Trey Gowdy shut down Trump’s impeachment trial with five devastating words

The Democrat House impeachment managers made their case to convict Donald Trump.

But Democrats quickly realized they had a problem on their hands.

And that’s because Trey Gowdy shut down Trump’s impeachment trial with these five devastating words.

Fox News host John Roberts asked former Congressman Gowdy if the presentation by the Democrat impeachment managers – which the press universally praised as “powerful” and “damning” – would sway any Republicans into changing their vote and convict Donald Trump.

Gowdy rejected the idea out of hand telling Democrats “you’re not going to win.”

“I do not John. And I can tell you having done trial work when you start the trial with half of the jury thinking you shouldn’t even be there, you’re not going to win,” Gowdy began. “None of those 45 will change their mind.”

Gowdy explained that the very nature of the Democrats’ presentation – video of the violence from the Capitol that they cannot link to Donald Trump’s actual words – showed that deep down Democrats knew their case was a loser and were instead using the trial to score political points ahead of the 2022 midterms.

“So what you’re going to see next week on both sides, frankly, the defense will do this, too. You’re going to see these violent images, and then transposed above that will be the words of the president even though they’re not connected in time. It’s all for the court of public opinion. Nancy Pelosi admitted that last week is for the court of public opinion. It’s not for the 100 senators,” Gowdy concluded.

45 Republican Senators voted to dismiss the article of impeachment on the grounds the Senate does not have jurisdiction to hold a trial for a former President.

No Senator who voted to dismiss the article of impeachment is going to turn around and convict Donald Trump in a trial they think is unconstitutional, meaning the Democrats are far short of the 67 votes necessary to win a conviction.

The trial is all political theater designed to set up the midterm elections.

Gowdy explained to Fox News viewers that anyone watching the trial needed to understand this dynamic and take the Democrats’ presentation with a huge grain of salt.

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