Trey Gowdy showed Fox News viewers the network underwent this big change

Ever since the election, Fox News has been fighting to keep its audience.

40 percent of Fox News viewers left the channel over complaints of anti-Trump bias.

And now Trey Gowdy showed Fox News viewers the network underwent this big change.

It’s Trey Gowdy’s turn to host Fox News Channel’s 7PM opinion program.

Fox is using a rotating cast of hosts to audition for the permanent job.

Gowdy’s time in the anchor chair has seen the program take a surprising establishment friendly turn.

On Tuesday, Gowdy interviewed George W. Bush chief strategist Karl Rove.

Gowdy asked Rove about the media, Democrats, and some establishment Republicans trying to destroy pro-Trump Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Rove – who is an avatar for the Washington, D.C. Swamp establishment – unsurprisingly teed off on Greene and parroted the RINO line about how one Congresswoman from Georgia could supposedly derail the GOP’s efforts to win back the majority in 2022.

“If you believe that the Jews control a space laser that starts fires in northern California and that there’s some unnamed high-ranking government official who’s got a heretofore unknown security classification called Q, and all the nutty things that flow with that, you should be taken off the prestigious House Education and Labor Committee and be confined to the dark recesses of the furthest building away from the House floor, and then let the voters decide in the next election. She is a problem for our party,” Rove told Gowdy.

Before Donald Trump came along, Fox News was seen as a mouthpiece for the George Bush wing of the Republican Party.

Even after Trump gained momentum, Fox initially tried to take him out with Megyn Kelly’s performance at the first Republican Presidential debate being the high point of that effort.

Fox only made their peace with Trump after it was clear he would win.

But now Fox appears to be reverting back to type by letting Rove trash one of Donald Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters in Congress.

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