Trey Gowdy sent out two tweets that had anti-Trump FBI agents scurrying under a rock

Donald Trump stunned Washington when he signed off on the release of the unredacted Nunes memo.

This move put the FBI and the Deep State on edge.

Then Trey Gowdy sent out two tweets that were their worst nightmare.

The memo outlined how the Obama administration and the FBI colluded with a foreign spy – who was paid by the Clinton campaign – to abuse the FISA warrant process to spy on Carter Page, a one-time Trump campaign associate.

Trey Gowdy put the scandal in perspective in just two tweets.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in this massive scandal.

There will surely be more damaging revelations.

But the FBI and the Obama Department of Justice signing off on a FISA warrant on the basis of the opposing campaign’s unverified opposition research confirms Donald Trump’s accusation that this investigation is a partisan witch hunt.

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