Trey Gowdy took a flamethrower to the Russia probe with this epic speech

The Mueller investigation into alleged Russian meddling is fatally compromised.

Mueller packed his team with rabid Trump haters and Deep State plotters.

And Trey Gowdy torched the special counsel with one epic speech.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared before the House Oversight Committee.

Gowdy grilled the number two man at the Justice Department over the outrageous conflicts of interest on Mueller’s team.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy aggressively questioned the presence of a special counsel in the Russia investigation while questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday.

During the House Judiciary hearing, Gowdy noted that the entire purpose of appointing a special counsel is to get rid of conflicts of interest. However, there seem to be numerous conflicts of interest on Robert Mueller’s team.

“The reason we have special counsel is because of a conflict of interest,” he said. “We don’t like conflicts of interest because it undermines people’s confidence in both the process and the result.”

“And then, lo and behold, those that are supposed to make sure there are no conflicts of interest seem to have a bit of their own,” Gowdy declared.

Gowdy walked through the various conflicts in the special counsel’s investigation, including a prosecutor who sent a “fawning email” to a fact witness, a top investigator who sent pro-Hillary and anti-Trump text messages, a prosecutor who attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party, and FBI officials with connections to Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous Trump dossier.”

The conflicts of interests on Mueller’s team should be enough for this witch hunt to be shut down.

Mueller’s team includes one prosecutor who attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party, another who did legal work for the Clinton Foundation as well as one former member who outlined an “insurance plan” to stop Trump in the FBI Deputy Director’s office.

Fair minded Americans see the Mueller probe for what it is – a partisan fishing expedition to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. I believe you are right. Trump is the king of strategy and he always wins. I believe he is setting this criminal band up, and letting them have enough rope to hang themselves. I just hope the can find a way to compensate his friends and supporters like Flynn who have suffered so much just to feed the corrupt witch hunt. There must be a special place in hell for the career criminal Mueller who has a life time record of phoney prosecutions. All for the purpose of his personal aggrandisement and monetary gain. I would like to see him kicking at the end of a rope. Not a proper hanging but the slow death by strangulation.

  2. There is a saying, Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I believe my great president DJT knows this is vital when dealing with many different things, ie; Democrats, Republicans, the DOJ, the FBI, The CIA, Homeland Security, the Mueller Team, We The People and of courses all people’s opinions. However, he is a man with his own code of silence. At no time has he ever given information to anyone what he is, or has plans to do, regarding anything. He is a man that listens to all, good and bad, then decides, by himself, what his plan will be and executes without warning. I believe he is sitting back, watching in disbelief, getting his ducks in a row, ( I hope there are some nooses) and when he has had enough, the axe will fall, and all who have tried to undermine him, his family, THIS country and we the people, will suffer their demise. Remember, DJT did not become President for not knowing how to run a business. The man knows the rules.

  3. Yes, just look at all those steak breakfasts, steak lunches., and steak dinners Robert S. Mueller III and his cronies consumed and are still consuming at tax payers’ expense !

  4. Trey Gowdy should be the Attorney GENERAL NOW….. MRS. Sessions apparently doesn’t know what his job is ???? Un F’n believable that MRS. Sessions wasn’t fired when the “ Sh~t the bed “ on the Russian Hoax

  5. Howard, I challenge you to watch fox all evening from 4 to midnight for one month. Then compare all your fault y news organizations. See who really shows the actual comments and recordings and who has a debate with right and left on issues. The can, NBC, CBS, Etc. Offten do not report the actual event or leaves important fact out of the report, or the 15 seconds they do give is not honest factual coverage. My challenge will open your eyes..

  6. You probably think it was perfectly OK for the whole Obama administration to get away with their crimes against the American people. And the Clintons too.

  7. BECAUSE They will stop at nothing to lie , steal or cheat to get their way….. shame on these America haters

  8. I couldn’t have said that better and I hope President Trump follows what you said, give Finn a pardon at a clean record..and a job In your administration. He did absolutely nothing wrong lost his house which he had to sell. Innocent people fall because of a witch hunt.. How could the Democrat look in the mirror every Morning Knowing what their doing to this country and individuals It shows their evilness and just how heartlessly really are…

  9. Stop all the left over Obama administrations security clearances along with Obama and Hillary. Way to go. Way past due. By the way pardon Mike Flynn. He suffered enough and much was unjust. After all God forgives and there is no man alive that hasn’t done things they regreted. His pardon and his security clearance should be reinstated and frankly, you could use him somewhere in your administration. First it should be proven he was unjustly sentenced and treated unjustly.I really believe you have that evidence. No man is perfect. But if a man is truly repentant to the ones he wronged, he can be forgiven. As long as he knows the difference between true humility and arrogance.

  10. Go Gowdy go! Help end the lying Mueller investigation.
    Go President Trump Go! Put all of the Obama Administration crooks AND Obama AND Clinton Out of the White House.

  11. Kirshenbaum you are obviously a leftist bigot who pukes streams of canned leftist media lies right at us, as if you are an independent thinker. You, Kirshenbaum, are obviously not a thinker, you are a zombie who parrots ugly media propaganda against this country, and the best President (Trump) that we ever had. That’s why you hate Trump and use SlaNDER AND LIES TO croak out your whiny(Feminist) anti-Trump hatred, in the midst of millions of angry white people who are fed up with you and yours.

  12. My reply was to Sammy Hager, not the leftist rabble that regurgitated media lies following , and in knee-jerk response to, Mister Hagar’s comments. None of those leftist zombies is ever right about anything.
    In the meantime: GOD SAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP because his supporting majority is too cowardly to step up! Bill Norton

  13. You are absolutely right. I and my friends knew all about Gestapo Mueller and his extreme pro-commie/pro-moslem clique , years ago. Yet the President (*president Trump) put his greatest enemy into a position to undermine his authority and when, months ago, the true color of Mueller was spot-lighted, President Trump did not fire him? Why the hell not? Why was Mueller drawing all those taxpayer bucks, along with his hateful left wing FBI cronies for so long? Why did the President choose so many Clintonista generals and other traitors, for high offices in his administration? It was as if Trump was stupid and had NO ACCESS to accurate political intelligence. Who cut the President off from the truth? It was the enemies (traitors) that he appointed to high position. My faith in Trump has been shook to its foundations. BUT I STILL SUPPORT HIM (and I would like to spell out those reasons for continuing to support Trump in spite of the way he trusted well-know RINOS, false conservatives, Clintonista generals and a bevy of FBI criminals. (The FBI should be abolished because it is now a servo-mechanism of the alliance between democrat/republican traitors, moslem jihad, and negro racist parasitism.) If the FBI is not abolished, disbanded , eradicated, they will emerge as the left’s federal KGB that spearheads the total collapse of the USA. Certainly the white working and middle class majorities are too cowardly to organize and fight fore their freedom and save Western Civilization.

  14. Mueller has violated a number of internal DOJ rules by having people with such serious conflicts of interest on it. When Judge Sullivan eventually dismisses General Flynn’s indictment for prosecutorial misconduct, it will shred any remaining credibility from Mueller’s investigation.

  15. Agreeded …..what a waste of time and our tax payers $$ on a BS investigation made up of nothing but lies! If any of us did anything even to what these criminals did we would be locked up for a very long time. The real criminals need to be charged and brought to justice. The FBI and DOJ need to be cleared out. The only question is how deep does this really go??

  16. You are absolutely right. More FAKE NEWS coming out of FOX than anywhere else. Actually that isn’t true. More comes out of the White House.

  17. So you are worried about the families of people that have been indicted? Maybe they shouldn’t have done what they did or lie about it which is a crime. Then their families wouldn’t be ruined.

    What you have to decide, based on what is being done now, is if he is doing anything that he shouldn’t be doing. And what does biased mean? Not agreeing with you or your position? The only one that showed a bias was the guy who texted his lover about the election and he was let go from the investigation right away. And the IG said that what he did as an investigator was just what he should have been doing. That sounds to me like a fair investigation. Maybe you are worried about how far he is going. In fact, if Trump kept his mouth shut and fingers to himself about the whole thing, most of this wouldn’t even be up for discussion. He is the one that brings these ideas to the fore. He is his own worst enemy.

  18. Mueller has gone far beyond a Trump investigation and into private businesses just because he can, and ruins lives and families. Mueller is not so clean and white as snow. His past is very troubling. The members he has chosen for his team have proven to be extremely biased.
    How does that make for a fair investigation?

  19. Oh don’t you remember? Hillary took all the money and as the DNC was bankrupt, she said send me all the money and i’ll Pay your bills.
    Yeah, right!
    Is she still payingthe bills? I think not.
    Are they still sending her the bills? Doubtful.
    She has more money she could spend in a lifetime…. that is if she were a normal person. Has learned many ways in which to bilk others to pay for her extravagant lifestyle.

  20. Crimes against the State and the American people.
    Citizens have been brainwashed to think what they see on Somme news outlets is fact.

  21. this is more aggravating than the WITCH HUNT KNOWING that it was a PLANNED event , the WHOLE damn bunch of them should be brought up & CHARGES brought AGAINST them . This is not only a CRIME & LIES but should be a FFLONEY & get all of them put in PRISON !!!!!!

  22. The investigation has only hampered the nation for a year because Russia DID have something to do with our election. Both sides agree with that. If Trump would stop bringing it up all the time, people would probably not look at it as if he were involved. He’s his own worst enemy. He keeps bringing up the subject to keep you guys riled up. Even his own family has finally agreed that they met with Russians. Whether it was right or wrong is up to the investigation that is being handled by a life long Republican.

  23. Funny but look at the witches that have been captured already. If this is a witch hunt there are witches out there and many are being caught.

  24. Well that really shows your ignorance. Mueller is a life long Republican. The New York people who are on the Cohen cases were appointed by Trump. The attorneys gathered by Mueller are both Republican and Democrat but most of all they are great attorneys and investigators.

    The only people saying that Trump might be directly involved is Trump and his people. If he would keep his mouth shut about the investigation people wouldn’t think he was so involved. He is his own worst enemy.

  25. Of course it’s the true capital. All the Israeli government offices are in Jerusalem. Has been for many years. It is Israel’s capital. The difference is recognition by the rest of the world. That was the difference in the utterings of the two.

  26. People are being sentenced to jail based on facts discovered by Meuller’s investigation. Lies are being discovered, thus the claim of a witch hunt is so flawed. Far too many people seem to tell lies, thus hiding the truth.

  27. FACT. The uranium deal you’ve likely heard about was done in a very business like manner. Russia wanted a sample of what they were buying. Smart! Now to avoid detection they needed someone beyond reproach to hand deliver it to Moscow. No, it wasn’t Fed-Ex, but shows you’re thinking. It was someone who is in the Clinton Mob. Okay, I’ll tell you. it was no less than our SPECIAL PROSECUTOR ROBERT MUELLER. Too bad Bobby. I have verifiable evidence.

  28. Killary still has clearance for whatever. Odumer sneaks in thru the back door he has created. He is disbarred, WHY does any sane person think he is “helping America”??? I feel so sad for all these libtards who just continue to keep their blinders on. BUT, in the long run these idiots will pay the price for their actions.

  29. What the hell about all the $$$$ funneled into Killary’s illegal fund raising machine which was supposed to help out people affected by the hurricanes? Didn’t get there did it??? The democraps are so convinced they can pull this scam off. We all know the truth. The clintons, odumers, soros, and all the traitors in the senate and the congess are disgusting and do NOT represent90% of Americans, who voted for Trump and will do so again.

  30. Let’s make the DNC pay the cost of Muellers investigation. Why should taxpayers pay for this Democratic witch hunt. The swamp is larger and deeper than even President Trump thought it was.

  31. The sonner the better for all American’s. Clean the swamp. Mueller should be charged in this investigation which has hampered the nation all year..Trump lives on…

  32. The recently released memo is just the “Tip of the Iceberg!” As more evidence against the Democrats becomes available the following will happen. The American people will loose all confidence in the Democratic party. The 2018 midterm elections will bring in the biggest Republican majority in congress in decades. Then the Democrats and their “Fake News Media” will have to put in overtime spreading new lies and baseless doubts about President Trump as they loose even more support.

  33. Hello? Anybody home? Can’t you see, the Mueller investigation was the result of a PHONY dossier on Trump? The DOJ and FBI colluded with a foreigner, Chris Steele and paid for by the DNC and Clinton, to undermine our election. How can you deny this scandal? The 7th floor of the justice dept. has to be swept clean and people will be going to jail. Fruit of the poison tree!

  34. Don’t excuse anything I say. You really can’t find fault with any of it. The real problem is you are yelling fire before anything of substance has been found. You forget that the inquiry was about Russia and the election. It was Trump himself that seems to pull everything back to him. If there is no connection, I will be quite happy. If there is a connection I will be happier. Just let the man do his job and see where it leads. If Trump and his so called allies would keep their mouth shut, there would be no news.

  35. You’ll have to excuse Howard and Timothy as they both have been suffering from brain farts and are finding it hard to connect to reality.

  36. Sounds like the entire Trump base is on this site. Trump is being handled just like a religion. He is god and anything that may smack of being anti god is caused by the Satan. Gowdy is just yelling because it is always wise to make someone doing their job and getting close to the truth as being the Satanic deceiver. If you notice, Mueller hasn’t done anything that would even be considered illegal or wrong as far as a general investigation is concerned yet this Trump god and his followers are yelling foul without even knowing that anything wrong or detrimental has been done. Most all of the problems that Gowdy is complaining about have been self inflicted by Trump and his team. If they would just shut up and let the man do his job there is probably a good chance that Trump did nothing wrong and Russia did stuff that was detrimental to our democracy. This would take nothing away from Trumps victory but he sure seems to feel there is a need to defend something that Mueller hasn’t even mentioned.





  41. Timothy James — What Planet are you living on? There is the email scandal of keeping and passing classified information on an unauthorized server and the selling of US Uranium Assets first to the Kazakhs who then turned around and sold them to Russia (итд, Владимир Владимирович Путин). There is collusion with Russia, but it is all on the part of the Clintons, the DNC, and high level FBI officials.

  42. Trump can’t get rid of him now, it would seem like Obstruction to the demonrats. Only congress can get rid of him now without making it look illegal to the demonrats. Perhaps Trey can initiate the recall after all his hearings.

  43. How can you believe any of it? I haven’t seen proof or evidence yet against Trump? Look how long they’ve been “investigating” and now Muller has violated attorney client privilege in yet another attempt to “find” something. Mueller has packed his team with Hillary supporters. There’s not one Trump supporter. So it’s biased effort. How can we know that the investigation was impartial, and has not created evidence that didn’t exist, after all he’s willing to break the law once, why not a couple of more times?? Muellers team has lost all credibility in the publicise eye that want the truth, not some made up story.

  44. There have been 4 arrests of people in the Trump campaign, we’re past collusion. Mueller has obstruction charges on DT, and his NSA, Campaign Manager, and two of his security advisors.

    When a special prosecutor is hired, everything is on the table. He can look at DT’s finances, money laundering. obstruction, whatever he finds is fair game. That’s how Clinton was impeached, and Nixon was found guilty of obstruction. It’s not what the investigation started with.

    Kushner just got a loan from Russia for his NY property, which compromises him.

    Pence was in charge of the transition, and Flynn was a foreign agent to Turkey, and Manafort to Ukraine. That’s how Russia got involved after they hacked the election. (which the GOP and IC agree with).

    So maybe no collusion, but receiving anything from a foreign entity for our elections, is illegal. DT is guilty, and he knows it. That’s why Fox News and some of the GOP are up in arms, they know it too.

  45. What about the Veterans that are in the GOP, that do not agree with Trump? Why is it a must to agree with everything Trump does and says, or you’re not American. I think there should be investigations by outside parties for anyone who’s not put country before party.

    But allowing one President to break the law because some before him did, isn’t right.

  46. Only the ignorant lunatics from the left can’t or refuse to see that the gig is up. Muller was sent in to go after Trump and bring him down. After 18 months the entire country knows it’s a sham!! Arest muller for over reaching his authority and put him on trial.. It’s time for trump to show some balls ang go after these anti-American terrorists…..

  47. I couldn’t imagine something happening like this in America had I not been here to experience this whole debacle! The Democrats are crying for blood over Russian collusion when the only Russian collusion occurred during the Hussein administration involving Hillary Clinton and many more Democrats. This is nothing more than a Democratic smoke screen. Two indictments came down from this investigation that DID NOT involve the Trump campaign. So, that “victory” was nothing more than a huge “NOTHING BURGER” for Mueller! How many millions did that cost us taxpayers?? I thought this “investigation was to-stay-the- course but it appears you strayed a bit, Mueller… I will bet you my bottom dollar that you have found collusion but you are not reporting it because it only was found in the Democratic party.

  48. Just so everyone knows. Trump cannot legally fire Mueller, Rosenstein is the only one that can fire him, and Rosenstein said he sees no reason to. DT would have to fire Rosenstein, then hire a new Deputy AG, who could then fire Muller.

  49. William, that is actually why they are investigating. Not because they hate DT, or anyone else. It’s their job to protect America from anyone, and everyone, regardless of how it’s perceived. Turning a blind eye to this, is not good for the country.

  50. As I understand this,,,,,this “agent” is still with the FBI and is in a position now that he has clearance to “delicate” emails and Information. How the HELL does that work>>>?????? Any other company would FIRE THE JACKASS and throw him to the wolves,,,tho the wolves wouldn’t dare bite him for fear of getting some of his poison!!!!! No WONDER we need the SWAMP drained!!!!! With agents like this guy, we don’t need enemies from other parts of the world,,,we have our “HOME-GROWN” variety to just slide into another position of authority!

  51. That’s what DT keeps saying, “No Collusion”, but with these investigations, they investigate everything. They have obstruction (because of DT tweeting), which is how Nixon was impeached. It is also illegal to accept funding or anything else from a foreign entity in US elections. That has been found, thanks to Don Jr. Unregistered Foreign Agents (Flynn), which he lied about, took a plea deal and was arrested on a lessor charge. He’s the one that has all the info on DT. DT working with Manafort, which now they’ve found money laundering. So there is a wide scope to this investigation. Which is why Rosenstein hired Mueller, and this is all within the boundaries of a special investigation.

    So, maybe no Collusion, but a boatload of other illegal activity.

  52. 2 out of 3 rapes go unreported every year, and it’s because of people like you running them through the ringer and making them relive it. They want it to just go away, which is sad that they treat the rapist like the victim.

  53. It would seem that the saying “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID” really applies to all you anti-American demicraps, so keep talking let the rest of the real Americans see what you really stand for.

  54. Didn’t DT’s FBI Director say this was not a witch hunt? I believe so. I get the fact that DT supporters are worried that DT did actually work with Russia, they all think it will delegitimize his Presidency…which it will.

    Why do you think Pence has been completely quiet on the subject? Not to mention praising him constantly to the point of sickening? He knows he’s moving in to the Oval Office, and wants to make sure he keeps DT’s base.

    Pence is guilty too.

  55. Let’s push for Trey Gowdy to replace AG Sessions. Then, just perhaps, we would never be forced to tolerate the likes of the illegal communist Muslim queer, Barry as President of a great, deserving county. And let’s make darn sure that future Mrs. Presidents are physically capable of giving birth to babies.

  56. The US Government is doing some of the most illegal acts that would result in a normal citizen to spend time in the Federal Prison. Mueller’s so-called investigation is a total sham and it needs to end. Comey an these people of his ilk and Obama need to be made to come clean or suffer the consequences.

  57. Trey Gowdy is biased against Hilary. He just settled an illegal firing and abuse of position suit. The taxpayers payed the settlement of $150K. He investigated Benghazi for 17 months, and now because DT is up to his neck in poo, he wants to rant and rave. Sorry, DT is guilty, with more arrests coming.

  58. There is no coup going on. That’s Fox News trying to convince you that, everyone is trying to sabotage DT, he’s doing that all on his own.

    He has the UN against him, for his arrogant talk on Jerusalem. His tax plan is garbage, the only people that will permanently benefit from it, are rich business owners…great.

    The Russian investigation is no farce, they don’t arrest people without reason, and so far 4 people have been arrested. Everyone in DC is biased about something, so we should put a Pro-Trump team in charge of the investigation? Sure.

    Mueller knows he will be scrutinized for this, so for him to keep pushing, there is sure good reason.

  59. You should tell that to the Clintons. The Clinton Foundation took close to 100M from Russia. Wild Bill got $500K in speaking fees from Russia. Hillary was involved in selling 20% of US uranium to Russia. Podesta got $30M and you accused Trump of Russian ties? If Russia helped Trump win the election, they sure picked the wrong horse to win since he slapped them with sanctions right after he was sworn in.
    On the other hand, Hillary had every reason to win from Russia’s standpoint. They must have been real disappointed when she lost the election.

  60. What can any one say or state Ted is 100% Right but as always they will keep taking all the moneys to try and find anything there right now taking the investigation from Hillary Clinton to try to get to Mr. Trump so people will for get her I will never for get and when it comes time to vote I will call and email and do what ever I can to get these no good people out of office

  61. You do know DT hire a commission to investigate voter fraud in the 2016 election, and they found none, right.
    There is no proof of voter fraud, it’s just DT’s way of trying to convince everyone the the election was rigged.

    If it was rigged at all, it’s because he sought help from Russia.

  62. Proof, Timothy….I simply don’t believe you. Besides the tax payer paying for it is a crock..Attorneys have an insurance trust through the bar that they pay into. So, even IF what you say is true ( No Proof, just an accusation ) Mr Gowdy is still an attorney and a Congress man. Any wrongdoing alleged or otherwise has gone before more than one review board and he obviously ‘if true’ was found innocent or not warranting any penance. So, good try but not buying it.

  63. I’m not sure how she can steel the WH. The only reason her name comes up is because DT brings it up daily. DT’s failures are a;; on DT, no other reason.

  64. Very true. It seems when someone starts uncovering things regarding the Clintons, things like death happens to them.

  65. Well done.. the liberals don’t like to be shown up.. maybe with all the extra tax dollars they get to keep they can educate themselves to think for themselves..

  66. Go back further. They were already in place when Obama attained office. Otherwise he’d have gone the way of Nixon…..

  67. I’m more inclined to call a spade a spade, you mean ‘ It’s a group of Communist operatives sent in to pull a palace coup .’ and the courts have Obama appointed dupes in place like I said elsewhere . This is a well thought outand set up campaign and even with the President Trump upset of the final nail , the soulless killary. If ALL people don’t put aside their petty personal ‘feelings’ mostly programmed by false media it IS to late for America.

  68. Cut of the money and cut the head off the liberal SNAKE [MUELLER] is unqualified, biased and leading a phony investigation where NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED; get rid of this scumbag.

  69. I seriously doubt that anyone would believe that of Gowdy and most, including I, would just laugh; hopefully, those who decide the vote in his state would find it hilarious also.

  70. Yep; it’s time to stop the taxpayers’ bleeding millions to line the pockets of the minions and criminals

  71. Sadly I don’t think it’s the entire FBI all of the corruption stems from the people at the top – ALL Clinton and Obama appointees

  72. Not true! Putin murders people who disagree with him. McCain, Graham, and Kinzinger, and most of the GOP, claim Putin to be a thug with human rights violations, money laundering and oppression of his people.

    Russia is not our friend.

  73. There is a Cold Civil War going on in America. The Democrat Party is not the Party of JFK anymore. The way they are today he couldn’t even be a member. They are diving headlong into Marxism. If you listen to the way they scream and I mean scream bloody murder about the Tax Bill you would think we were taking the money out of their back pocket. Their thinking if they were honest is that all of the money should go in to the treasury and they will decide for us how much money we need to live on. Mueller and his Rosenstein sanctioned lynch mob is another facet of the war. It is a group of Democrat operatives sent in to pull a palace coup by court to overturn the 2016 election and punish Trump for daring to win against Hillary.

  74. This thing would have probably been over by now, if the campaign told the truth about Russian contacts. Every single day, we find out that someone lied about the contacts they had. Session said he doesn’t recall over 120 times…what? That’s why this thing is dragging out, they have to go find the truth, because DT’s campaign can’t remember anything.

  75. The Benghazi investigation went on for 17 months, with public hearing after public hearing. When will the hearing on Niger start? We haven’t heard squat over those soldiers death…hypocritical.

  76. You sir are just another lying lib! Trey Gowdy is one of the smartest and most honest people in government.

  77. Left wing loons when they have no answers revert to name calling. The truth is something they cannot stand. If they did why did they never say a damned thing about Barry whoever the hell he really is having all of his records sealed?
    Barry once said in a speech “the only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide.”
    People like Richard J Weissman cheered him for that. But it sure sounds to me like Barry has an awful lot to hide. If you have never heard of a small cult called SUBUD look it up. The lady who certified Barry Whoever’s Hawaiian birth certificate – Loretta Fuddy – belonged to that cult. Stanley Ann Dunham belonged to that cult. The cult was founded in Indonesia and has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago. Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  78. Four people being arrested, and the FBI director Wray (that DT hired) said it’s not a witch hunt. Wray also said, he sees no reason to remove Mueller. Of course the people being investigated are going to find some reason to shut it down, but the people who do this for a living, see no reason to.

    They were all hired and praised by DT, now they’re anti-Trump? I don’t think they are, maybe DT just expected them to cover for him and end it. That’s not going to happen, and there will be more arrests.

  79. Either you love being lied to, the way the Obama administration did, or you don’t want others to bring the truth out. You can’t speak for the rest of us, Americans. Gowdy is one of the best fair-minded, patriot prosecutors in our country. Trump is making America great again, and your liberal media, your master, is America’s enemy. Thank God for Trump and what he’s doing for us. No more Obama destruction in the next 7 years!

  80. If view of all the massive conspiracy attempts to take down the US Government after a duly elected president took office, What part of Treason dont I understand?

  81. None of that changes the fact that DT is guilty. Mueller was the greatest thing since sliced bread to the GOP, until he started arresting people.

    He fired the agents immediately after the text messages, what else should he have done?

  82. You hit the nail on the head Susan…..In GOD we TRUST, All others are to be Vetted…..Our country will be great again. And with people like TREY it will be.

  83. You know Trey Gowdy was found guilty of abusing his power and bias. He settled by paying $150K (of taxpayer money) to an AF Veteran for unlawful firing, bias, and abuse of power.

    So he’s not innocent of what he’s accusing others of. But, that’s what everyone does now. Accuse others of what you’re guilty of and maybe you can get away with it.

  84. Richard J Weissman- I didn’t hear you contradict one single thing Mr. Gowdy said. That’s because what he said is factual and you can’t win your argument based on facts. Therefore, you dig into the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” playbook and attack the messenger. That’s a pathetic attempt to divert the conversation away from what Mueller and his partisan team are trying to do. They, as do you, have NOTHING! Present facts here, Mr. Weissman, or take your empty rhetoric and trolling to a liberal website.

  85. I would love to know Mr. Chairman’s answer to Mr Gowdy before he goes back to South Carolina….. I think the SWAMP and ALL of the SWAMP needs to be drained by no other than TREY GOWDY this man knows whats up…..

  86. I’m with you, Mr. Becsei. There is no doubt that the FBI is a legalized criminal organization, functioning as Obama’s secret police. Until Obama and his minions are brought to justice and the DOJ/FBI is purged of this cancer, American cannot be great again. What is happening goes beyond ethics. This is criminal & treasonous.

  87. Trey Gowdy is just one big pia to the people of the united states and a true Trump supporter..Not the people of the USA. He has and always will be an as*kisser to Trump and his party. Disgraceful.

  88. Kerry, the problem with US protesting is that we all have jobs and families and an honest work ethic that leaves us little time for protesting, not to mention a good proportion of our reps won’t see our emails or hear our phone calls because they are screened by their staff.

  89. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminal anti-American traitors – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???

  90. My man Trey Gowdy he tells it as it is! He couldn’t have said what we were all thinking any clearer! Can you believe this team Mueller chose? And we are supposed to buy all this crap!? Seriously! We have so many conflicts of interest I don’t even know where to start! What a bunch of liars in the FBI you know supposed to be the good guys! OMG if that is what we are working with maybe we should replace the whole dam bunch from the top down anyone who worked there when Obama was there needs to go how could we EVER trust any of them!?

  91. Love me some TREY GOWDY. He is super smart & really tough getting to the truth. I wish he could replace Sessions. He would year everyone up. Justice would be served!!!

  92. We lost Mr. Chavetz, We have Mr Gowdy and one other person on this investigating committee, Mr Jordan, that I would trust, among all those seated on the committee that I just saw sitting in the committee that was addressing the Deputy Atty Gen. I am so upset that I can’t even SPIT!!! We have a investigation going on that is headed up by Mr Mueller, who seated Mr Comey at the FBI, has shown his attraction for Crooked Hilly and her group, seems to be floundering at every turn cuz he can’t turn anything up against the Trump organization, or family, and we are expected to believe that he is “UNBIASED”!!!!! As Mr Gowdy said,,,,HOW THE HELL CAN WE EXPECT ANYTHING HONEST TO COME FROM THIS INVESTIGATION????? SOMEONE TELL ME, PLEASE!!!!! THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!!

  93. Brainwashing is why the DEMOCRATS persist in beating a dead horse. For some reason they
    think that the constant repetition of the lie will eventually cause the masses to accept the lie as TRUTH. After all, it has certainly worked for them in the past, most recently with the allegations against Judge Moore. Proof that brainwashing works!


  95. Trey Gowdy….You are one of the very few people in that cesspool of corruption and lies that stand out like a beacon on a foggy night. Jesus, I wish you were the president or in some other position of power where you could put your admirable oral talents and principals to good use. You have my utmost respect and admiration. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  96. all the women that calling out rape about long time ago it there isn’t any report of law rape to back it up it most likely false if there is a reported case it most likely true but if they say i was rape in high school 30 yrs ago she being paid to say it she wouldn’t wait 30yrs to say something that’s my opinion




  100. Rosie and mueller and All the other investigators should be taken away in cuffs and sentenced to fifty years of hard labor. They are all extremely corrupt and bias. Rosie is protecting them all by denying bias. He is the leader of the corruption.

  101. Yes, America is fed up with this so called “witch hunt” perpetrated by Mueller. There is a purpose in it though. Those lawyers are getting rich on us taxpayers’ money, something that these libatards claim to despise. How ironic. They are being paid $500/hr as a minimum no doubt. That should be reported if there can be found an “investigative “reporter in the liberal media. How about it, Fox News? Jump on it.
    Perhaps we need to set up a march on Washington to protest this ugly mess.

  102. Does someone believe we can’t have an opinion on the
    number of Jewish individuals in influential positions in government and financial entities ?

  103. It is not theUSSR any more jughead , it’s Russia , they are not our total enemy only since the bushes drove a wedge on into Clinton and Obozo . They were not like because they showed a weakness the only one’s now are killlary , Ole Bern ,and those looking for a free hand out !

  104. There seems to be so many crooks on the left that our American justice system couldn’t prosecute them in a decade or more! And these “crooks” have the nerve to condemn President Trump for every damn thing he does or even tries to do! (?)

  105. About the Mueller team, I am tempted to ask something like “Have they no shame?”

    I can’t, because it is obvious that THEY HAVE NO SHAME already.

    Gowdy has just moved himself up on the Hillary/Soros target list. We can be sure they are busy searching his past (back to high school, if necessary) to find a female who will accuse him of snapping her bra strap during recess or something like that. From that they will try to extract a resignation or at least a step back from his investigation.

    I love being an American.

    NOTE TO ALL SNOWFLAKES – heat increasing, get ready to puddle.

  106. Yes and make Mueller pay from his own pocket as well as Roth stein’s pocket the cost of this sham, not us tax payers!

  107. Try Gowdy is an amazing prosecutor and always hits the nail on the head. Mueller, if he is a republican, is a RINO. Got the job under dubious circumstances, then staffed his team with Trump haters and Hillary lovers. Started out with Russian conspiracy and when that didn’t work, went onto conspiracy and when that proved to be going nowhere, will be looking at the women liars who have accused Mr. Trump of sexual harassment dating back decades. They were bought and paid for by George Soros and are now looking for settlements from our president. Their claims are based on allegations with no proof. But that didn’t stop media whore, Megyn Kelly from parading them on her program to boost failing ratings. Her first show with Vladimir Putin didn’t work out for her despite her attempts to seduce him with a low neckline and short skirt. He hardly gave her a second glance and couldn’t care less. The American people are getting sick and tired of the freak show that they are paying for. Trump has been right about everything and his intention to clean the swamp has them all in fear of being exposed, Dems & GOP alike. The witch hunt must be stopped.

  108. We need more people like Trey Gowdy in our Government, he’s one of the very few in power that realises he’s working for the people !!!!!

  109. This Russian Investigation is like the show “Cheaters.”-You want to catch the wrong doers and make them accountable-But this is totally stupid. No conclusion of any type, and yet looking for reasons-if this was an investigation into the Clintons who are crooks, well this would be a better story, and a conviction.

  110. This is such a mess and no one seems to care.We need people in top positions who love
    this country not there own personal wealth or positions I know there are people who
    care so step up and fight for what is right God bless America.

  111. Congress needs to be the one to shut down the probe by Mueller then no one can accuse President Trump of anything

  112. Throw the bums out…clean up the white house and let Mr. Trump carry out his agenda…Obama didn’t have all the problems like these because he had his own hand picked crooks on board…they all hate Mr. Trump because he is exposing them and stopping their free ride at our expense.

  113. I believe the biggest problem for Trey Dowdy is no matter what great facts he and other Repubican bring up it goes nowhere, why hasn’t Mueller kick out for conflict of interest, because of all the discrepancy, with his team???

  114. I find it most disconcerting that the Democrats continue to “beat this dead horse”. How many inquiries must we endure, how many hours of government labor must be wasted and how many millions of tax-payer dollars must be spent before the Democrats realize what common sense should have told them from the start: there is no conspiracy nor collusion!

    I find it more alarming that Democrats continue to search for that which does not exist. Even after CNN announced that they had terminated three reporters for fabricating this “fake news” about Trump and his collusion with an imaginary Russian official (s), the Hillary Bunch continues to waste tax-payer dollars to prove that which never happened. This totalitarian obsession, by the DNC, with fake news about Trump’s collusion with Russians further proves they have no agenda, other than that of disrupting Trump’s administration’s ability to accomplish anything constructive.

    It is time for all Americans to shout in unison “show us some evidence of collusion or shut down your instigation!” After nine months there has been not one shred of evidence ; why? Move on or nothing will be accomplished to better anyone!

  115. Gowdy is smart and determined to do what it takes to defend America and the Constitution. He definitely has what it takes to go after Democrats and their BS. But he is on the Dems hit list. They are going to try and take him out in 2018 because he is SO GOOD. He called Comey out and does not hesitate to do the same to anyone who testifies before him.

  116. Mr. Stalin’s Russia was our enemy, but Mr. Putin’s Russia is anything but.
    If we understood Mr. Putin we would welcome him as our closest ally, and work with him for a far better world that we are achieving without such cooperation. Read the Secrets of Fatima, and be informed.

  117. Except that Russia did not interfere in ur election, and no one single American cast their vote based on anything that Russia did or did not do. The idea of Russia contaminating our election is total fiction,
    and without any merit whatsoever.

  118. Sharon, that is a good answer. The “Silent Majority” needs to get very LOUD, again. As another respondent suggests, Federal voter ID is a must. That is going to cause liberals to howl, but it defends them as much as it defends anyone else. We the people need to demand these changes of our leaders. We also need to demand that ballots be checked for illegal activity.

  119. They should have gotten rid of mueller and all the holdovers long time ago. Hillary, Obama’s,Comey should all have been shot!

  120. Very true. What can we do, get the email address of our Senators and representatives in the house of Congress, and bombard them, on a regular basis, like at least once a week expressing our point of view. If they are smart, maybe that is doubtful, and enough of the people of a conservative point of view do this, they will act as we desire them to act, if for no other reason to get us to shut up.

  121. Sharon Bauerle – I agree totally with you, however after watching this latest debacle in Alabama, I will bet that voter fraud will be rampant in the 2018 election. Soros and his minions are pledging millions of dollars to overturn any conservative running for re-election in 2018.
    I think it’s about time to fire Mueller and his entire team. I hope this can be done soon. I wish Trump would sign an executive order that requires federal voter ID cards for everyone.

  122. They get away with it because those who are offended by what they do, say nothing. The “Silent Majority” needs to get extremely LOUD once again.

  123. Our comments here are good and do have value. However, the energy spent here would be better spent on a deluge of calls, email, letters and any other means of communications to DC expressing our desire that the government behave itself, and to stop the witch hunt. There are more of us than there is of them. It is time for the “Silent Majority” to get overwhelmingly LOUD, again. Are we up to it. If not, then what is going on, will only get worse.

  124. The rest of us let it happen. We did not protest this, and now the swill is every where. We can make it right, or give it our best “shot” by a deluge of protest to DC.

  125. Obama was duly and lawfully elected, twice, and unfortunately too. But as a middle-aged white male, and like most all other white males, we didn’t get butt hurt, nor did we get our panties in a bunch, and called for his impeachment from office. I, like many men, bought firearms and ammunition, did my job the best of my abilities, and tried to live a clean and honorable life (take that self-righteous moralistic liberals!). Had Republicans, the FBI, and others gone after Obama with such a blood lust and hatred as the left, media, and their ilk have for Trump, there would have been a blood bath. Obama was this protected sacred cow black man, elected by blacks and white guilt liberals.

  126. If “we the people” would only do what we keep talking about, and deluge DC with messages of opposition to this Mueller witch hunt. We need to make our views well known to DC. Tie up mail, and electronic communications, such as email, or twitter to the point there is no room for anything else on their computers or mail box other than our protests. We all have to do something, other than to talk about it, to put an end to this non-sense.

  127. All the hate flowing through our country based on lies will do more to hurt our country than anything else. Lies deception deceit is the new norm. What happened to truth.

  128. This is the results of Democratic loosing the election no crime at all but they set up this witch hunt and expect the tax payers to pick up the bill. The Democratic party should be required to pay back the American tax payer for this abuse of power. Never in history has any legal group ever massed such a group to investigate a rummer of allegations with no basis of any crime every happening.

  129. Absolutely – for anyone who is paying attention. The lemmings that can only chant they hate Trump – but when asked what Trump ever did to them – remain silent – will probably never understand this. Mueller Comey and Freeh – three past FBI directors ALL in the Clintons pocket – professionally – politically and financially.

  130. They are trying to pin Russia on publishing the Hillary emails where she took a hammer to her records and had an illegal account stored in a closet. They made up a story that Trump and Russia got together and decided to make Hillary lose the election. Far fetched, yes, but they are out to get Trump.

  131. More proof Hillary has not accepted the results of her failed attempt to steal another election! Now she hires her faithful goon squad to make another stab at the White House. This is why she keeps the her name in the news, no matter how embarrassing it gets or expensive. With all the money she kept for the foundation, it is just a daily expense with no result.

  132. for sure this is only a way to try and get Trump out of office , I for one will not approve of any time they do remove him . many more will feel the same. what do you think the citizens would feel towards the Dems after that ? zero a punch in the face of all TRUE AMERICANS. lets see the DEMS go against the take a kneel by the N F L ?

  133. Russia had nothing to do with our election. Wikileaks explained that a year ago. It was a Clinton insider that put the emails about Hillary out for all to see. (Believed to be Seth Rich, who was then murdered) They won’t admit it, and the liberal panel won’t investigate.

  134. Mueller and his entire staff needs to be gone and should have never been chosen. This is no way an “Independent” commission and it’s obvious to even the ones who are not very enlightened. This entire group has been “Get Trump” from day one and all you have to do is listen to the news, especially the “Fake” news to see what the commission HASN’T done about the actual “bad guys” who are and have disrupted the actions of those CHOSEN BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to run this Country!!!

  135. All of this posturing and grandstanding is one thing, but when do we see some action. Are we going to be forced to endure this nonsense for the entire time Pres. Trump is in office?

  136. I just cannot believe this crap is still being investigated. This is our tax dollars being used for nothing. When will it end? I am so disgusted with these liars!!!

  137. Susan…Jim Jordan (R-OH) is as relentless a firebrand as Gowdy! The upper echelons of the Federal Bureau of MATTERS need to GO! Imagine…the likes of Peter Strzok being relegated to Human Resources??? He is UNDER-qualified and OVER-zealous! Mueller should’ve escorted him out the revolving door…then followed…with McCabe and all the rest!

  138. Go get them Gowdy! He just proved beyond all doubt how this is all a scam from
    day one. How disgusting this whole spectacle has been. Now the truth is finally
    emerging. This has Soros written all over it. Stop persecuting our POTUS and
    start prosecuting Obama and Hillary and the whole nest of snakes inhabiting the
    huuuuge swamp.

  139. Is it not about time, well more importantly seriously overdue, that we quit quibbling over the vast number of our own “over the hill officials” who have supported the America haters and get on with supporting our duly elected President Donald Trump in his promised work to rid America of those keeping the despicable swamp in our Country’s way of returning America to the path set so many years ago by our founding fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters.

  140. There certainly seems to be a lot more “evidence” about the bias in Mueller’s “team” than there is “evidence” about collusion between Russia and Trump’s “team”.

  141. I still have yet to see whatever those emails were about, and all these “collusion” participants… what are they talking about? Everything is so vague, so how are we supposed to know the reason that one person talking to another person is a crime? WHAT are they talking about that’s illegal or immoral? For example, it’s like, “Susan’s been emailing Harold, so she’s a traitor.” Okay, so who is Susan, and why is it a bad thing if she talks to Harold? I still feel like I’m in the dark.


  143. C’mon, Gowdy and everyone else in Washington DC knows that Mueller’s job is to remove Trump by setting up a”process crime”. And despite their fiery rhetoric, they’ll all just sit by and watch Mueller take down Trump. It’s easier that way.

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