Trey Gowdy unloaded on China with one smack down that will change the world forever

China is the central villain in the coronavirus pandemic.

Their lies and cover-ups prevented the world from preparing from the outset for this virus.

And Trey Gowdy unloaded on China with one smack down that will change the world forever.

Americans are demanding that the government find ways to hold China accountable for unleashing a plague that shutdown the world economy.

Cable news pundits and some politicians are debating the most effective measures to sanction China.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s Waters World, former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy outlined three avenues the government could pursue to make China pay for this outbreak.

First, Gowdy explained, Congress could pass changes to the “Sovereign Immunity Act,” which would allow Americans to sue China for damages in federal court.

“We need a change in the law because of the Sovereign Immunity Act, which makes it almost impossible to sue other countries in U.S. District Court,” Gowdy began. “You sue, you’re going to have the challenges of getting the information from China, the discovery, as we call it, in the legal realm.”

“And then the damages. I mean, if you’ve lost your life or lost your business or suffered injury, you’re entitled to damages,” Gowdy continued.

Next, Gowdy explained that the United States and other countries could isolate China on the international stage, which would end China’s bid to become the world’s biggest superpower.

“There’s also a need, a responsibility for the world to hold China accountable,” Gowdy added. “Well, let me say, if you cannot warn other countries that a pandemic has been unleashed, you have no business being a leader on the world stage.”

Finally, Gowdy started that United States companies could move their manufacturing out of China and back to the United States, which would boost America’s economy and cripple China’s.

“And then there’s what our country can do. And I think where we can hit on the hardest there is to ostracize them, but also to reclaim our manufacturing, reclaim our pharmaceutical manufacturing in particular,” Gowdy concluded. “There are lots of ways we can hold China down.”

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  1. I see this Congress as corrupted as the FBI. They were complicit with the FBI corruption from the beginning.

  2. I don’t trust Trey Gowdy – All talk, no action. He was Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and did nothing to bring forth any of those that he accused on Fox of various transgressions. Like other Republicans – Nunes, Chaavetz, Meadows, Jordan, Lindsey Graham – Gowdy likes to bloviate on Fox, make allegations, but doesn’t back them up. All sizzle; no steak!

  3. Sometimes art portrays real life, and sometimes it is the other way around.
    The possibility that Coronavirus was intended to act as a diversion by the Chinese in their power grab in the South China Sea, is a real one. Consider that Indian researchers offered a paper on the Coronavirus shortly after it first emerged that found 4 HIV inserts. This forced them to conclude that this was “unlikely to be fortuitous in nature”. In short, it was a virus altered by human bio-engineering.
    Add to this fact is that China, according to the Voice of America, is now moving military hardware to disputed islands in the South China Sea, and some may argue that the Coronavirus outbreak was a diversion. These are the same criminals that gave us Tiananmen Square, after all.
    China is on the move, and it can be argued that they are making this move because they knew that there would not be a unified US response. After 3 1/2 years of the Democrats and controlled media attacking the duly elected president with the most vicious conspiracy theories, our enemies may have seen this as an open invitation. The Democrats and media even attacked Trump for trying to rectify the trade imbalance with that same Communist China.
    In a way, it’s kind of like the scene from The Godfather, where Sonny, opens his big mouth, and shows family division to Sollozzo, the drug dealer. It was an open invitation for Sollozzo to take out The Godfather. This in fact, led to a war between the Five Families, and the family of Don Corleone, the Godfather. If war comes, the Democrats share in the responsibility. v

  4. Personally I believe that Democrats were in cahoots with China on the corona virus, even hollyweird imbeciles wish list is the elderly population declines ( because they tend to vote for Republicans) and the economy crashes .

  5. Has anyone heard that Pelosi visited China in November and that the virus appeared shortly after? Or that her son has a business in China? How much was she paid to bring a vial of virus to the US. She says she is Catholic but if she was involved in this, I think she will have a seat next to Satan. And she wants to always give money to Planned Parenthood. God Bless Pres Trump, VP Pence and all that are fighting to bring our country back without too many deaths. Go to the polls in November. Time to stop these demos who think of themselves and not the American people.

  6. Jim… We thank you for the compliment. Though oddly, I don’t know that anyone actually read it, from the amount of assmouth we’ve been encountering of late. FODA…

  7. Dan Tyree, you continue to show that you as do most others commenting here are card carrying members of the Trump Deplorables.

  8. Try to remember the last time the US put the bind on a large Asian country, Pearl Harbor. The Chinese could lose 500 million and not bat an eye

  9. Jimmy H. Roberts, you are the quintessential Barack Hussein Ohomo ass kisser, and I’m willing to bet that you have a in-home shrine to the side-saddle-rider where you worship him everyday. If you’re so dissatisfied with President Trump, go live in a s_ _ _ hole country like Venezuela, now go and have a drink of the water that your god, Bath House Barry walks on, you moronic imbecile.

  10. Trey Gowdy should run for president in 2o24 I think trey is a smart man but I like my president he don,t take any of the Democrats crap China needs to be accountable for the lies and coverups

  11. Hey julio if you get the chance, GFY! That being said, I agree with Gowdy however, you have PsOS like bloomberg, who would rather sell America down the drain, just so his company or companies, make more of a profit and say the hell with America! bloomberg is not alone. all these greedy bastards should suffer the consequences!

  12. FluffyPillowFive the old retard commie is reflecting the mentality of his party. They are all morons. No commiecrat should be allowed to take part in this crisis that we are in. All that they want is to use it to damage Trump. They aren’t a party of ideas and solutions, only bringing the country down.

  13. You can hate Trump all you want but what do you have to replace him with?
    A bumbling old man who doesn’t know where he is half the time and has trouble stringing two coherent sentences together? Do you really want someone like that running the show, especially in a pandemic?

  14. Trey has his nose so far up Trumps bute all that comes out of his mouth is Trumps crap!! Nothing but B.S.!!!
    Not able to believe anything either one of these two mentally incompetent fools have to say!!!
    Country will be great again when both are done!!! Be voted out from their offices in 2020!!!

  15. I have a question that I have thought of. Could China cut us off from making medicines for us….or do we have other ways of getting medicines that they make…I want the USA to get away from China

  16. There is one VERY important detail of about the virus. The deceptive Dr. Fauci said in one of his lectures approximately three years ago, that “The President would be confronted with the challenge of how to deal with a virus pandemic”. This lecture is available for viewing all over the net. So the obvious question is HOW DID FAUCI KNOW THIS? And, WHY THEN is nothing being done with this information. We now know that the virus was actually created IN Wuhan ON PURPOSE. Fauci, Bill Gates and Pibright (Rothschild) are ALL major players and working together. But Still no major acknowledgement of it.

  17. We should not forget, there IS an “Underground” of Chinese people, who would NEVER voluntarily fight For China! The people of China, are all poor and must survive under The China Communist Party (CCP). I think Goudy’s remarks are SPOT-ON! The CCP can begin to crumble if there is “encouragement” from Free Nations, like us. The “scientists” that were forced to “create” the bio-virus in Wuhan were “exterminated” in ovens; along with an awful lot of innocent people, stuffed into body bags while still living! Can’t prove this, but was printed in a flyer-notice from their “underground” citizens.

  18. China will be dealt with at the right time.I trust in Jesus to do this.We as Americans will see China taken care of.I myself think of all the loss, loss of life from Chorna, all the companies moving to China.I wonder how all the companies that moved to China feel about the truth of the virus being from China? Maybe their greed of money was more important than keeping American jobs here in America.Lets hope that these American corportations will come back to America where they belong.Home Sweet Home of America.


  20. First, any Notes owed to China should be sent to them stamped, “Paid In Full”.
    Second, all American Companies must be directed to return to the U.S. or forfeit their American Licenses.
    Third, the U.S. Military must be in a position to strike if China poses any threat to the U.S. or it’s Allies.
    China allowing the World to be infected by the Covid-19 Virus and crippling the World’s Economy besides the needless loss of Life, is no less than an Act of War and should be dealt with accordingly.

  21. Trey Goudy should run for President, he is usually the smartest guy in the room. I say we need to not pay China anything for what all we owe, they have cost us far more in life and liberty! I hate everything about China now!

  22. It would be nice to bring all business back home from China. All US debt owed to China should be eliminated.

  23. Needs to be some landscaping configurations made in the Far East. Red Communist China & N.Korea would good make fertile farm land in about twenty five years. Like my dad would said when he came back from the Korean War, “we shouldn’t be picking in the weeds, cut them all down and start over” I always thought he was crazy, but now I know what he told me made a lot of sense…but what the hell, I’m a little thrown off myself. God Bless 🇺🇸 As Dan Tyree states, we’re one election away from losing it all…I’ll be gone one day, but I don’t want my grandchildren ruled over by some Liberal Communist Braindead Parasite.

  24. China will never be punished for what they did because there are too many braindead democreeps that think communism is cool, and want to make the U.S. more like China.

  25. JULIO-he was trying to work trade deals, you don’t criticize people you are “trying” to work with but you do when they are trying to kill people.

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