Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and told the one truth that will destroy Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller is set to testify before Congress on July 17.

It promises to be a high-stakes affair where Democrats try to use Mueller’s testimony to advance their impeachment agenda.

But Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and told the one truth that will destroy Robert Mueller.

Appearing on Fox News channel’s “Hannity” program, Gowdy told fill-in host and former Congressman Jason Chaffetz that the key to dealing with Mueller’s testimony was to set expectations low going in.

Fox News reports:

Gowdy outlined the line of questioning Republicans should press Mueller on regarding the Russia investigation.

“Did Mueller bother to find out whether or not the Russian government was feeding that dirt through. Christopher Steele to Fusion G.P.S.? Did he even ask? And the legal issue that is really important… If you can resist an unlawful arrest can you really obstruct an unpredicted investigation? Which is why it’s important where Muller began. And I don’t think he began by figuring out the origins of the Russia probe as it relates to Trump,” Gowdy said.

“Set low expectations… It’s five minutes. It’s impossible to unlock the mysteries of the world in five minutes,” Gowdy added.

Expectations are important in politics because it sets the media narrative.

If Republicans use the days and weeks leading into the hearing promising massive bombshells and a complete takedown of Mueller, it sets them up for failure because that is a nearly impossible standard to meet.

The storyline coming out of the testimony will be that Mueller emerged unscathed.

But if Republicans maintain a low profile going in and then surprise the press with harsh and pointed questioning about Mueller, the media will be forced to make “Mueller under fire” the dominant narrative to emerge from the hearing.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. We must vote any conservative candidate that carry the likes of Trey Gowdy. No more RINO … look at Mitt Romney. A very bad pick.

    MAGA for the citizens sake.

  2. God is still in control. The crooked democrats have no idea that their crimes will be judged by our Heavenly Father. ACLU will also be fairly judged and found wanting. God bless America and may America deserve His blessing.

    • The folks who are on the Left are full of bigotry and hatred. You have that hate filled spirit and you will stand accountable for it. The Left advocates killing babies in the wombs of mothers, calling it a woman’s right and a health care issue. The words you say will come back to haunt you. If you believed in a Righteous and Holy God, you’d know that what I had written is true. Evidently, you don’t.

    • His dad was sports commentator Curt Gowdy, I doubt he spent much time in any ‘holler’ or the fictitious Deliverance town of Aintree, GA, LOL.

  3. So is this going to be made Public so we can all Watch or are they going to try and Hide it from Us?/ I want to see it Play our for myself… I just want to watch Mueller Sweat while being Questioned!

  4. Dan we can all hope so but from what’s gone down to date wouldn’t hold my breath! There doesn’t seem to be a single soul with the balls to serve justified justice to all those from Obama down!
    Notice Obama shagged ass out of the U. S. Wonder why!

  5. i’ll tell you what is going to happen , mueller will give short answers and democrats can twist the words to their liking , if mueller tells the truth , the democrats will crusafy him

    • DemonRATS stay in power by Blackmail…PERIOD….They have dirt on many GOP Senators/Representives Thi is the DemonRAT Way…Everyone gets a piece of the pie as long as you do what your told & behave. DemonRats must go…One way or another..

    • Either side should crucify him the low life low class enemy of America! He should give back every damn dime he charged for his hoax report then he needs to go see straight to prison for to many crimes to list!

    • Agree totally and Mueller probably has done enough to get indicted and charged for criminal acts, obstruction, witness tampering, etc. So he is only going to say and go so far to keep his reputation in check. If he points the finger too
      hard at his Democrat friends they will turn on him and attack which is how the Deep State or Demonrats react when their ass is put in the cross hairs. True Americans that want to keep our country free and prosperous need to go vote Republican in 2020. My view is Trump and most of the real Republicans are the only ones looking out for us and our country.

    • Really? Get real… we usually just run over trash marsupials like possums. Disease and vermin infested super rats…

      • Badbob…They can’t be super rats. Rats are rodents. And give possums a break. They have their place like everything else. God must have created them for a reason. I’m just not sure what it was???

        • Yep, he made them so Armadillos could laugh at them for not having a hard shell to protect themselves. Possums do eat other animals such as scorpions so they do have their place. Also, because their body temp is so low, they cannot carry Rabies. But in the case of this poster, it would be better if my dog took care of it. Everyone knows why President Trump didn’t testify to Mueller. Because it would have been a felony trap. Sometimes it is better to not say anything at all than it is to even try to defend one’s self. Just ask the defendant in the last case I sat on.

          • After you finish being impressed with your own cleverness, please consider this question- How could somebody who is completely innocent and who tells the truth, commit a felony? The “perjury trap” nonsense was an excuse pushed by Rudy Guiliani. The real story is that Trump didn’t testify for the same reason OJ Simpson didn’t testify.

    • Why President Trump didn’t go before Mueller to testify is no secret. Every attempt would be made to construe a lie under oath and his attorneys weren’t going to allow that to happen. That was stated from the start, not to mention no collusion, no obstruction. Live with it.

      • Right on Pete! Right on!
        Trump Train coming your way election day! All aboard!!!
        Vote House and Senate Republican. Let’s jump start this Nation to greatness.
        MAGA 2020 and far beyond

        • Wow…Keep Drinking the Koolaid. Come on Pamela Harris.. I hope you bring Trump to his knees crying like a Big Stupid Baby! Keep watching Fox News!! Where all the Morons get their information which is usually a bunch of lies.

          • GirlFriday…Your ignorance is showing. Truth is very foreign to you. And you attack Pres. Trump, yet I’m sure that you are fine with the Clintons’ extreme corruption and Obama being a muslim traitor

          • GF, Funny, as the Republicans are out numbered by Democrats in the US, there must be a lot of Democrats watching Fox News Channel. Which is the truth.

    • Trump is not afraid of anyone, he has no reason to be. He has told the truth all along, but, on the other hand, the Left doesn’t know what the truth is! They have lied so much of their lives that they have totally lost contact with truth and are not even familiar with it anymore. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hillary boarded an airplane to a country where there is no extradition. That’s the only way she could get away with what she has pulled for the last 30 years.

      • Trump has told you for 2 years “No collusion”. Yet, Paul Manafort, his campaign manager shared internal polling data with Russian military intelligence. They then targeted certain states and districts with their misinformation campaign and fake news. This is called collusion.Trump was afraid to testify for the same reason that OJ Simpson didn’t testify.

    • The reason POTUS did not go before the team M is simple, in this nation you are innocent until PROVEN guilty!!!
      No one , not even you has to say a word… the government HAS TO PROVE YOU GULITY ! If they fail then you are considered innocent.

      • “innocent until proven guilty”. Unless you are Hillary Clinton. Thousands of so called patriotic Republicans chant “Lock her up!” “Lock her up!” Hundreds of hate filled “conservatives” call for her to be executed on websites that call themselves “conservative” every day.

    • You don’t seem to understand the issue, but what is even worse, you cannot see it. A fake dossier was conceived and paid for by the DNC. There never was any truth to it, but you just despise Trump, because he doesn’t support you and your kind.
      If you want that kind of justice, imagine that you were accused of molesting children, by an enemy and there was no truth behind it. People who hate you will say, of course he’ll deny it. He must be guilty.
      It’s foolish for anyone to respond to a false accusation. The justice you want, is not justice at all. It’s called, bearing false witness; (Exo 20:16)  Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. In other words, to tell lies against another person.
      Telling lies is an extremely serious sin, (Rev 21:8)  But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
      If you notice, it’s right up there with murderers. Since I’m on the subject, another Commandment addresses murder, (Exo 20:13)  Thou shalt not kill. Those on the Left advocate legalized murder via abortion. Then some of these same Leftist misquote the Bible, twisting it to say what it doesn’t, (Exo 20:7)  Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. The Scriptures are the words of God, (2Ti 3:16)  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
      There’s 3 Commandments the Left has broken. You will be judged fairly, but judged you will be.

    • That’s “crucify”, sport, and that’s also why the GOP members need to double down and follow up for more detail when the horse face sheeny does that.

    • The only thing fictitious about the Steele hack job WAS that totally false paper he created at the behest of Hillary and her minions, Fusion GPS and that filthy law firm, you f***ing moron!!!

    • Sorry, Chainlink, but as long as we have millions of stupid, parasitic Americans who either want us to support them or those who do support them but are too scared to get beat up and have their lunch money taken away, Democraps will continue to get elected. If those MFers ever flip FL & TX, no Republican will ever be POTUS again!

  6. Still waiting for Trump to find a way to shut down the more evil branches of the MSM. But he might let them go as they are playing into his hand.

  7. President Trump is the greatest President ever. He should be made king, so he can stay in power until death, then his son can move in. I just say this, because I love to watch crybabies like Mrs. White’s head explode. I also love watching them cry about Big Mike and his big swinging sausage.

    • But Mueller has been flipped to the dark side for decades. Everybody who follows politics knows this. It makes me wonder if the majority of Americans are so oblivious that the rats were able to pursue this absurd investigation without being outraged and insulted. Obviously we have a lot of dummies clueless of the details of this farce.

  8. Robert Mueller has shady connections all the way back to, and including, Whitey Bulger. He has deliberately surpressed evidence and knowingly prosecuted innocent men. Four of them in particular. Two died in prison and the other two sued and were awarded $100,000,000 of our tax dollars because of Mueller’s wrongful convictions. He has botched investigations in the past with the result that it is essentially unknown who committed a crime because of his evidence tampering. When Hillary is convicted and goes to prison she will not be the only high profile politician to be thus punished for her crimes against the American people. She has sold secrets to the Chinese military. She has sold secrets to the Russian military. She paid for Russian interference and meddling in our election. She sold political favors to anyone willing to come up with enough money in her State Department “Pay-to-Play” scheme. In fact, Hillary is so crooked (if not treasonous) that she makes the “Teapot Dome” scandal of the 1920’s look like child’s play.

        • Yes bj, but as long as soreass is still alive and shucking out the bucks,NO ONE’S GOING TO JAIL..????????

        • bj – …not to mention the trail of Arkancided bodies in her wake – I forget how many, but it’s way more than most serial killers. It might even become its own name – Hitlery hit list. Also, the recent NYPD “suicides” all had something to do with the Hitlery and Abedin “snuff” film video. If it’s true, it’s horrendous.

          • LL…That is part of what I was referring to. It is very chilling what they were all involved in and Only God knows all the details. It is God who will be their judge.

        • We know why Hillary stayed with wild Bill because she was just as
          corrupt and immoral. You know what they say two peas in a pot.
          If we really knew what was going on in the WH and during the Clinton and
          Obama administrations? One thing about Trump is you may not like what he says or how he says it but I find him to be more honest, gets things done and also transparent. How many previous Presidents let the public know
          what he is thinking or wants to do? I also found him to be right on many
          issues and seems to have a good business and negotiating approach to many issues.

        • Agreed 110% HRC should have gone to jail for the Whitewater ripoff of the local savings bank… But she hired the CPA firm’s (hired to audit the bank as required by law) local legal counsel thus making it impossible for
          him to be called as a witness… He is still on her payroll after all these years. I wonder where the ‘package’ with his notes on what was found is stored? I’d bet he has every email that ever went via her server in the back bathroom including the infamous 30,000 + that were bleach bit!!! Oh one more point, the Rose Law Firm files that went ‘missing’ finally came to light just weeks after the statute of limitations ran so HRC could NOT be tried in Court. They were found in a cabinet in the personal residence area of the WHITE HOUSE!!!! HRC is just waiting for the DEEP STATE friends of HRC to delay this current stuff for the same time to pass so She can get away with this stuff forever

        • What did you say ? You piece of trash. Your so brain dead you probably can’t take a pee without help. You little coward. President Trump has done more for this country than the last five presidents. You heads up Obama’s butt. How about standing up for America. Pussy.

        • Michael White you poor peckerless wonder! God Bless
          Even for you Michael

          • David Rose,

            No, sir you are being to kind & too compassionate with these liberal crasy haters of all things America.
            Let these America hating bastards, and bitches loose their jobs, homes, & standing in society! Time for the insane Left nut jobs out there who voted for both Clinton & O’bama to pay the piper! If you want to help the poor so much then give them all of your money,wealth, & housing if you truely want to do something! Other wise Shut the HEll up!
            Vote Trump again for 2020 POTUS for LIFE!
            Better than JFK by far!

        • Michael, you have no clue. Please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump should go to prison for. YOU CAN’T!!! He has done nothing wrong.

    • and time has run out for prosecuting her for most of it. I believe its called a statue of limitations. Doesn’t make her less guilty of way to many crimes, just means she wont serve time for most of it.

      • It’s so unfair Hillary will never serve time. I don’t understand how there is statue of limitations on her crimes? She illegally sold our Urainum to other countries for profit while she was Secretary of State. That action is far reaching for decades and will be a major issue if war is declared as that Uranium Iran is enriching will be used against us as well as our allies! How can there be a statue of limitations? How is it even possible the corrupt that gave her a pass are also walking free! What the hell is going on?

        • You’re right but, in all fairness, has any politician from either side ever served time? I doubt it and that’s precisely what’s wrong with our system of justice. The most we can do is fire them and even that is a tough thing to accomplish. Incumbents are reelected 90-95% of the time. If those 40 Repubes hadn’t retired in 2018, there’s NFW the Dems would have taken the House! I’d be happy with federal term limits.

      • Gowdy is just one more of the irredeemable “deplorables”(like the inhabitants of this site)who would support the leader of the DRUMPF CULT, even if he “shot someone in the middle of the street.”

        • Better watch what you call people. Your side didn’t do too well last time you made comments like that. We’d rather be deplorables than stupid brain dead Democrats. You are about as confused as a zombie walking into a Democratic convention.

          • You are mistaken. No confusion for a Zombie walking into a Democratic convention. It, being brain dead, would fit right in!!!

    • We can always hope! But there is so much of this kind of thing one can’t tell if the Right is doing the same or not. After all, the 2 term so called “Republican”, the elder Bush, was NOT a Republican! I am old enough to remember when he ran on the Left party for state office in Texas!

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