Trey Gowdy turned the tables on Democrats with this truth about Joe Biden

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt just hit a major roadblock.

And it was one they never saw coming.

That’s because Trey Gowdy turned the tables on Democrats with this truth about Joe Biden.

The big fight in the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt revolves around possible witness testimony.

President Trump would like to call Joe Biden as a witness to grill him about his son Hunter’s work in the Ukraine and Biden pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigating the energy company paying Hunter Biden $50,000 per month as part of a quid pro quo over much needed aid.

Biden declared he would not comply with a subpoena to testify.

During a Fox News interview, Trey Gowdy pointed out the absurdity of Biden’s statement.

Appearing on “The Ingraham Angle,” Gowdy tore into Vice President Joe Biden over Biden’s apparent flip-flop on whether or not he would honor a subpoena to testify before the Senate impeachment trial.

“If you don’t like Joe Biden’s answer, just wait about an hour and he’ll give you the exact opposite,” Gowdy joked to guest host (and Gowdy’s former colleague) Jason Chaffetz. “I found it dumbfounding. He single-handedly gutted one of the two articles of impeachment. When he said, ‘By the way, you all are trying to remove a president from office for doing what I just promised to do.’”

“While these Democrats are supporting Biden, it’s the exact same conduct,” Gowdy continued. “He’s not going to comply with a subpoena, which is what one of the two articles of impeachment against Trump is.”

Biden had recently told members of the press there was no legitimate reason for him to testify at President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, while still trying to clarify prior comments waffling on whether or not he’d comply with a subpoena from the U.S. Senate.

The Democrats’ impeachment push was never serious to begin with.

But Joe Biden declaring he would obstruct Congress without any executive privilege by refusing to comply with a subpoena was the final cherry on top for this ridiculous charade.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I can’t believe the democrats I know that didn’t have anyone to vote for, but Biden you people are crazy. If he does get elected it don’t matter he will wonder were he is

  2. They have been the mafia for decades, just in hiding. All of those Jewish names that popped up in the impeachment hearings have been around for decades, the Communist Democrats of the Jewish Mafia. Never forget the mafia began with Jews just like Communism! Mayer Lansky, Bugsy Segel and Karl Marx, Engels, Trotsky, etc.


  4. It seems that BIden is so far from reality that he absolutely fails to see his own mental decline….Biden very much acts like he has early Alzheimers… !!!

  5. Power and Money go hand in hand. Most in DC are bought and paid for by by those in control… That is why they hate Trump he is not one of them. But he is a threat…

  6. The Mafia tactics never change, that’s why the Democrats are lying & whining so much. THEY ARE THE NEW MAFIA!!

  7. So this is who is leading the dem race?joe friggin biden?this is almost not even fair.trump an easy win,5 more years!!!

  8. Good things are worth the wait. AG Barr and John Durham’s investigation will yield our long awaited exposure of the Biden’s and much much more.

  9. Don’t worry. The democrats are so stupid they do not know when to stop the stupidity and get down to realism. I Biden, Saunders, and Warren are the best they can do, they are doomed.

  10. Yes, the aid was delivered by the last date. No matter what the Dems think, Zelenskiy knew of no delay, and Trump never demanded a Quid pro quo. As Vice President, Joe Biden demanded a Quid pro quo, namely that the Ukraine prosecutor investigating his son’s company must be fired, or Ukraine would not receive $1 billion in aid. Most people have seen the video where Joe brags about doing this.

  11. It isn’t the money per-se that is at the root of the evil.
    It is the ~lusting~ for money that is the evil.

  12. Biden is so stupid that he doesn’t even think before he speaks. That’s why I hope he does get the nomination. He will make a fool out of himself, and the Democratic party on live TV. It will be fun to see Biden trying to explain his crooked dealings, and Trump just standing listening to his answers. No need to ask, POTUS anything. Let Biden dig his own hole.

  13. I heard also Nancy P.’s son was working there. Making lots of money. Why does it always come down to money??? The root of all evil.

  14. I heard also Nancy P.’s son was working there. Making lots of money. Why does it always come down to money??? The root of all evil.

  15. I believe that President Trump did the right thing to withhold aid from a very
    corrupt former Ukraine government. He wanted the corruption under control before
    he would send them millions in aid. Democrats are outraged because they are in on
    this money laundering scheme with their own kids. Trump wanted to make sure that
    the corrupt ones got found out. It just happened Creepy Uncle Joe and his son were
    part of the corruption. The president did not need to do anything like that to win.

  16. Hello daddyo. Great to see that you’re still a moron. Thanks for reading my posts. They are meant for cock suckers like you, speaking of fagots.

  17. Considering “Doofus Biden”could have an outside chance of winning the presidency, isn’t it time to begin impeachment proceedings against him??

  18. The commiecrats know that creepy joe is a crooked bastard but he’s still their front runner. Interesting.

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