Trey Gowdy silenced Trump’s critics with one jaw dropping statement

Democrat politicians and the media were up in arms.

Donald Trump proposed deploying the National Guard in order to secure the southern border.

Trey Gowdy stepped up and silenced Trump’s critics with one statement.

Gowdy defended the President’s decision.

He stated that every nation had a right to defend its borders.

Gowdy joined President Trump in ripping the current immigration laws as weak.

And he declared that no one should have to apologize for protecting the border from illegal crossings.

The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said America shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting secure borders and thinks immigration enforcement should ramp up.

Gowdy approves deploying the national guard to the border to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and maintain America’s sovereignty.

“I do because no country should ever apologize for border integrity,” Gowdy said on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company” Wednesday. “The president’s right, it’s a misdemeanor to cross the border without permission. A misdemeanor. It doesn’t become a felony unless and until you re-offend and it’s not a crime at all to overstay your visa.”

The current laws are a sign of weakness, Gowdy said and thinks the federal government should act to change those rules by whatever means necessary.

“I don’t know what gets weaker than not being a crime and a misdemeanor,” he said. “No sovereign nation should ever apologize for border integrity. So by whatever means that needs to be accomplished.”

Democrats refuse to lift a finger to help secure the border.

No Democrat will vote for any legislation that secures the border and restricts immigration in any meaningful way.
Their only demand is amnesty.

So Trump has no choice but take the executive actions the Constitution permits.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.



  1. Gosh I’m going to miss Mr Gowdy!! He is so badly needed to help the President make American great again. He is the epitome of what America stands for. Wish he would rethink leaving us in the lurch!


    • I was worried about that too.
      Boehner (boner) gave us Ryan.
      nothing but a bunch of RINO Deeep state elites.
      Our govt is so corrupt, maybe we need to start growing and exporting BANANAS !!!

  3. Check this. Excel info re Replacement Ryan. You decide.(Trey is not out of the mix per his recent statement.)
    Hope this comes thru.
    FRI, APR 13th
    The big news of the week was House Speaker Paul Ryan’s retirement announcement, kickstarting a contest for the top spot among the GOP in the House. Speaker Ryan said he would serve out the rest of his term, but reports indicate that there’s a high probability that he’ll step down before then.

    The two leading contenders to become next House Speaker are Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise. But Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, is also open to running for Speaker. Here are their career immigration-reduction grades with links to their grade cards:

    Jim Jordan — A

    Kevin McCarthy — C+

    Steve Scalise — B+
    Try to go here Newsletter –
    Trey would be #1
    Jordan #2
    Forget the other, especially after ‘review’ of Record.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Hey America,
    This might not have anything to do with this conversation but if y’all wouldn’t mind I’d like to briefly say something…
    Why is it w/ all of these Senators, Congressmen & Pundits that keep stating:
    The illegal immigrants cross over into America to have their babies & that their babies are now CITIZENS???
    Has my head been stuck in the sand or am I missing a new constitutional law?
    Is it not true that at least the father or mother must be a citizen
    (AND) they MUST be of age? (For those of you that don’t understand…that means adult!)
    Help me out on this one because I’m completely confused.
    Y’all be safe now ya hear!
    Yer Powder Dry,
    Yer Mag Full, &
    Yer Aim…Dead on!

  5. “…it’s a misdemeanor to cross the border without permission. A misdemeanor. It doesn’t become a felony unless and until you re-offend and it’s not a crime at all to overstay your visa…”

    It should be a felony!!!

    • Remember what happened to that young fellow who got caught up and put in jail by crossing into Mexico with guns because he couldn’t turn around and it took his mother without the help of Obama of course, 18 months to get her son out but on this side of the border – oh well.


    • That will depend upon you, me, the American voters. Vote in democrats and you’ll have the next major failed country. Democrats can’t get the votes they need from “American” voters so they’ve moved to the left and hope to flood our society with illegals that know nothing about a constitutional republican form of government.

  7. President Trump should replace AG Sessions with Congressman Gowdy. Sessions has been a total failure ever since he recused himself from the russia investigation.

  8. Trey Gowdy will be missed when he leaves Congress and returns to private life.
    I envision him as a walking, talking, MRI machine, who has a rare ability to analyze a situation, but also to deal with the situation. Men of his caliber are very difficult to come by.

  9. If any politician refuses to help guard the border he (or she) should be treated the same as a solider that deserts his post during war (and this is war) and be shot dead. I am from the old school (and a old solider) and they should be tried for war crimes. I guess all you good guys know that these folks that don’t give a damn about our country are the same ones that ran to Canada during the Vietnam war.

  10. > Dear Trey, 0nce you are settled in your adjusted life, You Will
    Be Better than ever, to do what you have to do for the USA.

  11. Trey Gowdy is a tremendous loss to we patriotic, Constitutional CITIZENS. Trey’s departure from congress is understandable and significant. His character is above reproach and his dedication to his family is admirable in a largely dysfunctional world. We can hope that Trey is able to influence the thinking of U.S. citizens gone-astray as a private individual.

      • It’s 0K MByrd, Trey Will Not Leave ‘us’/ USA.
        Just ‘pray’/’think’/ ‘meditate’ or Whatever
        InYour Mind & that goes for E’0ne.
        Mind Thoughts/telepathy = V. Powerful, &
        Seems like that is All ‘we’ have (to get something
        happening to Save USA/World. 0K -bye.

  12. Trey Gowdy is leaving the ” swamp” because of the frustration of dealing with all DC Politicians. The few representatives like Gowdy know that they can’t make a difference in DC because the entire US political system is designed to feather the nest of only party representatives not the constituents who they represent ( you & me ). He’s a good man who will be missed !

    • OB, You are so right, he is one that hasn’t been bought. He has worked very hard to clean up the mess that Obama and Hillary caused. He is a good man and I don’t know will ever be able to replace him.

  13. Living on the Mexican-American border for 70 years I’ve seen the following. Once an illegal is safely inside the U.S. they apply for “Medical” to insure their family will have decent medical care. The taxpayers of California pays for that. I once knew an illegal whose son contracted leukemia. To be brief, the people of my state paid out over 4 million dollars to pay his bills.

  14. I am just so sick of this constant shit about NOT protecting our borders. Why do the Democrats think we shouldn’t protect our borders? How would they like these illegals living in their neighborhoods? How about supporting them with your hard earned taxes? What about them molesting and raping your children? Their way of life is a lot different than ours and these assaults on our people mean NOTHING to them. Use your GD heads. Is this worth all the so-called votes you want to achieve to elect DEMORATS?

  15. Immigrants obey the law. They apply for citizenship and follow the path to naturalization. They learn English, assimilate into American society and adopt our culture. People who illegally cross our boarders or are residing in our country illegally are not immigrants. They are invaders, some may be subversives, some may be potential terrorists, some are violent criminals, some may just want to sponge off of us. But what ever they are; they are not certified immigrants! The forth Article of the Constitution requires the federal government to protect the several States against invasion.

    • They do not follow laws is they immigrated illegally! We MUST stop illegal immigration and care for our own citizens! Illlegals are not assimilating into our Great County. I realize that every time I must click one on the phone to speak English in my own country! Illegals are using our emergency resources. I lived in Arizona where many take up residence. I knew many working hourly jobs for less than legal residents. They were nice people sending money back to families, but it is on US Taxpayers backs. We need to clean up this mess,

    • WE need to begin defending our southern border!!! There are plenty of areas that a few good men and women could “cut” down on illegals coming across the border!
      By eliminating the invaders, we would send a sever message to our broken public servants, and the mexican officials!

      • To JMcM: Indeed – the Mex 0fficials. i say no more. Not Good.
        Should i post a Beyond horrific 3 min clip of mex cartel
        showing man chained to ground, cutting off both legs/arms
        While still Alive. Total Gruesome. in Long Island / infiltrating Elsewhere. that’s all – i’m done. ‘G’ Help ‘us’. Please.

        • Correction. 3 min clip took place in Mex. NOT Long Island.
          But MS13 IS Here- E. Coast.(they are similar in ‘sacrifice’)
          0r Just plain EVILE.
          AG Sessions has worked Hard re ‘this stuff’.

    • Most immigrants learn to speak English except for a abig number of Muslims and that is why all papers in Michigan are also in Arabic. That is wrong. Nothing should be printed in any other language except English! Thank you Pres. Trump for signing an official order stating that English is the official language of the USA.

  16. I support President Trump and I fully support his decision to protect our borders against hordes of immigrates crossing any border of our USA! Never give up your guns to our left wing/communist government known as Soros/Bloomberg funded Democrats. I live in Texas and proud to welcome our National Guard.

    • Bonnie, I agree with you….except, the people coming across the border are not immigrants…they are illegal aliens (a legal term). Immigrants to this country would follow the law and migrate here legally.

  17. The democrats dont want to hinder alien invaders attempting to cross. They see that the American democrat voters are growing tired of the liberal bs and are waking up. They need to replace the base they have been loosing. Thats all its about.
    I use as an example my own daughter and her husband. Both big obama suporters. It has taken time and many hea y discussions but, now they have their eyes open and regret voting for obama.

  18. I wish Trey Gowdy was on the Trump Team ! The following I agree with Joe’s comment!
    As far as the politicians…. defending our nation and the Constitution from all enemies was part of the oath of office each politician. If the Democrats do not want to honor that oath then run their butts out of Washington. For that matter the governors of several states should be arrested for treason, as well !!!

  19. Not only is Gowdy correct. But the Article four of the Constitution makes it a constitutional mandate for the federal government to protect our boarder States against invasion. And that is all the illegal entry across our boarder by large numbers of foreign nationals is.

  20. TREY GOWDY would make a terrific SCJustice or Attorney General in DOJ. He should be a member of President Trump’s administration.

  21. I must say Trey has made an impression on me as I am about 99.9% unhappy with all the elected so called representatives of the people. Unfortunately he is leaving so I guess my disapproval number goes back up to 100%. All I can say now is Clear the swamps Trump, you are doing a good job regard of any faults you may have.

  22. I thought defending our nation and the Constitution from all enemies was part of the oath of office each politician in Washington had to take . If the Democrats do not want to honor that oath then run their butts out of Washington. For that matter the governors of several states should be arrested for treason.

  23. It is too bad Trey Gowdy is leaving office as a representative from So. Carolina. Hopefully So. Carolina will replace him with a person of integrity and wisdom (so, no Democrat). The USA is not perfect but it is the best. We have a Christian western based culture that is worthy of preservation and to be defended. Protecting the border is a basic duty of a country. We are being invaded by people who could care less about our culture but want to grab our resources.

  24. Every death of a US citizen caused by an illegal alien is the fault of every Democrat who refuses to implement tight border security.
    Article IV, Section 4 of our Constitution states that the federal government shall protect the state’s from “Invasion!” Is this lot what is happening?
    If Congress won’t do it, citizens will eventually take up arms to stop the invasion!

  25. Plain and simple the douchebag left wing loons want open borders – they also demand gun control. I wonder if any of these idiots have ever considered how easy it is to smuggle anything and everything across open borders – including – gasp – Guns. Not just guns weapons that are far worse – do they have any idea how easy it would be for a terrorist to sneak in with a backpack full of petri dishes? To ALL you left wing loons – put your left hand on your left ear – your right hand on your right ear – now pull your head out of your ass.

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