Trey Gowdy told one truth on Fox News that has Robert Mueller running for his life

Robert Mueller’s testimony was a disaster for the Democrat Party.

But no one knew just how bad it was until much later.

And that’s when Trey Gowdy told one truth on Fox News that has Robert Mueller running for his life.

This entire affair has been referred to as the “Mueller investigation” and the “Mueller report.”

As Trey Gowdy later pointed out on Fox News – neither of those things were true.

Mueller’s confused and stumbling testimony made it clear Mueller was a figurehead that let the Democrats on his staff – most notably Andrew Weissman – run wild.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy responded to Wednesday’s congressional hearings by saying that the person who had learned the most about the Mueller report was former special counsel Robert Mueller himself.

Gowdy, who appeared on a Fox News panel moderated by anchor Bret Baier, argued that Mueller’s testimony made it clear that most of the report had been authored by his team, which made issues concerning the bias of the team all the more relevant.

“Democrats today are not closer to impeachment than yesterday,” Baier began.

Gowdy picked up where Baier left off, saying, “They’re not closer to anything other than wishing this never happened. Bad facts make for bad witnesses. Bad witnesses make for bad hearings. This one was an abject, miserable failure.”

Mueller’s admission that his staff ran the investigation and wrote the report defanged some of the reports harshest conclusions.

When the report stated that the special counsel could not “exonerate” Donald Trump, it no longer seemed like a statement of legal fact.

That line read like a stink bomb thrown out by Democrat prosecutors to smear the President even though they made no findings on obstruction of justice and found no evidence of a conspiracy with the Russian government.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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