Trey Gowdy sent Democrats running for their lives with one rude awakening

Democrats just found out the game is up.

The truth behind their impeachment witch hunt is out in public.

And Trey Gowdy sent Democrats running for their lives with one rude awakening.

Democrats face a zero percent chance of winning conviction on articles of impeachment and removing President Trump from office.

That is leading many Americans to wonder why Democrats are tearing the country apart with an exercise doomed to fail.

Trey Gowdy explained exactly why in a recent op-ed on

The former South Carolina Congressman explained Democrats were using impeachment as a wedge issue to win back the Senate in 2020.

Gowdy wrote:

This impeachment exercise is most assuredly about removing someone from office. It’s just not about removing Trump from office. It’s about removing Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, Thom Tillis, Susan Collins and Joni Ernst from their senate offices.

A Democratic Senate would make the assemblage of a Cabinet next to impossible, end the filling of judicial vacancies, paralyze the country should there be a U.S. Supreme Court opening and ensure that both the House and Senate spend their time investigating the executive branch.

If you think the country made little to no legislative progress with a Democrat-controlled House and a Republican president, just wait until there is a Democrat-controlled House and Senate and a Republican president.

There are currently 53 Republican Senators with 45 Democrats and 2 independents. The 2 independents caucus and vote with the Democrats for a practical split of 53-47. Democrats need to flip four Republican seats (and more likely 5) if Republicans nominate an electable candidate in Alabama.

Democrats need to win four seats to flip the Senate.

Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are wagering that if swing state Senators vote with Trump on impeachment it will alienate the independent voters they need to win re-election.

But that bet ignores swing state polling which shows impeaching and removing Donald Trump is unpopular.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Ronsch when are you going to prove your point? How many times are you going to keep putting LIES on here? It was prove that RUSSIA WAS HELPING HILLARY! It
    was prove that she had two Russian on her campaign team! It was prove that she got million of dollars donated to the Clinton foundation by Russia leader Putin! The US Ambassador was helping the DEMONcrat in the corruption. And Ukraine remove her from the COUNTRY. So learn to prove your point! Trey know the attack on BENGHAZI was OBAMA cover up! Chris Stevens asked three months before it happened for more security! But was DENIED BY OBAMA. Want to know why? Because he was using Benghazi to run guns to terrorist.

  2. It’s all about the truth n lies and lies and Truth good and evil evil and good pick your place you want to be with the Resurrected or with the Damned. Revelations 4 predicts 7 years from the rebuilding of the Temple 2 Armageddon. Not Republican or Democrat can fix it it’s coming soon be ready.

  3. The demoncraps are using the race card(black and Muslim) and millennials to push America into the new world order! Virginia has taken the drastic step of trying to disarm their citizens. The choices are give in to their treasonous intents and give up our nation and freedom or take it to the streets and use force against cunning. It brings to mind an old saying. “Fate whispered to the warrior ” A storm is coming!” The warrior whispered back ” I AM the storm!””!

  4. These leftists who don’t like Trey Gowdy are just sick individuals who suck at the teets of the disgusting demoncrats in the house. The impeachment is a terrible imbarrassment for the democraps, especially pelose, schitt and humpty dumpty. Go Donald, MAGA and KAG.

  5. So why is it okay with Trey Gowdy that the President conspired with a foreign leader to benefit himself in an election? There’s no dispute about that, but more information comes out that makes the conspiracy even more egregious, where a U.S. Ambassador, known for her work against corruption, was threatened, possibly physically, to get her away from the corrupt scheme concocted by Giuliani, Parnas, and others to try to tarnish his opponent in a Presidential election, something Bolton referred to as a “drug deal”. Why is Gowdy okay with that?

  6. Spooky Trey Gowdy is another unethical Republican, it’s good he left Congress. He thought 7 Benghazi hearings weren’t enough but on Russia invading our election system was too many. Did you notice NOTHING from the emails and Benghazi was found to be criminal, it came out this week.

  7. Hahaha I love how the MORON that doesn’t know that only she can remove herself from this site, is calling the rest of us idiots!! You just can’t fix stupid! Amazing.

  8. You are so right, Bill. We can’t let the demon rats win. They have been so corrupt for so long and it’s way past time they pay for their sins

  9. What can you say, when all the lying started with slick willie and still runs through the loser Obama. It’s sad. I’m 73 and collect so which I paid into all my life, now they tax me on it as an income , all because I still work to get medical coverage . Trump is the best thing ever happened to this country. He’s trying to put America first and the scumbag democrats don’t like it. They are like rats running for cover. Turn on the lights and watch them run like cockroaches. Remember Epstein committed suicide ??‍♀️

  10. Face it, the impeachment farce is an act of desperation. Kinda like the kamikaze pilots in WWII. A last ditch effort to stop President Trump.

  11. Yea i can see how calling the Emoluments clause phony really effects the country, its almost as bad as Pelosi and Schumer ignoring all the homeless, feces, hypodermic needles in the streets of their sector. while spending millions of dollars that could possible help these people on trying to undo an election. A once beautiful city now under the do nothing Democratic rule is now a cesspool by the sea. I guess as long as they continue to live in the lap of luxury, have private armed security and live behind walls and fences all is good with the Fools that keep voting them in. Wake up they are blatantly telling you that their lives are more valuable then yours!!

  12. If democrats can monopolize all 3 branches of government and essentially create a one party system then they won’t need to make people dependent on government for votes because there will be no opposition to vote for. Then they can do what all communist/social -ist governments do and just say we ran out of money so no more free handouts. Then you get Cuba.
    Never forget, this democrat party is Marxist to the core.

  13. Rob Jones – I am in total agreement with you. The attention and free passes, by all rights belong to our seniors & veterans who gave us the freedoms we have. Illegals should not be allowed free or low income medical,housing,food stamps,social security,drivers licences and the right to vote. Sickening -totally sickening.

  14. Julio, You are a criminal. He been arrested for DUI. Now, he cannot have a free ride?? He is blaming Trump for his nasty problems. Damn Julio, Go crying out to drunken Pelosi.

    Get your butt of my country. You need to get some help!!!

  15. Power is the primary motivation of each and every politician especially the entrenched career politicians. However, collectively the democrats aim is not to help American citizens and lawfully present aliens, but to perpetuate their party to the extent they envision a permanent monopoly in all three branches. Once accomplished they can tax and spend at the expense of people that actually contribute to society in terms of economics. Their intent is to create and strengthen dependence on government.

  16. The DEMWITTS have already LOST THEIR EVER LOVIN MINDS. And not just one or a FEW, they have ALL GONE BONKERS, you know COCO for COCO PUFFS crazy. The impeachment will blow up in their face if the Semate, calls Hunter, Schiftless, Crazy Joe, and a few more. I think President Trump is just waiting for this COMEDY of CLOWNS SHOW to start and hope it lasts for weeks! IT WILL JUST SHOW TO MORE AMERICAN HOW CRAZY THE DEMWITTS ARE!

  17. Julio, irrelevant question. Any person’s opinion, or that of a political party, does not change the relevancy of the constitution. Now, as we know, the Democrats regard US Laws and the constitution itself as toilet paper. Utter lawlessness is the rule and standard of the Democratic party. From the Dem Party’s support of illegal sanctuary cities offering hiding spots to criminals, to laws arresting cops who support ICE agents, to totally ignoring the law in the ENTIRE House impeachment process, etc.
    POWER is the ONLY concern of the Democratic party, certainly NOT the rights of American Citizens.

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