Trey Gowdy sent James Comey running for his life after this truth bomb

James Comey’s world is crumbling around him.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report detailed Comey’s corrupt and unethical leadership while running the FBI.

But that was nothing compared to what Trey Gowdy had in store.

Gowdy kicked off a House Oversight hearing about the Inspector General report by teeing off on James Comey.

Fox News reports:

“We see Jim Comey and Jim Comey alone deciding which DOJ policies to follow and which to ignore,” he said.

Gowdy accused Comey of watering down his initial statement on the investigation’s findings and making other decisions on his own. While Comey has suggested he acted unilaterally out of concern for the Justice Department’s handling of the case, Gowdy questioned why he didn’t seek a special counsel — as he indirectly did regarding concerns about the Trump administration.

“Instead, he appointed himself FBI director, attorney general, special counsel, lead investigator and the general arbiter of what is good and right in the world according to him,” Gowdy said..

Horowitz report laid bare the political bias that drove both the Clinton email and Russia investigations.

The Bureau went easy on Clinton and turned the screws to Trump.

Gowdy’s question about why Comey didn’t appoint a special counsel is answered by the facts laid out in the report.

Comey and his henchmen were determined to clear Hillary Clinton from the get go.

This was not a legitimate investigation.

It was a whitewash to clean up any stain from the scandal that Republicans could use to delegitimize her impending Presidency.

Comey and his crew figured they could get away with it all because Hillary was going to win.

But Trump shocked the world and now Americans are getting a firsthand look at the rot in James Comey’s FBI.


  1. The bamster was inept and clearly in over his head. Nice gent but clueless and he does leave a legacy, but it’s called a legacy of lunacy.

  2. Bob your so whacked in the head continue watching them news Chanel’s you mentioned and continue gulping down the kool aid but they got you hook and sinker you stupid ass moron

  3. Trey Gowdy is protecting Comey-by putting on a good show-and doing NOTHING of substance-and, at this point-Nunes too!!!!s

  4. YOU are a total nut job. You want corruption look no further than the democratic party. Obama and his “wait untill after election ” hillary and the nuke fuel, the meeting wirh bill on the tarmack, giveing billions to iran. I could go on but it would just be over your head. Wait, thats stuck up your butt. Maybe if you pull it out reality will slowly sink in. I doubt it but juat maybe!

  5. Undoubtedly, you don’t watch FOX NEWS and FOX BUSINESS! It would help you learn some things that you don’t know – TRUTH! MAGA!

  6. I am also a huge fan of Trey Gowdy and hope that he will reconsider leaving. I would hate to think that the likes of Maxine Waters. Hillary Clinton, Pocahontas, Chuck Schumer and a bucketful of waste will have driven him off the road. We need people of his caliber to ensure our country continues to thrive regardless of what the left has in store for us.

  7. This is a chilling shadow of the past when mysterious people came together on a murderous day on a November morning to extinguish our chosen King of Camelot. Can you say JFK today? Catch my new volume of poetry “Born From Silence” By Mark Anthony Grubb being released late August or early September. Guaranteed to set both body and soul free.


  9. Gowdy-all TALK, no DELIVERY-if I was Comey Gowdy is the guy I would LOVE to be grilled by.

  10. That’s why California has a voter turnout of 118% out of 100 of registered voters.what I really want to know is how Hitlery beat Bernie in CA before the polls even opened?? Hmmmmmmmmmm

  11. The Obamanized FBI & DOJ are Deep State controlled agencies. The worst criminals in America are the corrupt brass running these cesspools. James Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Strzok, Page, the entire Obama cabinet are the shadow government, which is financed by the Deep State’s coffers. The Deep State Military/Industrial Complex makes a lot of money by keeping us in wars. The Obama regime infected our government with sleaze more than any other president ever dared and it must be cleaned up.

  12. Bob P, I’m an Independent and am trying to understand where all the name calling and hate being spewed by the Democrats is coming from. I’m trying to look at this logically. I’m really trying to be open minded. I’m looking for facts and truth. You seem to think you know what you’re talking about. I can only see President Trump as a pragmatist. Aren’t we all AMERICANS?

  13. purge the FBI and lock up the communists thugs that have done their best to take over our government

  14. I’m a huge Trey Gowdy supporter; huge! I’m saddened to see him leave because I’d like to see his next step;I was so long forward.
    I’m sure you have your reasons for leaving politics sir, but I’ve considered you one of the bright lights. I liked Rand Paul as well but the donation, give me, emails left me disenchanted. Most likely cause I’m poor.
    I wish you well, Mr. Gowdy. Please don’t completely go away.

  15. Now that the FBI has become like the Gestapo was in Germany, acting for one corrupt party, I guess that they don’t have time to check out a troubled young man who talked of shooting up a high school.

  16. NOTHING Gowdy does accomplishes anything-he talks a great game and nothing ever comes of it. The ONE person Comey would want to be grilled by is Gowdys

  17. I don’t watch news on Tv either and I could only get MSNBC all They did was Bash PRESIDENT TRUMP.I don’t know why there is so much hate.

  18. Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation party and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. You must be in another world or maybe too much kool aid. Cnn & MSNBC are the liar. You partner are one sick puppy.

  20. Money flows like Niagra Falls to people who are desperate and in need of money to sell their vote. People in need because of sickness, joblessness, etc will sell their votes and you know there are several buyers out there with bottomless pockets and after the vote? pitch the desperate person down the dump, they did what was paid for and are no longer needed.

  21. Exactly what corruption are you assigning to President Donald Trump? Please be specific. No, I will not watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox or any other “news” channel because most of the “news” consist mostly of LIES. It is pointless to listen to that drivel. So what “corruption” do YOU assign to Trump?

  22. I think Gowdy thought so to, he announced right after that he would not run again. Sessions is afraid of Nancy and Maxine and anyone else that says BOO! He did not want to prosecute his friends so he recused himself from that investigation. Recusal means you cannot do the right thing because you are either related, friends, or afraid of them. Which is it for Sessions?

  23. There is one big problem. No one checks ID’s at the voting place. People? are also getting absentee ballots and instead of sending them via USPS someone brings them in hand and the voting offices take them without verification that these people voting are actually alive. Aliens both legal and illegal are voting. You cannot vote unless you are a citizen. Someone who has a green card is not a citizen, they are legally allowed to be here, but they are NOT voting citizens, yet they vote. There is no limit to the amount of money that will be given to those who are not allowed to vote for them to vote. Congress should mandate that voter ID’s should be checked and verified. Yes, it is time consuming but it assures us that the votes are legal. How many deceased people voted for Obama? One person took in a stack of over 100 absentee ballots that were counted without verification they were alive and/or legal voters. These were suppose to go thru USPS but clerk took them. Do they not follow the rules?

  24. OMG !!! i CAN’T BELIEVE THOSE WORDS COULD Be PRINTED. What planet are you living on?? We are witnessing the most corrupt president and congress and cabinet in history. But you probably watch only Fox Fake news (Not really news..just Trump propaganda), and they will never show the videos that expose the republican corruption.Do yourself a favor and spend a little time on CNN & MSNBC and watch truth in action.

  25. Didn’t even have to vote to get rid of corrupt EPA Director. More scum to follow. Don just pulled a new slimeball into the fold.

  26. I agree, when I started college in late 60s all doors were left unlocked but by time I left you had to lock everything up,

  27. Jerry, We also must remember what happened to the evil Jezebel:
    God threw her out of the window and her body was eaten by wild dogs.


  29. It is said “The truth will set you free” – Hillary Clinton’s truths – hopefully – will put her in jail !

  30. I would like to see him on the Supreme Court. He would be fair and act according to the Constitution!!

  31. I agree, but if not the Supreme Court, then Attorney General, so we can get rid of that wimp Jeff Sessions. When Trump was putting his administration together, I hoped and prayed he would pick Gowdey for AG.>

  32. way to go trey it,s about time commie got what he deserves take his retirement and anything thats left of him, hoping only for the worse for commie.

  33. Now that Justice Kennedy is retiring from the US Supreme Court, I would love to see President Trump nominate Trey Gowdy for that position. I think he would be an awesome Supreme Court Justice.


  35. I was born in 46… never worried about pedophiles
    Doors never locked..could eve leave keys in car.i would love for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to have a. Life like that….

    I am praying GOD will handle these traitors as they should be. I want to be able to see them get their KARMA…..NOOOOOOOOWWWWWW.MMJ


  37. It’s not just Comey, the FBI is nothing more than a puppet for the NWO…….Both nned to be shut down…….

  38. I`m with you 100%. The Constitution was implemented to protect the rights of all American Citizens. Anyone elected to a Public office in the United States should be bound to implement, and use it to defend all American Citizens Period. Not twist it ,not change it or make a political agenda out of misinterpreting it. We the american people want Congress and the Senate to do your job and protect us legally and lawfully, and let the President do his job.

  39. Of course there is, one for democrats and another for Republicans. The definition of the double standard.

    Time to return to a single standard for all – fat chance.

  40. Maxine Waters needs to be held accountable for her reckless manner of enciting our citizens. She got off in the past for crooked deals with the ethics committee merely slapping her hands. Reopen that investigation. There is one way for the American Citizens to express their displeassure of the Democrat methods of putting down the President and allied actions and that is to vote Republican in all elections. Once the Democratic party is decimated perhaps it will then become an honest party.

  41. They all will meet there maker in the end! You can’t push your views on people with different ones! I’m on your side but, the way we take care of this is do your homework & VOTE! Don’t disgrace yourself with the lefts tatics! Don’t lower yourself! This crap all started the second the curruption stepped into the Whitehouse when Obama entered! They are still secretly trying to control us! Thank GOD for Trump! He may not talk the political lingo but at least he’s Fixing all the curruption that was left in Washington & it’s still there they are Obama’s army! Let him drain the swamp including fake Republicans! We must get our country back to what it was before certain scumbags got in.

  42. this is just not about James Comey but the whole democrat party look at obama ,waters,pelosi and finstine as well as others they have to be prosacuted and clean out congress period if you don,t support the Constitution you have no right being in office of any kind local on up

  43. I like Pense as VP but, I would love to see Trump get re-elected but with Mr. Growdy as VP. If Trump would listen to Growdy with some good advise, with his experience, think we would really see some A– Kicking, you know, really drain the swamp with some of them going to the cross bar hotel for a long term vacation.

  44. So much has been said and so much more that needs to be said. …….and then….. and then… nothing being done is what the problem boils down to. If this November does not send the message, I fear that more desperate actions need to be taken. I do not want that to happen but, I’m afraid that so many people have been brainwashed, they do not dare to do any research…. just believe the liberal MSM as the truth. There are so many professional politicians that are protecting Federal Agencies that in turn protect them, i.e., you scratch my back and I will protect yours at all costs… something bad needs to happen to them.. prosecuted to the max but, they are so well protected… not seeing that happen. Maybe God will strike them down with a lighting bolt, I’d like to say something else but… best not.

  45. Trump will go down in history as the greatest. Doing his job under the worst support and insanity of any before him. He will defeat the deep state and demolishes. The false news and stupid haters..with all of us that are praying for him , he will get the job done that we hired him for. I’m a 91 year old ww. 2 vet. Have never seen the country this bad in all areas. So glad that I lived in the good times. There was pure honesty, friendship with all. I took my shot gun to school with me so I could go hunting when I got out. This generation will not see what the good life is like.

  46. Oh, but Comey wrote a great book trying to portray himself as honest with integrity and a patriot. He also Claimed he did a great job for America! NOT!

  47. I agree with you 100% but now I will wait to see if any charges are brought forth and any one goes to jail. I am not so sure that will take place any time in the near future. I hope I am wrong. Lots of talk but no action from GOP. Trump is the only one I trust at this time.

  48. Rob- Maxine Waters says that GOD is on the Democrat side. She certainly does not know the TRUE ONE GOD. If she did, she would not be advocating abortion, same sex marriage, hate speech and viciousness. She does not know who the real GOD is but likes to think she does. We need to have hearts softened on both sides and speed more time spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Let pray there is a true revival in Washington that spreads across our country that God takes America back.

  49. Jim, please read about Mr. George Soros. He is the one pulling all the strings. He worked for the Nazi’s by rounding up Jews to be sent to the death camps. And Soros is a Jew. Seems he is doing better at “Ruling the World” than Hitler? After all, we now have the “European Union”, Soviet Union is done. South America NOT a democracy.
    Canada is a secular semi-dictatorship, and Mexico?
    Soros wants the “America’s Union”, with only the USA stopping him. The Dems, Rinos, unions, are all owned by Soros. He controls everything thru his “Open Borders Society”, which he funds. They then finance over 2.300 liberal organizations like BLM, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn, etc. Reply after you check this out, please.

  50. Is “Tarring and Feathering” still and approved action? If so we should start to stock pile Tar and feathers. President Trump has so many people running scared, the more false statements and false news I see and hear are a good indicator that the liars and cheats are nervous about their tenure in current political positions.

  51. Here’s anita the democratic English major from perfectville. Thank you for your grammar lesson which is the only thing you could possibly add to an intelligent conversation.

  52. Jim the problem is that with these people, God is the last thing on their minds. There is a bible character in God’s word who is just what most of these politicians have turned into. His name was Haman.

  53. We need to clean house not just in the DOJ, but in Congress and the Supreme court also. Our government and society has become a den of demons and devils. Many of our leaders and judges have no true moral compass to properly guide themselves and our nation, and by their rulings and laws which contradict the Sovereign laws of God, have kindled the wrath of God and set us on on a path to self destruction by fire. It is time the People rebelled and exercised their right and duty to use whatever means is necessary to remove this evil from our government and society. How can anyone with a clear conscience and good moral judgement approve same sex marriages and the murder of unborn children? God’s Word proclaims that from the very moment life is conceived within the womb, it becomes a living soul. His Word also declares that homosexuality is a deadly sin and an abomination to God, for which the punishment is death. Yet our justices and legislators have defied the will and laws of Almighty God and legalized murder and sexual perversion. This is evil, pure and simple. We the People must unite and vote out the corrupt status quo and vote in good men who will root out and dispel all evil from our government and restore our Constitution and our nation.

  54. I hope I don’t make mistakes in this message . If I do you Dumbocraps can drop me a note from prison. ( ???? ) Republicans make grammars mistakes because we are two busy making sure our country isn’t being sold to George Soros.

  55. Very good comments they should all be in jail for life or hung for treason especially obama and hillary soros loreta lynch valery jarret bill clinton chelsey clinton the fbi directors the doj directors and hundreds more. NO KIDDING

  56. I say Gawdy was right in part but that wasn’t the whole of it as this inspector general head covered up much much much corrupting evidence against the communist a.k.a. Democrat party. If this were to come out the American people were want to burn the political system to the ground as they should because this is what leads to governments like Venezuela Nicaragua Mexico Germany etc. God bless America and may He may guide and protect Mr. Trump good to making this country what the founding fathers laid it out to be a system of justice for all not just the rich and corrupt which are one of the same.

  57. The entire dumbocrat party should be sent to a third world country. They are too stupid to be Americans. But we will beat them. Count on it. They couldn’t create a blue ripple. Look at the idiots they have serving in office. It’s amazing people are that stupid. ????Jackasses for sure.

  58. Brenda n TX, Your Gov./ cruz etc are a Real prob.
    >Allowing the Walmart ‘turnovers’. i have a Real
    issue w/that.

  59. That’s the least of your problems,you idiot! You guys are so currupt! You all belong behind bars! And we all know this curruption started at the top!Obama!the country knows & your type belongs in a 3rd world country! I’ll help you pack!

  60. For gosh sakes, we have someone that knows how to spell! I had gotten the impression that all Republican supporters did not know how to spell–thinking illiterate. A new day has been born.

  61. Regarding Hillary Clinton, those who knew her disposition covered their proverbial butts by copying what they needed to protect themselves. THOSE are the ones that need to be found. Those that had nothing to gain but everything to loose or those that feared for their lives. Those that were killed before they had a chance to testify against the Clintons are the reason I say there are a lot of people that made these copies. Find them and the investigators have found their “pot-o-gold”!

  62. Gowdy has it right, but like Timothy said keep digging! Please do the US a favor and take them down, they all thought they were above the law because Hillary has been.

  63. Of all of the places, of potential crimes in the United State’s government, it turns out to be the FBI! And we’re supposed to respect them?

  64. You will have my vote in November for the republican Party , Let’s all show Demon Rat’s and Make America Great Again ! GO TRUMP ! Drain The Swamp !

  65. Yep, Trey can scold Comey every day but NOTHING is happening to him, just like NOTHING is happening to Hillary or Bill. 🙁

  66. It’s time that the FBI is made to be open to the people whom it’s supposedly protecting! Hoover created it to be free from interference because of the criminal element so widely in existence at the time of the FBI”s formation. Hoover made it so that congress person or even for that matter the President could demand they open their files. It has now come time to put a watch on them to judge their wisdom in what they do! The shear size of the body at fourteen thousand agents give us a fearful idea of how many persons could be personally involved or be involved in any sort of perversion for illegal activities. It’s obvious that this was a perversion, but there was no overseeing their behavior, as there was none during Bill Clinton’s term in office! Yes, they may need some sort of blanket to hide legitimate investigations, but the people need an impartial overseer to keep them honest! It has become obvious that this sort of behavior is not a first time event! It occurred this time, because it has occurred before! The entire department need to be overseen to protect the rest of us!

  67. PLEASE, Trey Gowdy, DO NOT quit your position in the US Senate. You’re the only one who has a brain and is willing to use it. You will leave America in a terrible situation that will affect yourself and millions of Americans.
    Please, please, please reconsider. I think with your brains and fortitude, you WOULD become POTUS someday. And I would love that.
    Middle America people are looking for a President to carry on and keep us free from the NWO. I am looking towards you.
    Nothing could make me happier than the freedom we have in the USA. And we need you to carry on.

  68. PLEASE, to PPL here & elsewhere. What part Do You
    NOT Understand THAT H/o Are Not Going to be Taken Down
    UNLESS Some Really Baad’stuff’ Happens. Capish__
    > Sing all u want. But ‘an ACTION’ Must 0ccur to ‘get
    THE Point Across’. Do U Get what i’m saying ???
    > So far = Nothing. Sorry to say.

  69. There must be a secret, unwritten policy in place among elected officials. Rather than merely following the policy “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine,” they obviously must also pledge to “protect your ass if you’ll protect mine.” How else could decades of sexual harassment occur in Congress before action was taken? We also suffered 8 years of Obama’s anti-American BS without any Democrats complaining! Obviously, our political system totally SUCKS, and the only way to improve it is by voting out the worst of the Demonrats and voting new reps in!

  70. They’ll be investigating a very long time, since the incident didn’t happen! This is the first attempt to overthrow a government election since Aaron Burr!

  71. I do not understand why the whole kit and kaboodle isn’t being held in Gitmo or somewhere equal till their trials. If an everyday American were to drive drunk and total a car, they would be behind bars till trial, yet these people stole money, put the entire nation at risk, and had a few dissenters commit suicide and they are out and about, Comey, I understand is in Ireland saying he is ashamed of the US. Several of the democratic congress and senate are championing MS13, and now one is saying publicly we should all be attacked and beat up because we believe in Trump. Why do they get away with it? If I had said I felt like burning down the whitehouse, I would have been arrested. I guess money does get you certain privileges, right Maxine? you can call for us to be attacked in the streets and not a damn thing is done.

  72. Thank you Trey for your report that tells the truth; we are sorry to see you go, but certainly understand the need to do it. Would be nice to see you take down Hillary and Obama before you leave office for all the corruption they have done to America and her citizens. Would also be nice to take down all those that have threatened our President and his wife, son, and staff, and business owners for the way they are treating his staff when they eat out, go to make purchases or get gas. This is very much political racism bias etc, and they should be find or shut down. Sad to see so much underhanded schemes going on to take President Trump out of office, especially since he has done a wonderful job trying to make us safe again. And wants the courts, judges officials to obey the law and do what is right, especially in case of illegals coming into America….Again Trey thank you for your service of justice.

  73. I guess that Comey has been selected to be the one to fall on his sword and save the Bambam and Hillary. Of coarse if he refused, he’d most likely end up committing suicide in Fort Marcey Park. 6 shots in the back of the head, worst case of suicide I’ve ever seen.

  74. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminal anti-American traitors – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???



  76. Obama drained a 10 to 20% fee off the the Iranian payoff. That is between 15 and 30 billion. He can even help Soros fund mayhem. He is as guilty as sin and still pulling the puppet strings for the Dems. Crooks are always going to be crooks.

  77. I’m waiting for the media to get it right because the proof of truth is overcoming their FAKE news to the point that they have NO other choice than to: Kick em when they’re up, kick em when they’re down, kick em when they’re up, kick em all around!!
    obummer, crooked hillary, boner bill, comey, mccabe, lynch, rosenstein,, mueller, strozk, page and who ever else is brought into the light as Gowdy and Nunes put the hammer down. NO MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS!! Justice for ALL!
    Going to miss you Trey Gowdy!

  78. Either Rosenstein didn’t know what his close associates were doing in the FBI or he is part of the plot. He signed FISA warrents knowing full well that it was done with lies. He had to know that Clinton was cleared without an interview. Proof is now quite clear that comey and strzok and others were acting in unison to get past Clinton crimes, yet he is still in charge. How is it possible to conduct an early morning raid on Paul Manafort for a minor problem from 2004 and leave him without being able to post bond.
    At this point the weak link is Sessions, if he could think, he would be aware that not acting at this point ensnares him in this cess pool, and the bread crumbs lead directly to Rosenstein. Sessions needs to act or he is part of the corruption.

  79. That is a very correct conclusion! Why? The unimaginable amount of already verified EVIDENCE!

  80. What has happened is that Hillary Clinton was allowed to once again break the law and get away with it. Except in this case Comey left the door open. His egotistical handling of the case basically left it open for review and if the Justice Department does not pick it up and charge Hillary then they need to be arrested for Obstruction of Justice just as James Comes should be immediately at this exact second. The entire FBI is now suspect and an overhaul is necessary to restore faith, trust and credence to the Department OR it needs to be disbanded. As to Mueller, his is part of the conspiracy and those people who participated in the Trump set up and subsequent inld be tried for Treason. They basically committed that act when Trump took office and they went after him. The attempted to usurp the power of the President and that in any book is the act of treason. Then we found that Obama was aware of all of this and recently it was revealed that he is b the whole smear campaign. He too needs to be charged with felonies and Treason. If this does not happen then there exists a state of no law in the United States that is fair and impartial. That being the case I guess anyone can do as anyone wants what we now have is unconstitutional as is the Mueller investigation. Simple matter of logic.

  81. This is probably the 6th time I’m making this same comment… NO ONE within the beltway of DC who is elected or appointed EVER spend a day behind bars. If you expect that to change for a mere case of espionage or treasonous activities… you’re FOOLING yourself !

  82. James Comey is a criminal and should be locked up. He should be indicted and found guilty for lying to the American people. He earned the title as the worst FBI Director in US History with his lying and covering up for Hillary R. Clinton.

  83. Comey is and always has been a dirty cop along with his buddy Mueller and Rosenstein all
    complicit in the Uranium One Deal arranged by Hillary Clinton,they all should be in prison
    doing a long stretch for their covering up for Hillarys crimes against the United States.

  84. Comey is and always has been a dirty cop along with his buddy Mueller and Rosenstein all
    complicit in the Uranium One Deal arranged by Hillary Clinton,they all should be in prison
    doing a long stretch for their covering up for Hillarys crimes against the United States.

  85. James comey has already been fired by Trump,now Muller is trying to get charges on Trump for a struction of justice for firing Comey, now you can see all the corruption for itself.

  86. The reason for comey’s firing has been verified and the reason rosenstien appointed a special counsel was fraudulent

    This is why Mueller is handing off cases now because Mueller himself is at the collusion his job as special counsel was never needed.

    The only thing this witch hunt has provided is millions of taxpayers dollars to democrats who contributed to Hillary campaign.

  87. This corruption has run NYC for many decades. Stealing the taxpayers money and I me stealing. Promoting Cronyism, Nepotism, abolishing Civil Service exams to maintain their control of the corruption.

  88. Do you know what Jim Comey and Rod Blagovich have in common? I think it’s true.

    They both went out to advertise themselves, that is, to sell themselves for the public sympathey. Also they both KNEW that the law has finally caught up with them and was in the process of indicting them.

    So what they did … they went out for the public sympathy. That’s how I see the reason of their frenzy for the public attention. Sad that the liberals are indeed soft-hearted for their “mistakes” that ask for forgiveness.

    We can’t do that. We set an example of punishing their corruption. Set an example. Set an example. It must be done. Once it is done, the justice will move higher to clash against the powerful: Hillary and Obama.

    No one is above the law, period.

    Trump 2020!

  89. I wish Trey Gowdy was our attorney general. If he has a law degree , perhaps during president Trump’s second term. Or sooner if sessions don’t do right.

  90. Charles : Comey is out of government ,but I agree with you he belongs in JAIL along with his many COHORTS for YEARS to COME !!!!!!

  91. Charged, indicted and tried. If convicted, the penalty should be some YEARS, not months.
    Only then will it be a warning to keep others from doing the same thing.

  92. Thank you Mr. Trey Gowdy for your straight-forward remarks pertaining to James Comey. I am so proud of you standing up to this report by Mr. Horowitz’s report, because it definitely shows Comey’s bias towards President Trump and his whole administration and his campaign staff.

    Comey and his bias and hatred FBI agents that worked with him the Clinton case and worked on President Trump’s case, they have no scruples for wanting to be honest about anything.

    YES, Comey and his bias FBI agents really put the screw to President Trump and his whole administration during Comey’s investigation. They wanted to do whatever it would take to keep candidate Trump from winning the 2016 election. They were wanting Hilliary Clinton to win the election and continue pushing Obama’s agenda to keep the American citizens broke.

    Representative Trey Gowdy, THANK YOU for standing strong on this report about the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and all of the others that were involved with this stupid investigation about candidate Trump and then President Trump’s supposedly collusion with the Russians.

    I am going to be sad to see you leave Congress, however, I also can understand your feelings about going back to public service with a Law firm again.


  93. Time to do a very real and authentic investigation, but not with a very crooked and twisted organization……

  94. Time to do a very real and authentic investigation, but not with a very crooked and twisted organization……

  95. James Comey deserves to be removed from office and charged with violating his obligations. I think it would be proper to see him sent to jail for at least some months.

  96. There is a reason that he leaked notes to media…he may have even written notes after the FACT and changed the aspect of questioning to make the president look unflattering and himself look majestic. It does not matter because conversation with a sitting president is covered by executive priviledge and is classified in the oval office of the WHITE HOUSE IN THE USA. BARACK OBAMA USED THIS STRATEGY in not allowing a WHITE HOUSE counsel to talk about the IRAN PAYMENT FOR HOSTAGES INVESTIGATION IN 2017 OR 2016.

    THINK ABOUT THAT…if COMEY can just lie or make up alternate facts on TRUMP but OBAMA is covered under executive priviledge there is a double standard in politics.

    Vote accordingly in 2018-2020.

  97. This goes way deeper than the FBI. If it all comes out it will shake all of DC and the white house

  98. Keep digging. This is just the beginning. Obama’s entire administration is corrupt to the max! His attorney general, the CIA director, everyone on his staff including Jezabel Clinton and her sex addict husband. Keep digging.

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