Trey Gowdy sat in front of the camera and delivered a harsh truth Nancy Pelosi will hate

The latest front in the Democrats’ impeachment plan is their insistence that Robert Mueller testify in public about his investigation.

Democrats are throwing this Hail Mary pass in hopes that Mueller testifying will move the ball down the field on removing the President from office.

But Trey Gowdy sat in front of the cameras and delivered a harsh truth that Nancy Pelosi will hate.

Robert Mueller opted not to bring obstruction of justice charges against President Trump.

Attorney General William Barr determining that no charges would be filed, it should have been the end of that thread.

But Mueller authored an un-American report that outlined the evidence of 10 ten episodes Mueller claimed could have been grounds for obstruction charges and that his report did not “exonerate” Trump.

The American judicial system is not set up like that.

Mueller wrote his report as if Trump was guilty and it was Trump’s job to prove his innocence.

In America you are innocent until proven guilty.

Trey Gowdy highlighted this fact during an appearance on Fox News.

He noted that Mueller testifying is not the silver bullet Democrats think it will be because the Department of Justice Guidelines forbids prosecutors from disclosing negative information about people who aren’t charged.

“Well, it’s going to be hard. He is not going to have a lot to have say because DOJ policy does not allow him to discuss derogatory information against an uncharged person. So what the Democrats want is for him to painstakingly go through all of the information he had that led to obstruction, or that they think leads to obstruction, and the conclusion is he didn’t indict him. So DOJ policy doesn’t allow that conversation. I’m not sure what else he can talk about,” Gowdy stated.

These rules exist for a simple reason – since the individual in questions is not being charged with a crime, they will never have a chance in court to clear their name if prosecutors outline derogatory information collected during the course of an investigation.

Gowdy continued, “Well, even the unredacted information, I mean, some of it by law he cannot discuss. Lots of it by law he cannot discuss. But even what is unredacted, the Department of Justice policy is you cannot discuss derogatory information against someone you did not indict. The department doesn’t speak in press conferences and reports. They use indictments. Either indict or shut up. And he didn’t indict.”

But will Mueller abide by the DOJ guidelines?

His report was a political document that went out of its way to smear Trump with negative disclosures even though the end result of the Mueller probe was no obstruction of justice charges.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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