Trey Gowdy was shocked to discover this truth about Donald Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump’s Presidency looks better than ever after Joe Biden ran the country into the ground.

Now the American people have a clear contrast between the two Presidential candidates.

And Trey Gowdy was shocked to discover this truth about Donald Trump’s Presidency.

President Joe Biden unleashed the worst inflation in four decades after spending trillions of dollars the country doesn’t have.

That’s why the soaring cost of living has become a crisis under his failed leadership.

But Biden and his media allies claim the economy is great by pointing to the stock market and the relatively low unemployment rate.

Americans had it better under Trump

Fox News host Trey Gowdy wondered what impact a President actually had on the economy on his show Sunday Night in America.

And put the question to his guest Stephen Moore – a senior economic advisor to former President Donald Trump.

“So the stock market is up, which is good, but that seems long term to many voters, while inflation is something we experience daily,” Gowdy said. “So how do those two get reconciled?”

“Well, I hope that this election is about the issue of whether Americans are better off today than they were four years ago, Trey, because every poll for the last two years has shown that Americans by wide margins believe that they are worse off and the reason for that is what you just mentioned, Trey, it is that the inflation has not subsided,” Moore replied. “Prices across the board today are about 20 percent higher than they were when Biden came into office.”

Biden has repeatedly claimed the country has turned the corner on inflation but every trip to the store is a painful reminder of how much more expensive life has gotten during his Presidency.

“And the average family is still about $2,000.00 poorer today than they were when Biden came into office and Trump left office,” Moore said. “Whereas by the way, under Trump, the average family gained about $6,000.00 in purchasing power.”

Inflation is outpacing the average wage gains for workers so Americans have less buying power with their hard-earned money under Biden.

How Presidents impact the economy

“I’m going to ask you a question that may seem somewhat ethereal, but you’re an economist, so I know you can handle it,” Gowdy said. “Do Presidents take too much credit for a good economy and therefore get too much blame for a bad one? I mean, do Presidents really actually impact the economy that much? And if so how?

“Oh, they sure do,” Moore responded. “I mean, look at what happened with Reagan when he took over from Jimmy Carter. Within a year to 18 months, he completely turned around the direction of the American economy, we had the biggest boom in American history.”

And he added that the economy soared to new heights under Trump after sluggish growth under former President Barack Obama.

“Policy matters,” Moore explained. “That’s why I’m in this business, that’s why you were in this business when you were in Congress, because the policies you make have an incredible impact on the living standards of Americans.”

And the American people can see the clear difference between the economy under Biden compared to Trump.

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