President and other Congressional Republicans by voicing his support for closed-door witness depositions.

Fox News reports:

Closed-door hearings are preferable to public spectacles and can be a positive thing, so long as they aren’t compromised by selective leaking, former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said Sunday.

Gowdy, who is joining President Trump’s legal team, appeared on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” to discuss the impeachment probe and was asked if he still believed private hearings were preferable to public hearings.

Host Margaret Brennan mentioned comments Gowdy made in April 2018 about private hearings being less like a “circus,” and asked if he still stood by those sentiments.

“100 percent,” Gowdy replied. “You can’t pick and choose which aspects of due process you’re going to use. It’s not just the privacy. The reason we respect executive-branch investigations isn’t because they’re behind closed doors, it’s because there are no leaks.”

Gowdy did rail against the selective leaks the Democrats are using to frame President Trump as guilty.

But the cherry-picked leaks are only possible because Schiff and the Democrats are holding closed-door hearings where they conceal the transcripts of testimony that deny the American people access to evidence that would prove the President’s innocence.

Public hearings would change all of that, but for some reason Gowdy went to bat for the Democrats’ rigged process.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. There may be some logic behind Gowdys statement, being this seems to be a mock Grand Jury hearing. However these are secret and again we have the House clown in charge and he is leaking and taking out of context statements made by witnesses and then feeding them to the fraudulent media to sway the sycophantic low information voters. All I have to say is that paybacks a bitch.

  2. For those of you that still have common sense, Trey Gowdy has a reason to say what he did, referring the closed hearings to the public and the circus it would become.

    He has a plan he’s working on and his remarks are a part of it. You watch.

    I’ve watched him in action. and let me tell you this, Trey Howdy would be the LAST person I would want to fight in court or and governmental committee.

    You can bet the Democrats feel the same way

  3. Ok, you trump-butt-bumps. Its getting close to trump-ah-hump time to run into Russia wit Julie-anna and leave you fart-knockers behind, so to evade prison. trump is one of the most stupidest presidents to ever be pushed into the white house by a bunch of evil racist white-folks who are jes as stupid as he is. ahahahahaha

    • You, my friend are the stupid one!!
      Just check out all the accomplishments over the time Pres Trump has had since he took office.
      MAGA is working. How can anyone who has even a little brain ( like you) not see it??!!

        • Sorry BedPan you are the misinformed one. Apparently you missed counting all of the people that were not white that voted for Trump. You must still be living in mommy’s basement helping her spend her food stamps. That’s the reason you don’t like President Trump because of the fact that he made it possible for even ignorant people like you to get a job, but you prefer the dark damp basement like the rest of the sewer rats. Get a life scumbag.

        • The Redman is having a heyday working up the anger of those who are stupid enough to listen to his remarks. He just does this to make you mad, ignore him he will go away.

          • Raymond I never read his posts. He’s not for real. He’s probably some pimple faced snowflake living in his parent’s basement. Truth be told, he probably isn’t a minority. If he posts anything to me or about me I don’t know because I don’t read it.

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  4. My respect for Try Gowdy just went up a notch. He made those comments in the past, and he applies them fairly. I get tired of politicians speaking out of both sides of their mouths, like Lindsey Graham.

      • Redman, you claim so many people are racists because you don’t like Trump. That’s good because racists like you would be an absolute embarrassment to the Republican party, so please,whatever you do, please remain a dysfunctional Democrat. They desperately depend on brain donors such as yourself. That’s what motivates Democrats, getting the vote of such people I guess you’d like to represent.

        You mentioned brown nosing to a previous post. That’s funny. I could just see you fighting your big lips keeping your short plugged nose from going up Hillary’s or Nancy’s butts. Jealousy?

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  5. I have never trusted Gowdy because he talks a inconsistent game when he talks law and his opinion of it. I don’t believe he’s a true conservative and I don’t believe he supports Trump.

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  6. The problem as I see it here is Shiff has been calling for impeachment of the President since day one. He has claimed to have unrefutable evidance to convict the President of wrong doing since day one. Shiff could not get the President with Muller’s investigation so now he is trying to do it another way with the Ukraine theme. The problem here is I see the fox watching the hen house and nothing good will come of it. There is nothing there and Congress needs to get back doing the work of the people, not this fiascial.

      • Dan, It never fails that anytime a person seems to be slight Mr Trump, someone posts that they should face a military tribunal and then strung up from the Capital Building. I was just saving somebody the time.

        • Jonathan I’ve never said that. I might not agree with someone, but will defend their right to say what they want. I might respond with a smartass remark but feel free to say what you want. My dad fought the japs for freedom of speech.

          • Thanks to your Dad, part of the greatest generation and thanks to you my good man. Keep on the sunny side of life.

  7. well if we would have had an honest mueller investigation ,instead of a trump witch hunt , all these democrats would all be in prison , the way i see it trump has done far less then oboma and hillary have done , yet they still really don’t even look into their crimes , instead they keep sweeping them under the rug

  8. What gets me about the muelller investigation????????? Didn’t he find anything out about who did what???
    Blind and or blinded eye……….. the bullying dems owe this country a lot of money for wasting their time on our dime……

  9. Funny, I don’t take Trey’s comments to mean that he is supporting what the Democrats are doing. I do however take note at the obvious jab at Schiff and the Dems, regarding leaks and do think therein lies Trey’s issue with how the investigation, thus far, is being conducted. Agree with most other’s sentiment that the Dems have been talking impeachment since POTUS was elected. Am glad they are finally going to take a “vote” on a formal impeachment inquiry on the house floor. Here’s hoping they continue to follow precedence protocol….though I’d be very wary of it. The Dems are not playing fair and am not certain they ever will. This is going to call for “all hands on deck” with everyone carefully crafting anything they say….be very certain that what is said, isn’t/can’t be misconstrued to fit the Dems agenda.

      • “Trust but .. VERIFY”. However, who in his/her right mind wouldn’t be somewhat “concerned” and, not exactly all confident when, because of certain circumstances, one’s obliged into having to deal with a cabal of well known fraudulent, lying, corrupt crooks and vile cheats ?. Please, Dan Tyree .. or, anyone else, do go telling me that you’d all feel trusty and at ease. What no one can deny, is the fact that the known democrat-crooks who for near past 3 years have but only been trying to frame-up POTUS Trump with nothing but malicious and ill fabricated lies – literally – praying and hoping that some of the crap they’ve been viciously spewing may stick into the minds of the (gullible fools ?) US American voters. Reason why them leftists have been totally devoted at discrediting and malign POTUS Mr. Trump at every turn, even since before he got elected. Sure, Mr. Trey Gowdy has a right to his own “legal opinion”, but as “hard” as them evil sick dems have been trying to unconstitutionally and illegally remove our president Trump from office .. ALL of these treasonous “democrats” will never be capable to hide the fact that NONE OF THEM deserve the right, much less the privilege, to be given the power to govern our Nation.

      • So many people believe the Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump for all these years.

        You people are so wrong. Let me explain, please.

        That’s exactly what the Democrats WANT you to believe. That’s never been their intentions to begin with.

        The last 3 years has been nothing else but a free campaign effort at the Federal Government’s expense, at OUR expense since WE are the government.

        The purpose of the last 3 years was to instill in our minds hoping more people will vote Democrat in 2020, and so far all they have accomplished is to piss so many people making a lot of them to vote Republican just to shut the Democrats’ mouths and stop wasting tax dollars for their Federal Subsidizied 2020 campaign.

        Those Democrats should be held accountable for their wrongdoing and answer to any and all possible Federal charges they are subject to.

        Once convicted, those same people should be required,by law, to make full and complete restitution to the Federal Government of all costs and expenses to investigate all these false and unsupported accusations.

  10. And when this all blows up in their faces…and it will. It’s just a matter of time. We will see a great “scattering” of creatures as fast as their little feet can carry them.

  11. Where is the ‘Crime’?

    President Obama had a conversation (taped) with a High Ranking Russian at what appeared to be a train station. And “Nothing”. President Trump wins the Election of 2016 and, from day one (literally), the Democrats want to Impeach Pres. Trump. Seriously?

  12. Democrats started the Russia collusion effort that along with a two year Mueller investigation that proved nothing against Donald Trump but did show the terrible lies and obfuscation of the Democrats. All in all we now have the Ukraine show same players, same efforts to finish the coup under the banner of impeachment but like Russia there is no proof of any wrongdoing by our President. They will attempt any action to unseat a man they hate but actually his record speaks for itself it’s working to make America Great Again and he’s doing it single handedly.

  13. Impeachment is horrible under the best of circumstances and thank the Lord it is done few and far between.
    Procedures should be standardized for conducting, steps for the order to be performed and not deviated from even if it means amending the Constitution to make it happen. That would keep down heartburn in either party.
    We, Republicans, have felt slighted because the Dems have played fast, loose and pushed as far as possible in their favor!
    The American people want, and should demand, transparency! The Dems interviews are not classified and yet no Republicans in Congress, other than committee members, have been allowed to sit in and listen, no one on the Trump team has been allowed to sit in and listen, and here is a real puzzler, there is only one copy of the daily transcript printed, it’s kept in a room and a Republican committee member can only read it in the prescence of a Dem committee member! I have a question, WHY?
    Why is this shrouded in cloak and dagger secrecy if the interviews are not classified? If it is not of benefit and consequence to the Dems, what is their reason? Got to be a reason since it would have been a lot easier for the Dems to have it opened up, if not for the public, at least for Congress and the Trump administration! Then the Public must be able to see and know what has gone on as quickly as is possible and feasible to keep grumbling to a minimum…..

    • Why should Trump get a better deal than Nixon or Clinton? They had secret grand juries, the findings of which were released to the public at the Impeachment hearings. The same thing is going to happen with Trump. The Judiciary Committee acting as a grand jury (because Trump’s flunkey, AG Barr refused to convene one) will be releasing the testimony to the public at the Impeaching hearings.

      • They are not a GRAND JURY and don’t have the authority to act as one, but I do think that the way they are running this KANGAROO COURT is wrong, if there are witness to wrong doing fine they should be protected but in an inquiry both sides should be able to question them, and in this farce that is not the case, it is a one sided lynch mob running the whole thing and it will blow up in their faces.

    • 47 Republicans had access to what was going on in the House Judiciary Committee hearings and had the right to cross-examine witnesses.

  14. The DNC people have gone over- board with their EVIL Intends toward President TRUMP! Never to fool around with Serious ISSUES! God never stop WATCHING OVER each and everyone of HIs Children with His JUST MERCY! No one could afford to face HIS JUSTICE! It is as broad and FAIR as HIS MERCY!

  15. I agree that closed door sessions can be preferable, but the making of the transcripts available to the public should be a strong priority as it would not withhold the full truth to us that is required in order to give veracity to the proceeding. The “ circus” atmosphere would be eliminated and transparency would be upheld as the American public deserves and demands.

  16. If Trump is guilty of something he should be held to account. One crime does not absolve another. EVERYONE should be held accountable for their actions including Trump – Obama – Clinton,BUT I disagree with closed door secret meetings. Put all the cards on the table and let the chips fall where they may. The Anerican people deserve to know what the hell is going on – On BOTH sides of the aisle.

    • The same thing happened to Clinton. There was a grand jury investigation conducted by Starr that was closed to the public. The Judiciary Committee essentially did the same thing because Barr refused to convene a grand jury.

  17. Yes, I can see where this is preferable to a circus and as long as the leaks are not as they have, anti-Trump and done to excite voters into believing all the demonrats lies, I think pretty much as Gowdy on his reasoning.

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