Trey Gowdy was forced to admit the one thing every Trump supporter will hate

Trey Gowdy lead the investigation into Barack Obama’s Deep State.

He helped uncover scandalous behavior by the FBI as part of their effort to destroy Donald Trump.

But Gowdy was forced to admit the one thing every Trump supporter will hate.

As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Gowdy helped lead the investigations of the FBI’s abuse of power and the Obama administration’s scheme to frame Trump for colluding with the Russians.

However, the Democrats are set to take over Congress on Janaury 3.

And Gowdy was forced to admit the GOP ran out of time to complete their investigations.

The Democrats will move to cover up these scandals by killing the investigations, so Gowdy begged Senate Republicans to pick up the baton and finish these vital probes.

The New York Times reports:

In one of their final acts in the House majority, Republicans released a letter on Friday urging their Senate counterparts to pick up their politically charged inquiry into the handling of the F.B.I.’s investigations of President Trump’s campaign and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, and called again for the appointment of a special counsel to study the matter.

Detailing some of their findings, the chairmen of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees said it appeared to them that the F.B.I. had treated the Trump and Clinton cases differently, cutting Mrs. Clinton and her associates crucial breaks while assigning agents who privately exchanged reams of messages bashing Mr. Trump to investigate his campaign’s links to Russia.

“It is not the discovery of bias that is so destructive to fairness, it is the existence of it,” the chairmen, Robert W. Goodlatte of Virginia and Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, wrote of the officials.
They also used the letter to resurface Republicans’ contested charge that the F.B.I. abused sensitive surveillance powers to spy on a former Trump campaign associate believed to be compromised by Russia.

These are importat investigations.

The American people deserve a full and honest accounting of the Obama administration weaponizing the FBI against their political enemies.

And every Trump supporter is worried the Republican Senate will not have the same stomach for digging up the truth as Trey Gowdy did.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. very very stupid and idiotic as we see it,uninform looney,a typical Democrat loose screw character with no knowledge whatsoever on what is going on around her she must have been listening to CNN the Corrupt News Network and all the other Liberal lying POS network,they sure all belong together like they say…LIBERALISM is a Mental Disorder

  2. Betty , To think I was feeling bad for considering some of the derogatory comments being hurled at you, However when you included our First Lady in your tirade you crossed the line !! You want to slam Trump with your filthy mouth go right ahead that is your right to be fooled. But for you to say ONE WORD against our First Lady
    who has not done a damn thing wrong to anyone is beyond LOW CLASS even for you ! I hope you are ashamed that you let your anger escalate to include her because you SHOULD BE !! Please print a retraction of your comments about her immediately.

  3. Betty , If you actually believe the BS that just came out of your mouth …..I truly feel sorry for you. Because you will never see the truth no matter what I say. Hillary is evil, so is Obama. Some day, hopefully soon, their true colors will be revealed for all to see and they will both spend their remaining years behind prison bars.

  4. She’s bothering many, on TV again today whining about loosing. Makes me pitch eggs at my own TV. You obviously have had brain damaged. Perhaps someone dropped you on your head as a child? You think HRC did nothing because you are damaged and because Obaba the goat turned his own government into a weapon to protect The Hilary slug and to injure the duly elected president. I know they’re looking for volunteers to help cheat at the polls. You going? Y’all are playing a dangerous game. People hold thier anger in untill they explode. Just keep picking.

  5. She lied about dodging bullets. She would have a seizure while peeing her pants. She and Obama the goat are trying to cover themselves to hide who they are. Evil and traitors. Obaba has never been American, not because of his birth certificate, but because he loves Muslims and dislikes Americans and Christians. The 2020 elections will be more Dems cheating just like the midterms. You know they cheated in 2016 as well, but not well enough. The time is now for Trump to put voter registry oversight commission full of his appointees, to start watching and calibrating the 2020 election now. He can’t be crying about it later. God’s hand controls it all, but it kills me that Libtards think Trump voters are stupid with no emotions. We get more and more angry, and at some point the pot will over cook and run into the streets of DC to protest just like the Dems. And then there will be violence, and then who will be injured. We need to go with pepper spray. The Dems are blind as to what half the country might do. They keep pushing and we’re gonna see more that we’ve never seen before. It will be a repeat of 1776 and before.

  6. Having worked in a pediatric ER of a city hospital for some years, I can tell you that 99X out of 100, whatever is wrong with a child is largely due to parental priorities being out of whack, not who is in the capitol of a country you’ve slipped into illegally, or dragged your bargaining chip child through a desert or paid some stranger to transport – to say nothing of some overworked law enforcement personnel. We of the US are NOT to be expected to fix every sad story, from every other nation that leaders and citizens already ruined. If they choose to spin their personal roulette wheel, that’s their call. I’m sure that $ore-ass would give most of his fortune to undermine the world through lies and bribes, since hatred is his only passion. Rabid hatred has eaten away the brain of the looney left, and all their foaming at the mouth can be cured only with facts that they will not accept.

  7. I’ve watched many videos of Trey Gowdy questioning the FBI and Hillary Clinton and others. The democrats blocked his questioning every time they could. He couldn’t finish questioning them due to the democrats interrupting him one right after the other. The FBI wouldn’t answer his questions because the FBI lawyers told them not to. When the Chairman told them to answer the question the democrats went on a rampage. It turned into a circus. Just go on youtube and watch them. It’s a joke how the democrats protected the FBI agents, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and all the others involved.

  8. The last solution like what were happening in third world countries (U.S. now is same as third world too) is for President Trump TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW, PADLOCK THE CONGRESS AND SUPREME COURT, ABOLISH MAGNA CARTA THEN ARREST AND JAIL EVERYBODY THAT GOES AGAINST THE PRESIDENT POLICIES.

  9. Soros gave the muslim that won money so what does that tell you about her. He would like nothing better then to see this country taken over. He is the biggest slime to walk the earth.

  10. No the senate has the last say on things so they don’t have all the power they like to act like they do. Democrats will never understand what the democratic part is doing to them and you would think after all these years they would. They have been in power for years and all they do in Washington is nothing and get payed. Don’t you democrats get sick of your party promising things they don’t deliver. They are not going to do anything for the next 2 years but fight the President like that will help the people.People get smart and stop thinking the democrats think about you they don’t.

  11. They died because their parents brought them across the desert and they had the flu before they got here bet you didn’t hear that. They wanted to get here because of free health care and work. So blame the parents not someone else.

  12. LADY YOU ARE CRAZY Hillary did do crimes where have you been? They have you so brainwashed with their crap you don’t see right from wrong. She was making all kinds of money from all the other countries and don’r tell me it went for her foundation because they know that was a front. They we using it to launder money. Trump has done nothing wrong. You need to get better news then those want to be repoters on cnn cbs nbc.

  13. they Know the dems know how to sklm money. Greed is dems name. Murder. lying cheats,rioters. and they still have people standing for them. Usually people that is paid for doing nothing, but throw wrenches in things that is trying to work according to constitution. If you like America best the way it was set up to be; never vote democratic. dems are prideful, taking claim on things they didn’t do, and blame it own others. Their PRIDE WILL BECOME THEIR FALL.

  14. We already are paying. Democrats; since Trump was elected has been more busy trying to demolish Trump, than helping him make MAGA! They have been too busy framing Trump. They will continue to search for some way to frame him. They stand around like vultures. See the glee on their faces when they think they have got Trump. Then they try and try again. Vultures! When Trump talked about going public, the dems comes out of woodwork and warns people that they need to pay little attention to what he says. Most that complains about him knows they can’t win. My stomach turned when over! harris, booker,schumer,pelosi. I hear news commentary They are blaming Trump. I would get angry,too. Dems think we as America will just fall into their lap. They think after we have watched them, that we would accept every thing they say. They lied to protect former democrats, people in high places, their dreams of being our dictators. It isn’t anything they won’t try. They don’t support border wall, because they helped bring illegals into country, breaking our laws, making sanctuary cities they make us pay for.High up dems government official goes in own vehicles and hauls them over here. As for people being out of jobs most could find a job to tide them over.I have went through many jobs where my place of work move out of country. My solution for American people is watch these do nothing,against Americans politicians and clean them out, The dems are bullies, Do not let them bully us into doing things we know is wrong.

  15. Chances are the person making all these pro democrat remarks is a troll using multiple names. They do it all the time, so blow them off and ignore them. They spout nonsense and inaccurate ‘facts’ hoping someone will buy into the BS.

  16. I’ve been saying that for many years now. Tray is just another BS merchant. Hes good at busywork. Good at talking smack but never gets anything accomplished.

  17. Obama is not that smart. He made many bad policies. It wasted Trump’s time to correct it. Gee. Is he getting a library in Chicago? For what?


  18. Yes, I just realized I accidentally hit the “P” key rather than the “O” key in the 1st letter for the word out, whereas I make mistakes you are a complete mistake.

  19. No!, the Republicans “lost” the House because again there was a failure by the party starting with the Trump administration to demand the election results across the nation thoroughly be investigated, not to mention those who voted Democrat are all brainwashed starting from the time they were 4 on, I could go into greater detail as to how they are turned into mindless slaves but I will spare you.

  20. That doesn’t surprise me. They are ALL getting rich while in office. How many have gone into office with fairly average savings and came out millionaires? It doesn’t matter, Dem or Rep, they don’t want the gravy train to stop!

  21. This lack of balls and killer instinct is precisely why the GOP list the House! Gowdy is all bark and no bite, he’s a grand standing paper tiger and a power who was all for show and zero results. They ran out of time by design and we’re going to have to continue to purge the GOP. My biggest concern is Trump will succumb to the constant, multi pronged assault and resign.

  22. We are now entering a period lawlessness of a level we have never seen before. Abide by the 2nd Amendments intent and the other oarts of the Constitution to offset this criminal mess. This also includes the Convention Of States call under Article V. Check out the Conventionofstates website.
    Naysayers will scream run-a-way convention warnings. That’s the oppositions lie. Go to their website and ask questions. They have 2 major pages. Get involved.

  23. So true Betty! Heed Craig Michael Vanderties’ writings to you. They truthful unlike your obvious lying rants! Also don’t stop there! Pay attention to the others too. Leave your fellow lying traitors behind and stop taking Siros’ treasonous payroll.

  24. The Uni-Party was all in. They collectively want President Trump gone so they can continue their criminality. If WE THE People leave this so-called govt in place we will have hell to pay.

  25. K Wagner. That is the question that MILLIONS of American citizens have made and there is NEVER an answer. It is apparent that our current justice system only applies to the ordinary, common, working Americans that pay taxes and their government salaries. It doesn’t apply to anyone in government positions. I don’t know what else we could think, especially if you are millionaires living in gated communities. It is totally unfair what Obama & The Clinton’s have gotten away with and NO PROSECUTIONS. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE ABOVE THE LAW? Please inform the American citizens because we just don’t understand.

  26. I think Betty is just plain blind, stupid and IGNORANT to say the least. Hillary Clinton and Bill are guilty of so many crimes that it would take a day to list them. Bottom line, President Trump is trying to save this country. I suppose Betty also thinks it is alright for thousands of illegals in caravans to enter our country UNLAWFULLY? What about the blood of Hillary’s & Obama’S hands for the Benghazi incident. I could go on and on, but I am sure the informed citizens know the background. Thank God, she did not win the PRESIDENCY.

  27. OMG, Betty, getting all your news from the Clinton News Networks??? Guess so. Do you ever wonder what those people from other countries are bringing into our country illness wise. Two die of the flu, and meningitis, then a beautiful 26 year old reporter that had been down there, dies of the same thing. Hmm. strange don’t you think? I am sick of my tax dollars going to them, and not our own. Get a grip Betty.

  28. Easy, folks. Betty is simply a troll trying to work you up. And he/she is getting away with it. Don’t let him…er, her…er whatever.

  29. Betty’s ‘time’ is short, just like e’one else, IF
    USA ‘slips away’.
    Betty is ‘cheap’ ‘vulgar’ vaudville entertainment.

  30. Betty, every word put of your mouth further proves how completely psychotic you are, someone serious needs to start legal actions to have you permanently committed because the only other remedy for someone as mentally disturbed as you is death.

  31. Grandslime, I do so hope someone douses you with Thermite and ignites you before you waste anymore of the precious resources for us rational law abiding patriots, you and your putrid type are such a complete waste.

  32. Betty the top ranking FBI officials are not law enforcement officers they are treasonous members of the Communist party and stupid in believing that the same people of this nation do not realize that, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Strzok all traitors to the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built.

  33. Will Gowdy admit that finally he was a complete failure. Nothing was proven and no prosecution ensued. The failed Gowdy investigations only made Democrats and their criminal minions seem not guilty.

  34. Yea nut job trump said nobody is going to invade us but you liberal democrat nut sacks want all these diseases come because of morons like you.rapiest murders you democrats are brain dead

  35. Scrambled brainwave wallflower Looney Libtard, time for your dose of Psychotropic and Psychedelic drugs that you have been on since the age of 10, then you can go and get your brains further scrambled being exposed to the carrier wave that the complete nonsense broadcasted by the purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing Lamestream media commentators.

  36. Classy Hillary whos paying your bills shes the most dispicale excuse for a human to every set foot on American soil along with her womanizeing pervert husband and her good friend Harvey Wiensteien do you not live on the same planet as the rest of us or what. Funny how time runs out people drop dead and two or three of the biggest criminals allways walk away like thier gold it has become a true fact that they are above the law AND like it or not she has as much class as a rock and another thing if it werent for the criminal way votes go the midterms were so fixed that it was obvious as the nose on your face and im willing to bet the 2020 elections will be rigged to but God has a way of dealing with the devils and Trump will prevail you people are blind hes got more supporters now then ever and he didnt have to pay them or lie or be corrupt to get them unlike your classy so called Hillary and Obama who did nothing to help our men that were slaughtered like dogs in Benghazi she claims she had to dodge bullets on the tarmac but she had time to stop and take flowers and talk to a little girl on that same bullet riddled tarmac dear God what is wrong with you damn people

  37. Gowdy must admit he was always a covert Democrat, spewing the obvious and hiding the Democrats agenda. Rino Boehner appointed Gowdy to investigate Benghazi (Same Boehner & McCain who help plan that criminal “Benghazi’s Zero Footprint’ operation) and Gowdy found nothing. Now Gowdy can’t find any flaws in Mueller’s $25,000,000 Investigation where so many have been wrongfully investigated, spied upon, and both financially and politically ruined.

  38. OP… Just how many more millions do you want to spend investigating President Trump, now that we have wasted 50 million dollars to prove absolutely nothing happened between President Trump and Russia. You DIM-o-wits just need to listen to the words of ex-prez. Obummer. “Elections have consequenences. We Won, You Lost! Get over it” Barack Obama’s own words.

  39. I don’t know which election you are talking about. The RINO’s have been ejected from the Senate. The House is full of corrupted Democrats and Republicans. No one said that the election process is legal and good. It won’t be as long as the dead people and illegals continue to vote , we will never have a fair and good election. The only way to make that happen, is federal Picture ID cards, that have a seal that can’t be faked.

  40. Betty….Obviously you know ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY nothing about our nations laws, especially those dealing with the handling of CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS/INFORMATION. Hillary (lying) Clinton transmitted CLASSIFIED information over non-secure circuits (which you obviously know nothing about) is a VIOLATION of CFR › Title 46 › Chapter IV › Subchapter A › Part 503 › Subpart G › Section 503.59 as well as 18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information.
    FYI and Education, Hillary should be spending a minimum of 20 years in Leavenworth for her mishandling of classified information, not to mention the fact: Hillary Clinton Gave 20 Percent of United States’ Uranium to Russia – 129k – Cached – Similar pages
    Allegations of a deal giving Russia ownership of 20% of U.S. uranium … “So Hillary, if Russia is such a threat, why did you sell them 20% of our uranium?

    Betty, best you stop listening to the Dims and CNN and learn something about the Clintons. They are both CROOKED AS HELL!

  41. You are completely correct Walter! Why should President Trump go by the law when Obama just did several things without the Congress voting on them. So President Trump we the law abiding conservative voters are so fed up with the crooked left that get by with so many crooked things done by the previous Whitehouse heads of state that were bought & paid for by the evil globalists multi billionaires that want POWER! God help we the People of America!

  42. Now now Betty calm down apparently Pres. Trump has upset you and you have developed DTS (dysfunctional trump syndrome)at this time that is why you have started swearing and carrying on so poorly because Mr. Trump is absolutely RIGHT !

  43. Betty you have serious issues od TDS. Get help. You support this me we’re in thus you are responsible for all the problems associated with treasonously supporting the enemy. Does your anger come from being under paid compared to the dem elites by your dem buddy George Soros or is it he did not pay you a Christmas bonus because you like him are anti-God? Which is it? We would like to know.

  44. CLASSY Hilary isn’t being prosecuted for any crime simply because she has committed No Crimes at all during her political career. Which is More Than can be said for CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump. In fact, why is anybody bothering themselves with the LADY with the Total Insane Mess this country is now in Thanks Entirely to that Oval Office,Two Faced, Two Timing SICK MINDED, LYING LUNATIC.

  45. Between the youth being brainwashed and the illegally voting we are going to descend it to total misery.

  46. Have you ever wondered how the two tier justice system works. In other words when the Commie democrats take over in January that they can shut down all investigations that make them look bad but if Trump ever thought ( and I mean just thought) about shutting the muller investigations, all hell broke loose. Come on people, lets wake up and quit electing democrats to office. Nothing ever good comes from it.

  47. As it now stands the Democrats have the commanding votes in the House and wield enough strength over the Rinos in the Senate to accomplish any agenda their little heart’s desire. Our President was just made powerless because our RINO’S are owned the DNC. Watch and see, by the elections in 2020 the DNC will have registered another 10-15 million new voters. How many of them do you think will be voting Republican??? Damn few. An even more disturbing question: “What do you think the survival of this nation looks like once complete control of both Houses, and the Presidency remain in their control indefinitely?”

  48. And I ask…where is the justice for the American people? Do they not deserve to have these questions about the Deep State answered? IT DOES EXIST! That is a no brainer, yet we have seen no prosecution of the crimes they have no doubt committed. How fair is this? we are tired of seeing them go after our President where there is zero evidence of anything…and then see several previous elected officials get away with murder. Hard to swallow.

  49. Your User Name is an insult to not only Possums but their feces as well, what a mindless wretch you are.

  50. I’m not being picky Liz , But , that last name is GEORGE SOROS – he now holds ALL of those Democratic Souls. Several of them already belong to the Devil’s ” Satan Club “.

  51. Never going to happen with the Democraps coming in and the ones already there. The whole damn bunch needs to be investigated. Too bad the Repubs couldn’t get any cooperation from the FBI.

  52. Please let me know where all of these deep state people are, and who they are, sounds like a witch hunt to me with no basis what so ever. Just another drummed up conspiracy
    theory the right is obsessed with. What was it that Trey Gowdy found with the Benghazi hearing? Oh I remember it was NOTHING, ZERO DIDDLY CRAP. lol

  53. The Democrats are not to be trusted. They lie, cheat, and cannot win a House or Senate race unless they pay for it. They also have sold their soul’s to George Sorris

  54. Yeah, thanks for dragging your heels. You guys are all useless when it comes to rooting out corruption and actually holding anyone responsible.

  55. Vital probes. Absolutely. It is very important for the farmer to ignore the current fox in the hen house and go after the fox he thought he saw two years ago that disappeared. Who cares that his hens are dying tonight. Investigate what might have happened years ago. Cold cases are so important. NOT.

  56. Thank the God Lord above that with the Democrats in control of the House, real investigations can take place. The first order of business will be to get Devin Nunes out of the way and look into Trump/Russia links.

  57. Maybe the new attorney general will call for another special council to investigate. But, like many, am thoroughly disgusted, and makes a mockery of our justice system.

  58. Which means all those deep state rats get off the hook, no jail time! So I ask, where is the DOJ? They need to start issuing subpoenas. What a waste of time money and effort, but that my friend is part of the swamp.

  59. I agree with every post I have read here. We need to be a demanding hostile group of people every American citizen should be outraged by what the demonrats have done aND continue to do. Pelosi is in Hawaii at a very exclusive club spending her time vacationing inste add of being here to settle this border problem but again working is to good for that old nag we need to oust them all and hang everyone of them that has violated us and our country starting with the Clinton clan and Pelosi with schumer that would be a great start to making these evil inhumane fools pay!

  60. If nothing gets done on the investigations then this country is Domed. why should anyone follow the law nobody Should..
    This country’s broken. Now we! The American People should take it back anyway we could.and to here that the democrats are gonna is Gonna put a stop to the illegal activities going on in his government because they’re taken over that means the democrats are as guilty as they are because they much know about it then. It’s a crime in itself so they’re just as dirty as the rest of them and that is wrong.. Ware looks to me every Democrat out there is dirty from Obama that man hes married to all of them they all know what’s going on sitting back having a big laugh on the Americans people expense. I still can’t get over the fact that Obama just wrote Dhaka because he felt like it.Congress never did anything about that and he just pencil to then it’s OK and trump can’t get 5 billion for a dam wall… he should write it in get your pen out Mr. Trump. Just do what Obama did Your country is corrupt and it’s the democrats and these people got a wake up to get it back

  61. Amen I agree with you probably I have been heading to see Devil’s Advocates running around free for too extremely long

  62. Amen I agree with you probably I have been heading to see Devil’s Advocates running around free for too extremely long

    We have to demand justice for all–not a standard for the wealthy elite politicians and no justice for the rest of us. This double standard is turning our country into another “banana republic,” where payola is king. Also, a real attorney general could help. So far, we haven’t had one.

  64. Just as is the case of federal judges ruling against the will of the genuinely cognizant patriots of this nation Donald did nothing to prevent them from doing so, just as he did not push nearly hard enough to have the election results putting the Democrats in charge of the House, Donald should have started using more extreme measures to carry out the will of the rational citizenry a long time ago, shame on him for not doing so, as long as we thought it took to get what he has done to benefit the true patriots of this nation it will take even longer now.



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