Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and revealed the smoking gun that will destroy Barack Obama

Attorney General William Barr’s announcement that he was appointing a federal prosecutor to investigate how the Russian collusion hoax started rocked Washington, D.C.

And no one has more to worry about than Barack Obama.

That proved true when Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and revealed the smoking gun that will destroy Barack Obama.

Senate Republicans have their sights on the political hacks at the FBI like James Comey and the Obama Deep State working in concert to frame the President for Russian collusion.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Trey Gowdy pointed the Republicans in the direction of a lead that he believed would bear fruit.

Gowdy told Hannity that Republicans should look for emails between James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy offered up a tip Monday night for congressional investigators probing the Obama administration’s handling of the Trump-Russia investigation.

“So whoever’s investigating this, tell them to look for emails between Brennan and Comey in December 2016,” Gowdy said in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey.

In the interview, Gowdy did not say whether he has knowledge of what is in any Brennan-Gowdy emails. But Gowdy also suggested that the FBI deemed Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier, as a less-than-credible source.

Comey signed off on FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page using the fake news Christopher Steele dossier as the central piece of evidence.

And John Brennan tried to inject the dossier’s accusations into the 2016 election by setting up Harry Reid to leak it to the media.

If Gowdy is right – and both men viewed Steele as unreliable – then they both knowingly peddled lies to try and take down Donald Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. These muslime terrorists posing as a “religion” need to be exterminated as Russia and China are currently doing. Women are treated lesser than dogs and are subject to genital mutilation and stoning to death.They should be prohibited from running for any election.

    • I want to make one thing crystal clear: The hate for our duly elected, beloved President Donald Trump is fueled by the fear that he will expose the crimes of the leftists and he will hold them to account. The Media has colluded with the leftist, and although they will scream “Freedom of the Press”, many will be held to account for their seditious acts. This is going to get even more interesting.

      • Well said frank d stott. Donald Trump is a symbol of constitutional America “under God” therefore a roadblock to the anti-Christian, anti-Constitution agenda of the “Left”.
        They are filled with hate toward anything that even remotely appears to hinder their goal of a United States Soviet Republic (USSR).

      • 100% correct Frank. I believe it. If they weren’t afraid of what Trump could do, they would have just stopped the harassment and proceed to get a candidate ready for 2020. They are ALL guilty as sin!!

      • That freedom of Press needs to be changed as well, once they’ve been found guilty as hell too. I’m not saying all of them only the ones we know that’s been fully engage in lies and false reporting daily.

      • Yes it is. It will be very interesting to see how the leftist react when our Justice Department once again applies the rule of law on the criminal democrats.

  2. 10 Benghazi investigations were not enough for Gowdy but 1 of Russia attacking our voting machines is too many. He fortunately left, he could have done a lot to stop the Trump criminal machine, the coward.

    • Joe the DUMBER Plumber, if you keep drinkin that stinking liberal koolaid you will always be as ignorant as you are now.

    • Here’s proof you only need to know two things to be a plumber. Fridays payday,and crap won’t run uphill.Stupid libs.

    • I guess you don’t mind having our ambassador brutally killed along with other heroes. Russia mingling in our election is no different than our government since 1950 has interfered, colluded, conspired, assassinated and went to war to dispose governments just because we don’t like their type of government. During the Hussein Obama reign of corruption he tapped the telephone lines of many leaders including our allies like Israel, Germany, France, UK and so on. Wake up plumber!!!

      • BMY; you hit that nail on the head! I hope EVERYONE remembers the phone tapping of foreign government offices, but it also involved BUGGING. Does anyone remember how PISSED the Chancellor for Germany was? One of our strongest allies in continental Europe that supported our policies and that fool Osama/Obama alienated them. The idiot bugged the Chancellors office! Could you imagine anyone bugging the Oval Office? People forget the absolutely stupid stunts and wasteful programs he started that just lined the pockets of his cronies. Like the BILLIONS he dumped into silicon valley and it all went belly up. How about his weak handling of the Crimea situation and invasion of Ukraine or Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan or the BILLIONS he paid Iran and never achieved even a slow down of their nuclear ambitions? The mess over federal land use in Southern Nevada involving Harry Reid and son? Let’s top it off with BENGAHZI, tapping the GOP, FISA warrants, private e.mail server. One of the worst and most corrupt administrations in our history. There is more. I know you all know there is. I hope they all burn in hell for what they have done to the nation and her citizens.

    • Quit talking out of your plumber’s crack! I guess you probably struggle with gender confusion,as well as delusional dementia. ..

    • Hey joey… Was yo momma in much pain when she hung her fat ass over the side of the bathtub AND SHIT YOU OUT??

    • Are you really that stupid? Benghazi was real. People died. Because of Clinton and others. Nobody died in an election and the whole collusion thing was a thing started by Obama & cronies. Death or lies. Which sounds more serious to you? I take back the original question. You are that stupid!

    • Tell me, Joe the dumber, how does a Russian attack (hack) our “voting machines:, when those machines aren’t even attached to the internet?

      • If it was hacked even though we know it wasn’t Trump won fair and square. I would bet any amount of money it was George Soros and his cronies because he owned certain voting machines. And he should be run out of Dodge too. Turn him over to the other countries who want him dead or alive.

    • Plumber Joe you need to stick with that stuff that runs downhill through septic and sewer pipes. Leave running the country to constitutional American citizens. But thanks for your input protected by the very document you seem to abhor…the US Constitution.

    • You are suffering from delusions of adequacy Joe, you have the official leftist propaganda down pat, but cannot make any kind of a factual case to back up your sad blathering’s.
      Why don’t you at least try and think? That’s what amazes me about the grey people, they make no effort at all to think for themselves and are happy to be like that, I have no doubt at all you are a big believer in Global Warming too, aren’t you Joe? Not because you have looked into it yourself, but because you have been told what to think about it….dismal.

  3. Hillary could not believe that her well-connections in politics couldn’t even get her the presidency. She freaked. Big time. She was so mad that she fingered at many Democrat-controlled organizations for not doing enough. Now many Democrats abandoned her. Should she try the presidency again, she must be painfully reminded of her finger-pointing sins. She’s so out. Her deeply stained legacy will follow to her death. She sucks. She’s a monster. A traitor she is.

    Mystery Obama came out of nowhere. Nobody knew him while he was growing up. His agenda is completely anti-American. Wow. I can’t believe we survived his dictatorship. Send him to prison.

    Hillary and Obama cannot be untouchable. May the law prevail.

    • Right on Grey Man. The “Mystery” imposter came from what is now known as “Kenya”. Only by way of criminal activity did a FOREIGN STUDENT at Columbia University, New York City, get illegally “sworn in” to the US Presidency.

      • That’s why his picture is blacked out from all the previous Presidents we’ve had. The 44th President was skipped by and shows President Trump being in that position instead. lol

  4. Let us find out from school records what Barrack Insane Obama was claiming as his country of birth was before he decided to run for president. This 1/2 black bastard has a lot of things that need to be explained and not thru the use of a phony birth certificate.

    • Let’s give credit where credit is due. O blah blah blah ma was the ABSOLUTE BEST gay Kenyan mooslom mobster ever to be elected President of the United States.

      • you are so right, Nobama was the biggest joke played on America and I still cannot understand why people voted for him. He was the worst, fake person ever in the White House, and his “wife” with a penis was the worst “first lady” ever.

    • Richard Sanders some of us have been saying from the beginning that with so many questions about a Kenyan student’s eligibility for US Presidency his background should have been investigated. Why was he not investigated before his name was printed on ballots? We wasted two years and millions of dollars investigating a legitimate US citizen’s Presidency only to come up with NOTHING illegal. So why is a foreign student’s eligibility not investigated?

    • Don’t forget he was using a dead mans Social Security #. I definitely agree there’s a lot of unanswered questions about Obama.

  5. Comey believes he is above the law! Hillary has proved she is! Meanwhile the Democrats are pushing to have Barr jailed! Where is this all heading? US Civil War! The rural America versus the corrupt inner city! This cannot end well!

    • Hell do you think that city thugs are a threat to Rural Patriots? Thugs are nothing compared to Americans who uphold the law. We should allow civil Patriots take care of the criminals in any way they see fit. The Police wont even go into areas controlled by the gangs and drug lorde operating in the Cities, so why are Militias not allowed to clean up their back yards?

    • Herbert, actually it could end very well. It is almost time for We the People to take down the criminals that have paid off the judges and lawyers, which also need to be tired for treason. oboma, he can not be tried for treason, he is still not a citizen of the United States,,,, neither is barry soetoro

  6. All they have to do is look into the E-mails of Hitlery’s that we eat the White House wh ole Obozo lives there INFESTING the place.

    • Do the exact same thing to all politicians, follow the money, look at susan rice, had a $170,000.00 dollar job for a few years and now she is worth over $50,000,000.00. FOLLOW THE MONEY AND YOU WILL FIND THE CRIMINAL.

    • Richard-I hate Obamer the sweet talking bozo clown as much as anyone with an ounce of brain. However, your figure is not correct. The net worth of this muslim bozo is 40 million not 180 million.

  7. Yeah. They could put the perp walks of these folks on pay per view and make a fortune! Seeing them all in orange jump suits would be worth the price of admission….

  8. This is the way of the democratic party, lie, cheat,
    Frame for fame, taxes, uranium, all for what?
    Clinton is the biggest loser of all the world,
    I can’t wait till shit hits the fan.
    Hillary hillbilly, is the center top commander in
    charge of this deceiving pack of num toes.
    I bet they are more than 30 people involved.

    • There are @68,000 traitors invoved. All thru the schools, the main stream media, the local, state & federal governments.

    • They already found out how she lies when she said they were ambushed after getting off the plane which she wasn’t… remember that one. I’m actually surprise she doesn’t look like Pinocchio. lol

  9. We all are aware that the eight lost American years that Obama sold out America has caused enough reason for investigations and indictments for 75% of his administration and subject to capital punishment, many of them would be dead by now if it wasn’t for the depth of their corruption, which included Federal Lawmakers, federal judges, and most political democratic state level politicians!


  10. I truly hope these traitors can feel the flames of hell getting hotter with each deceitful act and every lie they have and will in the future committ.

  11. Now we are talking! This is what needs to happen. EX President or not, Obama is a traitor and needs to be held accountable, along with all those who helped him .

    • Hell do you think that city thugs are a threat to Rural Patriots? Thugs are nothing compared to Americans who uphold the law. We should allow civil Patriots take care of the criminals in any way they see fit. The Police wont even go into areas controlled by the gangs and drug lorde operating in the Cities, so why are Militias not allowed to clean up their back yards?
      Obama can’t be a Traitor if he isn’t an American, and therefore he is a bonafide ILLEGAL INFILTRATOR. Hang his ass for acts against humanity. And while we’re at it let’s hang all the Democrats for being a possible traitor. We don’t need evidence we have enough to go on by all the polls of Americans who want the Democrats in Prison or hung.

  12. Hang that SOB obama, Clinton, Comey and anyone else shown to be involved in the Deep State Coercion of Trump. They deserve serious Prison time.

    • “As ye sow so shall ye reap!” “What goes about, comes about!” God is JUST! Let it all surface so that we may clean- up our BE LOVED AMERICA! That will enables us to GROW OUR YOUNG with and IN GODLY WAYS; our Judea ~ Christian ROOTS! Anything that is away from its roots will perish in the FULLNESS OF TIME! Thanks be to God, He is aiding us by REVEALING ALL TRUTH, and “TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE!”Blessed by the Lord our God for ever and ever !!

  13. Obama is also guilty (by his own admission) of fraud on the American citizens. In 1991 +- he asked for and received aid for being a foreign exchange student. Then he produced a (phony?) birth certificate claiming he was a natural born citizen. Now on one of those he lied on a federal form. But, he is not in jail or even been called out on it. You or I would already have been charged and jailed.

  14. Look at the bank accounts of Comey and Mueller and how they received that money. Mueller has a reported net worth of $19,000,000 and Comey had a reported net worth of $13,000,000 when he was fired. Comey “earned” $6,000,000 – almost half of his total net worth in one year – working for Lockheed Martin – In 2010 – Lockheed Martin was awarded several huge government contracts signed off on by the Secretary of Take – Hillary Clinton. The next year Comey went back to work for the government – Clintons. Why would anyone leave a job they made $6,000,000 in one year from to take a $100,000-$200,000 a year job. When you look at Comey and Mueller’s careers – they have been in and out of government service. Timely (backdoor) payoffs for services rendered? Mueller and Comey were also involved in the HSBC mess – when HSBC England was busted for laundering billions of dollars worth of drug cartel and terrorist money. Loretta Lynch tried that case and let the defendants off with a slap on the wrist – Comey and Mueller went back to government service – and the Clintons raked in $85,000,000 from HSBC “account holders”. It is interesting to note that the way HSBC laundered that money was to run it through phony accounts set up with information retained from former legitimate account holders. It is also interesting that Loretta Lynch became Attorney General. Even more so when you consider how leaked emails indicated that the meeting on the tarmac was about Bill Clinton offering Loretta Lynch a seat on the Supreme Court – if she could make the investigations and charges against Hillary go away. All of this is available online if you look it up. If you really want to get disgusted – use your favorite search engine and type in Clinton – Pedophilia. You will be amazed with ALL of the pedophiles so closely connected to the Clintons. We know about Bill’s trips with Jeffery Epstein for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls. Files on the laptop seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener indicate Hillary made at least 6 of those trips too. I have read they are looking hard at that computer again – that could be the final nail in Hillary’s coffin. Comey covered it up – but hopefully now – REAL investigators and not hired rogue officials have it and ALL the truth can come out.


  15. The Deep State is real and Trump is about to expose it to all. I pray for his safety as they will stop at nothing to end his exposure of them.

  16. Hussein Obamer should face the music along with his communist friend turned Muslim the cesspool mouth Brennan including piss brain Comey another commi and idiot looking Clapper in Federal Prison !!!

  17. Why would you go on National TV and warn this guys if what to delete? Seems to me that should have been an internal memory to the AG’s office rather than a warning broadcasted to God and everybody.

    • Hope so…. looking forward to the demise of all the dem traitors starting with obamination.
      HANG EM ALL HIGH !!!!!

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