Trey Gowdy sat in front of the camera and delivered a harsh truth Nancy Pelosi will hate

The latest front in the Democrats’ impeachment plan is their insistence that Robert Mueller testify in public about his investigation.

Democrats are throwing this Hail Mary pass in hopes that Mueller testifying will move the ball down the field on removing the President from office.

But Trey Gowdy sat in front of the cameras and delivered a harsh truth that Nancy Pelosi will hate.

Robert Mueller opted not to bring obstruction of justice charges against President Trump.

Attorney General William Barr determining that no charges would be filed, it should have been the end of that thread.

But Mueller authored an un-American report that outlined the evidence of 10 ten episodes Mueller claimed could have been grounds for obstruction charges and that his report did not “exonerate” Trump.

The American judicial system is not set up like that.

Mueller wrote his report as if Trump was guilty and it was Trump’s job to prove his innocence.

In America you are innocent until proven guilty.

Trey Gowdy highlighted this fact during an appearance on Fox News.

He noted that Mueller testifying is not the silver bullet Democrats think it will be because the Department of Justice Guidelines forbids prosecutors from disclosing negative information about people who aren’t charged.

“Well, it’s going to be hard. He is not going to have a lot to have say because DOJ policy does not allow him to discuss derogatory information against an uncharged person. So what the Democrats want is for him to painstakingly go through all of the information he had that led to obstruction, or that they think leads to obstruction, and the conclusion is he didn’t indict him. So DOJ policy doesn’t allow that conversation. I’m not sure what else he can talk about,” Gowdy stated.

These rules exist for a simple reason – since the individual in questions is not being charged with a crime, they will never have a chance in court to clear their name if prosecutors outline derogatory information collected during the course of an investigation.

Gowdy continued, “Well, even the unredacted information, I mean, some of it by law he cannot discuss. Lots of it by law he cannot discuss. But even what is unredacted, the Department of Justice policy is you cannot discuss derogatory information against someone you did not indict. The department doesn’t speak in press conferences and reports. They use indictments. Either indict or shut up. And he didn’t indict.”

But will Mueller abide by the DOJ guidelines?

His report was a political document that went out of its way to smear Trump with negative disclosures even though the end result of the Mueller probe was no obstruction of justice charges.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Most of the people on here are braiuwashed by Trump’s sick charisma, racism and lies. The others were brain dead but with hatred before his bitherism campaign. To see so many Americans who follow a Nazi like Trump, who actually resembles more Mussolini with his preening and fat gut and facial expressions of sneers. There is no real smile or kindness in Trump, just sick confidence, sociopathic egomania and no pause for thinking, or appreciating anything but the adulation the sickos in this country give him. Historians now and for centuries will never quite understand his appeal and lies to so many people. Many of these people if they expressed their racism at the workplace would get their asses fired instantly.

    • What examples of racism are you referring to about Trump? What rights has Trump taken from you? The Democrats are the real Nazis here. They are trying to control every aspect of our lives, and transform us all into slaves through taxation. You are the one who has been brainwashed. Have you lost that tingle up your leg that you had when Obama mesmerized your ignorant ass?

    • Ok, now tell me how the President is a racist. How is he a Nazi? While you’re at it, please remember that it was Hillary Clinton that started the birther crap back in ’08 when she was running against Obama, not Trump. As for the smiles and kindness, ask the black actress and singer Jennifer Hudson about that. And as for those who like the man, GET OVER IT, as you demoncraps told Republicans when Obama won the presidency.

    • Joe the plumber, stick to unclogging toilets. You are so stupid you can’t even spell, let alone figure out who is best to run our country

    • Hey Draino, Empty words well said with no backing or sense. You are the Nazi and idiot uninformed. Why don’t you just leave this country. I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year.

    • Mr Plumber evidently you have fallen into too many shit holes. Your limited brain doesn’t allow you to think for yourself, so all you can do is say things you heard another idiot say about Donal Trump. How would you back up your claim that Trump is a Nazi? Seems that most of the Democrats are still against Israel. As was Obama. He hated the Jews and all of Isreal. He spent American money to try to get Netanyahu defeated and took a sudden trip abroad when he knew Netanyahu was visiting Washington. It was a phony trip by a phony president. Why don’t you take your angst against Obama. He was absolutely, without a doubt the worst president ever in the US. He is against The US. Everything he did was done to ensure our failure. He sees us as a superpower that needs to be brought down to our knees as he done everytime he met with Muslim rulers (his kind)

    • Express their racism Joe?? Are you deaf, blind or just plain stupid. Read the press of Waters comments, the comments of your Muslim group, and the intellectual studies your own AOC, there is racism. When you lose again, you will be one of the first to blame everyone else except your own people.

    • It looks like the only one that’s brainwashed are the victims of Marxist agenda. When you cannot identify the truth then all fingers begin to point at the liars and their lies. What hypocrisy to use lies to make your case.

    • Hey plumber. Stick to what you know, because apparently you buy into the spin the leftists play. Mueller report cleared President Trump even if he didn’t want to do it. Nothing there.

    • Eliminate all Demoncrats before they ruin America, wake up people. What the hell is wrong with you all, you really think those libtards are finding all this free stuff, give me a break. Think Venezuela then move there if that’s what you want.


  3. Trey Gowdy thought 8 investigations of Benghazi were not enough but one investigation of Trump and his cronies is too much. He’s a complete partisan, like all the cowardly Republicans in the Senate and Congress.

      • At least spell the word right. profession, it’s obvious that youme are not a professor or any professional either. You also don’t remember the prop the Republicans used a few years ago, Joe the Plumber who reached fame for his bogus life.

        • Joe, check your own spelling before criticizing others. Doing so may hide your sense of hypocrisy, Which as a liberal, your display very well.

    • Plumber, people died in Benghazi and the irresponsible person (Secretary of State) was not held accountable for the deaths.

      • 13 embassies were attacked under George Bush, and Americans were killed, where were the Republicans then? Where were they when 200+ soldiers were killed in Lebanon when Reagan was President. The Benghazi was a tragedy, not a fiasco with is Trump’s Presidency every day since he started his campaign and since.

          • There once was a guy named Beam
            A country of all whites was his dream
            His hatred of every minority
            wants to give him the authority
            to have just Nazis is his dream.

        • Well joe, it seems that you are contibuting to the fiasco or perhaps just a BIG MOUTH, related to Pelosi? What specific action, besides your mouth, have you taken?

        • This is for Joe the Plumber-The biggest difference between the events you speak of and Benghazi is the poor saps in Libyia ask for help over 600 times to S of S Clinton. And did not get one response. Four people died that did not have to die. And like so many of you libs before you question the 600 times for help see senate investigation on the matter and you will see the now s of s Mike Pompao question Clinton about this. Very sickening.

        • It doesn’t matter it seems you back Terrorist and Commies? You support your own pain , misery , slavery and demise. That’s because It’s all they have to offer! I don’t make excuses for traitors. Who sold us out to the NWO. Like both Bushes. You listen to pure bullshit! You are entitled to form your own political polluted mind. Your polluted ass is lucky you have a stinking job? To be talking your crap! You plumbers do not make anything! You buy out. No brains needed. You sound like a Tussian fool who flunked kindergarten. Then run his mouth that he was a genius and talking carp like he’s a Mr. know it all. Oops! You sound familiar l? You his brother? You information and dates of all negative crap! Trump is not a Career politician. I guess you can’t figure that out by what he has accomplished in a short amount of time. Despite all the distractions? You can’t handle the truth! Can you? You stand on Commie ground. Your Commie crap is coming to an end . They are desperate and running scared. They have no ammo left! Bill Barr is going to slam dunk their asses! They can’t do crap to Barr or Trump! Their scare tactics are not working. They can’t force Barr to reveal Federally protected redacted Grand Jury material. No natter what they say! He can’t break the law! They try to arrest Bill Barr or Trump? They lose. Trump is surrounded by the Marines and the US Marshals. The Capitol police wouldn’t last long! Check Mate! Yen you watch how fast all these Dumbo Rat’s get rounded up and put in GITMO. For Treason , Conspiracy against the America and the American people. Sedition and Espionage. Not to mention Pedophilia and Murder! Yeah you can’t handle the truth? Keep watching that fake news crap! It’s not working for you.You are kept in the dark and fed a bunch of crap! Like a mushroom. Your facts are for the wrong reason. They all have nothing to do with Trump! ????????????????

        • Joe the plumber- Guess what, I served in the military under Carter, Reagan and Bush. We did nothing for the Iran Embassy take over, Finally Delta and Rangers attempted to conduct a rescue. Carter, Supposedly not understanding Zulu time, called Khomeni and apologized before the troops left the Nimitz. Then they were scrafed on Desert one. Not a wind storm as has been stated. I was in Lebanon when the Barracks were bombed, I spent 3 months searching for training camps and painting them. We decimated the camps, Many camps. I was in Libya painting targets for the bombing campaign, we did so much damage Kadaffi swore of terrorism for almost 25 years. Clinton had the oppurtunity to take out many terrorist leaders, guess what, he did not allow it. He and the democrats created policies that tied the hands of our intelligence organizations. Hence, we did not know terrorists were actually getting commercial aircraft training in the United States and we had 911. Democrats have done nothing, only the republicans have done anything. Unfortunately, the US military are nolonger a military force, they under the Democrats (Carter, Clinton, Obama) have become nothing more than police officers in a combat situation. The UN has decided that aggressive action by the USA is a crime, meanwhile they allow national sponsored terrorists to do at will. Cruz said we need to bomb them back to the 7th century, And I agree. But due to the whining liberals in our government and the UN our hands are tied. So take your trolling liberal, unintelligent ideology and keep them to yourself. Better yet move to any country of your choice that you seem to be fond of, See how well it goes for you.

        • Joe..Go stick your head down one of those clogged toilets that call your name! Obviously I wouldn’t recommend Joe the Plumber to anyone because he obviously he is STUPIDIOTIC!

      • Hillary hasn’t been charged with the deaths of 4 people in Benghazi yet!!! Neither has Obama been charged yet!!! Times coming..

    • 2 years? 2 years of investigation with input from every democrat in congress and some of the RINOS. Get over it dumbass. By the way Obama and Clinton are both guilty as hell over Benghazi.

      • Benghazi was a tragedy, that ambassador’s death was a tragedy. Where were you and the Republicans when 13 embassies were attacked under George Bush and Americans were killed in some of them. 8 investigations proved nothing. Trump has been a criminal since his youth when he punched a teacher in the face and he had to go to military school. He might be the only military high school student who was cowardly enough to miss the Vietnam War.

        • Yet you are anti War, correct? Like your mentor Jane Fonda? What branch were you in or are you simply a basement internet clown?

        • First how about facts to back up your claim? I am sure you were not in any of the embassies and I know you are not the doctor who did the test on Trump nor was you at the military school. Hell I slapped my football coach in school but back then we had teachers that did not scream crybaby to the school board. Now about this article about the investigation. Mueller was not a DA he was an investigator like a cop. Investigators do not get to decide who is charged for any crime only in this case the charging is left to the AG.

      • Joe blow…”Did you see the movie Zero Dark Thirty”? Hillary “NO, I SLEPT THROUGH THE FIRST ONE”. Just like good old “Pay to Play” Sec of State Hillary, you are both two POS in a pod. When you look in the mirror every morning I want you to know you are looking at the sorriest SOB on the face of the earth. What a waste of human skin.

    • Actually, there were 4 investigations into the so called (trump-russia collusion” and all 4 reached the same conclusion. The Benghazi investigations all found probable cause to indict, unfortunately, congress was not allowed to to interview 43 witness’ that would prove the Obama administration knowling sat on their hands and waited until after ambassador stevens was killed. The administration knowingly withdrew a support from the region except the fast team in Greece. They took away their transportation and told them to stand down. 4 men that were ther, came forward as whistle blowers and all 4 were incessantly discredited by the democrat congress , Obama state department and Obama DOJ. So, before you try to compare this investigation to the Muellar report, learn your facts. BTW, Those witness’ are still under a NDA and cannot be questioned by order of the President of the United State, Barrack Hussein Obama.

        • Joe- Think again, Republicans did not get control until 2014, Benghazi attack was 2012. Get your facts straight. And of course, typical liberal ideology, when proven wrong, lie and use expletives.

          • Republicans won the house by a narrow margin but the senate was owned by the Democrats, The house initiated the investigation. all 5 committees conclusions stated that dozens of problems with the actions taken by the Obama Administration exists. It also stated that the white house staff, state department and Intelligence agencies were aware the Benghazi was vulnerable. The Obama administration also knowingly changed the talking points to remove any islamic terrorists taking part in the attack. It was later confirmed signed by only the committee chairs and stated, the final report was not accurate due to the inability to interview witness’ under the NDA. The Demodcrate senate did nothing except complain about the investigation proceedings. Of course the FBI investigation found no problems. Even though the US Government did not allow intervention.

    • Only one investigation into President Trump?

      I’m thinking that: 1) you haven’t kept up the past 3 years, yes, 3 years OR 2) you cannot count past 1.

      • The left doesn’t want a Civil War, who does especially when you have all the gun nuts, white supremacists, thugs like the late Tim McVeigh, the abortion clinic bombers and as Trump has bragged the motorcycle gangs or bikers as he said.

        • Tim McVeigh was executed promptly, in record time. We need to do the same to treasonous DemonRats who collude with Mexico, Iran, South Africa, Cuba, Louis Farrakhan, Antifa, on and on and on. People like you.N/A

          • Beam, read the limerick I wrote about you, your fascism is sick, scary and preaches violence.

        • Spoken like a good Marxist, Joe. Twist those facts. Blame terrorism on the Right when in the REAL WORLD the terrorists are ALL Left wing Racists.

          Good job, Joe. Keep that Marxist Democrat propaganda flowing. Nobody is smart enough to spot that! Ha! SARCASM

  4. The Democrats in Congress are breaking the law. Barr has already told them that the redactions were for trial evidence and other lawful exclusions. Why is that so hard for liberal congressmen to understand that you don’t suspend the law just because an idiot congressman wants something he cannot have! It has nothing to do with their oversight! Their “in contempt of Congress” vote is a great example of their stupidity and inability to govern properly! Te Democrats have made a sham of our government!

  5. California is starting to look just like the George Orwellian novel 1984 and this will spread from State to State if we don’t put a stop to this evil Democratic plan.

  6. looking at all the comments, i really can’t argue with any of them. Just remember the animal mascot of the party jackass and pelosi looks like the south end of that certain animal.

  7. These are challenging times for our country and very challenging times for the President. The average American citizen sees through all the politcal games the Democrats are trying to pull off. It is my opinion all these Democratic games will tremendously urt the Democratic party in 2020. Just think of the consequences
    Many top Democrats will be gone — forced out one way or the other. Amem ! God bless America.

    • Agreed! Pray and share the Truth ~~ pray more and sharing GREATER Truth…….. help to reform hearts, one at a time! Even the Catholic Pope is Confused! It means thatn/a the World is under Inquisition!

  8. I’ve been saying it all along these new generation, children of immigrants are all ignorant of all our laws because the school education system doesn’t teach our children the right
    curriculum the Democrats likes it that way. Watch the new wave from the south border are the next in line to be exploited. Partly because all they want are the American freebies promised by the keep them new generation totally ignorant and the Democrats can stay in power. It’s all about their pockets. In a year time they become millionaires. The worst part are the ruining of our existing laws replacing for their own
    ” way of thinking on how they see
    fit to their lifestyle “

    • Jose, who taught you grammar. If the tight wing gets their way the Muslims would be first to be killed then people with names like Jose.

    • I agree with Jose. Students no longer are required homework. In South Texas students do not have to have grades, since the school system has a 70% policy, if a teacher provides a bad grade to the student, they can be fired. Parents do not have to teach their children, teachers are required to. However, the teachers hands are tied to structured learning. The teacher can no longer provide information that has not been approved by the department of education. Many high school graduates today do not know Cuba was a country. They have no idea about American history. They only need to hear,NOT LEARN, about the Renaissance. Reading, they do not even have required reading anymore. They no longer are taught script. Liberals like this because in 25 years, noone will be able to read the old documents that created our country. Liberals prefer it this way

  9. Legal versus illegal. DOJ is forbidden by LAWS PASSED BY CONGRESS…to bad CONGRESS disobeys laws daily for political favors. I guess those laws ate just suggestions to lawmakers!

  10. Thank you Mr.Gowdy. Now that everybody understands all the rules of what can and cannot be done by rule of law, it won’t make one damn bit of difference to the Donkeys. When or where in this whole fiasco they created have they ever followed the law or ANY law? The Democrats have continually proceeded in a manner that the laws and Constitution apply to everyone but them. So if it is too apparent and they cannot skulk around a law they try to trick us into rewriting or removing laws or articles such as the first and second and others. Democrats; the many; the arrogant; the priveledeged; the lawless and amoral.

    • The Bill of Rights is not given or taken by any man or government. The Bill of Rights is GOD GIVEN. Only Almighty God can remove them.

      Only through JC can we find FREEDOM. There is no freedom by Allah or any other human philosophy.

  11. They are continually making an ass of themselves and don’t seem to be intelligent enough to realize.
    Some of the things they are running on is unbelievable.
    Do away with the Trump tax breaks and take more of your money out of your pocket.
    More taxes to corporations, causing jobs to leave the country
    Do away with private health Insurance. Medicare for all, with a 20% deductible.
    Raise the Federal debt to $125 trillion.
    More regulations on everything.
    Take your guns.
    Don’t this sound like something that would make people want to vote for them? Hope they don’t plan a victory party, like Hillary did. These people act like they have never seen an election before.

  12. The DemoRATS (as I call them) are worthless. They are so jung-ho on trying to get anything they can make up on Our Great President so they can charge him with obstruction. What about the DemoRATS? They have done nothing but OBSTRUCT Trump from day one. Where is the law on that? Goes both ways. Enough is enough it’s time to start charging the DemoRATS with OBSTRUCTION and justice be done. If things can’t change then time to Drain the swamo. Do not vote DemoRAT!!

      • Joe the Plumber
        Wished to give a blow & hummer
        To the racist Obummer
        Then crawl like a dog, wagging tail, begging for a treat.
        Obummer’s mentor Farrakhan,
        Shoveling meat, packing that seat.
        Plumber with a smile, he’s been broken for a long while. AfroCon is his master, while he goes by MasterBate. A bum full of Kum.

        • Hey Phyllis, not a very good poet, just a disgusting mine, racist, homophobic crap coming our of your mouth.

          • You wouldn’t know a racist if he came up to you and said Hitler was a very good man and Whites need to die. Hint- see Obummer’s good friend/mentor !ouis Farrakhan quotes. You are a danger to America and you are nothing but a coward who has no self worth.

      • Golly Shar it is easy for them. They have sold their souls so don’t have any. When. They look in the mirror there is no reflection. They cannot see how evil and hateful they have become. When you look at pictures of Pelosi, Omar, Tlaib and Cortsz and see the ugly unreasoning hatred they express when confronted, they are so twisted with rage it oozes out of every pure and onto print or film. The actions and words of these people are dehumanizing. It makes me ashamed because the rest of the world sees this also.

        • Well put Ms. Esteve. This one way street caravan needs to be opened up for two way traffic as I think the Democratic Leaders tax returns need to be brought to light. Trey Gowdy, 2024 with Judge Judy on the Supreme Court bench!

  13. Pelosi saying the President is “just goading the Democrats to impeach him, with her lips parsed. How can there be so much hate for a President that has worked hard to get things done, and a Democrat that has done nothing for Americans, but put illegals over the people. I do not understand the thinking. How does she and hundreds of others look in the mirror and think its ok

    • Apparently it does not take much for Ms. Pelosi to be “goaded” into action. Why did she not do this with Hillary when there was enough evidence to send her to jail? Why not do this with Eric Holder, Obama, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, McCabce, Stojk, etc????? There is plenty of evidence to send each one of these to jail but she is not interested where there is real evidence. She only want to get rid of Trump because he is president instead of Hillary and the Democrats can’t stand it!! Too Bad!!

    • He’s not a politician. so he may not be corrupt, liar, thief and all the other thing a politician does. It’s messing up their agenda. That’s why they wanted Hillary to win, she was one of them. They want to get rid of him, because he is making them look like the incompetent dummies they are. And every time they open their mouths, just proves that they are. They have been there most of their lives and done nothing but scrounge off the taxpayers. Trump come along and shows the people he can do more in 2 years than they have done in all their lives. These people need to go, but please no more AOC or Omars. Get some people who know what they are doing or at least smart enogh to learn how to do their job.

    • Nancy Pelosi spends most of her time fawning over herself. Suddenly I realized that she has a “Michael Jackson” nose! She’s had a lot of fixing up!

  14. Pelosi saying the President is “just goading the Democrats to impeach him, with her lips parsed. How can there be so much hate for a President that has worked hard to get things done, and a Democrat that has done nothing for Americans, but put illegals over the people. I do not understand the thinking. How does she and hundreds of others look in the mirror and think its ok

    • I see your point. The Democrat Marxist Progressive Party problem is that you have to be INSANE to believe their lies.

      When they demand to live in their delusional, psychotic world, they BELIEVE that they have the RIGHT to demand you bow to them.

      That’s INSANITY itself. We bow down to no man (or delusional woman)

  15. I hope the president fights this Injustice all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. We need to get together as a country and start moving all people in the right direction. I hope the president continues building the wall and allowing legal immigration to continue as it has for hundreds of years. God bless the president and the United States of America.

  16. I imagine when we go to the polls the Democrats may simply no longer exist.
    We have to seat American Patriots if we are to save our Great Constitutional Republic.
    All those who have attempted to overthrow our Duly ELECTED POTUS & a failed coup be arrested, charged with TREASON Against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, tried & executed.

  17. Gowdy is absolutely correct on the law. I can’t understand why these people in congress don’t get it?! Don’t they know the Law? Heck even I knew what Gowdy was saying & I just learned that in high school way back when. These people need to go forward with the business at hand & quit wasting our tax dollars on this crap!!!

    • Mr Miller when he was occasionally on a committee it was interesting he didn’t cut any slack to his fellow committee member’s especially the loud mouth vulgar Lewis last name I think might be wrong on the name I’ll make correction when I find it’s name good COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN

  18. Can you imagine what our country would be like if the Dems actually did the jobs they were elected to do? They have done nothing but obstruct our President! How do people like this keep their jobs anyway? The entire democratic party should be impeached and prevented from ever holding another public office. These people are a complete and utter disgrace. And gone are the days when they wanted to be photographed holding babies. Now they want to murder them, and celebrate this. These are evil, wicked people.

  19. It’s time to bring swift justice to those who were involved in a coup against a sitting President…. regardless whether you care for the person or not he was elected by the American people…. Democrats you have chose to disregard the American citizens interest and substitute your own agenda, therefore, your constituents are rejecting you and you will feel the sting in 2020.

    • They will feel a sting sooner than that. There is an election in 2019. All those who believe in our country, as intended by the founders of this nation, MUST get out and vote!!

  20. After $35,000,000 of taxpayers dollars spent there were no evidence of collusion and obstruction of justice…. therefore, why is this issue being rehashed by Democrats? Dems not representing their constituents interest nor are they resolving the issues facing America…. Why are they still in office?


  21. Very interesting article. I will be watching for updates. I learned something new today. Now it’s time for the Demonrats to learn a few things!

  22. Very interesting article. I will be watching for updates. I learned something new today. Now it’s time for the Demonrats to learn a few things!

  23. Mueller did not find anything but he made sure to keep the hunt going by our some crap in there about trump which is not true. Mueller is a lap dog for man in the uranium deal. Don’t what the Democrat party is doing because it all against the law. Weasels all of them. Media, Facebook are traitors to America and the constitution.

  24. I doubt Mr. Muller has the ETHICS, INTEGRITY AND MORALITY to stand by his WRITTEN REPORT and the DOJ Guidelines. How he acts merely shows the American people that had faith in the Democrat comments of a fair and just investigation, are merely hot air as they did not get what they wanted. It is they who should be indicted for treason against America as their failed COUP to overthrown a sitting President Failed.

    • Ethics, integrity, or morality are not practiced by Democrats. Their aim is simply obstruct, complain, and accuse. They no longer have a plan other than stop Trump at all costs. With the motley crew that is running for president next year it will be interesting to see who is most embarrassed.

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