Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and torched a top Obama ally with this truth bomb

Trey Gowdy is determined not to let Barack Obama and his Deep State allies get away with the political crime of the century.

Even though Gowdy is no longer in Congress, he is fighting to expose the wrongdoing the FBI and Obama administration committed during the 2016 election.

And Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and torched a top Obama ally with this truth bomb.

Obama Deep State loyalist Lisa Page is back in the spotlight.

Page granted a puff piece interview to the fake news Daily Beast in which she claimed Republicans took the anti-Trump text messages she exchanged with Peter Strzok – the fellow Deep State agent she carried on an affair with – where they talked about stopping Donald Trump and having an “insurance policy” in case Trump won.

Page claimed the texts were taken out of context.

But Trey Gowdy went on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News program and shut that nonsense down.

Fox News reports:

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy responded Monday to former FBI attorney Lisa Page after she broke her silence in an interview with The Daily Beast.
“When she says things need to be put in context, the word ‘loathsome’ really doesn’t need to be put in context,” Gowdy said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” “And when you say somebody will be a national security disaster, that doesn’t need to be put in context.”
Page spoke exclusively to The Daily Beast in a highly sympathetic profile published late Sunday, saying that President Trump’s remarks had forced her to speak out.
“I had stayed quiet for years hoping it would fade away, but instead it got worse,” Page said. “It had been so hard not to defend myself, to let people who hate me control the narrative. I decided to take my power back.”

Page also likely granted an interview with the fake news Daily Beast because the DOJ Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s conduct in the 2016 election is due out next Monday and Page wanted to get her spin on events out in the public first.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. People are fed up with Democratic Party politicians bringing foreigners into the country illegally and shielding them with State law, and your response is to accuse them of wanting absolute monarchy and police state?

  2. I am so sorry for you James H.Roberts believing in something false for 80 years. I think you should be “Woke” to the truth. MAGA.

  3. Well, Dr.JD you are the first Dr. that I have seen that doesn’t know how to read or listen. The transcript of the call clearly says “Trump” asked for an investigation of CROWD STRIKE. not Biden. Although clearly Biden and his crooked drug addict son should be investigated.

  4. I think what we are looking for is to be able to walk down the street without fear of being stabbed. I would like to keep more of the money I earn (Trump) have a peaceful life without you loons harassing me in a restaurant of my choice. (like that). Or for that matter walk down a POOP FREE street. Wouldn’t that be a treat.

  5. I believe the Dems are fleeing the blue cities that they already flucked up now they are seeking refuge from the high taxes, killings and street violence in the suburbs.

  6. To Alex B. You Way Laye 0n news.
    > Yes, Ukraine Has ‘Arrested’ ,
    get ready Alex B. ARRESTED the CEO
    of ‘Burisma’ . Got that ? Burisma/Biden etc.
    > You’re Welcome Alex, to Know ‘some Truth’.
    Also. SEE See Bill Clinton (As Pres.) President Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine that allows an American president to ask Ukraine’s assistance in any investigation for any reason.

    READ Alex et al Cut the ‘twist’ Kraap. Ref IS Readily Available.
    > Would ‘Closed Door’ Meetings Represent ‘0bstruction ‘? 0f JUSTICE?
    I think so ___

  7. red idiot…You follow satan. islam is satanic. The ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus, who died for your sins. You should be reading the truth of the Bible, not the lies of the Quran, which Muhammad made up

  8. Debbie, the dems have no morals and deny the truth. Their goal is to totally control our government and every aspect of our lives. They will do it any way they can. They are very dangerous

  9. Scott…the corruption is all Dem. They hate this country and everything it stands for. They have thrown God out and embrace satan and his lies and hatred. God gave us Pres. Trump. He gave us a second chance. Hillary would have finished Obama’s destruction

  10. Ice, there is also no evidence that Pres. Trump had others do anything for him. And if you are really a republican, you should be SUPPORTING our President and be thankful he changed parties. He has done a lot of good for this country. It’s hate-filled people like you that make me very thankful I am no longer a republican. I don’t vote party. I vote who is best for America. You should try it

  11. RP, You are right on, but the dems are willfully blind to the truth. They have only hate and lies and are very sad creatures

  12. scott, it is you who follows a trail of lies, misinformation, and allegations, all of satan, whom you serve. satan will do all he can to cause chaos, confusion, and evil. His goal is to bring this country down and he will use any means possible. You are a willing follower

  13. Scott, it is you who believes all the disinformation being fed to you by the dems. The dems have no morals and live on hate and lies. They have thrown God out and belong to satan

  14. James, your ignorance is profound. YOU need to wake up and see the truth that you deny.
    “corrupt, evil, narcissistic, criminal”???? You have perfectly described Obama. That is just what he was and still is. He is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. But that is fine with you. Your first word was ignorance, but the ignorance is YOURS!!! You don’t even know the difference between “your” and you’re”. You’re too stupid to know simple English. Lifelong democrat?? You have no understanding that the dem party left you years ago. JFK would no longer be allowed in the dem party and he would not want to be associated with it. They have thrown God out and embrace satan. They have nothing but hate and lies but you just keep supporting them. very sad

  15. scott, it is you who is very scary. You have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your dem leaders without question. Get a brain and dare to think for yourself

  16. Blair, YOU are a LIAR!!!!! Please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that makes him a criminal. YOU CAN’T!!! He has done nothing wrong. And, NO, he is not a draft dodger. If you bother to check, he was rejected. You are a lost cause. You need help with your hate. And you also need to take an English course. It is “you’re”, not “your”. Big difference, but you don’t know that. That makes YOU the idiot

  17. Alex, your ignorance is profound. You have no clue at all. You just hate. Pres. Trump has done so much good for this country, but your sick hatred won’t let you see the truth. sad. A cult?? NO!!! We understand the truth that you deny

  18. Scott. Women DO Support Trump. sorry, IF You
    can’t handle that. Yes, women ‘c’/ men rod. So what,
    That’s LIFE, (or supposed To Be)…
    >FurtherMore. DEMS FLEE their 0wn Policies of
    HIGHER TAXES. & go to ‘Blue Districts’. & Proceed
    an Attempt to ‘take0ver’. Capish,no???

  19. Dr.J; President Trump asked for cooperation in the investigation of corruption and interference in the 2016 Presidential election by Ukraine officials-as is not just legal but required under the agreement signed by President Clinton for mutual cooperation in investigating criminal activity. A Ukraine court decreed that Ukraine officials did interfere in the 2016 elections. Two Oligarchs have been indicted for their participation in that interference. Even if the investigation included Joe Biden he is currently a private citizen. Until he is nominated by the DNC he is not President Trump’s political opponent.
    There was only ONE witness in the open hearings who was a fact witness-the rest presented only hearsay and opinion. William Taylor is the current acting Ambassador to Ukraine. He was the only witness who was on the call and who had a direct conversation with President Trump about it. When asked directly what President Trump said when he asked him “what do you want from Ukraine” He testified that the President said “Nothing, nothing, no quid pro quo. I want him to do the right thing.”
    It was demonstrated quite clearly on CNN that overhearing a conversation on a cell phone from the distance Sondland’s aid (not Sondland) claimed was quite unlikely. Add to that that no meeting and no investigation by Ukraine has taken place.
    President Trump has the right to Executive Privilege as do all Presidents. President Obama used it when the testimony of his administration officials and documents were subpoenaed by Congress during the Fast and Furious investigation and he refused. Using Executive Privilege is not obstructing.
    The Mueller report ‘laid out’ ten instances where President Trump might have wanted to obstruct the Mueller investigation. Might have wanted to but did not do it, means he did not obstruct.

  20. Wow, LMAO Thanks for the reply Alex b I didn’t think it would take this long to get a comment. Welcome to the real world. Find your safe place before they are all taken.

  21. Dr. J. D you are correct. I would like to add to the comment about obstruction of justice, Justice Kennedy, a Trump man. wrote that withholding evidence from Congress is an impeachable offense.
    On Ukrainian front Giuliani is dealing with known pro Russian agents. Ukraine just issued arrest warrant for the arrest one of them.

  22. And most of you valiant conservatives think with the small one. The pro-Trump movement has become a cult, Never Trumper Conservatives do not want to drink cool-aid, like followers Jim Jones in Guyana.

  23. If you guys know so much about the deep state, why can’t you tell anybody how deep it is? Why don’t you know when it was founded? You could suppose that it may have been around before you were even born.

  24. SCOTT….C’mon guy….you don’t really believe that drivel you wrote here do you? I certainly hope not because that makes you a carrier and distributor of FAKE NEWS and even worse, outright lies. You speak exactly the Democrat talking points…STOP IT !!

  25. Dr. J.D. and Scott27 always show up at the same time. He thinks if he posts the same lies under different screen names people will be more likely to accept it.

  26. Dan, Why Do you call this guy ‘doc’ ??? Gak.
    Well, i guess he need ego support from a somewheres.
    (from a Good Man, Dan. Mon )…

  27. you’re back ! haha.
    See Bill Clinton (As Pres.) President Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine that allows an American president to ask Ukraine’s assistance in any investigation for any reason.

    > Also, the Executive 0ffice Has the Right To ‘Refuse/IGNORE ANY
    Subpoena… Got that? jd. Until Protocol Formality.
    > Do your ‘homework’ ___
    > Polls? that you Rely 0n. Rasmussen 34% Blacks Support DJT
    Emerson, (which is Left) around the Same. Like it ???

  28. Doc it’s not illegal unless he bribed or threatened. And no one has evidence that he did that. Probably about all of the presidents have asked favors or help from other countries. Perhaps not so much in the early days of America. But you know what the difference is? It’s Trump and he won the election.

  29. HIGHER TAXES Caused MANY to ‘Suburban sprawl’___
    That IS what Limbaugh has explained Several times…
    ( Reason he left NY.) The list goes 0n…

  30. That is actually not true, Dan. There is no doubt that by his own words, Trump solicited help from Ukraine to get election dirt on the Bidens, which is illegal. He then asked for help on the Bidens from China, again illegal. The witnesses, many who heard Trump directly in his phone call to Sondland, made the request for military aid contingent on Ukraine announcing investigation and aid would come only when Ukraine gave Trump what he personally wanted — that is Bribery/extortion. We know Trump refused to honor the subpoenas to allow Mulvaney, Bolton and others to testify, which is obstruction of congress and obstruction of Justice. And then, the Mueller report has laid out the evidence very clearly for Trump’s TEN law violations for obstruction of justice.

  31. Speaking of Truth, I just read this from Rush Limbaugh about voting trends: “why the Red Suburbs turned Blue.” In the elections in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Democrats made big gains in suburban areas that formerly voted Republican. Never Trumpers, Democrats and fake news reporters claimed in the last three elections why the suburbs have turned blue is because formerly center right voters despise Donald Trump and conservatism and allege that the only way for Republicans to compete in the suburbs is embrace gun grabs, abortion on demand, amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders. Rush Limbaugh has a different explanation as to why the formerly red suburbs turned blue. Limbaugh claims it is due to the fake news media and academia brainwashing voters.
    Another explanation from voting analysis is that females are predominantly supporting Democrats and that only one female in three supports Trump and his policies.

  32. Your an idiot, trump is the criminal, trying to blame the democrats, is a lost cause, trump is incompetent, claims to be something he’s not, he isn’t even a vet!!! He’s a damn draft dodger.

  33. Unfortunately, the world has changed & with it problems are developing. Latest stats reveal 75% of all brown people are born out of wedlock, have no support but gov’t assistance. 30% of whites born are out of wedlock. These people demand the Gov’t support them. They no longer want to be responsible. It has come to a point where these adults are stock piling throw away bodies of infants in large graves. 2200 graves were uncovered. No one wants RESPONSIBILITY.

  34. Scott 27: You are right about Hillary not selling 1/3 of the uranium deposits. It was only 20%, but it hasn’t been debunked. The media attacked that, saying it was false to protect Hillary and Obozo from prosecution of treason. They can still be held accountable for treason in Benghazi. They had an illegal gunrunning operation, to arm Al Qaeda and ISIS; both enemy terrorists groups, without Congressional knowledge or approval. And when did Congress appropriate the few billion dollars that was given to Iran, with no strings attached? That was to help them start up their nuclear program again. That could be considered treason as well.

  35. Who made and illegal sale of 20% of our uranium deposits to Russia? Who took somewhere between $245 and $425 million dollars of money from the sales to use on her failed presidential campaign? Who stole around $225 of donations made to Haiti for their disaster relief for her campaign and Chelsea’s wedding? Who has had her hand out around the world taking bribes for influence, when she was to be elected? There’s plenty of stuff both of these criminals can be charged with, including treason.

  36. That is totally wacked-out BS, Dan. I didn’t care much for Reagan and trickle-down economics; I didn’t care much for either Bush but I, like most I know, dealt with it as Americans and saw some good in it. We are in an entirely different paradigm. The notion this is punishment for beating Hillary, whom I was never a fan of, is hogwash on steroids. If you’re ok giving a reality tv star reign to do whatever he wants, regardless of the law or human decency, and to create his own reality regardless of truth, and he prevails with no accountability, we simply no longer live in the America you and I once envisioned. We can no longer even claim the appearance of a moral lead. We are no better than the most corrupt country on the planet.

  37. We’re not trump lovers we’re America lovers and a lot of us don’t even live in the U.S.A. Democrats are guilty of all 10 commandments. Unions will be the demise of society

  38. Yes, Dan, it has been debunked. All you need do is have an interest in truth and you can learn that, too. Pretty easy, actually. But why let facts get in the way of a good tale, right?

  39. Yeh, Dan, debunked a long, long time ago. But the lies and misinformation persist for you folks, don’t they, regardless what is right in front of you.

  40. The reason there is no evidence is Trump had others do it for him so they take the fall. And Trump at one time was a demoarat he charged parties look it up for yourself. I will never change parties republican for life.

  41. So, you’d like a police state where you determine who’s who; and, apparently, a monarchy where the president you like is allowed to do whatever he wants, whether or not it’s tethered to the law or even common sense? You, and so many like you are truly scary in your apparent lack of understanding what it is you are asking for.

  42. the sale was not a third as claimed here. For years I’d been seeing 20 percent. But facts matter, and the amount that was sold was sold to a Canadian company that had some russian investors; and it also was sold with the provision none of it was to leave the borders of the U.S. (and thank you, by the way for not just reverting to calling me childish names. I appreciate that)

  43. Obama Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi Jerry Brown G Newsome J Biden Linden Johnson are all low class LIARS THIEVES and CHEEP KONS and in some cases FIRST DEGREE MURDERS WAKE UP PEOPLE everything that these people do or have done IS ILLEGAL the whole state of CALIFORNIA is an ILLEGAL STATE and these low class ASS HOLES keep getting away with it PRESIDENTIAL SECRET service C.I.A. F.B.I. GET TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make them leave PRESIDENT TRUMP ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. No snott27. That’s never been debunked. You’re naivety doesn’t change facts. Just move liberal spin.

  45. If there is so much documented proof, why have there been zero prosecutions? Could it be you’ve been following a trail of lies, misinformation and allegations that just are not true? Let me know next week what Barr’s special investigation turns up.

  46. Hilary was definetly 1 of 9 people who had to signoff on the sale. And don’t forget, the “contribution” that was made to the commie Clinton Foundation. Soulds pretty fishy to me……

  47. And he’s also the one who held multiple investigations and hearings (some of them in the secret room you all now claim is so bad because the dems are using it) into Benghazi and yet he found squat to prosecute with.

  48. Hate to tell you this Irene, but this investigation by Barr’s top guys that all of you have been waiting for to prosecute deep state (no such thing) folks is going down in flames, because they could not find a thing illegal. Much like trump’s commission on voting fraud which disbanded because they could find scant evidence to support his and all y’all’s claims.

  49. I agree 100%. Jim Jordan would be great also. I would love to see the both on the same ticket but neither one of them deserve to be 2nd.

  50. Tammie… here’s a large part of the problem. Hillary (though I was never a fan of hers) did not sell a third of our uranium stocks to russia, period. That’s long since been debunked. And her foundation… well, she isn’t the one who is no longer allowed to even have a foundation; that would be Trump who, like many of his endeavors, was found to be fraudulent in his management to the point of not only losing his foundation but being barred from ever having another. And there is really something seriously wrong and sad about your choosing to ignore our entire intelligence community and top professionals and advisors in favor of a reality television star.

  51. Satan going to get you first! Allah can’t give you 72 virgin! Because they all got breed by your brother!

  52. Been to Hollywood yet? Hurry they are trying to film you in action! Stupid Female are only in porn! Bill Clinton want to watch you!

  53. James is proof of a living dumbass who education is a joke! Can bet a family member got him his JOB! James if Democrat are so great why don’t they help AMERICANS citizen beside ILLEGAL?

  54. The problem with Democrats is the level of stupidity and corruption in their leadership. Just look at it, Nancy Pelosi comes from the Brown/Pelosi mob from the last generation, her Dad and Jerry Brown’s Dad’s were big time crooks in California. Chuck Schumer is worse than Nancy based on their level of stupidity. Adam Schiff/Soros is the son of Pinocchio and just a puppet for George. Jerry Nadless is just plain stupid and two faced, he doesn’t meet his own criteria for impeachment. They are all liars trying their best to help their party, not the people they represent. Treason for all. Obstruction of government is all they are about. We need to rise up and march on Washington and the news organizations and shut them down, sooner than later. They are stealing away our future on a daily basis, THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

  55. Debbie, agree 100%. Only its not a deep state conspiracy, its a deep state attack of America. There is too much proof, documented proof to back it up. No conspiracy. The demos just won’t look hard enough to see it. Its easier to take Schiff, killary, obummer, clapper, and the guilty ones word for it. What are they GOING TO SAY?? YES, I’M GUILTY, SOLD MY COUNTRY OUT. MY COUNTRY, is worth doing the research to be sure, the dems are framing and attacking OUR PRES. AND COUNTRY. KEEP denying, vote demo, ruin America.

  56. If there’s no deep state, who used the fake Steele dossier to apply for the FISA warrant?
    If there’s no deep state then what were those texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok all about? What was the insurance policy?
    If there’s no deep state why did James Comey draft his report before the investigation into Hillary Clinton was concluded?
    If there’s no deep state why did Hillary delete all those emails?

  57. Has enacted more sanctions against Russia then Obama who promised Putin more flex-ability after his re-election. Get facts and stop parroting your Liberal Snow Flake Leaders!!!

  58. sir, that is your problem being a “life long democrat!” Your party has morphed into a treasonist America hating ideology and you have been suckered, sir. Trump does not fit your old antiquated democrat agenda and has done more for America than any president in history before him. What do you have in democrat pres candidates????????? NOTHING!!!! JUST TRUMP HATERS. Nothing, sir get fixed with the hate your party has. I fear your stagnate frame of mind has left you a loser as you will find in the landslide heading your way.

  59. I want 72 virgins that look like AOC and Lisa Page and Tulsi Gabbard.
    I’m going to pray to Allah now so he has them ready in heaven for me ahahahahahaha

  60. Was is not Obama caught on hot mic telling Putin wait to after the elections. Was it not Hillary selling one third of the u.s. uranium stock to big bad Russians while getting a million dollar donation to the Clinton hush fund foundation and Bill getting a half million for a speech in Russia at the same time. Yeah it’s Trump you should worry about

  61. Well that’s your first mistake being a are as far left thinking as the rest of them. Why is it that all you Democrat’s can’t find something else to do oh yay your job.

  62. And you’ve seen proof, actual proof. No, and the ones who testified, heard it from a friend ,who heard it from a man, who heard from a neighbor, who heard it from — on and on. There is only proof in your mind. Thats not an impeachable offence. We have the best economy in years and the left want to hide that fact. Makes no sense, since it has gotten better.

  63. For What? The Russia hoax went down the tubes. Of course you never hear the MSM talk about that. HRC and DMC paid for the Steele Dossier. Obama spied on the Trump campaign and had Trump Tower bugged. There was no Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine Pres. THere certainly was with Biden and Ukraine. But that doesn’t matter does it? Trump has done nothing wrong and there is no evidence to say he did. The so called witnesses were hearing info 3rd party and some were assuming and presuming what Trump did. Assumptions and Presumptions are not EVIDENCE! The democrat has lied and this entire impeachment inquiry was a sham. It is shades of Communist tactics. When you block the accused from defending himself your are violating his constitutional right. I’ve never seen such anger and disdain from a party in my life. It’s beyond belief. If the table’s were turned and Republicans did this to Obama what would you do!

  64. Anyone who thinks Trump is doing a bad job as President needs to move to another country and try their laws. Don’t like see you.

  65. Ignorance of Trump’s relationship with Russia and Putin and Trump’s hatred of Obama, has warped the reasoning of all of you Trump lovers!! There’s no, “deep state”, only one of Trump’s conspiracy theories!! He has lived his entire life with starting conspiracies to cover his corruption and lies!!! Wake up all and smell the roses, people,before it’s to late!! Your going to be greatly disappointed with this corrupt evil narcissistic criminal we have as President!!!
    P.S. I don’t hide who or what I am, a retired union worker eighty plus years and a life time democratic!

  66. It is amazing how the demos do not even check details and facts. Not at all. If you deny this womans emails with her lover, you do not know how to read.I read them, Gowdy read them and more and had full access to materials we did not see. Gowdy is the best lawyer to analyze facts that I have seen. The dems have lost, may has well give it up. This Page woman can not deny her own words. Its in print. There is SO MUCH IN PRINT THAT PROVES THE DEMS HAVE SET UP AND FRAMED TRUMP. ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME THE WHOLE LOT WILL BE IN JAIL. START WITH OBUMMER AND GO DOWN THE LIST.

  67. I’ve seen Mr. Gowdy in action. There’s a reason they call him “The Bulldog”. When he gets going, he won’t let go until all the information is out. If I ever get into trouble and need an attorney, he’s the one I want defending me.

  68. Good grief!

    Why do intelligent people* keep biting at his bait? He’s sucking you in, just because he can. Get a grip people, You are your own worst enemy! Quite “biting” and he’ll go away. Its just that simple.

    *Although it appears as though most of you aren’t!

  69. President Trump never ceases to amaze me. I don’t know how he functions to get the job done unlike the do-nothings on the left whose only job is impeachment and we the people be damned. Since President Trump’s inauguration, Dems have begun this hoax of an impeachment without a scintilla of evidence. Who needs evidence and facts when you have unsubstantiated hearsay? As I said, our president is an amazing man who continues to work for the American people despite all the fools working against him to create a coup d’état. They talk about defending the Constitution when in fact their actions speak louder than words.

  70. Yeah, some no good white folks might be what you say, but many white folks were raised with the Ten Commandments. Many still live by them as best they can,they have morals because of it, and believe in Our God Given Country. We all love our Life, Liberty,and Pursuit of Happiness. What you say about all white folks,is far from the truth. Do your comments somehow make you feel like a big man? Lol …


  72. Debbie they have always been around. More people are being made aware of them now. Except for the morons that are in denial, the American people know that there is a clique working a coup against Trump.

  73. You folks keep forgetting that you are going to need actual FACTUAL EVIDENCE in order to remover President Trump from office. You’d better get on that!

  74. Amazing that there are people that still deny a deep state even exists.
    We have texts, they call it a conspiracy theory.

  75. Bad try, I know people who skin is a lot darker than mine including relatives. They don’t talk nor write like that. In fact they are very intelligent.You probably wear a black face while you toss insults at them. Once again you speak garbage filled words with no intelligent thought behind them.

  76. No good white-folks have always been the racist, money greedy, inbreeding, gun worshipers dat hold america hostage while in denial of their evil doings from day one. 98% of em are some of the worst terrorist in the world. Even the hater trump-butt-bumps dat post on here. Jes watch and see how they post wit no shame of their racist hate, just a bunch of racist losers. haahhahahaha

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