Trey Gowdy told one truth on Fox News that has Robert Mueller running for his life

Robert Mueller’s testimony was a disaster for the Democrat Party.

But no one knew just how bad it was until much later.

And that’s when Trey Gowdy told one truth on Fox News that has Robert Mueller running for his life.

This entire affair has been referred to as the “Mueller investigation” and the “Mueller report.”

As Trey Gowdy later pointed out on Fox News – neither of those things were true.

Mueller’s confused and stumbling testimony made it clear Mueller was a figurehead that let the Democrats on his staff – most notably Andrew Weissman – run wild.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy responded to Wednesday’s congressional hearings by saying that the person who had learned the most about the Mueller report was former special counsel Robert Mueller himself.

Gowdy, who appeared on a Fox News panel moderated by anchor Bret Baier, argued that Mueller’s testimony made it clear that most of the report had been authored by his team, which made issues concerning the bias of the team all the more relevant.

“Democrats today are not closer to impeachment than yesterday,” Baier began.

Gowdy picked up where Baier left off, saying, “They’re not closer to anything other than wishing this never happened. Bad facts make for bad witnesses. Bad witnesses make for bad hearings. This one was an abject, miserable failure.”

Mueller’s admission that his staff ran the investigation and wrote the report defanged some of the reports harshest conclusions.

When the report stated that the special counsel could not “exonerate” Donald Trump, it no longer seemed like a statement of legal fact.

That line read like a stink bomb thrown out by Democrat prosecutors to smear the President even though they made no findings on obstruction of justice and found no evidence of a conspiracy with the Russian government.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. All of the BS aside,Ikeep hearing of the evidence that’s out there,against Hillary,,Mueller Obama,etc..Why are Trumps allies,friends,and associates in prison,living with convictions,etc.,not being pardoned..Question anyone 5-6 times or more and there will be some difference in the way you tell it..Pardon them and begin prosecuting the guilty..

  2. Or is it that the fascists elude truth and facts? They seem determined to remain in their alternate ‘reality’.

  3. Fred, from your comments I have read that you posted I am guessing you are a Demon Rat. Please craw back in your hole and keep your trash mouth shut.

  4. Not stupid, just old, feeble, and out of touch. He is more to be pitied than condemned. Too bad he didn’t recognize his failing health and mental deterioration and remove himself rather than delegate someone to act in his behalf. He really did not know what was going on during the hearing.

  5. Here is the real Truth…CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS are all hosted by emotional, opinionated nut blooms that are just as silly or sillier than Sponge Bob and of course like fake news, old Square Pants isn’t real either but Sponge Bob has better ratings than CNN…Fox news with the exception of Shep Smith, Chris Wallace and Juan Williams has the best group of new media hosts ever. The liberal , mainstream media hosts are just godless, propaganda spreaders that hate our nation and our President. They simply don’t get a say for their emotional , tear eyed rants are not worth a plug nickel. Ugh…Sad…

  6. Richard, if the huh?? is for me, & not for Fred, I’ll try to spell it out. Fred was saying he could have both Jim Jordan & I assume Mueller too, crying like puppies, with him saying just 14 words to himself. And, I still wanna know WHERE is their PROOF that the President colluded with Russia!

  7. Well, Colleen, I agree, but libs make it SO easy! Lol! We SHOULD all be adults, & agree to differ. Just because I think one way, doesn’t make it right. And, I agree that the President could do some AWESOME things, if the Dims, & never Trumpers would get out of the way!!

  8. I agree Alan
    The headlines are a bit over dramatic. & the story does not really go with the headlines.

    you definitely have a good imagination! I agree though name calling & fighting against each other is not a good thing, but it is the lunatic liberals that refuse to accept the will of the American people. If they would cut the crap out & let our President do what he was & what the American people elected him to do. Then we’d be in a much better place.

  10. Oh, how were they bullying him? They were trying to find out the truth, & he was being difficult. And, again, I ask, WHERE’S THE PROOF? Go away, troll!

  11. I can say 14 eordsto myself that will stop him dead in his Tracks, and might confess to some agrievous crimes that he has commit The same about Jim Jordan I can turn both of those bullies into puppies who just mess the floor, and know what they did.

  12. I would hope that those 6 that replied to my comment also read the other five comments to understand why I rest my case. It’s reaction like yours and those others that made Hitler’s rise to power so easy and in the face of his rise the rest of the world was so puzzled as they asked ” how the Hell did this happen” and “what were we thinking”?

  13. The “hearings” on this sham investigation has been DEPLORABLE to say the least, now lets see what the democrats did to spy on the Trump Campaign, use illegal surveillance at Obama’s direction and approval??!

  14. This site is run by a Russian Troll Farm and you people are doing exactly what they want you to do with your comments here…getting sucked into acting like a bunch of uneducated simpletons and showing them just how easy it is to sow division in this country. Come on people, get as grip on yourselves. We are one country…that doesn’t mean we have to see everything the same way and yes, it’s OK to protest if the evidence of not upholding the values of this country is hitting you right between the eyes like a hammer…but that doesn’t mean we have to talk, act and treat each other like animals…because to the Russian Government, when you do that, the animals they see are sheep.

  15. “…Mueller running for his life…”

    Good grief! “Renewed Right” is getting to be as bad as the Crat. sites. Just report the news as it happens, not how you want it to sound!

  16. A name change is due for the ‘democrat’ parties. The males should be addressed as idiosos and the females as foolistas. Both have big mouths, fat prats, and lack any vestige of a brain. Their actions fall under the classification of stupid is as stupid does.

  17. You are so full of hate yourself that you can’t see the forest amongst the trees unfortunately. Say what you will Fox News is still the most credible news organization around. To hear your spin it just reinforces the facts that you Liberals just wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. Sorry, you lose!

  18. Seems AG Barr should bring in every single one of Mueller’s special investigative team to single out who brought forth this 2nd volume of the so called Mueller report. We now know the Weissmann was actually in charge from day one and it was his hiring of all these Democratic lawyers who either was on record as a Trump hater or actually gave to Clinton’s campaign in 2016. Since the Democrats have tried to move forward with impeachment it’s ludicrous that we in fact deserve to see these lawyers on the hot seat in at least the Senate controlled committee led by Graham and let’s see how they like it.

  19. I suggest that you need to go back to school, & learn how to READ, so you MIGHT learn the truth. Leftists are just jealous ’cause Fox keeps kicking y’all’s butts! And, the people on this page do NOT need, nor believe your lies!! I wish the moderators would give us a block button! You’d be at the top of the list!

  20. The “root source” of my support for Pres. Trump is 77 years of living in the USA and watching Dems and Libs corrupt everything they touch. I’ve worked in the media, I’ve been in every part of our country, and I can assure you that starting with Chicago and in every other town and city run by Democrats that there isn’t one drop of integrity in the whole bunch of them.

  21. Summarizing crimes of associates of Donald and making up as much crimes as possible on Donald’s part, $25,000,000 for crimes completely unrelated to the collusion with a foreign government to meddle in our Presidential election and the rest nothing but complete lies is what it all summed up to.

  22. We want all on this “Muler” investigation team to be called on for an account of their actions. This includes the FBI,The CIA, The DNC, The Klintons, And the obamawamadama administration. The Real Americans are tired of this hate Filled Demoncrat Congress. We will tell them how we feel on Election Day. And that will be TRUMP IN 2020. Get the message you demented dimwit obstructionist demoncrats.

  23. I suggest that you stop drinking cool-aid. If you continue you will never recover from Trump Syndrome…

  24. Mueller proved during this so-called testimony that is he a total gaping a–hole and ugly to boot! Such an idiot; he could not even answer questions that he was asked! Pathetic, vile soul who should be imprisoned for his lies and deception against the President of our country! Mueller is a total disgrace, and should hang his ugly head in shame for what he has done! All of that wasted money–$35,000,000.00+–could have gone to help our veterans and our needy Americans! Such a waste of taxpayers money! When will all this BS that the Democrats/liberals are doing be stopped?

  25. Pretty much the way I see it also. This has been a travesty from the beginning. Democrats will leave no stone unturned in their quest to unseat Trump. Even when they have to plant those stones themselves!

  26. As a non lawyer even I could see the large holes this idiot and his supposed “report” were so far off the beaten path it’s embarrassing, no wonder he didn’t wanna testify. The Steele dossier wasn’t under his “purview”? What was this fool doing for 22 months and 25 MILLION dollars? Watching tapes of ole Stormy?

  27. Here, my friends, is an indisputable truth: FoxNews, is the root source of information for Trumps adoring base, his diehard racist and far right supporters, and tone deaf believer’s whose confidence that FoxNews knows what is best for them, as well as for our democracy as a whole, cannot be shaken. FoxNews has spewed not once in all of it’s commentary on Trump and his presidency a single thing that might hint at Trumps incompetency or that he has ever lied to the American public about anything., ever. This in the face of the unquestionable proof that Trump, since taking office, has told and tweeted over 10,000 lies with the number rising daily. These facts beg the question of the gullibility of the FoxNew audience, their intelligence, and their rationality. There is not a question in my mind that not even one FoxNew diehard reading this missile would look at themselves in the mirror and question that perhaps they should seek another source , or perhaps just a second one, that would help to give them information that might actually be a “fair and balanced” view of current events, politics, political analysis, and the information that shapes their opinions on almost everything that actually matters to them, or that should.

  28. Prayers are being answered and Truth and Justice will prevail. Comey will be convicted of corruption and the DOJ will be restored to the Law of the Land. America will be Great Again. Trump in 2020.

  29. truth and facts elude libocrat fascists. It’s all about their inability to accept the rejection of 2016. It is going to happen again in 2020.

  30. After that event, I knew the Dem.’s couldn’t come up with the truth! The truth is the The Obama team with the help of Eric Holder’s D.O.J. and the heads of the FBI and John Brennon of the CIA and the democrats were in cahoots to spy and take down President Trump at that time candidate Trump. I also wouldn’t put it past the main stream media to be in on it! That is how I saw it all unfold and that’s not the America I know!

  31. As intelligent people have been saying since its initiation, the Mueller Investigation was ore of a spy mission than an investigation of Russia’s conduct relative to President Trump. Democrats used this investigation to gain access to people’s personnel data, especially Trump and those close to him. We have no Idea as to how much information was gleaned, illegally, during this investigation, but, in time we will know just how the Democrats plane to use this information. “Witch Hunt” only scratches the surface of what this investigation was truly about.

  32. It’s very likely mueller didn’t write the report. The guy is too stupid to write a detailed report.

  33. For over two years I felt that Mueller had forgotten the oath that he took as a Marine, but I was mistaken.
    There was one almost insignificant item that most would ignore.
    Look at his wrist, he is wearing his watch Marine style with the face on the inside of his wrist, so that the light or luminous part can’t be seen.
    Oh, he still was figure head, but he is still a Marine.

  34. At first, when watching Mueller testify,I thought the man was suffering from dementia by his answers and posture. But now, in my opinion, he was prompted to act this way. And quite frankly he was scared to death!I think he knew he was just a figure head on this report.He didn’t not know what questions the Republicans were going to ask him, and when they asked him so many hard questions, he just stammered his way through.Which brings up another point.When it was the Republicans turn to ask their questions, he would stall, consult with his lawyers and then ask them to repeat their questions.Again, in my opinion, just to run out their time at the mic.The Democrats just used him, hoping they would get their smoking gun to impeach Trump.Which it didn’t happen.But the Democrats are not done yet. They will continue to put our country through this hell and keep using our tax dollars for their witch hunt.
    Enough is enough! I have written and called every representative of my state and told them this.I don’t care if they are Democrats or not..

  35. While the GOP are investigating on the Mueller investigators, perhaps Mueller faked his mental confusion. Who knows? If not, then I would agree with some sources saying that it wasn’t Mueller that wrote his report.

    By the way, I hope to hear a pile of damning evidence how Mueller team did with their “investigation” progress. They even went off the point looking into Stormy Daniel situation that had absolutely nothing to do with the fake Russian dossier.

    If Mueller faked it, that was a good one. Lol

  36. We know the media is anti- Trump…We know the democrats are anti- Trump.
    How many republicans are anti- Trump. We don’t know that for sure.
    Yet, President Trump’s accomplishments are/will be legendary. No other President
    has done more for Americans and America than President Trump.
    No other President would stand and fight like Trump. He is a fighter and he is a winner. We as Americans are very fortunate that he became the President of the United States. Let’s pray that we will remain fortunate that Donald Trump will remain our President. Vote for President Donald Trump so he will remain in the white house.

  37. So splain please….what does this story have to do with that senile old man “running for his life”?
    Hell the way he appeared, he probably thinks he won that round.

  38. What can I say. It’s all about power and grid. We need to send a loud voice coming IN 2020. We the tax payers of this country are sick and tried of the takers. We are standing and fitting for our freedoms. VOTE TRUMP FOR 2020. We will drain the sump. LETS DO THIS.

  39. muellar had comey syndrome when testifying msm will not tell you this he has been indicted not by our government by Jerome corsi atty larry klayman he said next is Nancy p

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