Trey Gowdy shut down this MSNBC host with a brutal reality check that left viewers in silence

Trey Gowdy has never been one to pull his punches.

Liberals can pick a fight with him at their own risk.

And Trey Gowdy shut down this MSNBC host with a brutal reality check that left viewers in silence.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid attacked South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott for appearing at a press conference with other Republican leaders and “standing there to provide the patina of diversity.”

Black conservatives often hear this type of smear hurled at them by supposedly “tolerant” liberals.

In his first night back hosting the 7PM Fox News Primetime program, Trey Gowdy – who is one of Tim Scott’s best friends – took aim at Reid and destroyed her racist attack on Scott.

Gowdy blasted Reid explaining that anyone who could see a man who made it to the United States Senate as simply a “black man” was the one who held prejudice and bigotry in their heart.

“Tim Scott is too good of a person to respond to the likes of Joy Reid. But I am not. Tim Scott is a United States Senator who worked his tail off to be part of nearly every significant policy conversation this country has. He can stand wherever the hell he wants to stand, and any group he wants to stand with. Because he’s earned the right to be there,” Gowdy stated.

“The fact that you see a Black man as a prop, Joy Reid, says a lot more about you than it does about Tim Scott. I see a United Senator. And if you really were interested in unity or fair treatment or respecting civil discourse, that’s what you would see too,” Gowdy told Fox News viewers.

Gowdy built a following in Congress picking big fights with the Democrats.

It was Gowdy’s Benghazi Select Committee that uncovered Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

And when Gowdy served on the House Intelligence Committee, he helped uncover the worst Deep State abuses committed by the FBI against Donald Trump and his campaign.

Joy Reid is about to learn a lesson the hard way about tangling with Gowdy.

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