Trey Gowdy’s jaw hit the floor after he saw this major Joe Biden failure

Trey Gowdy is an expert at exposing the misdeeds of Democrats.

But even Gowdy couldn’t believe this colossal blunder.

And Trey Gowdy’s jaw hit the floor after he saw this major Joe Biden failure.

Joe Biden has always been known for his frequent gaffes when speaking.

His mental decline has made this situation dangerous.

At a press conference during his recent visit to Asia, Biden told a reporter that the United States was committed to defending Taiwan militarily in the event of a Chinese invasion.

But this isn’t America’s longstanding policy towards Taiwan.

For decades, the United States has used “strategic ambiguity” about whether it would use military force to defend Taiwan against China.

By being intentionally vague about the American commitment, it keeps the communist government in Beijing guessing.

Immediately after making this blunder, the White House staff began walking back Biden’s statement.

This bumbling could escalate tensions with China for a President who’s already in over his head.

On Trey Gowdy’s Fox News show, Florida Congressman Brian Mast ripped Biden for creating chaos over America’s policy towards Taiwan.

Gowdy asked Mast what he made of this colossal blunder.

“What you make out of it is just uncertainty,” Mast replied.

“They use the term to describe the policy, they call it strategic ambiguity and ambiguity means uncertainty, but there is nothing strategic about the way the Biden administration operates,” he continued.

“I think the best way I can describe them is like when a person gets in the water, they can either flail about and drown or they can stretch their arms out and swim,” he said.

“Both activities can look similar, but the end result is far different,” he explained.

“This administration takes everything that happens, and they start flailing about and drowning, and they’re taking America down with them,” he added.

Biden ran on having decades of foreign policy experience as a major selling point.

But gaffes and walking back comments have been a hallmark of Biden’s long political career.

“If you look at his 40 years of experience, whether it’s now as the President or as the Vice President or as a Senator, the track record is this: he will go out there and say something and right after that people have to go back after and clean up and change and apologize for whatever it is that he said,” Mast stated.

Along with inflation, Mast said that voters are becoming increasingly concerned about foreign policy as the world burns under Biden.

“When they’re looking at foreign policy, they’re looking at what’s going on in Ukraine, but when they think foreign policy right now, they’re thinking about the southern border,” Mast remarked.

“They’re thinking why are people coming across illegally getting supplies that I can’t even find in the grocery store, and they are getting it for free. I have to pay more and more for it,” he concluded.

Joe Biden’s latest gaffe over Taiwan and subsequent walk back will only create more problems in a world in chaos from weak American leadership.

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