Trey Gowdy went on TV and said the one thing Democrats fear the most

Democrats are revving up Congressional investigations into every aspect of Donald Trump’s life.

Their end goal is removing Donald Trump as President.

But Trey Gowdy threw a monkey wrench into those plans when he went on TV and said the one thing Democrats fear the most.

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee made the Michael Cohen hearing the unofficial launch of their impeachment proceedings.

Cohen spent hours on live television hurling baseless allegations of corruption and criminal activity against the President.

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox and Friends to react to the spectacle and he summed it up in just two words: “utterly useless.”

The Hill reports:

Former House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said Monday that congressional hearings like the one featuring President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, are “utterly useless.”

“What we learned this past week is how utterly useless public congressional hearings are,” Gowdy said on “Fox & Friends.”

“I think two closed-door sessions this past week on the Senate and House side with the Intelligence committees were very helpful. That is why they’re bringing Cohen back.”

By launching such an expansive investigation – Democrats want to subpoena document records for 60 so-called “Trump world” individuals – they are showing their true colors.

This is a politically motivated fishing expedition.

And Trey Gowdy – who earned a reputation in Congress as one of the House’s best investigators – called them out on it.

If the American people view the Democrats’ investigation as partisan overreach to nullify the results of the 2016 election, then Donald Trump will reap the benefit.

Trump supporters should expect to hear the President, administration officials, and other Republicans amplifying the Gowdy message in the coming weeks and months.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story


  1. VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  2. That’s exactly what I say !! They need to stop talking nice to criminals get some balls & stop this craziness ! Schiff should be made to step down along with many others ! They are breaking all the rules with no consequences ! I find it outrageous that Nancy Nuts says Bill Barr is off the rails ! Those liars will deny the Truth when it comes out, Right Nancy !!

  3. How does this comment advance our understanding? It’s not funny. not true, not intelligent, just a little mindless verbiage. Don’t you have anything useful to do?

  4. The time is now – to pull the passports of obame shillery and all the minions. the noose is starting to tighten isn’t.

  5. Yes all of that & more.. Obama’s was set up buy George Soros,for One World Plan to rule from Brussels EU Union behind all this. Hillary was to finish what Obama set in motion, open Borders,NitWit Cortez was given10 million buy Soros, to start Debt Forgiveness, Free every works.. to get voted,

  6. Yes like Romney! Hateful two faced man! but he is not alone! Nice to see Paul Ryan and Freeky Flake are no more! It would be better still if Polise and Bambo would go down in flames! nearly done with Killery!

  7. Demondcrats are rounding up any and every person who has ever known President Trump to testify against Trump or be threatened with distruction. They should “ALL” take the 5th because this is a demonic sham. Everyone with a brain knows the Russians wanted Hillery to win.

  8. All the Rino Republicans are criminal like the Democrats, and investigations into them will expose them as traitors.

  9. I left a comment about the democrats and rhinos being traitors and the site removed it. Bet they remove this one too.


  11. ReplytoAllen Mitchell
    I wish the Republicans would get the intestinal fortitude to get things done. There is some Rhinos in the party that need to go, then maybe they’ll get something done.

  12. It seems like it is about time to cut the government in half. Why do we pay for so many salaries? Maybe we could get a break on our taxes, with that money going back into our pockets instead of paying salaries of individuals that do NOTHING!!!


  14. The Clinton’s and Obama’s abused the prestigious and opportunity afforded by their presidency and became mysteriously part of the 1% there entire campaign condemned . The Clinton’s and Obama’s under the umbrella of the deceitful DNC ,racism and pay to play have undermined the ethics of our great and beloved America (there is one act that is unforgivable, and that act is a cover up

  15. I am with you, Carolyn!! So many of us are just sickened by all of the tax waste, dishing out the big nothingburgers to us. So sick of it. They should have been given a time limit to come up with it in the first place. There should be a set time that needs to be proof positive, or else forget it.

  16. They do NOT work for the American people. They work for Wall St. they make millions of dollars brought to them in homes, cash, vacations, cars, anything being paid for by BIG Pharma, is a huge plus. passing bills that defeat the American people. They STEAL from the Government such as Hillary & Obama did from the State Dept. Remember when 80 billion dollars just disappeared? Then most of Washington DC, is in the Child Slavery& Child Porn business as well as the drug business. This is WHY they do not want a Wall on the border. They HATE Trump because he knows their DEEP Corruption. Remember when Hillary said that IF Trump won they would hang her & that she would take most of Washington with her. IF the American people had a CLUE at how & what they pay for in tax dollars, BELIEVE me, Americans would rise up with their guns & blast every one of these POS. That’s why they want to take away their guns. It is only a matter of time before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!!!

  17. Well said , Nate , Demoncraps are full of Baloney!
    They are melting down , coz they have no agendas
    At all !!!????They’re all useless, all crooked, master
    Mind is H Clinton!!! ????

  18. When will the republicans in congress gain the INTESTINAL FORTITUDE TO PUT A STOP OF THIS USLESS GARBAGE FROM THE democrats??????

  19. Like Hell he is! Dream On liberal! For one thing, the Dems don’t have anyone worthwhile to run against him! If well known Clinton couldn’t beat him, they have no one who can!

  20. Hi Rickster,
    My wording was easy to missunderstand. I was glad that Trump wiped Obummers hate and destruction of America off the face of the earth.
    Trump is doing a great job of standing up for America.

  21. Most of the DemonicRats, and amybe some RINO’s hugely benefited from the EL CHAPO largesse, which is one great incentive for them to KEEP THE BORDERS OPEN TO ACCOMMODATE THE SHIPMENT OF ILLEGAL DRUGS INTO THE U.S.

  22. Good idea, but I wouldn’t use any government agencies. I’m not ready to trust any of them yet because they’re still withholding too much information from the courts and the public It would be handled much better by an impartial independent forensic accounting firm.

  23. Dr Richard,
    Sir you posted a lengthy diatribe against President Trump! You have so much hot air that you could fill half of all the “hot air balloons” @ the Alamogordo Balloon festival! Hillary lost because of her past shenanigans and Bill’s indiscretions in the oval office! But that is just my humble opinion! I remember ALL the TV stations saying that 270 was the magic number that Hillary needed. Like or not, President Trump received over 270 electoral votes. Please remember that the founding fathers in their need to COMPROMISE set up the electoral system, so it balances the small state populations against the states with a large population! They realized that electing a governing body was not a popularity contest, but a means of governance, by which WE the PEOPLE have a say in who leads us! And by the GRACE of GOD, it has worked for over 240 years plus. I pray that God continues to bless this great country for another 240 years!

  24. If your non American Waldo the camel then by all means go back to your camel loving country and quit sucking off the hard working Americans and goverment! wearing those rags on your head wrapped in dirty bed sheets looking like idiots! Go back to your idiotic country you crawled out of join ISIS so a good drone an blow you to kingdom come!!! I love watching those videos from Britain on ISIS strikes watching camel jockeys getting blown to bits!! Very intertaining!!

  25. Can you imagine a debate with these big mouth women newbees, like Alexandria kotex,camel jockeys, and Kamala!! Lol. Would sound like a chicken coupe and a pack of chihuahuas! Everyone would need ear plugs!

  26. They asked Nancy Pelosi for hers and she refused!! That would be a good start! Her, shummer, adam shift, and about 20 more! We know they cheated there way into Congress with soros owned voting machines and ballot stuffing!!

  27. I think all these DEMOCRABS are all being supported by the past DEMOCRABS. When Obama gave a 150 billion dollars to Iran. There was not one thing said about that. He made his own laws and the 1.9 million he spent of the tax payers money to play golf with Tiger Woods. We have a honest president and he works hard to make this country great.

  28. Dr. Richard…HUH???? NOTHING you said is true. Pres. Trump is a great president and if you actually opened up your willfully blind eyes you would know that. And he ONLY way Hillary won the popular vote is by fraud, which the dems are expert at. There were millions of illegal and dead people voting and those who voted more than once. The dem party is extremely corrupt, but that doesn’t bother you. You are very sick. If you are really a doctor, please check yourself out.

  29. Good idea! Let’s get suponeas for every member of congress to look at their financial records and have the FBI as well as the CIA and investigators look at their financial records,banking records,overseas banks and offshore banks to see what and where their money has come from.

  30. Cheryl does that mean you also was conceived in a flower pot? What Dan said was funny right. I don’t care who you are. The guy is a hoot. He knows how to get under the skin of liberal idiots.

  31. Let’s start with Nancy. It is funny, you don’t hear on the news, about El Chapo’s testimony, while he was on trial. He named names of people that he had given LARGE amounts of money to. Nancy was one of them. She is the one that we need to start with.

  32. The 40% who state Trump is guilty are,boarderjumpers, welfare recipients, EBT holders,and political endosers of the Snowflakers.

  33. *Judy* thinks in terms of ,KOOL-Aid lol. Republicans, Have a higher agenda. It is CHAMPAGNE and ,TO OUR MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN FUTURE. CHEERS TO PRESIDENT TRUMP AND FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE SO FAR !

  34. That is so true! they don’t try to do their jobs, they are so busy trying to impeach the President, I am sick and tired of them spending taxpayer money, makes you wonder how did they all become millionaires!!!

  35. That is so true! they don’t try to do their jobs, they are so busy trying to impeach the President, I am sick and tired of them spending taxpayer money, makes you wonder how did they all become millionaires!!!

  36. Yes, he will be done as POTUS in 2024. Voters are not dumb and ignorant to believe anything that comes out of the mouth of whiny, wienie, wimpy, lying Liberals!!!

  37. President Trump will go down in history as the greatest president in the last one hundred years…. Bar none

  38. What gives me a thrill is watching the destruction of America done by Obummer being wiped of the face of the earth.

  39. Democrats during the primaries and early during the election said numerous times “will Donald Trump accept his loss for White House bid”? As the truth shows,it is Democrats that can’t accept the loss for The White House! Now, are the tax payers responsible for the costs of all these unnecessary investigations? What a waste of time and resources! Will this become “the new norm for every elected official”? More investigations? It’s also interesting that Democrats wish to get rid of the electorial college vote. The candidate who reaches 270 electorial votes first wins the election. According to Democrats, they have lost twice due to the EC vote. First with Gore and again with Hillary, so why wouldn’t they want to get rid of it. I can guarantee that if the shoe were on the other foot, the EC would be the greatest thing since sliced bread according to Democrats!

  40. Now let’s investigate all the congress members that are millionaires . Let’s find out how they obtained such wealth on a $170,000. a year salary.

  41. “Start with the three newbies, Omar, Tlaib & Cotex. Nancy better put a muzzle on them or someone may do it for her.” We can only pray.
    The 3 of them lack integrity, decorum experience & knowledge. The three of them gather around in one office and scheme like college roommates. Kick ’em out on their bums. They are Anti-American, bigoted,mean spirited & cry “victim” when called out, be it Islamophobia or Sexism. I’m surprised no one has taken them out?

  42. What a moron you are…go ahead and support the party that murders innocent babies.. you’ll burn in hell with the rest of the demoncrats!!!

  43. Ega Shegava, Thank you so much for the smiles you put on my face to correctly change her name to Occasi-onal Cotex when I noticed it just before going to bed tonight!! WHAT A HOOT!!!!!!!!

  44. As usual on this site I am obviously not allowed to respond to vulgar, spurious or inane comments from adults who should know better or should at the very least read what they write before they hit the send button. This is my 3rd attempt so guess you are only allowed what the site censors are pleased by.

  45. Michelle, I like your thinking, and find you are right on with it. It has been said, that ADAM (Shifty) used money from Congress to cover up an an incident with a young male back in 2013. NO solid evidence, just accusations. But haven’t they investigated on accusations before, ( the DEMS), How about, we clear this up about Schiff, before he gets too involved with the GOP Reps.

  46. It’s time for the new Attorney General to step step up and CONVICT not just investigate. I can not imagine Adam (shifty) is squeakie clean. Every investigation the dems set up should be followed up with an investigation and a CONVICTION,

  47. Not one Democrat soul dared to mumble the name “Hillary”. Hello, Democrats? It was Hillary. (smh)

  48. Fool! It is obvious why you do not use your full name…you are ashamed of your own words, as you SHOULD be. Think your Dad might find out you were playing with his computer again?

  49. Great idea! The American people have NEVER liked dictators and that is exactly what these Dems show their true colors to be!

  50. let them try and investigate all they want they cannot do but so much to citizens and I do not know how they are legally going to try and get Trumps bank records from before he was even was running for president

  51. Hey so called Dr. – you are a TOTAL MORON!
    Trump happens to be one the BEST PRESIDENTS this country ever had after Ronald Reagan. All DemRATS are fascist bigots and anti-Semites, the House is ruled now by corrupt criminals and muslims! This country is going down the drain because of OBAMAS racism and islamization of the country. Trump won and will win 2020 in a LANDSLIDE! We, The People, are not as dumb as you, DemRATS, think. And you will witness that at the ballot box in 2020! MAGA!

  52. If there is something utterly stupid and fascist I have ever read on this blog it is the “Trumpty Dumpty” POS. Unfortunately, America has a lot of these useful idiots–fascists, who are brainwashed by the Left fascist media.

  53. Trumpty dumbass give it up. You aren’t converting anyone to communism. So go suck a big one. You might want to avoid taking a car trip with Nancy and chucky. You might get caught doing 69 in a 55 zone

  54. GREAT COMMENT!!! You are ‘right on, brother’…never stop saying this …everyone in America that is decent, kind and a TRUMP SUPPORTER should hear this…from our mouths not from what the fake news says!And everyone who is a DEMOCRAT should be willing to listen to the real news…see for themselves that we are not evil! We are concerned, worried, and fearful for our children, grandchildren and so on. POUND THOSE PAVEMENTS! RING THOSE DOORS! HAVE THE FACTS, know the FACTS, and say nothing but the truth!

  55. AMEN! And to them, our country could go to **** in a hand basket! 2020 elections we republicans should be standing up, knocking on doors, and praising Trump for what he has done!!!

  56. Landslide victory for TRUMP 2020. President Trump has better numbers already than other incumbents. American people are disgusted with these investigations that are simply harassment. The Obama FISA warrants didn’t prove any criminal wrong doing, as did the Mueller investigation, the McCabe investigation, Rosenstein and Comey attempts and then there’s Schiff and Warner diligently looking for a crime to hang onto our president to void we the people 2016s vote. Congress hasn’t time to work on a budget, bills that are important to we the people, no plans to better our economy, our safety, security, immigration, infrastructure. Then we have real crimes that need to be addressed of gross negligence like Hillary Obama Comey etc. Congress wastes our time money and resources on endless witch-hunt investigations. Then there is planning the vacation on next break. They don’t fly commercial and Hawaii, and other exotic locations are calling. Never time for real legislative work. Let us work to replace these leeches. TRUMP 2020 MAGA LANDSLIDE TRUMP

  57. AND he started us on the road to utter destruction! With his beer summit in the Rose Garden, to the MEN IN BLUE (our POLICEMEN), to the Ferguson Riots, to the riots hitting our major cities in protest of RACISIM, violent across our country, giving our valuable minerals, money , freeing the 5 worse terrorists and also giving them money to start over…doing what, more terrorists attacks. They took down the Twin Towers, killed 3300 persons and the first responders are dying every year, more and more , from inhaling all fumes ! And that is just about able to finish up ONE YEAR of his 8 years as President. IRAN Treaty…wow, he wasn’t looking out for us on that one…think JOHN KERRY would like to run for President…YOU BET HE WOULD!!Worse 10 years for any President!

  58. Think we should impeach all the Dems, they are nothing but a bunch of anti-Americans. Start with the three newbies,
    Nancy better put a muzzle on them or someone may do it for her.

  59. It’s obvious now, Democrats would not be able to hold office if it wasn’t for cheating. They have to try to bring their opponent’s down with lies to get ahead. All I have seen is crying, throwing temper tantrum’s, cheating and lie’s. Surely nothing to write about, democrats are just hollow

  60. Wellllll Doc. I think there were more than 3 million illegals that got to vote in California alone but that’s probably ok with you sense you’re a friend of good old Hillary. LOL all so the only mess I see is all the corruption coming out about your buddy’s Obama and Hillary who should be in jail but I’m sure sense you’re a Doctor you think people should stand up and pay attention to you but personally I think you’re just a moron that thinks we under educated deplorables can’t think for ourselves!

  61. Great question. Why isn’t congress doing real work? We the people deserve so much more. Let’s hope all are as disgusted as we are and a landslide victory for TRUMP 2020. MAGA

  62. Because they ALL are Dem’s and Hillary will take most of them down with her because they All are dirty !

  63. the worst so called president was obama. I say so called because he was born in kenya africa which means he wasted 8 years of our lives doing stupid stuff.

  64. why are we not going after hillary, obama, pelosi, feinstein, sharpton, jacksons, rahm immanuel, mueller, reid, and this list goes on and on and on we have the goodies on these creeps.

  65. Utterly useless means to me that they should be exterminated in their chairs. None of them have the ankles to stand and fight for their country, so why should they live, Trey Gowdy is saying. Am I correct?


  67. It would totally bankrupt the US for ever to arrest and try all these crooked liberal democrats, They have been breaking every rule in the book on top of lying constantly.

  68. Dude, it’s happening! The deep state bad actors are being investigated and are being put on trial. Just not time to let it out yet. Look for it shortly. President Trump will be vindicated.

  69. All of the Democrats that are in a position on a committee are LIARS and they are so DUMB they are going to belies a Convicted Felon Liar. They are so out of control their brains are not functioning. They are so Frigging blind by the hate they have. The Democrats are the reason we have a non functional government. They don’t know their left foot from the right foot.

  70. Loren, The democrats don’t care how wrong they are or what crimes their party is committing. All they care about is power and they will take it any way they can get it. Including force.

  71. The Democrats are morons. To make it even more pathetic here is old Hillary out crying again that she was cheated, she was robbed, blah blah blah.. She is a liar. She lost the election. The Democrats are the ones that have been uncovered with more voter fraud all over the nation, especially in California.

  72. Why in the world are the Democrats trying to be so sanctimonious?
    I think that they need to deal with two new members in The House. In particular, OCASIO-CORTEZ appears to be totally clueless and “dumber than a box of ROCKS” so why are they not “checking” her stupidity??
    According to one article, it appears that the “Justice Democrats” are behind this foolishness? Why not go after The Justice Democrats to stop the nosense of persons like clueless O.C.???

  73. The democrat communist party is now the democrat mafia. No longer care for the people, but only for themselves and their power.

  74. I think if they keep up with this B.S.,we should make them pay for all the LAWYER’S TIME,JUDGE’S TIME, COURT TIME and MY TIME because this is wasting MILLIONS ! Obummer gave GUNS to DRUG DEALERS ,kill a BORDER GUARD and how Manny AMERICANS and not a think was done by the demacraps or REPUBLICAN ! ! ! !

  75. If I were Trump and in charge of the military as he is the commander-in-chief, I would go in there and I would start arresting these communist and arrest him for what they are! They are liars and deceivers and murderers and I would also bring out all that paperwork from the DOJ and the FBI that they don’t want to turn loose of this so-called Russia collusion thing and I would make sure every one of them was brought to trial for their allies in the seat and the money they have wasted of the American people‘s money trying to brainwash them in to believing that the deep state was right. The deep state is nothing but an arm of the Communist Party same as the communist a.k.a. Democrat Party, a party of losers who seek power over the many, well illuminating those like Hitler did for those who want march to the beat of their drum. You wonder why they want you disarmed America?

  76. The sooner the dems realize that trump is too smart for them the better off they will be.Until then keep making fools of yourselves.Indictments are coming for the lib crooks very soon

  77. The swamp in the Senate will not support the President. What a disgrace this will go down in history.

  78. Then why does every single Dem policy hurt the average person, moron??!! You think most Americans were better off after 8 years of Obama? NFW, that’s why Trump won. Get a clue. dingbat!

  79. I think there might be Three or four but I would not bet my life o it. But I do bet my life on the fact that congress as a whole is an Islamic Muslim Congress and they hate American

  80. They care so much.?But their ok with letting thousands of illegals sneak in.Only a moron thinks like that.Everything they do now is harming the country.

  81. That wasn’t what I was expecting! “Trey Gowdy went on TV and said the one thing Democrats fear the most”. I had several picks and it wasn’t what he said. 1. Get a job! 2. Go to work! 3. EBT cards are cancelled! 4. SSI is cancelled for all! 5. No more affirmative action programs! 6. No more medical card for your pills! 7. Illegals can’t vote in 2020! 8. You can only murder 500,000 babies in the U.S. this year. etc etc.

  82. Don’t worry Lawrence and Betty. The dems are being investigated behind the scenes. This will all come out shortly and everyone that have the wool pulled over their eyes by the dems will see for themselves what kind of people they support.

  83. It was absurd to begin with to bring a convicted liar back before Congress to testify! As if NOW he is going to tell the truth. NOT! What a waste of time and money. We need our congress to get on with running the country and STOP trying to bring down our elected President, who is doing a darned good job!

  84. Wrong Andre! The dems are hanging from a political cliff and are about to fall over. Things are happening behind the scenes. Just wait and see. Sheryl is right.

  85. What is wrong with these people? Have they completely lost their minds? Enough is enough. They are desperate!!! They are losing more of their voting base every day because of all that they are doing.

  86. Virginia;
    Absolutely agree. I think that at this point, between speccial investigation and Cohen the people that are fair minded have heard enough. Those that aren’t will never change their opinion. Trump was already guilty in the eyes because he “stole” the election. To every one else this is just beating a dead horse. I think most Americans will see any further investigations for what they are. A sad political party and their followers trying to tear down the presidency and ignoring the will of the people.

  87. In 2020, we’ll elect a lot more Democratic congressmen (except for AOC and Omar) and we’ll elect a new president. He may be Democrat or Republican, as I doubt Trump will run.

  88. Our government is getting to be a total disgrace. The Dems follow the leader, to bad they were not Buffalo heading for the cliffs!!!!!

  89. The Democrats aren’t a bunch of low-life crooks. They all care about the American people, probably more than you do.

  90. I’m still trying to figure how they can have a closed door classified secret meeting with a convicted felon. Convicted for lying, that does not have never did have any type of security clearance.Just who are these Demos trying to bamboozle now! Come on Repubs get them to answer that question!That meeting was anything but secret classified,broken by participant

  91. One can only hope the President makes his voice heard loud and clear. This is a waste of our monies and I hope the Dem totally tank themselves for the 2020 elections. If they think the American people are not watching they are more stupid then anyone could have ever imagined.

  92. Everyone of the Democraps should be investigated. But the republicans can’t even agree to work together to do anything to support our president. They are just as discussing as the Democraps .time to get some hearings on Hillary and Obama. They are the real crooks!!!

  93. The democrats r a bunch of low life crooks who think of no one but themselves they don’t give a shi t about the American people so sad!


  95. When are these ridiculous “investigations” going to stop! I’m sure the constituents in the Dem party are sick of their leaders’ hypocritical and wasteful use of taxpayer money, also. Keep it up Dems – your fate will be sealed in 2020!

  96. The dumb ocrats need to swep their own door step before doing what’s going on.The US voters are tired of the child games ln DC it will come back to haunt them. MASTER gunny

  97. Trump does not need to be investigated it’s all the democrats that need to be investigated. They are so mad Hillary
    Did not win . Too BAD!,!!!

  98. To Betty Hicks.

    They all sure should be invested. I like to know if there is at least one decent person in the Senate and Congress

  99. Trey, there should be at least 6 Grand Juries in action NOW. Starting with Hillary, Comey. the two lovers, the ex CIA leader, and Mueller. And thats just the beginning. Why the hell is this taking so long. We now have a new AG, kick his azz and get him started, NOW.

  100. i think every member of the oversight committee should be investigated also. every tax records every thing they have ever been involved in should be exposed to the public, including where they get their money from. I want to see it.

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